All Saints: episode guide

Happy New Year

Episode 8.01 (295)
Tue, February 08, 2005
1.24 million viewers
Produced by Jo Porter
Screenplay by Sarah Walker
Directed by Peter Fisk

Life changes forever when the All Saints emergency team is caught up in the unfolding chaos of a balcony collapse at a local nightclub where they are attending a New Year's Eve charity function.

Emergency Department nurse Dan Goldman is the one who first suspects disaster is imminent. Risking his own life to save a young woman during the balcony collapse, he suddenly finds himself trapped alongside her in a dark room, with no one even aware they are there.

Before fate takes a shocking turn at the nightclub, Dr Vincent Hughes — a man who has clearly been on a self-destructive path for some months now — enjoys a fling with yet another woman, much to the dismay of Jessica. However, Vincent is horrified when the woman is badly injured in the balcony collapse. What's more, he doesn't even know her name!

Meanwhile, back at All Saints Western General Hospital, Terri — who left the nightclub moments before tragedy struck — decides she must face the music at last with both Jack, her ex-lover, and Charlotte, the woman who is carrying his baby. Realising she needs to get away from those who have turned her life upside down, Terri resolves to take leave from the hospital.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Jenni Baird, John Howard, Alexandra Davies, Christopher Gabardi, Tammy Macintosh, Judith McGrath, Mark Priestley, Natalie Saleeba, Paul Tassone, Wil Traval

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson

Guest Starring: Vanessa Gray as Gillian Muir, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Tim Elston as Roger, Ashley Morgan as Tammy Prentice, Francoise Sas as Jade Prentice, Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Campion, Craig Menaud as Davo the Ambo, Ben Phillips as Paul Mills, Laura Donovan as Sitter [Maria], David Newman as Barman, Michael Yantzi as Rudolph, Sam Young as Vomiting Reveller, Adryn White as DJ

Outside Looking In

Episode 8.02 (296)
Tue, February 15, 2005
1.20 million viewers
Screenplay by Toby Wallace
Directed by Catherine Millar

A tragic accident brings Frank's ex-wife into the ED as his worst nightmare confronts him. The ED staff is stunned to learn that Frank has a daughter. As Mac faces the possibility of life in a wheelchair, Gill and Cate try to come to terms with it. Jack comes to an uneasy truce with Charlotte and his impending fatherhood, while Dan helps two young girls at the nightclub before they face the disastrous consequences of their choices.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson, Liz Alexander as Dr Alison Newell

Guest Starring: Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Campion, Vanessa Gray as Gillian Muir, Nicole da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Ashley Morgan as Tammy Prentice, Francoise Sas as Jade Prentice, Denise Kirby as Mrs Prentice, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Peter Callan as Drunk Reveller, Maxi Shield aka Kris Elliot as Drag Queen, Penny Tration as Drag Queen

Note: Panda Likoudis' first ep as Bryce the Ambo. Nicole da Silva debuted as Sasha Fernandez in the previous ep.

Sins of the Mothers

Episode 8.03 (297)
Tue, February 22, 2005
1.13 million viewers
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Robert Marchand

Cate's early morning visit with Mac sours and sets the tone of her entire day. Back down in the Emergency Department, Cate comes face to face with a past unresolved situation when a prostitute is brought in brutally bashed. When Cate finds out the patient is the mother of the child she saw in a brothel [episode 7.35], she rushes in where angels fear to tread.

Engaging Nelson's help to get the Department of Child Services on side, Cate launches into her quest to save the child, Lily. Nelson watches with concern as Cate's objectivity is brought into question. It takes an extraordinary offer for Nelson to understand the depth of the situation.

When all options are exhausted both Cate and Nelson feel drained and unfulfilled as their efforts result in a no-win situation for all concerned.

Jack is tending to a woman with a self-inflicted injury after a road rage incident. In treating this woman, Jack is forced to think more carefully about his behaviour when dealing with the emotional rollercoaster he is on with Charlotte and their unborn child. It's all going too fast and the child somehow seems unreal. The situation is complicated by the fact that Charlotte's pregnancy is now common knowledge and Jack's role in it is already known to Frank Campion.

Frank, a party to all these events, has to re-evaluate his own role as a parent. Kathleen is recovering and asks to see him. When he visits, he learns her mother has been to see Kathleen several times too. An angry confrontation settles nothing.

Lily's unfolding plight gives Frank food for thought and even though he's not able to make a rapprochement with Alison herself, he does find himself beginning to make room for her in their daughter's life.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson, Liz Alexander as Dr Alison Newell

Guest Starring: Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Campion, Jeanette Cronin as Michaeley Masters, Doris Younane as Carlene Pender, Nathy Gaffney as Leanne Watson, Mia Wasikowska as Lily Watson, Mary-Anne Halpin as Marion Parker, Genevieve Hegney as Det Rachel Maroney, John Meillon Jnr as Det Sgt Dave McCarthy, Fiona Mahl as Sally Webster, Nicholas Beech as Jeffrey Ball

Begging For It

Episode 8.04 (298)
Tue, March 01, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Shawn Seet

A patient, wearing pyjamas and covered in blood, collapses in the waiting room of All Saints before being able to give any details. The trouble is he doesn't have any wounds. So whose blood is it?

It's only after a young man called Dean is brought in following a motor vehicle accident that the patient, called Lyall, shows any signs of life. Dan notices Lyall's mumbling, in response to Dean's screams, and eventually deciphers he is asking for someone to forgive him.

Dan puts two and two together — the blood on Lyall's clothes and the ramblings — and thinks that Lyall may have killed someone. After seeking advice from Nelson and Frank he calls the police.

Two boys in their late teens arrive in the emergency department with massive injuries following a car accident as a result of a high speed police chase.

Jack, still indecisive regarding his unborn child and having issues with his own childhood, decides it's time to return to his past to find some answers. He visits his father, Ned, who he has only seen sporadically since he started medical school.

Mac starts his rehabilitation sessions in the hydrotherapy pool, and Cate is there to offer support.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson

Guest Starring: Bruce Venables as Ned Quade, Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Jo Turner as Lyall Dalton, Ben Tate as Dean Johnson, Craig Ball as Constable Peter Saunders, Jon Pollard as Troy Smart

Lost and Found

Episode 8.05 (299)
Tue, March 08, 2005
1.38 million viewers
Screenplay by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Catherine Millar

Nelson faces his inner demons when he discovers a six-year-old girl, near death, locked in a car outside a pub on a blistering summer's day. When the girl's father turns up in the ED, drunkenly belligerent, then full of remorse, Nelson fury forces him to goad the father into violence.

Vincent and Cate work hand-in-hand at a building site to free a construction worker trapped by the collapse of a retaining wall.

When the window of opportunity to rescue the man starts to close, Vincent finds himself in the precarious position of having to amputate the crushed leg, right here, right now. The operation is a success, and Barry, still critically ill and bleeding internally, is transported to hospital. It's there that Denise drops her façade and the truth behind her decision is revealed.

Charlotte treats a disoriented woman for meningitis and witnesses the deep, enduring love between her and her husband. Later, Charlotte is pleasantly surprised when Jack announces he is the father of her baby.

Cate goes to see Mac at the end of her traumatic day, full of hope. What she finds shocks and rocks her world.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson

Guest Starring: Vanessa Gray as Gillian Muir, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Mark Duffy as Barry Swain, Margi De Ferranti as Denise Swain, Steve Cox as Jim Jenks, Lucy Peck as Emily O'Malley, Nick Meenahan as Ron O'Malley, Elaine Hudson as Janice Broom, Chris Kirby as Gordon Broom, Shawn Corbett as Uniformed Cop, Mark Furchtman as Ambo Rescue Leader


Episode 8.06 (300)
Tue, March 15, 2005
1.32 million viewers
Screenplay by Peter Neale
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

All Saint celebrates its 300th episode with an emotionally charged hour of drama as Charlotte is sent sprawling by a hit and run driver and fights to save her unborn child.

