Mirror Mirror: episode guide

Series One | Series Two


Episode 1
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Sophia Scheding

Daniel McFarlane arrives at Limerick House to see the father he hasn't seen for 15 years. it's alarming, meeting a new step-family. And as if that's not enough an antique mirror provides a gateway to the past and he is introduced to the De Lutrelle family, who are living on the goldfields in 1867.


Episode 2
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Sophia Scheding

Greedy Aunt Lily has locked the attic door so that the children can't get to the mirror. Now she's back on the goldfields, plotting to get her hands on the jewelled crown in the De Lutrelles' keeping. At the last minute, Daniel thwarts her plan. But Lily has her revenge…


Episode 3
Writer: Greg Millin
Directors: John Banas, Sophia Scheding

The boys are trapped in the past. Lily has moved the mirror and will realign it only if Daniel acquires the crown for her. So Daniel pretends to go along with her bribery with smashing results!


Episode 4
Writer: Kristen Dunphy
Director: Sophia Scheding

Lily scoops up the crown and gets Fergus to help her get it to the goldfields bank. When he realises what she's up to, he protests and Lily abandons him. As the mirror gradually mends itself, Daniel, Mandy and Constance race against time to save both the crown and Fergus' life, as all traces of his very existence fade…


Episode 5
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: John Banas

Unquiet spirits work in mysterious ways. Back in the 1860s, a strange shadow appears on a photograph while in the 1990s, the dark shape appears on a computer screen. With the help of a nineteenth-century Maori woman, the children uncover a family tragedy and set the ghost free.

Chamber Pots

Episode 6
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: John Banas

When Mai-Ling, the De Lutrelles' servant, is dismissed as a thief, Constance is determined to prove her friend's innocence. Back in the present, Lily is sporting a cell-phone which never rings and a new pair of designer sunglasses. But what on earth does she want with a chamber pot?

The Iceman

Episode 7
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: John Banas

Daniel and Fergus discover a body preserved in a glacier natural cryogenics. Can it be Gervaise De Lutrelle? Constance heads off into the snow to save her father from his fate. Daniel, Fergus and Mandy rush after her on their mountain bikes. Will they be in time to avert disaster?

The Widow Graveney

Episode 8
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: John Banas

Gervaise hires a widow to make Constance more lady-like. But Mrs Graveney is less a lady than an Antipodean Fagin, ruling over a gang of orphan thieves. One of them, Spike, takes Mandy prisoner and refuses to let her go, even when she tells him about the mirror.

The Guests From Hell

Episode 9
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Sophia Scheding

The Limerick House's first guests are the obnoxious Rickenbackers. When Constance is mistaken for a ghost, Daniel comes up with a hoax to scare them away. But his plan misfires…

The Artist

Episode 10
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Sophia Scheding

Fergus is in the grip of gold fever, which changes his personality alarmingly. When faced with the responsibility of a prospector's imminent death, will he see that some things are more important than gold?


Episode 11
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Sophia Scheding

Spike, the young pickpocket from Episode 8, comes through the mirror to the present and finds himself accused of robbery and arson. But Mandy is on his side…


Episode 12
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: John Banas

'Of course, we kill seals,' says Constance. 'They give us oil.' (And fur coats, thinks Lily, with a glint in her eye!) Ideologies clash when the children try to persuade a trapper that what he's doing is wrong, and things get pretty complicated when Mandy transports a sick seal pup through the mirror.


Episode 13
Writer: David Marsh
Director: John Banas

A faith-healer arrives in Jamieson's Gully and starts stirring up racial prejudice against the Chinese. But Gervaise and the children determine to reveal the Reverend Josiah Pinbody's true colours.


Episode 14

Constance announces that the twentieth-century is a very much better place for women and she's not going back to the past. But when she attends a disco, she realises that nineteenth-century living does have some benefits!


