The Flying Doctors: episode guide

The Gift

Year: 1989
Episode 4.01 (101)
Written by Chris Page
Directed by Brendan Maher

A new doctor clashes with Chris over the treatment of a young man gravely injured in a road accident.

Guest Starring: Jane Harders as Helen McCarthy, Di O'Connor as Barb Jeffries, Danielle Spencer as Sally McCarthy

Second Chance

Episode 4.02 (102)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Brendan Maher

The antipodean aviators face a life-or-death decision when Emma is trapped beneath a truck in rising water.

Guest Starring: Jim Daly as Ken Talbot

Not The Malarvys

Episode 4.03 (103)
June 01, 1989
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Catherine Millar

The Malarvy family comes to Coopers Crossing when their daughter is hospitalized due to pneumonia. They have eight children and the oldest daugther looks after the rest of them. She meets new doctor David Ratcliffe and at a party she accidently thinks David proposed to her. She is really thrilled and tells her parents right away. They also like the idea of their daughter beeing married to a doctor. After a lot of talks, explanations and misunderstanding the girl understands and decides to go to nursing school in Broken Hill.

Guest Starring: Rachael Beck as Rosie Malarvy, Denise Drysdale as Marge Malarvy, Stewart Faichney as Joe Malarvy, Cameron Nugent as Buster Malarvy

The Adventure

Episode 4.04 (104)
Written by Luis Bayonas
Directed by Catherine Millar

Luke becomes suspicious of the safari group that arrives in Coopers Crossing. When Paula joins them, Luke follows headlong into the jaws of disaster.

Guest Starring: Andy Anderson as Peter, Graham Dow as Mr. Granger, Marion Heathfield as Elsie Granger, Tiffany Lamb as Louise, Nicki Paull as Alex Thompson

No Man's Land

Episode 4.05 (105)
Written by Annie Beach
Directed by Paul Moloney

David finds himself very much an outsider when he and Chris conduct a three-day clinic at a remote homestead where men appear to be most unwelcome. The mystery is solved when a frightening chain of events unfolds.

Guest Starring: Stephen Hall as Kevin, Monica Maughan as Bea Kelly, Emily Simpson as Jan Kelly

Rising Sundown

Episode 4.06 (106)
Written by Alan Hopgood
Directed by Paul Moloney

A wave of racism hits Coopers Crossing when two Japanese entrepreneurs make a bid for part of the community's heritage.

Guest Starring: Dorothy Alison as Essie Harrington, Lois Collinder as Mabel, Ted Hepple as Mac Curtis, John O'Brien as Yamada, Paul Young as Harold McHugh

Man and Boy

Episode 4.07 (107)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Brendan Maher

David and Sam have a life-and-death situation on their hands after a boy is struck by lightning, but the case causes a clash of medical opinion between them.

Guest Starring: Willie Fennell as Ted Banner, Cameron Kavanagh as Ricky Banner

The Longing

Episode 4.08 (108)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Brendan Maher

Geoff and Kate are forced to have a bizarre wedding ceremony when events conspire against them. Pregnant Sheena and her husband Joe end up on an Aboriginal camp when he is fired for not being attentive enough on the McKinley property. When his wife goes in to labour and he goes for help, Joe is beaten up. Later when Geoff and David arrive, they find that Sheena is about to give birth. However, there are complications that result in a major delay and Geoff is unable to get back to the Crossing in time for his 'big day.'

Guest Starring: David Bonney as Duncan, David Burnett as Thommo, Clive Hearne as Roy McKinley, Kristina Nehm as Sheena, Justine Saunders as Bessie, Michael Watson as Joe

Bitter Harvest

Episode 4.09 (109)
Written by Craig Wilkins & Anne Lucas
Directed by Catherine Millar

The townspeople of Coopers Crossing are appalled when a family becomes entwined in murder and suicide.

Guest Starring: Peter Black as Phil Shannon, Frank Bren as Vince, Robert Coleby as Alex Potter, Alexander Kemp as Ben Potter, Julie Nihill as Jilly Potter

The Instrument

Episode 4.10 (110)
Written by Alan Hopgood
Directed by Catherine Millar

A minor accident on the mining field brings a taste of what's to come for David, Kate and Paula as they prepare for a clinic run to the mine.

Guest Starring: Colin Batrouney as Clarrie, Don Bridges as Frank Mitchell, Mitch Deans as Barney, John Flaus as Reg Clark, Joss McWilliam as Russel, Terry Serio as The Bantam, Ian Shrives as Mac

Word and Deed

Episode 4.11 (111)
Written by Mary Dagmar Davies
Directed by Mandy Smith

Fear and hatred spread like wildfire through Coopers Crossing when Father Jacko returns to town and discovers he has leprosy.