After a seemingly chance encounter with Beth at the local pub, Vincent is convinced she's behind Charlotte's hit and run.

Things with Mac are coming to a head for Cate. She suspects that he's on the verge of a decision that will send him back into arms of Gill — breaking her heart.

Jessica's high-spirited but difficult bipolar patient refuses to medicate himself, but when he lets slip that he had a couple of car accidents earlier in the day her curiosity is piqued.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Grant Bowler as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson, Matthew Newton as Derek Cook

Guest Starring: Vanessa Gray as Gillian Muir, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Stelios Yiakmis as Det Sgt De Santo, Theresa Wong as Dr Margo Phillips, Sara Zwangobani as Carol Graham, Ruedi Holbeck as David Grahame, Farrah Elashiry & Chloe Tavares as Charlotte's baby, Faith Kelaher as Charlotte's toddler, Zoe Jacques as Charlotte's 5 yr old, Beth Harris as Charlotte's 10 yr old, Tenealle Farragher as Charlotte's teenager, Rebecca Zandstra as Charlotte's daughter, Sheree Swords as Charlotte Stunt Double, Johnny Hallyday as Stunt Driver

Note: Grant Bowler's finale appearance

Letting Go

Episode 8.07 (301)
Tue, March 29, 2005
1.18 million viewers
Screenplay by Rick Held, Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Robert Marchand

In the aftermath of Charlotte's miscarriage, Terri returns to All Saints to a cold reception from Jack. In this bitter mood, Jack has little patience for a man brought in with septic shock from self-inflicted wounds following the death of his twin brother [episode 7.39].

Unable to engage emotionally with the grieving man, Jack pushes to have the patient treated against his wishes. Cate refuses to let Jack allow his own pain to compromise his usual compassion.

Putting aside their recent past, Terri visits Charlotte at home and shares some very personal history — how she and Mitch coped with the pain of losing their own baby. Spending the day together, Terri helps Charlotte face her feelings of guilt and loss, and to take the first tentative steps towards emotional recovery. With Terri's gentle encouragement, Charlotte finally allows Jack to share in the grieving process.

Jessica's romantic illusions about marriage and romance are shattered when she nurses a flirtatious patient. She discovers the patient's burns resulted from a domestic dispute in which the woman's husband suffered grave injuries, and that these injuries were made worse by the fact he was left to deteriorate at home while his wife took herself to hospital.

Jessica's mood isn't helped when she witnesses the growing friendship between Cate and Vincent. The situation is worsened when Cate reveals she contributed to tension between Jessica and Vincent by letting slip to him that Jessica fancies him. Jessica demands Cate undo her handiwork.

Amidst all this, Cate is very privately and stoically nursing her own feelings of loss and grief. At the end of the day, she and Vincent find themselves sharing some wry observations on the price of intimacy — only to arrive at a brief but unnerving moment of intimacy of their own.

Cate walks away, but we are left with the distinct feeling that these two could have a lot more in common than we've previously seen…

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher

Guest Starring: Rebecca Massey as Jodie Abbott, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Paul Gleeson as Richard Abbott, Kath Gordon as Fenella Wicks, Steve Sheppard as Lionel Wicks, Anthony Jensen as Lance


Episode 8.08 (302)
Tue, April 05, 2005
1.28 million viewers
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Pino Amenta

A head-on accident between a motorcyclist and a semi-trailer, that could be a suicide attempt, creates heartache for both families in this week's All Saints.

As Frank and Von work frantically to save the biker's life, they find themselves refereeing his warring relatives. As the man's wife and brother resolve their differences, Frank is given a fresh insight into his own domestic situation with Alison, the mother of his autistic daughter.

Focussing on finding a diagnosis for a 16-year-old schoolboy whose limbs keep periodically failing him, Jessica doesn't see the crush he has on her. When Dan points it out, Jessica contrives to let the boy down gently but is forced to pretend Dan is her boyfriend — allowing him to have a lot of fun at her expense.

As well as being a professionally rewarding experience for Jessica when she makes the initial discovery that leads to Jack's diagnosis, it becomes emotionally rewarding when the boy is eventually able to see a more positive future for himself.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Craig Ball as Constable Saunders, Will Roberts as Ross Weston, Michelle Doake as Miranda Harris, Rodney Dobson as Sebastian Harris, Jeff Truman as Warren Stoker, Tony Arch as David Harris

Note: the third role (1.33, 5.15) for guest actor Jeff Truman (the driver) who goes on to write 8 episodes of AS in series 9 thru 12.

Funny Games

Episode 8.09 (303)
Tue, April 12, 2005
1.23 million viewers
Screenplay by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Shawn Seet

Vincent is thrown when Beth shows up at the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain.

Charlotte, unable to find the cause of the pain, refers Beth to Vincent for exploratory surgery but Vincent is convinced that Beth's pain is psychosomatic and refuses to operate.

Frank orders Vincent to perform the surgery. While explaining the procedure, Vincent realises that Beth, in her mind, is consenting to an act of intimacy with him, which Vincent will have to perform against his will. After he performs the exploratory procedure Beth's pain magically disappears… and, when he goes to his car, he finds a single red rose left for him.

Cate and Sasha attend a call out to find a woman, Margaret, who has apparently fallen down the stairs. Cate is perturbed to find a large crucifix on a bedroom wall, a goat's head on the top. In hospital, Terri wins Margaret's trust and learns that Margaret thinks her son Wayne is "The Beast" spoken of in Revelations.

Margaret is found insane and Wayne reveals his mother tied him to his bed for three days to exorcise him. Terri is touched by the boy's courage but soon realises that beneath his innocent façade, Wayne himself is, at the very least, disturbed — and may be "The Beast" after all.

Von has the day off to meet with the bank about a housing loan. The young, bright Loan Officer is totally incapable of appreciating Von's situation and rejects her application. That evening, Von tells Terri and Nelson that she realises that just how important getting a house is to her — and how little time she has left to get one.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Denise Roberts as Margaret Moore

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Chris Burke as Dr Robert Hunt, Lindsay Farris as Wayne Moore, Lucy Durack as Emma Christian

Note: Lucy Durack's first known role. Denise Roberts' was previously in 1.10 (in a separate role). This is her last AS appearance

Boys will be Boys

Episode 8.10 (304)
Tue, April 19, 2005
1.27 million viewers
Produced by Maryanne Caroll
Screenplay by Sarah Walker
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

When Cate and Sasha respond to an early morning call-out they find themselves circled by a group of young blokes at a buck's night.

It's Cate's bravado that enables them to retrieve their patient suffering from severe burns from a fire walking stunt. Sasha comments on Cate's tough stance, implying that her strength would terrify men… a remark that doesn't go down well with a sensitive Cate, still raw from Mac's rejection.

At another call-out Cate and Sasha attend to a woman who cannot let go of her dead husband. Cate talks the woman through her feelings of grief, frustration and anger until the woman is ready to let go. Through the process Cate finally understands her own relationship with Mac.

When the All Saints Radiographers go on strike for a pay rise, the Emergency Department is flung into chaos and deep tensions arise between the men. Frank has no empathy with the striking workers, while Nelson is a union sympathiser — and the Radiographer left behind to do emergency cases becomes the meat in the sandwich.

Vincent is drawn into the battle, and his rift with Charlotte is deepened, when a life-saving surgeon, Oscar Wu, is brought in with a broken finger and Vincent pushes for his special treatment. Charlotte learns a little more (and a little less) about Vincent, as he starts to move on from their long-time intimacy.

