All Saints: episode guide

Against the Wall - Part 2

Episode 11.01 (417)
Tue, February 12, 2008
1.189 million viewers (7th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Peter Fisk

Frank's leadership is put to the ultimate test when the ED team is held hostage and a deadly plan unfolds. In the bedlam that follows, threats are made, tempers are stretched and lives are lost. And at the end of it, Frank makes a decision that looks likely to cost him his job.

Starring: John Howard, Tammy Macintosh, Judith McGrath, Mark Priestley, Wil Traval, Jolene Anderson, Allison Cratchley, Andrew Supanz, Virgina Gay, Jack Campbell, John Waters

Featuring: Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Nathaniel Dean as James Byrne, Anna Houston as Melissa, Alexandra Davies as Cate McMasters, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Andrew S Gilbert as Ethan Feeney, Lauren Elton as Georgina Feeney, Elizabeth Friels as Caroline, Myles Conti as Smokey

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Lochlan & Kane David as Baby Zachary, Brian Hilton as Richie Cotton, Scott McLean as Police Car Driver, Michael Duncan as Jack Stunt Double, Sarah Grieve as Stunt Double; Andrea Berchtold as Stunt Performer, Raelene Chapman as Stunt Performer, Mark Duncan as Stunt Performer, Inge Sildnik as Stunt Performer

Note: the first appearance for Renee Lim (a medical doctor herself) as ambo Suzi Lau.

The Simple Things

Episode 11.02 (418)
February 19, 2008
1.164 million viewers (7th)
Written by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn

In the aftermath of the siege, Frank finds himself under fire from Admin for his comments to the media. The ED team are confronted by the arrival of one of their captors after a police shooting. Charlotte and Dan are challenged by a woman with a chronic case of hiccups, Jack and Erica deal with an uncommunicative beating victim, Von struggles to come to terms with her feelings about the hostage taking, and a mistake in pathology results puts patients at risk.

Featuring: Nathaniel Dean as James Byrne, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Matthew Newton as Isaac Talbot, Fiona Press as Catherine

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Chris Bath as Newsreader, Tony Brockman as Mitchell Atherton, Peter Hansen as Mr Stewart

Comfort Zone

Episode 11.03 (419)
February 26, 2008
1.215 million viewers (5th)
Written by Peter Dick & Lily Taylor
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Frank hatches a plan to win the hearts and minds of the other department heads. Meanwhile, Bart and Ann-Maree return from holidays so she can undergo another set of tests. A routine homecare visit turns into a trauma for Von. And Steve and Dan learn a lesson about the human side of medicine as they take care of a homeless man.

Featuring: Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Russell Kiefel as Lenny, Tony Nikolakopoulos as Dominic

With: Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Paul Winchester as Todd Milan, Hayley Buckley as Vietnam Von, Adam J Yeend as Vietnam Soldier, Bradley Thomlinson as Vietnam Gavin, John Haines as Max Haswell

Event Horizon

Episode 11.04 (420)
March 04, 2008
1.039 million viewers (10th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

Bart tries to find comfort and distraction in work only to come up against one of the most difficult challenges he's had to face. Mike donates a kidney to save his son's life, but will old memories change his life? Von realises an incident from her past is not dead and buried when her homecare patient, Dominic, arrives with a bad infection resulting from poor follow-up care.

Featuring: Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Tony Nikolakopoulos as Dominic, David Baldwin as Surgeon, Kellie Jones as young Laura, Michelle Doake as Emma Burroughs

With: Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse, Monique Prowse as Scrub Nurse

Caught in a Trap

Episode 11.05 (421)
March 11, 2008
1.174 million viewers (6th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Ann-Maree, suffering considerable pain, is still refusing to contemplate any further invasive treatment for her cancer. All she wants is for Bart to hold her hand and be her loving partner. But Bart feels he has to do a lot more than that leaving him torn between respecting Ann-Maree's wishes and doing everything within his power to prolong her life.

Charlotte, Dan and Steve treat Jenny, a woman who has been admitted after a suicide attempt. Gabrielle is angered to find Steve asking Jenny a series of invasive and potentially damaging questions about her decision to try and kill herself and she tells Frank that Steve should not be treating this patient.