Guest Starring: John Brumpton as Nipper, Clive Hearne as Roy McKinley, Syd Jackson as Father Jacko, Geoffrey Paine as Steve Patterson

All That Glitters…

Episode 4.12 (112)
Written by Luis Bayonas
Directed by Mandy Sniith

Jack is called in to investigate the attempted murder of a stranger. All the evidence seems to point to Luke Mitchell, and Jack uncovers some disturbing facts when he delves into Luke's past.

Guest Starring: Bill Garner as Barry Ryan, Margot Knight as Elaine, Warren Owens as Dougie Kennedy

Fly Past

Episode 4.13 (113)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Bill Hughes

An emergency call-out to an injury at a homestead reveals that the much-loved Dr Tom Callaghan is back in town, but he is strangely aloof. However, a life-and-death situation occurs when David is attacked by a swarm of wasps in his plane and Tom has to land the aircraft without any flying experience.

Guest Starring: Andrew McFarlane as Tom Callaghan

The Last Rodeo

Episode 4.14 (114)
Written by Leon Saunders
Directed by Bill Hughes

A young girl's life is endangered when the rodeo comes to town and her father decides to take her on the road with him. She is diabetic and faces certain death without medical assistance.

Sky Above, Earth Below

Episode 4.15 (115)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Paul Moloney

A quiet family outing ends in tragedy when a young child falls into a disused mining ventilation shaft. A full-scale emergency ensues as the rescue team battles against the elements to save the girl's life.

Guest Starring: Anna Hruby as Karen Palmer, Jessica Jennings as Sophie Palmer, Robert Willox as Steve Palmer

Lucky Lady

Episode 4.16 (116)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Paul Moloney

Emma and Nick find a lone man wandering along an old track suffering from dehydration and fatigue.

Guest Starring: Peter Darby as Johnno, Greg Fleet as Mark O'Hara, Russell Fletcher as Andy, Joel Richardson as Mick, Wyn Roberts as Bill Richards/Stirling

The Chips Are Down

Episode 4.17 (117)
Written by Annie Beach
Directed by Colin Budds

Tom and David are involved in a horrific road accident.

Guest Starring: Roy Baldwin as Reg, Richard Cordner as Boy, Terry Donovan as Jim Cardaci, Bob Horsfall as Bus Driver, Sudi de Winter as Jason

Guardian Angel

Episode 4.18 (118)
Written by Leon Saunders
Directed by Colin Budds

An old prospector is in danger of losing his land after a pair of surveyors for a mining company arrive — then he discovers that one of them is suffering from rabies.

Guest Starring: Peter Kowitz as Michael Bucknell, Marion MacKenzie as Lee Fisher, Frank Wilson as Karl Szalinski

The Battlers

Episode 4.19 (119)
Written by Peter Hepworth & Craig Wilkins
Directed by Gary Conway

When Nick suffers an injury at work, his demanding boss gives him an ultimatum: continue working or get the sack. Later, when Nick and his friend Shane won't stop squabbling, Logan abandons them in the outback with disasterous consequences. When Logan's oppressed wife goes out searching for them, she only adds to the state of emergency.

Guest Starring: Tony Barry as Bruce Logan, Pauline Chan as Maria Logan, Lois Collinder as Mable Jeffries, Stig Wemyss as Shane McKenna

No Tears

Episode 4.20 (120)
Written by Terry Stapleton
Directed by Gary Conway

An elderly farmhand believes he is a burden on his workmates. A sick camel poses a problem for the RFDS.

Guest Starring: Mike Bishop as Charlie, Nicholas Hammond as Richard Hull, Desmond Kelly as Ben Connell

A Doctor's Dreaming

Episode 4.21 (121)
Written by Mary Dagmar Davies
Directed by Pino Amenta

After being made an honorary member of an aborigine tribe, Geoff is thrown into a deadly dilemma when he collapses with appendicitis in a sacred cave and may not be able to get help without betraying his tribal oath.

Guest Starring: Warren Owens as Dougie Kennedy

Blues For Judy

Episode 4.22 (122)
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Pino Amenta

Emma's friend gives birth in her car, then leaves the baby outside Emma's front door wanting Emma to look after it unaware that Emma is staying overnight in town.