Dan is uneasy when his best mate, Ambulance Officer Stuart, takes a shine to Jessica — and she seems to return the interest. Dan warns Stuart if he hurts Jessica he'll be made to answer for it.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jason Chong as Oscar Wu, Nick Osborne as Ryan O'Connor, Keith Robinson as Noel Bessette, Josephyne Oliveri as Irene Valerio, Mark Bower as Kim Sheen, Stefan Bartley as Pete, Angus Templeton as Rhys, Adam Gibson as Trevor "Jonesy" Jones, Josh Denyer as Jasper Sheen, Daniel Downey as Bucks Boy, Nicholas Huber as Bucks Boy, Rodney Timms as Bucks Boy, Matt Tyler as Bucks Boy, Daniel Wilson as Bucks Boy, Carlo Monzo as Sully, Connor Van Vuuren as Macca

Note: Guy Edmonds' first appearance as ambo Stuart Mapleston

Time Bomb

Episode 8.11 (305)
Tue, April 26, 2005
1.09 million viewers
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Aarne Neeme

A car explosion rocks a local supermarket, sending waves of paranoia through the community. When Cate and Sasha arrive on site, Sasha struggles to deal with the devastation and ends up wondering whether she's cut out to be an Ambo.

Among the injured in the explosion is a man of Middle Eastern appearance whose horrific injuries place him close to the centre of the blast. A writer, Des Callahan, who has just released a controversial book on terrorism, believes this was an attack on his life.

It isn't long until the media catches on and reports emerge that the terrorist is among the injured in the Emergency Department. Everyone in the Department feels uneasy, the event bringing beliefs and convictions bubbling to the surface with surprising results.

Meanwhile, Vincent is dealing with demons of his own while trying to anticipate Beth's next move.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Richard Healy as Des Callahan, Amy Mathews as Cassie Anderson, Matthew Holmes as Pete Sinclair, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Mackenzie Baran as Billy Anderson, Nathan Brown as Matt Byrnes - Journalist, Jon Sivewright as Detective Harris, Kosta Doukas as Detective Wilson, Michael Long as Photographer, Albert Nassour as Mohsin Zabib, Angela Saidi as Mrs Zabib

While You Were Sleeping

Episode 8.12 (306)
Tue, May 03, 2005
1.10 million viewers
Screenplay by Bridie O'Neill
Directed by Pino Amenta

It's night shift in the Emergency Department and Dan is hoping for a quiet night — but even the best laid plans are destined to fail. When a patient collapses in the Waiting Room, no one expects the case will be quite so baffling.

As precious hours pass, Jack is no closer to a diagnosis. Dan becomes concerned and, going over Jack's head he calls Charlotte, throwing down the gauntlet between him and Jack.

Dan also has problems of his own as he is surprised to feel a tinge of jealousy at Jessica and Stuart's growing friendship.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Vincent's big night on the town is unexpectedly cut short due to an incident at a nightclub. Back at Vincent's place, over a substantial amount of wine, the two friends finally open up and we discover Charlotte's sexuality isn't the only reason her and Vincent's marriage failed.

The next morning Charlotte and Vincent wake up hung-over and late for work. What they don't know is that Beth has been on their trail all night and the moment they leave, Beth heads straight into Vincent's house…

Regina struggles not only to keep a promise to a dying friend but with her own path in life. Cate steps in and helps Reg keep vigil over her friend during the final hours. Regina comes to a decision about where she really belongs and we say goodbye to Reg for good.

Also Starring: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Panda Likoudis as Bryce The Ambo, Lawrence Carmichael as Mick, Mike Peros as Brian Andropidis, Betty Blew as Enid Armstrong, Daniel Jurisich as Gary, Brady Gunn as Bloody Male Patient, Cee Jay Sullivan as Male Patient

Note: Celia Ireland's final episode. Her first appearance was way back in episode 2.17


Episode 8.13 (307)
Tue, May 10, 2005
1.08 million viewers
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Catherine Roden

Terri is stunned when two faces from her past are brought into the hospital. Following a car accident, Lucy Stevens, the young daughter of Terri's late husband Mitch, is rushed into the emergency department, along with Rose's mother, Victoria. Victoria, who is the more seriously injured of the two, has been raising Lucy since the death of her parents. For Terri, the pair's shock appearance brings back countless memories as she finds herself facing her past ghosts. But Terri is in for a far greater shock. When Victoria's condition takes an unexpected turn for the worse, Victoria has a question for Terri: will she care for Lucy if something happens to Victoria? Charlotte has to heal a relationship and a patient. Meanwhile, Vincent is confronted by Beth's terrorism, and Von finds a family member back in her life.

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Kate Sheil as Victoria Carlton, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Bill Young as Paul Semple, Matt Doran as Toby Semple, Tara Sena Becker as Prudence Semple, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Lorna King as Elderly Neighbour

Innocent until…

Episode 8.14 (308)
Tue, May 17, 2005
1.21 million viewers
Screenplay by Susan Hore
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

During a violent siege at a brothel, Sasha and Cate witness Connie, a prostitute, being slashed by a knife-wielding assailant while another victim lies close by. When Patrick, the assailant, lunges at a cop he is shot and apprehended.

In the ED Patrick abuses Jessica, forcing Nelson to replace her with Dan, who eventually finds out the source of Patrick's emotional pain.

The Emergency Department is stunned when Vincent is arrested for assaulting Beth Chandler. Cate and Charlotte watch in disbelief as Vincent is taken away in handcuffs. Charlotte finds herself challenging Jessica's bitter stance against Vincent. On his return, Vincent finds the Department alive with gossip.

Jack meets up with Terri and Lucy at a Wildlife Park. The time has come for them to decide where their relationship is heading. At the end of the day Terri finally removes her wedding and engagement rings, signalling that she is ready to move on with her life.

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Craig Ball as Constable Peter Saunders, Aaron Davidson as Patrick O'Rourke, Shawn Corbett as Sergeant Penter, Amy Edwards as Michelle Thomas, Hayley Buckley as Connie Lovell, Shane C. Rodrigo as OSG Team Leader

False Convictions

Episode 8.15 (309)
Tue, May 24, 2005
1.11 million viewers
Screenplay by Sarah Walker
Directed by Bill Hughes

Cate's day starts badly when she and Sasha find a teenage girl, Erin, seriously injured in a fall from a railway bridge. Cate makes a controversial decision in a last ditch attempt to save Erin's life — it's a risky decision and is not well received in the Emergency Department.

Vincent faces court, charged with assault and accused of stalking. With Charlotte by his side, Vincent listens to Beth's lies on the stand, realising with horror that the truth will not necessarily win the day.

Jessica is pleased to see Ross Weston, a patient previously diagnosed with Hypokaleamic Periodic Paralysis [episode 8.08], is now coming out of his shell. Aware of his crush on her, Jessica believes he's come to show her how his confidence has improved. But Ross has an ulterior motive for his visit and Jessica is forced to acknowledge that her instincts may not be correct.

Terri is deeply dismayed to discover Victoria has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While she looks for any sign of hope, Terri must finally face the fact that Mitch's daughter, Lucy, may be losing yet another loved one. But Victoria has other plans…

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Kate Sheil as Victoria Carlton, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Will Roberts as Ross Higgins, Niki Owen as Pauline Morris, Bob Baines as Bill Pederson, Christine Kelleway as Meg Newington, Jessica Revello as Erin Carmichael, Lorna King as Elderly Woman, Raelene Chapman as Suburban Mother Stunt, Rebecca Riggs as Jenny Carmichael, Russell Newman as Magistrate Max Greenup

Maternal Instinct

Episode 8.16 (310)
Tue, May 31, 2005
1.04 million viewers
Screenplay by Toby Wallace
Directed by Jessica Hobbs

Inside a middle-class suburban house, Cate and Stuart step into one man's living nightmare when they discover his wife has cut off his penis with a kitchen knife. Worse, she has hidden the severed member and refuses to disclose its whereabouts.

Battle lines are drawn in Emergency. Jessica supports the wife's actions, believing she is a battered spouse. Dan, along with the other male members of Emergency, vehemently disagree. When the appendage is finally located, it's Vincent who uncovers the truth behind the drastic actions of the wife.