Frank's wary of Elizabeth's presence in the ED after her recent confession that she has been working as Oliver's lackey. However, at the end of the day she informs him of an important decision about her future — one that won't necessarily make Frank's life any easier.

The sharehouse has turned into a love nest, as Dan and Erica enjoy their new relationship. Consequently Jack has been putting himself on call at night as well as working days. Today, he and Erica tend to Tom, a retired barrister who suffers chronic pain courtesy of fibromyalgia. Tom's pain has been worsening, despite no apparent change in the medication administered to him by his loving daughter and full time carer, Kara. Jack and Erica are forced to play medical detectives with surprising results.

Mike is struggling with intense, post-operative pain. At first he relies on willpower to get him through but as Laura's presence continues to aggravate him, he decides on something a lot stronger.

Featuring: Peter Sumner as Tom Grieve, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Katrina Mathers as Kara Grieve, Daisy Betts as Jennifer Constable

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Kylee Ferguson as Nurse

Note: Nicholas Bufalo received a 2008 Australian Directors Guild Award nomination for this episode.

Careful What You Wish For

Episode 11.06 (422)
March 18, 2008
1.093 million viewers (9th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn

Teenager Kimberly Dyer is brought into the ED in the throes of a seizure. While Charlotte and Erica fight to stabilise the girl, they quickly realise there's more going on here than meets the eye. And all the while, a worried mother is being supported by Von, who is becoming increasingly suspicious of her motives.

Conor Mayes, out of a mysterious reluctance to avoid hospitals, has set his broken ankle in a homemade concrete cast. Getting it off him is their first challenge, identifying why he'd go to such extreme measures to avoid medical help becomes their second. When a series of further medical setbacks sees Conor requiring a hospital stay, the truth of his desperation to avoid the hospital system comes out.

After an unpopular directive issued to the ED draws the battle lines between Emergency staff and Admin, Zoe attempts to nullify the situation by meeting with Oliver Maroney herself. But she is not at all prepared for the conversation that ensues… will she end up as Oliver's new spy against Frank?

Mike's desire to get out of hospital and on with his life is thwarted by his perceived failure in taking morphine for his post-op pain. Will a visit from his son put things into perspective for him?

Bart plans to spend his day off with Ann-Maree as she undergoes radiotherapy. But he soon realises the toll Ann-Maree's return to hospital has taken — she's exhausted, depressed and resentful of the emotional blackmail that put her back in a ward room. Has he made an error in pushing her into this? By day's end, he'll know the answer — and will be struggling with a new question when she tells him she needs him to do one last, and very final, thing for her.

Featuring: Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Zoe Carides as Sandra Dyer, Des Fleming as Conor Mayes, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Will Snow as Simon McDermott

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Oberon Elenius as Kimberly Dyer

Little Decisions

Episode 11.07 (423)
March 25, 2008
1.297 million viewers (8th)
Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Peter Fisk

Ann-Maree's health is deteriorating rapidly. Bart finds it impossible to be by her side until he can find some kind of answer to the awful request she made of him. Bart's attempts to throw himself into work backfire as he deals badly with a woman who is unable to make a commitment to her treatment. As Bart agrees to take Ann-Maree home for what they know will be their last days together, Dan prepares to make the ultimate commitment to Erica.

A horrific car accident is not the only reason behind Frank and Charlotte having to fight for a patient's life. Mike, unable to work so soon after his kidney donation, gets under Frank's feet in the ED. Zoe is caught liaising with the Director of Medicine who is gunning for Frank's scalp. Has she accepted his offer to replace Frank as the Director of Emergency Medicine

Featuring: Maggie Kirkpatrick as Maria, Steven Pease as Andrew Newton, Elizabeth Connolly as Kelly Davidson, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Alexandra Davies as Cate McMasters

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Michael Beattie as Constable Murray, Raelene Chapman as Emily Newton, Scott McLean as Andrew Stunt Double, Phillip Partridge as Stunt Driver, Zuzi Fort as Bystander, Ingrid Kleinig as Bystander, Goran Jakovski as Bystander

Notes: Judith McGrath and Maggie Kirkpatrick starred together on Prisoner (right-most two in back row of the cast photo). Raelene Chapman (Emily) has appeared on numerous series (including past episodes of All Saints) but you've probably never really seen her before, just her work. She is a stunt performer.


