The Flying Doctors: episode guide

The Climber

Year: 1990
Episode 5.01 (137)
Written by Leonard Rosen
Directed by Pino Amenta

David's past catches up with him when two old university friends, Peter and Karen, come to visit him at Cooper's Crossing.

Guest Starring: Lucy Bayler as Karen Traill, David Roberts as Peter Gardiner

Dead Reckoning

Episode 5.02 (138)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Kath Hayden

When charter pilot Doug Holland flies into Coopers Crossing to refuel his aircraft, a nightmare begins for Geoff, Kate and the other doctors.

A Bride To Be

Episode 5.03 (139)
Written by Tim Gooding
Directed by Brendan Maher

Typical Aussie outback man Whistler, who loves Alice but has avoided marriage for 20 years, discovers that the time has come to make a decision. In order to raise some extra money so that he will be able to support her, he attempts cattle rustling — but collapses in the process.

A Place for the Night

Episode 5.04 (140)
Written by Howard Griffiths
Directed by Brendan Maher

A young girl blames herself for her sister's drowning and loses the will to walk. While taking her to Broken Hill for tests, the plane makes a forced landing, and Geoff and Kate decide to stay the night in an eerie homestead occupied by two strange sisters.

End of the Rainbow

Episode 5.05 (141)
Written by Julie Phillips
Directed by Ian Gilmour

When Nick and David go searching for Dan Jackson, an asthmatic who works in an opal mine, they find more than they expected.

Double Vision

Episode 5.06 (142)
Written by David Allen
Directed by Viktors Ritelis

When Peta Rowlands and her daughter Kim arrive at Coopers Crossing, Kim soon develops a crush on Tom. The residents tease Tom about it but he suspects that Kim has a serious problem.

Guest Starring: Alice Garner as Kim Rowlands

The Boy in the Boot

Episode 5.07 (143)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Pino Amenta

A bizarre incident occurs when following an accident, Tim Sewell is nearly incinerated in the boot of his father's car and refuses to speak about it.

Windows of the Soul

Episode 5.08 (144)
Written by Sue Hore
Directed by Catherine Millar

David goes in search of a Vietnam veteran who badly needs a heart by-pass, and ends up becoming surrogate father to a dog.

Rest In Peace

Episode 5.09 (145)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Ian Gilmour

While out horse riding one afternoon, Nick and Annie make a gruesome discovery that may contain the answer to a six-year-old mystery.

Life Line

Episode 5.10 (146)
Written by Lynn Palmer
Directed by Viktors Ritelis

Chris undergoes an emotional crisis after receiving some devastating news about her father.

Guest Starring: Zoe Carides as Mandy Sinclair, Norman Kaye as Bill Randall, Margaret Peerman as Pam Sinclair

Fly Like A Bird

Episode 5.11 (147)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Rob Stewart

A young boy whose dream is to become a pilot endangers his life when he takes off in a plane without permission.

A Day To Remember

Episode 5.12 (148)
Written by Marie Trevor
Directed by Rob Stewart

The team experiences a terrifying ordeal when a large bush fire breaks out and a fireman is trapped by the flames.

A Place To Call Home

Episode 5.13 (149)
Written by Joss Moorhouse
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Nick gets a surprise after helping a teenage girl deliver her baby.

Guest Starring: Duke Bannister as Dan Shephard

Divided Loyalties

Episode 5.14 (150)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Following a fatal plane crash, the widow of one of the passengers threatens to take the widow of the pilot to court. However, the exact cause of the crash is unknown.

Guest Starring: Alan Andrews as Mr. Brearly

A Rural Education

Episode 5.15 (151)
Written by Cliff Green
Directed by Kath Hayden

David and Annie investigate the unusual behaviour of school children at a defunct mining settlement.

Guest Starring: Finn Greentree-Keane as Colin Finnegan, Samuel Hammington as Richard Connors, Brian Hannan as Bob Finnegan, Edward Hepple as Pat Finnegan, Michelle Pirpinias as Mandy Finnegan, Danielle Spencer as Fiona Jacobs

The Ties That Bind

Episode 5.16 (152)
Written by Judy Colquhoun
Directed by Kath Hayden

The team is presented with a major problem by a couple and their disabled child.