Von finds herself in awkward territory when she is forced into the unfamiliar role of surrogate mother to her niece Kerry. But it's Nelson who Kerry gravitates towards, raising issues between friends not broached before.

Charlotte is faced with a mystery illness of a six-month-old baby boy. His mother, who has Downs Syndrome, is fretful that she's a bad mother and her baby's condition is her fault. Abandoning the baby, Barbara flees the hospital, forcing Charlotte to go in search of her.

When Victoria undergoes a life-threatening operation, Terri looks after Mitch's daughter, Lucy and prays the procedure goes well.

Guest Starring: Jaimie Mears as Kerry Lytton, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Kate Sheil as Victoria Carlton, Tracie Sammut as Barbara Woods, Shayne Francis as Detective Jan Colbert, Josephine Mitchell as Amelia Kydd, Noel Hodda as Rob Kydd, Isaac Drandich as Constable Mitchell

Double Lives

Episode 8.17 (311)
Tue, June 07, 2005
1.12 million viewers
Screenplay by Peter Neale
Directed by Cameron Welsh

Tensions are high between Cate and Stuart when they deal with Nathan, a young father who is trapped in workplace machinery. For Cate, the situation brings back memories of losing her father. As far as Stuart is concerned her hand-holding exercise is way beyond their call of duty and, by the end of the day, both Ambos have gone through significant personal and professional changes.

Nelson, Jessica, and Charlotte are all involved in looking after a high spirited 72-year-old man, Bill, who has had an accident while parachuting. His 'live-life-to-the-fullest' attitude hits home for both Jessica and Nelson. Bill suffers serious medical complications and Charlotte is thrust into the front line.

Meanwhile, Vincent pulls off a dramatic save when a young stabbing victim is dumped in the Waiting Room.

Kerry, on tenterhooks about applying for a job in the hospital canteen is reassured by Nelson. When she gets the job she plans a celebratory dinner with surprising results.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Ron Haddrick as Bill Roddick, Nathaniel Dean as Nathan Giles, Sigrid Langford Scherf as Mandy Giles, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Maria Karambelas as Sandra O'Malley, Negjmedin (Ned) Begaj as Josh, Michael Brownjohn as Jimmy Jones, Mark Furchtmann as Ambo Rescue Officer, Lara Chaanine as Silky

New Beginnings

Episode 8.18 (312)
Tue, June 14, 2005
1.26 million viewers
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Terri finds herself nursing a girl suffering from stress related migraine headaches — and she's only 14. Six months earlier [episode 7.36] her father was brought into All Saints Hospital suffering hypothermic cardiac arrest. Charlotte, his doctor, moved heaven and earth to save him. The girl, eternally grateful at the time, is now paying the hefty price of Charlotte's miraculous resuscitation, leaving Charlotte to question if she made the right decision. Charlotte desperately wants to help the young girl and the situation brings Terri to a life altering decision.

Cate's first day as a full time Emergency Department nurse convinces her she's made the right move from the Ambulance Service as she nurses a young, handsome rodeo star. Cate diagnoses his Brown Sequard Syndome before his doctor, impressing the surgical registrar and helping love blossom in the Department.

Jessica's confused emotions over Stuart and their personal life leads them to splitting up. Nelson, after a successful first day back as Nursing Unit Manager, is more than happy to take the next step in his personal life.

Guest Starring: Jaime Mears as Kerry Lyton, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Gezelle Byrnes as Phoebe McCarthy, Dustin Clare as Rick Fallon, Ella Scott Lynch as Shauna Lapin, Gillian Statham as Shauna Stunt Double, Andrea Berchtold as Rick Stunt Double

Note: guest actor Ella Scott Lynch returns as Clare Anderson in 2008-2009.


Episode 8.19 (313)
Tue, June 21, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Peter Fisk

An horrific accident brings a family into the Emergency Department, and Terri finds herself spending her last day at All Saints on a crusade to alleviate a young girl's guilt.

Her last day is fraught with complications as a family's celebration goes horribly wrong and their hot-air balloon crashes in dense bushland. The All Saints team find itself juggling multiple casualties as well as the news that a member of the family has gone missing at the scene.

Terri nurses the daughter of the woman the team could not save and finds her patient is burdened with survivor guilt. Frank urges her to keep her distance and refrain from seeing this as her last crusade, but Terri can't walk away.

As the day wears on, Terri says her goodbyes to those she's closest to but Jack keeps his distance. She soon discovers that she can confidently hand over responsibilities to Nelson and the team she has come to know and trust.

As the All Saints chapter of Terri Sullivan's career closes, her farewell celebrations turn sour when Vincent's past catches up with him. It would appear that Beth Chandler's strategy has changed… she is now looking to target those around him. His friends in the Emergency Department are now open targets.

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Panda Likoudis as Bryce, Jordana Beatty as Lucy Stevens, Craig Ball as Constable Saunders, Emma Leonard as Ruth Geyer, Chris Betts as David Geyer Snr, Matthew Oxley as David Geyer Jnr, Helen Barber as Sally Geyer, Gillian Statham as Sasha Stunt Double, Nash Edgerton as Stuart Stunt Double, Raelene Chapman as Jessica/Beth Stunt Double

Note: the end of an era. Georgie Parker's final episode. Judith McGrath is the lone original cast member remaining and she appears to the end.

In The Name of Love

Episode 8.20 (314)
Tue, June 28, 2005
1.21 million viewers
Screenplay by Sarah Walker
Directed by Shawn Seet

Jessica is finally honest with Stuart as to why they broke up and admits she is still a virgin.

Full of guilt and confusion over Beth targeting Jessica with a car bomb, Vincent is unable to shake the feeling Beth is watching him and his friends' every move.

Sasha and Stuart arrive at a call-out to witness a young man, Leo, recently dumped by his girlfriend, Claudia, set himself alight in front of her. Leo's obsession with Claudia becomes a backdrop for Vincent's on-going fear of Beth hurting the people he cares about — as Claudia notes: "with obsessed people like Leo, it's never over".

Von and Nelson are uneasy with each other — Von feels let down that Nelson hasn't been honest about his relationship with Kerry while Nelson feels defensive, but finally admits that his relationship with Von's niece is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Guest Starring: Nicole Da Silva as Sasha Fernandez, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Craig Ball as Constable Saunders, Christopher Baker as Leo Boravoskas, Holly Austin as Claudia Atkins, Christy McInerney as Amber Edelston, Odile Le Clezio as Cheryl Edelston, Barbara Biciste as Rhonda Muir, Gavin Wild as Leo Stunt Double, Gillian Statham as Rhonda Stunt Double, Nash Edgerton as Stuart Stunt Double, Gullivar Page as Saunders Stunt Double, Alan Knox as Leo Double


Episode 8.21 (315)
Tue, July 05, 2005
1.14 million viewers
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Cameron Welsh

What starts as a normal day in the Emergency Department is quickly thrown into chaos when Frank receives an urgent call informing him his house is on fire.

The torment of previous weeks is taking its toll on Vincent. He can't sleep, can't concentrate and is only just staying on top of things.

On a trauma callout, Vincent and Stuart have a heated exchange over the treatment of a patient. Vincent feels Stuart is trying to undermine him. When confronted, it is revealed Stuart's anger is coming out of concern for Jessica, giving Vincent some serious thinking to do.

Cate offers to walk Charlotte's dogs. But after she hands them over to the woman she believes is the regular dog-walker, Cate senses trouble too late and Charlotte is left devastated when she finds out who has taken them.

Vincent realizes Beth has left him with no other choice and goes to Frank with his resignation.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Chandler, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Mark Pegler as Glen Turnbal, Trent Bowater as Johnny Evans, Amber Kenny as Justine Reed, Kell Graham as Rescue Officer

Note: Wendy Strehlow's first appearance as ambulance officer Lorraine Tanner

Right To Life

Episode 8.22 (316)
Tue, July 19, 2005
1.23 million viewers
Screenplay by Sam Meikle
Directed by Catherine Roden

When young couple Craig Mendolsohn and Megan Harris are brought in after an MVA, Charlotte and Jack take a special interest in their treatment after it's discovered that Megan is five months pregnant.