Guest Starring: Peter Browne as Frank Draper, Nadine Garner as Judy, Ben Mendelsohn as Brad Harris

The Claim

Episode 4.23 (123)
Written by Luis Bayonas
Directed by Colin Budds

Lorraine is killed while trying to mend her bridge. Her death leaves her best friend, Judith, to pick up the pieces and fight off a blackmailing claimant on Lorraine's will.

Guest Starring: Katherine Fisher as Judith, Charles Gilroy as Wally, Jim Holt as Brian, Anne Phelan as Lorraine

A Rhyme for Reason

Episode 4.24 (124)
Written by Jan Sardi
Directed by Colin Budds

Pip, an elderly lady who is the darling of Coopers Crossing, comes into some money.

Guest Starring: Gary Files as Wally McClennan, Genevieve Lemon as Libby, Betty Lucas as Phillipa

Dad's Little Bloke

Episode 4.25 (125)
Written by Anne Lucas
Directed by Arch Nicholson

The accident of a young boy entangles his family in a web of deceit and suspicion.

Guest Starring: Kris McQuade as Caz, Julieanne Newbould as Tracy Maguire, Gary Sweet as Vince Maguire, Jeffrey Walker as Mikey Maguire

Note: Jeffrey Walker's first role

A Sporting Life

Episode 4.26 (126)
Written by David Allen
Directed by Arch Nicholson

A teenager has a struggle to come to terms with the loss of a leg in an accident.

Guest Starring: Tom Jennings as Mal Cregan, Rob Steele as Kevin Cregan

A Good Drop of Red

Episode 4.27 (127)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Pino Amenta

Two strangers visit Coopers Crossing in search of a bed for the night.

Guest Starring: Doug Bowles as Dudley, Shane Briant as Norman Sayers, James Patrick as Leigh Ellis, Jenny Seedsman as Carol, Peter Whitford as Robert Bell

The Hero

Episode 4.28 (128)
Written by Vince Moran
Directed by Catherine Millar

A new RDS pilot lands himself in trouble when he gives a lift to an old rascal called Felix.

Guest Starring: Lisa Armytage as Ed MacKay, Rod Densley as Keith Hamilton, Peter Hosking as Ron MacKay, Cameron Kavanagh as Gordon MacKay, Charles Tingwell as Felix


Episode 4.29 (129)
Written by Shane Brennan & John Lord
Directed by Pino Amenta

When Chris thinks she has stumbled across a case of police brutality, she does everything in her power to intervene.

Guest Starring: Stephen Hall as Pat Callaghan, Yves Stening as Evan Waters, John Wood as Police Sgt. Frank O'Leary

Daddy's Girl

Episode 4.30 (130)
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Catherine Millar

Memories come flooding back for Tom Callaghan when an old girlfriend flies into Coopers Crossing.

Guest Starring: Vincent Ball as Warren Price, Tom Coltraine as Gary Foster, Evelyn Krape as Miss Beatty, Nina Landis as Megan Price, Tom Watson as Foreman

Two Sisters Running

Episode 4.31 (131)
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Catherine Millar

Nick discovers an overturned truck containing an old lady and two little girls.

Dangerous Games

Episode 4.32 (132)
Written by Terry Stapleton
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Vic becomes jealous of Nancy's friendship with an elderly rodeo champion. Ralph refuses to accept the fact that he is not a young as he used to be. Meanwhile, Vic and Nancy bicker constantly but when Nancy falls down the stairs by accident, things take a turn for the worse. Only a dangerous operation can prevent her from being paralysed for the rest of her life.

Milk Run

Episode 4.33 (8230)
Written by Tom Hegarty
Directed by Catherine Millar

Word gets around that a prominent professor is to visit Coopers Crossing to see Chris about a job. DJ has a mystery to work out when a young boy radios in about an accident involving his mother but their location and identity are not clear enough to send immediate assistance.

Guest Starring: Katy Brinson as Lois Murchinson, Jonathan Hardy as Tyler Wells, Richard Neal as Red Murchinson

Point of No Return

Episode 4.34 (134)
Written by Joe Kelly
Directed by Pino Amenta

What begins as a routine clinic run to Mondobella Homestead turns into a series of disasters — and they all come down to one woman, Pauline Grant.

Guest Starring: Maureen Edwards as Pauline Grant

Small Mercies

Episode 4.35 (135)
Written by David Allen
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Tom is blinded and trapped in the bush after a car accident.

A Painful Extraction

Episode 4.36 (136)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Pino Amenta

DJ's father announces that his son will be accompanying him back to Greece to help run the family business.