Episode 15

When Gervaise removes some sacred greenstone from the river, Constance becomes worried about breaking a 'tapu'. Daniel and Fergus try to frighten Gervaise into returning the greenstone, while Constance goes in search of Tamihana, an elusive Maori elder. But will Tamihana help? And will he be able to convince the stubborn Gervaise before disaster strikes?

Mandy's Dog

Episode 16

Mandy is miserable when it seems everybody has forgotten her birthday. Until the family turns on a surprise party and a surprise present: Victor, a golden retriever pup. Meanwhile Fergus is camping in a totara tree to prevent the neighbouring farmer felling it. But when Victor savages a sheep, the farmer resolves both to shoot the dog and get the two-legged nuisance out of the tree…

Elephant Boy

Episode 17

A travelling circus on the goldfields features a deformed 'elephant boy' a freak for the audience to ogle. The children decide to help him by bringing him through the mirror for plastic surgery. But their plan misfires. Modern medicine is not as infallible as they thought, and meanwhile James has lost the only family he ever knew. Will Constance be able to put things right?


Episode 18

When the mirror declares that Lily is not the fairest of them all, Lily decides to settle for smartest and wealthiest. When the children discover she's been ripping off other people's ideas and 'inventing' things before their time, they understand why the mirror is malfunctioning so alarmingly. But can they restore it?


Episode 19

When a party of tourists spot and photograph a scary, hairy 'Jamieson Gully monster', the media swoop down in droves. The boys set off of to track down the 'Yowie' but when they do come upon it, they run back to the house, terrified. It's the girls who finally confront it. What is this strange, loping beast lurking in the undergrowth? And what does it want?


Episode 20

One wild night in 1867, a cargo vessel runs aground near the goldfields. A young midshipman Jake is accused of negligence a crime punishable by hanging. But Constance believes Jake's story and when she and her twentieth-century friends investigate the shipwreck, they unearth suspicious circumstances. Can they save Jake's life?

Bank Robbers

Episode 21

Lily is leaving Limerick House to go to a high-flying, corporate job. Or so she says. What she really does is depart with the mirror, while Ned Kelly steals Constance's. Ned puts his mirror in a bank vault in the nineteenth century; Lily aligns hers in the twentieth… and then pops through to grab the loot. It's the perfect crime. Can the children foil the greedy duo?


Episode 22

Constance comes upon Fergus and Daniel playing naked by the river. Panicking, she runs off and falls on to some rusty barbed wire. Tetanus! But back in 1867, tetanus and antibiotics are unknown. So how can the children save their dying friend?


Episode 23

There are no baby photos of Fergus in the family collection. Feeling left out, he goes off to visit Constance. So when Mandy discovers a snap of baby Fergus, she attaches it to the mirror frame, where he will see it on his return. And what a return! Fergus morphs into the cute toddler in the photo! Panicking, the children send him back through the mirror into the arms of a very clucky Violette. Is Constance going to grow up with a baby brother?

The River

Episode 24

Caroline feels jealous when she returns to Limerick House and sees how well Daniel is getting on. Hoping to renew her bond with her son, she takes part in a kayak expedition. But her plan misfires when she and Daniel take a wrong turn and are flipped out into the rapids. Doug finds the empty kayak. Will his worst fears be realised?

Hall of Mirrors

Episode 25

It's Daniel's last day at Limerick House and emotions are fraught. Constance's parents are arguing, too, and when Lily reappears and unknowingly burns down the de Luttrelles' stables, Gervaise decides to sell the crown. Horrified, Constance grabs it and races through the mirror, just as Fergus hurls a golf club in a fit of jealousy. The mirror shatters into a thousand pieces.


Episode 26 (finale)

Mandy and Fergus try desperately to reassemble the shattered glass while Daniel and Constance find themselves in the Hall of Mirrors, where a kindly lady reveals a succession of images and cryptically explains that the crown of St Louis can make a difference to the future. It's a race against time as Daniel, Fergus and Mandy struggle to locate the crown and find out why the mirror has chosen them.