Jack meanwhile has been treating Craig and he is touched by Craig's concern for Megan and his baby, only to be confronted with the bitter truth about the accident.

Frank's criticism of Constable Peter Saunders when he learns that it was a pursuit gone wrong, confirms his original conclusion that the young constable is a gung-ho cowboy with little regard for the consequences of his actions. However, this assessment is proven wrong and results in dire consequences which put Frank and Cate at loggerheads.

After recent events, the rest of the staff are beginning to resent being targeted by Beth because of Vincent and when they receive a taunting bunch of flowers it's the last straw. Vincent is close to breaking point and it's Cate who gives him an ultimatum.

Nelson and Kerry are very aware of the chilly reception they are receiving from Von since getting together. Out of concern for each other, Kerry and Nelson each separately confront Von, but apparently without success.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Troy Planet as Denis Pool, Craig Ball as Constable Saunders, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Panda Likoudis as Bruce, Justin Rosniak as Craig Mendelsohn, Alexandra Vaughan as Megan Harris, Robyn Forsythe as Jacqueline Cahill

Divide and Conquer

Episode 8.23 (317)
Tue, July 26, 2005
1.24 million viewers
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Pino Amenta

When Vincent takes a call from Beth claiming that she's planted a bomb in the Emergency Department, a major evacuation of the hospital is triggered. However, the morning has also seen the admission of a Spanish diplomat potentially suffering from SARS. The patient is in isolation and unable to be transferred.

After some wrangling, Vincent and Nelson stay with the patient while Frank and Cate organise continuing treatment for patients at a Muster Point in the hospital grounds. As the Bomb Squad move in to try to find and disable the bomb, Vincent and Nelson can only attend to their patient and wait.

Out at the Muster Point, tension is running high, with Kerry wanting to know what's happening with Nelson and eliciting support from Von. Frank promises they will be out as soon as alternative isolation option is arranged for the patient.

The diplomat goes into severe respiratory failure. Nelson gets the HFOV unit from Neo Natal in order to keep the man alive. Being connected to this machine makes him impossible to move.

One of the patients who can be evacuated is sent off in an ambulance with Jack, Lorraine and Stuart. Jack has his own problems when the ambulance is turned away from St Angela's. The patient experiences respiratory failure and Jack has to perform a makeshift operation in the back of the ambulance to try and save her life.

When the bomb is found the dangerous job of disabling the device begins. Vincent sends Nelson out to safety and remains alone with the patient and in close proximity to the bomb.

Just when Vincent is ready to breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day, Cate goes missing. When Vincent realizes why, his blood runs cold.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Gonzalo Vargas as Senor Alvarez, Ripley Hood as Senior Sgt Paulin, David O'Connor as Tim Cobb, Shirley Cameron as Mrs Cole, Katie Burke as Coralee Bligh, Tony Lynch as Stunt Driver, Grant Page as Stunt Driver, Phillip Partridge as Stunt Driver

Love Me, Love Me Not

Episode 8.24 (318)
Tue, August 02, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Peter Fisk

The after effects of the bomb scare are still being felt by all. As Frank and Nelson deal with the administrative aftermath, Vincent deals with the police investigation surrounding the disappearance of Cate that afternoon.

The police have no news to offer at this stage and an exhausted Vincent elects to go home. There, Vincent finds Beth with Cate, drugged and tied up. Beth is delusional, believing Cate is a major factor in Vincent's rejection of her and tonight, someone will die.

While Vincent deals with the consequences of obsessional love, Nelson is fighting his own demons. His experience in the bomb scare has made him realise how deep his feelings for Kerry really run, forcing him into making some big decisions about his life.

Meanwhile, in the Emergency Department, love is also on the agenda, when a young woman arrives via Ambulance. Her loving boyfriend has fed her a strawberry as a romantic gesture and she has choked on it. The boyfriend's attempts to dislodge the offending fruit has led to further medical complications and Jessica finds herself having to build up the boyfriend's confidence so that he can fulfil his evening's agenda and propose to the woman he loves.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Susan Prior as Beth Chandler, Stelios Yiakmis as Detective Santo, Panda Likoudis as Bryce, Priscilla Jackman as Melissa, Christopher Tangye as Dominic Templeton, Danielle Antaki as Lady Tara, Rick Pitman as Sam Carswell, Gillian Statham as Beth Stunt Double, Daniel Stevens as Vincent Stunt Double


Episode 8.25 (319)
Tue, August 09, 2005
1.30 million viewers
Screenplay by Faith McKinnon
Directed by Robert Marchand

It's been few days since Beth unleashed her final campaign of terror upon Vincent and Cate. The fallout of that sees Vincent a broken man, holed up in a seedy hotel with many bottles of scotch for company.

Charlotte is frustrated by Vincent's refusal to contact her, assuming he's chosen Cate as his support. Cate, meanwhile, has assumed that Vincent has sought solace in the familiar company of his ex-wife. Both are alarmed to discover that Vincent has chosen neither, and it is Cate who finally makes a breakthrough with Vincent, leading the pair to an unexpected encounter.

A fleeting moment of peer pressure is the cause of a car accident involving six teenagers jam-packed into the one car. With two teenagers dead, the life of a fiercely independent 18-year-old girl has changed forever. Haunted by a similar accident Stuart and Dan were involved in as teenagers, Stuart struggles with the incident, spiralling into a deep depression, while Dan uses his painful memories in a positive way.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, John Meillon jnr as Sgt Dave McCarthy, Panda Likoudis as Bryce, Gillian Alexy as Nicole Higgins, Alan Cinis as Rob Miller, Elaine Smith as Joanne Miller, Andrew Hazzard as Gus Adington, Rhys MacFarlane as Cameron Miller

Moving On

Episode 8.26 (320)
Tue, August 09, 2005
1.30 million viewers
Screenplay by Sarah Walker
Directed by Mark Piper

Stuart is in no mood to pick up Bradley, a middle aged man who is behaving strangely in a park. When Bradley refuses to be transported, Stuart hastily puts it down to eccentricity and washes his hands of the guy. Later when Stuart allows himself to be drawn into a sparring match with a badly injured brawler, who then collapses, he knows he has gone too far… that afternoon, Dan finds Stuart packing his bags.

Nelson is not impressed when his wife Leanne contacts him about the divorce papers he has sent. However, after nursing a highly camp HIV-AIDS patient and witnessing the sad break-down of a 17-year relationship, he realises that he must put his past behind him too. But he's in for a shock when he finds Leanne is already moving on.

Frank fusses over Kathleen's first work day at the hospital under Alison's watchful eye but finally realises that despite his own mental blocks, his daughter is very capable of… moving on.

Guest Starring: Liz Alexander as Dr Alison Newell; Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Campion, Ben Tari as Jarod Levine, Genevieve O'Reilly as Leanne Curtis, Darren Coggan as Bradley Marks, Mel Rogan as Alicia Marks, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, John Hannan as Robert "Aunty Eve" Purdy, James Bean as Adam Cachia, Terrance Hepburn as Darren Kelly, Isabel Brinkworth-Martinez as Mother, Charlotte Brinkworth as Daughter, Lachlan Pettit as Skateboarder, Christopher Ringland as Skateboarder, Cameron Sparkes as Skateboarder, Paul Doyle as Bradley Stunt Double

Note: Ben Tari last appeared in episode 6.24

Frozen Moments

Episode 8.27 (321)
Tue, August 16, 2005
1.29 million viewers
Screenplay by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Pino Amenta

Jessica is still stinging from the mysterious disappearance of Stuart a week ago and Dan is keeping close tabs on her. An early morning trip to a supermarket sees them seek refuge in the walk-in freezer with a dying security guard when a gunman runs rampage through the complex. Fearing for their lives and unable to determine what's happening outside the room, they are forced into extraordinary actions to keep their patient and themselves alive.

