Writer/Director: Paul Fenech
Writers: Dave Webster and Glenn Mitchell
Associate Producer: Tanith Carroll
Editor: Arieto Miles

Aired: 2000-2007

An urban satire which follows the adventures of three pizza delivery guys—Pauly (series producer/writer/cast member Paul Fenech), Sleek the Elite, a first timer who wants to be a rap star outside his new career, and Bobo Gigliotti, the randy owner of the Fat Pizza Pizzeria, who at 40 lives at home with his Mama.
Paul FenechPauly Falzoni
Paul NakadSleek the Elite
Johnny BoxerBobo Gigliotti
Annalise BraakensiekClaudia MacPherson
Maria VenutiMama Gigliotti
Rob ShehadieRocky
Jason Jabba DavisDavo Dinkum
Tahir BilgicHabib Halal Habib
Kevin TaumataKev the Kiwi
Anh DoChen Chong Fat
Andrew AusageJunior
Alex RomanoDJ Big Jams
Rebel WilsonToula Maccalopolous
Katrina SpadoneKatrina
John MangosNewsreader
Shane PorteousThe Doctor
Murray HarmonCop Murray
Tania ZaettaZane
Tuyen LeLin Chow
Jakalene MilanovikShazza
Chris FranklinDazza
cast photo, series 4

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