A Gibson Group (New Zealand) / Millennium Pictures (Australia) co-production

Series 1

Created by: Posie Graeme-Evans
Executive Producers: Ian Fairweather, Posie Graeme-Evans, and Dorothee Pinfold
Story by: Posie Graeme-Evans, Greg Haddrick, Ray Harding, Anthony Ellis, Ian Fairweather
Writers: Ray Harding, Katherine Thompson, Hilary Bell, Alister Webb, Greg Millin, Greg Haddrick, Tony Morphett
Directors: John Banas, Sophia Turkiewicz
Original music: Chris Harriott

Aired: 1995 (20 episodes)

When Jo Tiegan is given a mirror as a gift by the elderly owner of an antique shop, she is amazed to see another girl's image in the mirror instead of her own reflection. It is also quite obvious that the other girl can see her just as clearly. Jo (from the 1990's) and the girl in the mirror, Louisa (from 1919), later find that they can also travel to each other's times through the mirror — setting in motion a relentless sequence of events.
Petra JaredJo Tiegan
Michala BanasLouisa lredale
Nicholas HooperNicholas
Judy MclntoshCatherine Guthrie
Peter BensleyAndrew Tiegan
Gerald BryanJoshua Iredale
Michele AmasPrimrose Iredale
James AshcroftTama
Jeffrey WalkerRoyce Tiegan
Jason GascoigneTitus Iredale
Nicholas HammondSir Ivor Creevy-Thorne
Bemard KearnsThe Old Man
Stephen ButterworthBellamy Frid
Judie DouglassMrs Whitelaw
Eddie CampbellCampbell
Miriama SmithAni
Grant TillySir Gerald Salisbury
David McKenzieDennis Coigley
Liza JonesJade Coigley
Jess PetersAlexandra
Nicholas LeggettJesse
Carly NeemiaMia
Donna AkerstenLeonie Coigley

Series 2

Produced by Network Ten, Millennium Pictures - Gibson Group, New Zealand On Air,
and The Australian Film Finance Corporation

Created by: Posie Graeme-Evans
Executive Producers: Posie Graeme-Evans and Dorothee Pinfold
Producers: Andrew Blaxland, Dave Gibson and Sophia Scheding
Writers: Kristen Dunphy, Greg Millin

Aired: 1998 (26 episodes)

15-year-old Daniel McFarlane makes a trip to New Zealand to meet his father, Doug McFarlane for the first time. Doug has remarried and has a second family none of whom are as interested in meeting Daniel as he is them. Nevertheless, Daniel becomes very much entangled with his new family because of an old mirror, found in the attic of their house. The mirror has mysterious qualities which enable the children to travel back in time to the goldfields of the 1860s. There they make friends with 14-year-old Constance de Luttrelle, who lives with her family in the same house they do, just in a different time. Daniel, Fegus and Mandy become involved in the life and times of their new friend, as she does in theirs; and they must all overcome their personal problems and conflicts in order to keep the mirror in the right hands. Because of course, there is always a catch to time-travel.
Simon JamesDaniel McFarlane
Jovita ShawConstance de Lutrelle
Ben RevellFergus McFarlane
Antonia PrebbleMandy McFarlane
Denise O'ConnellAunt Lily
Simon FerryDoug McFarlane
Tina RegtienJenny McFarlane
Barry QuinGervaise de Lutrelle
Zoe BertramViolette de Lutrelle
Sonia ToddCaroline McFarlane
Melanie ThompsonMai-ling
Euan GraySpike
Charles MesureMatthew & Tobias
Jenny JewellJane Loomis
Tony BurtonNev Loomis
Geoff AllenSalesman
Ellie SmithRamona Rickenbacker
Peter HambletonWinthrop Rickenbacker
Charlotte WoollamsTiffany
Joseph CrawfordTyrone
Bernie GriceGhost of Jamieson
Russell SmithSergeant Preston
Nikita SchembriBianca Preston
Ryan RuncimanJason Preston
Lorae ParrySenior Sgt. Fisher
Viv LaboneShop Assistant
Lloyd ScottFred & Ned Kelly
Lawrence MakoareTamihana
Jo MildenhallArt Gallery owner
James MackayLinda's boyfriend
Nicolette FisherLinda
Lisa AnthonyKeri
Tirn SpiteAiden Larkin
Matthew ChamberlainMr. Thornas
Perry PiercyMrs. Thomas
John GreggReverand Pinbody
Fiona PressMrs. Gurdle
Patrick WardTom Potter
Dylan FirthTim
Tungia BakerMakareta
Charles LumGrandpa Wu
Bevan RickOld Timer # 1
Chris RyanHuge Miner
Phil GrieveSeamus
Dra MackayMrs. Graveney
Don SheridanIrish Prospector
Rose BollingerLizzie/Urchin
Clint UlyattBank Clerk
Adam BrookfieldThief Miner
Jason MacgregorYoung Boy
David DouglasOld Timer # 2
Bert Van DijkeElias
Jed BrophyJack Forester
Stephen MooreTrooper
Chris ChanChew
Jason WhyteLewis Bast
Raeleen LucasWoman
Eliette SpandithakisChild
Rex HurstMr. Webberly
Justin RosniakSilas Pinbody

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