A patient who has little chance of survival hits resus and her son insists the medical team have ulterior motives for suggesting there is little they can do for her. Frank finds himself caught between what's best for his patient and what Admin, in the form of Alison Newell, thinks should happen. When the decision is taken out of his hands, Frank fears the worst. But he has no way of predicting what the son is really up to.

And while Frank deals with this situation, Charlotte is under pressure to complete work for her Training Fellowship. On top of that, a patient with mystery symptoms presents himself to her and Von, just to make her day really interesting.

Guest Starring: Liz Alexander as Dr Alison Newell, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Paul Caesar as Michael Carmody, John Schwartz as Gordon King, Adriano Cappelletta as Phillip Steel, Jon Flynn as Owen Stevenson, Deidre Arnold as Joyce Carmody, Nick Gulliver as Gunman, Will Angus as Little Boy, Maddie Peat as Owen's Daughter, Tom Bracey as Owen's Son, Chris Bath as Newsreader, Tim Purcell as Owen Body Double

Room For Improvement

Episode 8.28 (322)
Tue, August 23, 2005
1.35 million viewers
Screenplay by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Peter Fisk

Nelson receives a surprise visit from Trish Turner, a social worker who lives and works in the same Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory where Nelson previously lived with his first wife, Diane.

Nelson has decided he needs to see his daughter Kahlia, the child he left behind when he couldn't cope after Dianne's death. Is he now planning to take the child away from the only family she's ever known?

When Nelson says he won't be making it in to work, Jessica, as deputy, immediately becomes Nursing Unit Manager for the day. With a backlog of patients left over from the night shift, it's not going to be an easy day, especially when she manages to run foul of Alison Newell.

Jessica's thrown into a spin even more when a cryptic letter from Stuart turns up. Jessica later confides in Dan that the letter hasn't done much to explain to her what's going on… Feeling that his mate has tried to explain it, Dan reveals what he knows… but Jessica's reaction to the news is not what he expected.

A married couple, Sean and Natalie, are brought in, following a home renovation disaster. Sean attempted to take down a wall — bringing down half the house and electrocuting himself in the process. Natalie seems oblivious to how serious her husband's condition is, even when he suffers a cardiac arrest.

The Emergency Department is under pressure when Alex, a badly bashed drug addict and police informant, is brought in. Fearing his criminal associates will stop at nothing to finish Alex off, a team of police station themselves around the Resuscitation Bay, and throughout the hospital. Vincent's form is put to the test when he's unable get a line in when treating Alex, and he's forced to perform a complicated and dangerous procedure.

Alison goes to dinner at Frank's place, and is surprised when Frank admits, in a roundabout, that Kathleen has thrived ever since taking the job at the hospital

Guest Starring: Liz Alexander as Dr Alison Newell, Anne Tenney as Trish Turner, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Trilby Beresford as Kathleen Campion, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Mark Brady as Sean Halpin, Mandy McElhinney as Natalie Halpin, Stephen Hunter as Det Sgt James Kader, Craig Gregory as Alex, Steven Tudor as Axeman, Jason Gammell as Dan Stunt Double

Note: Celeste Barber's first appearance as ambulance officer Bree Matthews


Episode 8.29 (323)
Tue, August 30, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Peter Gawler
Directed by Robert Marchand

A light plane carrying a group of kids from the far west of the state to Sydney for the upcoming state Eisteddfod crashes at the city outskirts. The pilot is dead and many of the kids seriously injured. Of course the All Saints Emergency Department receives its share of casualties, among others, a boy with major head injuries, a girl with severe internal bleeding, and a boy with a crushed spinal column. Frank, Vincent, Jack, Charlotte and the nursing staff move swiftly to save lives and limbs.

Cate finds herself assigned to the kids' teacher and ex Christian Brother Bob Smith, Smitty for short. Suffering close to 90% burns, Smitty declares himself Not For Resuscitation, advising Cate to concentrate on saving the kids.

Meanwhile, Vincent's undergoing a series of counselling sessions in which he addresses some fundamental issues of his own.

As the ED's hectic day wears on, one child is lost while another faces life as a paraplegic, and a good man dies.

Guest Starring: Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Shane Withington as Bob 'Smitty' Smith, May Lloyd as Jenny Linden, Oliver Torr as Father Keith Connelly, David Bruce as Shannon Sleep, Gary Waddell as Trevor Sleep, Briana Cooper as Sheila O'Hara, Scott Unwin as Adam Coote

Spinning Out

Episode 8.30 (324)
Tue, September 06, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Mark Piper

An illegal drag racing meet leaves a young man pinned to a concrete column with metal spike through this leg. Frank sends Vincent and Cate out to deal with the situation. Cate, acutely aware of Vincent's recent emotional challenges, is concerned he won't be up to the task. But, as the day progresses Cate watches Vincent perform under enormous pressure changing both her professional and personal opinion of him.

In the ED, Frank assists Jack in discovering the mix of drugs taken by a woman to attract the attention of her husband. As the mystery unfolds an attempted murder is uncovered and Frank is forced to confront an issue in his own past, kept buried for many years.

Nelson receives a phone call that promises to turn his and Kerry's future upside down. Kerry's shocked to discover the secret he's been keeping from her.

While Dan spends his day trying to avoid a conversation, he knows he must eventually have with Jessica. Even more difficult for him is the fact he's keeping a secret from her, something he's doing for all the right reasons but knows may well blow up in his face when the secret's out.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Matt Levett as Marcus McCallum, Ian Bliss as Jimmy 'Buzz' Beasley, Ian Bolt as Graham Murdock, Rebecca Barratt as Paula Murdock

Note: the traditional opening credits sequence has been eliminated in favour of simple text credits over the action

Honourable Things

Episode 8.31 (325)
Tue, September 13, 2005
1.55 million viewers
Screenplay by Chris Roache
Directed by Tony Tilse

Nelson, yearning to make contact with the young daughter he hasn't seen for years, is uncertain it's the right thing to do. He almost misses the reunion when events in the Emergency Department get out of hand and he suffers from cold feet.

Charlotte feels that Vincent is hiding developments in his personal life from her. Her suspicions confirmed when she witnesses him being overprotective of Cate. A showdown between the two women doesn't seem far away.

Two bikies from rival gangs, the Hangmen and the Vipers, are brought into the Emergency Department after a brawl. Suffering a compound fracture, "Mad Dog" Hanson needs surgical treatment. With only minor injuries, "Ferret" Kotter uses his time there to disrupt the staff and taunt Mad Dog.

When the Hangmen turn up to see their leader, Dan becomes uneasy. But it's the arrival of the other Vipers that really sets nerves jangling. Frank and Dan endeavour to keep the gangs separated but when Mad Dog's condition suddenly deteriorates, something has to give.

Guest Starring: Anne Tenney as Trish Turner, Gary Henderson as Robert "Mad Dog" Hanson, Paul Moxey as Lance "Skull" Sumic, Tim McCunn as Doug "Ferret" Kotter, Shara Streater-Mason as Kahlia Curtis, Jasmyne Cartwright as Cindy, Keith Yap as Intimidated Patient, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Timothy Clark as Samuel, Nick McKinless as Viper Stunt, Brian Ellison as Hangmen Stunt

A Lonely Road

Episode 8.32 (326)
Tue, September 20, 2005
1.26 million viewers
Screenplay by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Any thoughts of a quiet day are quashed as the Ambulance Bay doors crash open delivering Jamie and his mum Karen from one motor vehicle accident, closely followed by Kent, a cyclist who's gone under a bus. Moving from one medical crisis to another, the staff marvel at the fact Kent made it through the doors at all.