Guest Starring: Peter Fisher as Phil Guthrie, Robyn Gibbes as Sandy Guthrie, Jacob Kino as Chris Guthrie

Brother's Keeper

Episode 5.17 (153)
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Kendal Flanagan

Through helping an alcoholic friend, Tom finds himself trapped in a mine and at the mercy of a murderer.

Guest Starring: John Gregg as Harry Langford, Mark Hembrow as Tony Downes, Jane Menelaus as Rose Langford


Episode 5.18 (154)
Written by Julie Philips
Directed by Kendal Flanagan

A man burns down his house and heads into the outback, taking his daughters with him.

Guest Starring: Callie Gray as Diedre McTaggart, Jacinta Stapleton as Heather McTaggart, George Whaley as Mungo McTaggart

Valentine's Day

Episode 5.19 (155)
Written by Sam Wilde
Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

David's life changes when he falls in love with Andrea, a young pilot who makes an unscheduled stop at Cooper's Crossing.

Guest Starring: Lois Collinder as Mabel Jeffries, Suzi Dougherty as Andrea Grayson, Marty Fields as Burns, Alwyn Kurts as Ted Warner, Alethea McGrath as Mrs. Harrington

A Little Tenderness

Episode 5.20 (156)
Written by Angela Martin
Directed by Piccardo Pellizzeri

Tom and Nick are grounded at the Burgess Farm by a storm when they are called to treat a man gored by a bull. Tensions are running high as the farmer and his wife reach a crisis point in their marriage.

Poet's Corner

Episode 5.21 (157)
Written by Paul Hogan
Directed by Graham Thorburn

An alcoholic poet with writer's block arrives in Cooper's Crossing and causes trouble by his decision to turn to plagiarism.

Family Farm

Episode 5.22 (158)
Written by Robert Matthews
Directed by Graham Thorburn

A tense situation develops at Cooper's Creek when a distraught man, burdened by his failure to provide for his family, takes two hostages — one of whom is Geoff.

A Place To Belong

Episode 5.23 (159)
Written by Jutta Goetze
Directed by Catherine Millar

A young German doctor visiting Australia drops in at Cooper's Crossing and is soon needed to help in an emergency.


Episode 5.24 (160)
Written by Leonard Rosen
Directed by Catherine Millar

A young mother tries to escape the clutches of her manic depressive boyfriend by running away to Cooper's Crossing. But will she be safe there?

Pete and Billie

Episode 5.25 (161)
Written by Julie Phillips
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Geoff encounters two people from his past — ex-jazz singer Billie Sorenson and her one-time pianist Pete.

With: Tina Bursill and Jon English

Old Man Weed

Episode 5.26 (162)
Written by John Reeves
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Magda and Kate have a fight on their hands when they try to persuade an aborigine girl's father to allow her to undergo an operation to save her from a brain tumour.

David And Goliath

Episode 5.27 (163)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Colin Budds

David clashes with an arrogant, older doctor over a patient injured in a tractor accident.

Last Carnival

Episode 5.28 (164)
Written by Vince Gil
Directed by Colin Budds

When Annie gives treatment to a boy who works on a carnival, the pair develop a strong rapport.

Lost Innocence

Episode 5.29 (165)
Written by Phillip Roberts & Vicki Madden
Directed by Joy Crosby

The tranquility of Cooper's Crossing is shattered when a young woman friend of Kate's is attacked while out horse riding.

Bush Christmas

Episode 5.30 (166)
Written by Jutta Goetze
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Vic and Nancy are hard at work preparing for Christmas.

What A Guy

Episode 5.31 (167)
Written by Jutta Goetze
Directed by Mark DeFriest

A new doctor and nurse arrive at Cooper's Crossing. Unfortunately, since he's charming but arrogant and she's tired of overbearing city doctors, the stage is set for a clash.

Bad Moon Rising

Episode 5.32 (168)
Written by David Phillips
Directed by Mark DeFriest


A New Life

Episode 5.33 (169)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Kate is faced with the difficult task of delivering a baby in mid-flight during a thunderstorm.

Through Thick And Thin

Episode 5.34 (170)
Written by John Coulter
Directed by Ian Gilmour

The doctors are called on to help a pair of English girls who are stranded in the outback.


Episode 5.35 (171)
Written by Julie Phillips
Directed by Catherine Millar

David has just one more call to attend to before he finishes his duties with the airborne medics.

None So Blind

Episode 5.36 (172)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Catherine Millar

Kate is faced with possible blindness when battery acid explodes in her face.