Jamie and Karen are known to the Emergency Department staff and Von and Charlotte bonded with them the last time they visited [episodes 7.38 and 7.39]. Back then Karen, was denying the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter three months earlier. This time, the pair has been in a motor vehicle accident and shortly after reaching the Emergency Department Karen has a psychotic episode, forcing some of the All Saints team into unfamiliar territory. Throughout the course of the day, Jamie opens up about the incredible burden he's been under as sole carer for his mum; a burden a 17-year-old kid should never have to face alone.

Meanwhile, Nelson has recently been reunited with his daughter and at last a relationship is forming and Dan grows increasingly angry at having to keep Stuart's return a secret from Jessica.

Vincent and Charlotte finally come to the realisation they're not married any more, brought on by an increasing attraction between Vincent and Cate.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Duncan Young as Ben Telford, Sarah Chadwick as Karen Stoner, Kain O'Keeffe as Jamie Stoner, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the ambo, Robin Hart as Tony Monahan, Shara Streater-Mason as Kahlia Curtis, Nathalie Roy as Maddy Swan, Annie Maynard as Misty Browne, Jesse Tobin as Kent

Note: Nathalie Roy's last known role and Annie Maynard's first

Time and Tide

Episode 8.33 (327)
Tue, September 27, 2005
1.34 million viewers
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Jack has a crisis on his hands. A strangely evasive patient has been triaged by Von and asks for Jack specifically to treat her. When she starts asking everyone personal questions about him, Jack begins to feel very uneasy. His concerns are exacerbated when the woman turns out to have what could be a terminal cancer. As he carefully approaches the task of telling her this, he's amazed to discover that she already knows, that she knew all along and that coming to the Emergency Department was just a ploy because she wanted to meet him.

Jessica is confronting some demons of her own — or Stuart's, at least. She's discovered that he's been back for a while and that he hasn't contacted her because of his depression. Perhaps it is their closeness which makes it impossible for her to get through to him. In the end, it is Dan who finally forces a crack in Stuart's armour and persuades him to see Frank, so beginning a long journey back to health.

Meanwhile, With her brother dead and her fiancé badly injured, Lynlea Forbes is devastated that the last thing she said to her fiancé Shayne before the accident was "screw you". She desperately wants to tell him now how much she loves him.

After Lynlea's impassioned outburst, Cate realises that she is letting both time and opportunity slip by with Vincent, and she finally tells Vincent exactly how she feels about him and how important it is that they go with the flow and see where it takes them. He seems to agree.

Charlotte has realised that she needs to get back on track and kick her career along. She's pestering Frank for permission to attend an International Conference which will provide her with an opportunity to learn a great deal but, perhaps just as important, to refocus and pull herself back together. Frank comes through with the requisite permissions and finance — Charlotte is on her way back.

Guest Starring: Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapletson, Panda Likoudis as Bruce the ambo, Augusto Suarez as Dave Forbes, Mary Regan as Carla Rowe, Charlotte Gregg as Rebecca Rowe, Robin Hart as Tony Monahan, Peter Cook as Shayne Henderon, Melanie Vallejo as Lynica Forbes

Note: Melanie Vallejo first known role

One of Those Days

Episode 8.34 (328)
Tue, October 04, 2005
1.33 million viewers
Screenplay by Tim Gooding
Directed by Bill Hughes

The Department's on Code Red and understaffed, it's chaotic in the ED. Nelson finds himself delivering a baby with a reluctant Jessica as his only aid.

The experience unexpectedly resonating with Nelson's own recently-rediscovered parental feelings for his daughter Kahlia. These feelings are given added potency when Trish gives him a gentle but firm ultimatum — It's time Nelson made a decision about his daughter's future. Does he want her to stay with him or not? Kerry, aware of Nelson's impending decision, is unsure how it will impact on her relationship with Nelson.

Charlotte attends a conference and meets a very interesting paediatrician who is lecturing at the conference. Charlotte, surprisingly, finds herself strangely attracted to him.

Vincent and Cate's relationship moves forward while Jessica tells Stuart she just wants to be friends.

Guest Starring: Anne Tenney as Trish Turner, Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer; Jamie Mears as Kerry Lytton, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the ambo, Shara Streater-Mason as Kahlia Curtis, Krew Boylan as Leigh Sands, Inga Romantsova as Anna Daikus, Stuart Ziegler as Louis Petros, Taryn Laleen as Gillian Moss

Life's Lottery

Episode 8.35 (329)
Tue, October 11, 2005
1.37 million viewers
Screenplay by Sally Webb
Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Charlotte is attending a medical conference at a plush resort, something of a brief, Clayton's holiday, which she was not expecting to impact on her in any significant way.

Her world shifts on its axis though, when she finds herself responding to the cheeky advances of a very likeable and attractive paediatrician, Spence. By the end of the conference Charlotte is questioning aspects of herself which she has, for a very long time, felt certain about.

Nelson has been wrestling with some tough decisions, but decides to stay with Kerry and not go to the Northern Territory.

A 37-year-old woman presents Jack and Dan with a medical mystery when she's admitted with a first-ever, and very severe, asthma attack. What's triggered the attack proves to be elusive and the search isn't helped by the patient being unhelpful at times. There's surprise all round when the real cause of the asthma is finally uncovered.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Guy Edmonds as Stuart Mapleston, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Briony Williams as Alana Cato, Richard Huggett as Greg Cato, Ryan Jones as Richie Weller, Michael Burge as David Begg, Abe Forsythe as Phil Rigg, David Sutton as Dr Johnson

Note: Guy Edmonds' final appearance

Out of Darkness

Episode 8.36 (330)
Tue, October 18, 2005
1.38 million viewers
Screenplay by Katherine Thomson
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Charlotte discovers that what happens at the conference doesn't always stay at the conference. Apart from a leaky roof, the Emergency Department's day starts off well. It's manageable chaos given the storm conditions brewing outside.

When Charlotte comes face-to-face with Spence things start to go downhill. But it's a blackout that really throws everything on its head.

The back-up generators fail to kick in and no one knows how long they'll be in the dark. The Emergency Department swings into action mode, using torch-lights and battery back-up. With no access to Radiology or Pathology patients' lives are in danger. Frank keeps everyone on an even keel, reining in the temptation for guesswork or taking shortcuts.

Von and Charlotte cope with a young woman who was perfectly healthy one day, and in a deteriorating condition on arrival at All Saints the next. They need her pathology results fast, but when the back-up generators fail all they can do is stand back and guess the mysterious illness. Enter Spence who makes a heroic dash to St Angela's to get the pathology results. Meanwhile, Von keeps her thoughts to herself, but eventually takes a punt and tracks down an infectious disease unit overseas.

Up in the Operating theatre, Vincent helps Jack through the challenges of suspending a serious operation in the darkness, until some lights can be found. Difficult decisions have to be made, and Jack and Vincent have a lot more admiration for each other as they attempt to bring their patient back from the brink.

The darkness frightens Jessica's patient, a brain-damaged man in his twenties. But it is the patient who ends up frightening Jessica, as he wrestles with the confusion of being a child in a man's body.

A second blackout for the day changes lives around once more, with both Nelson and Charlotte surprising themselves with the decisions they make. Maybe it's the romance of candlelight, but love is definitely in the air.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer; Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Luke Hemsworth as Ben Simpson, Narelle Valentine as Lily Martin, Martin Pinzik as John Doe, Antony Milne as Anaesthestist, Yanna Black as Anaesthetic Nurse, Margaret Maddock as Mrs Willis, Monique Prowse as Scout Nurse, Kylee Ferguson as Scrub Nurse

Taking The Plunge

Episode 8.37 (331)
Tue, October 25, 2005
1.48 million viewers
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Vincent's mate is sleeping with his ex and he doesn't like it! Charlotte and Spence have spent the night together and she seems very happy, until Vincent tells her his old friend knows she's gay and might just see her as a challenge.

Cate grows even more concerned about how much attention Vincent seems to be giving Charlotte recently.

Nelson faces his Nurse Practitioner's Paediatric assessments with Spence. Spence throws him a challenge, in the form of Joey Egan, a street smart 10-year-old primed to be as unhelpful as possible. Nelson rises to the challenge and at the end of the day is surprised to find he actually enjoyed the assessment procedure with Spence. Frank assures Nelson he'll find his assessment with him more interesting.

Frank has to deal with his guilt when Constable Peter Saunders comes back into the Emergency Department, four months after shooting himself in the head after an argument with Frank. Saunders has made a remarkable recovery but has started to suffer headaches. Saunders is determined, almost obsessed with his desire to return to active duty.

When Saunders suffers a seizure, Frank has to break it to him that physically and psychologically he will never be the same man again and may never be fit to go back to work. Saunders refuses to accept the news and discharges himself against medical advice. Frank follows him to the car park, the same car park where he went to attempt suicide. This time Frank is determined to give the right advice.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Kyle McLeavy as Joey Egan, Miles Paras as Carole Winters, Craig Ball as Constable Peter Saunders, Jason Chong as Oscar Wy, Chito Sayo as Malcolm Winters, Russell Hewitt as Saunders' mate, Leo Domigan as Anaesthestist, Monique Prowse as Scout Nurse, Kylee Ferguson as Scrub Nurse

Thicker Than Water

Episode 8.38 (332)
Tue, November 01, 2005
1.54 million viewers
Screenplay by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Bill Hughes

Are all her dreams coming true? Charlotte receives a spontaneous offer from Spence, who asks her to come overseas with him, to work for Doctors Without Borders.

Meanwhile, the new Medical Response Unit gets their first call out following the collapse of a disused tunnel. A teenage boy, Tom, is anxiously waiting for his brother, Gavin, who is trapped inside. Jack bonds with the boy, but wonders why he is behaving suspiciously. His admiration and love for his brother, however, is clearly evident. Although Gavin has obviously sustained injuries as a result of the collapse, Vincent sees that he's also suffering serious injuries that have been sustained previously.

A further collapse traps Vincent and Cate, forcing them to confront the tensions of their relationship. Cate grows even more concerned about how much attention Vincent seems to be giving Charlotte recently. Jack discovers they're treating a prison escapee, and he's left with the choice does he call the police or not? The experience helps him re-evaluate his own family relationships.

Charles, a homeless man found badly injured inside the tunnel, is declared to be brain dead. Von, however, discovers Charles has a will that requests his organs be donated in the event of the death. She stays on the case until it is determined that Charles' dying wish will be honoured.

Also, Kerry and Nelson insist they want a small wedding, until Von convinces them otherwise; and Dan is searching for a new flatmate, offending Jessica when he doesn't even think to consider her as a potential.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Charlotte Gregg as Rebecca Rowe, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the Ambo, Ian Bliss as Jimmy "Buzz" Beasley, Trent Baines as Tom Lowe, Stephen Simpson as Dylan, Evan Sturrock as Rick - Buzz's Ambo Partner, Robbie Hart as Gavin Lowe, Daniel Bird as Charles


Episode 8.39 (333)
Tue, November 08, 2005
1.36 million viewers
Screenplay by Peter Gawler
Directed by Shawn Seet

Ambulance officers are called to a vast auto wrecker's yard where a young man appears to have been attacked, and left for dead by a pair of rampaging guard dogs. The dilemma for the ambos is how to rescue the poor guy, who appears to be bleeding out, without risking their own lives. He is eventually retrieved but what should be a routine recovery from that point on is anything but. The unconscious boy can't tell the team about his underlying medical condition or that he wasn't the dogs' only victim.

Charlotte wrestles with the reason for a young woman's hypertension. She only presents with nausea and a thumping headache but those symptoms represent just the tip of the iceberg of her medical problems.

Charlotte has other things on her mind too like making a decision about whether or not to follow the handsome Spence to Africa to practice some trench medicine and make a real difference. It's D Day and there are winners and losers.

Other members of the team have their own distractions like Nelson and Kerry's upcoming nuptials. It seems that nothing can come between them and happiness. But do these things ever run smoothly for anyone.

Dan is won over by the toughest little girl he has ever met. Ignoring her own injuries she's more interested in making sure her mum gets to have a great birthday and Dan buys into that dream.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Jacob Allan as Colin Fenely, Monica Saters as Kasey Brown, Paul Pantano as Reuben Shah, Danielle Cuthbert as Jo Skinner, Annette Rowlison as Viv Skinner, Elliot Weston as Sgt Turner, Sadia Saeed as Constable Anders

Season of Change

Episode 8.40 (334)
Tue, November 15, 2005
1.34 million viewers
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Cameron Welsh

Nelson's about to go on leave for his wedding and honeymoon and his replacement arrives in the shape of a sexy, ambitious young woman called Deanna. Dan's immediately won over but Jessica is not happy, believing she should have been given the job.

Initially, Deanna seems to be on top of everything; helping Jack out with a difficult patient and even managing to impress Frank. But an emergency in Resus leaves her struggling and she's forced to stand back as the rest of the team work like a well-oiled machine to save the patient's life. Deanna will do anything to prove herself and win Frank's praise, even if it means taking credit for work she hasn't done.

Charlotte is finding it particularly hard now that Spence has left. Her emotional pain is echoed in Oscar Wu who arrives on the ward in agony. Charlotte discovers he has kidney stones and finds herself arguing with Vincent about the best way to treat them.

But they're both avoiding the real issue. Charlotte is still angry with Vincent for the way he reacted to her relationship with Spence. Vincent's still confused by the depth of Charlotte's feelings for Spence, at the same time attempting to deal with his recent break-up with Cate.

Cate, meanwhile is trying valiantly to get on with things, but everywhere she looks she sees Charlotte and Vincent. As much as it hurts it proves to her she made the right decision about Vincent. She's just kicking herself she didn't realise earlier. Seeing her hurt and confusion, Vincent comes to realise he owes Cate the truth. But where that truth will take him, is anyone's guess.

Frank feels at a loss now that Kathleen is spending more and more time with Alison. After a pep talk from Von and some wise words from Deanna, he decides to make the most of it. And finds himself at a jazz club with an old flame.

While everyone else struggles with love, Nelson has no doubts about his feelings. As the frantic race to get everything prepared for the wedding continues, he's focused on one thing, his life with Kerry.

Guest Starring: Chris Vance as Sean Everleigh, Sibylla Budd as Deanna Richardson, Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Jason Chong as Oscar Wa, Panda Likoudis as Bryce the ambo, Kieran Darcy-Smith as Dave Barclay, Jacob Allan as Colin Fenaly, Paul McLaughlin as Troy Mathews, Alexander Nettelbeck as Pianist, Rory Brown as Bass, Ivan Jordan as Drums

Note: Chris Vance and Sibylla Budd make their first appearances. Alexandra Fowler debuts as Eve Ballantyne

In Sickness And In Health

Episode 8.41 (335)
Tue, November 22, 2005
1.40 million viewers
Screenplay by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

The day of Nelson and Kerry's wedding sees the ED filling up with victims of a chemical explosion in a paint factory. As multiple casualties arrive, the team is forced to put aside well wishes for the happy couple as they deal with the traumas the explosion has given rise to. And the entire team is given a lesson they won't forget in a hurry life really is too short.

Dan finds himself nursing a young man with serious eye injuries. Bad enough that the man may never see again, but today his first child is due to be born and the thought of missing the birth is devastating.

A teenager arrives in the ED with serious injuries and a terrible secret. Thank God for the cheery fireman, Michael, whose optimism and high spirits bring a smile to this terrible situation.

Guest Starring: Chris Vance as Sean Everleigh, Sibylla Budd as Deanna Richardson, Jaime Mears as Kerry Lytton, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Charlotte Gregg as Rebecca Rowe, Douglas Hansell as Aaron Roth, Jacob Allan as Colin Fenely, Jay Laga'aia as Michael Stevenson, Jack Finsterer as Damien Trelawny, Daniel Kellie as Reece Finster

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