Episode 11.08 (424)
April 01, 2008
1.074 million viewers (11th)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Martin Sacks

Frank is called to the dying Ann-Maree's bedside by Von who is very conscious of the fact that Bart is unable to say good-bye and give her permission to die. Frank tells Bart that he has to take his own needs out of the equation and that this is a battle that can't be won and is about being selfless. His words of advice will resonate with Frank once he realizes the danger his own battle with Admin is putting the ED in.

Dan's plans to propose to Erica are ruined by the frenetic pace of the ED which also causes Erica to make a near-fatal mistake when she is called away from an ICU patient for another emergency, causing the ICU patient's near death.

Steve and Dan are kept busy in Resus with a patient who has a mysterious abdominal bleed.

Jack is occupied by a mysterious Father Paul who he attempts to keep in the Psych Obs room until he can be seen.

As the ED comes under more pressure from Admin, Frank makes a decision that will impact on all those around him.

Featuring: Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Robert Grubb as Paul Murray, John Brumpton as Ross Fraser, Danielle Carter as Donna Griffith, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Stephen Hunter as Scott Griffith

When Tomorrow Comes

Episode 11.09 (425)
April 08, 2008
1.078 million viewers (11th)
Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Dan, Erica and Jack are running late for work when they find a middle-aged woman on the bonnet of Dan's car. After she is taken via ambulance to All Saints, it is soon discovered that her incoherence and her physical frailty are the result of Huntington's disease. In treating her and in talking with her daughter, Dan comes to an important decision about his own health.

Charlotte, Erica and Jack treat a young man struggling to come to terms with what he has done to his body. On his first day back at work, Mike is thrown into the middle of a major trauma. Bart comes into the ED to announce that Ann-Maree died the night before and the ED is stunned to learn the news about Frank's sudden resignation.

Featuring: Kate Fitzpatrick as Margaret Coolage, Lenore Munro as Natasha, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Lachlan Mantell as Evan Fallon, Fayssal Bazzi as Tim Spillane

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews

Out of the Fire

Episode 11.10 (426)
April 15, 2008
1.178 million viewers (12th)
Written by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Jessica Hobbs

Zoe, Jack and Dan fight to save the life of a young burns victim, having no idea how complex the situation will get when his mother arrives in the ED and asks them not to take further action to actively resuscitate him. As the young man flatlines, police arrive at the hospital. The woman may not be who she claims she is.

Charlotte and Gabrielle struggle to unravel the mystery of a young woman who presents with severe stomach pain. Steve and Erica also have a mystery to solve when another young woman presents with a history of hallucinations, seizures and a severe thirst.

Frank is summoned to a meeting with Admin. The ED Staff wait anxiously to learn the outcome of their collective agreement to strike. Oliver Maroney informs Frank that the Hospital Board want him to reconsider his position.

Dan awaits the results of his tests. He tells Erica that he won't repeat the treatment if the results are still positive for Hep C. Bart, Von and Frank attend Ann-Maree's funeral.

Featuring: Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Louise Siversen as Tamara Pederson, Krew Boylan as Simone Collie, Lara Cox as Phoebe Speight

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Daniel Pardy as Derek Speight, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Leon Stripp as Dylan Pederson, Elias Joukhdar as Paul Pederson, Christopher Darling as Mickie Boone, Jon Heaney as Paul Stunt Double, Judd Wild as Mickie Stunt Double

It Ain't Necessarily So

Episode 11.11 (427)
April 22, 2008
1.180 million viewers (11th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

A high profile athlete is found badly injured from a vicious hammer attack. When he later accuses his team mate of being the attacker, Jack and Steve take sides over what should be done with the information. To Steve's immense and very vocal frustration Jack makes up his mind about the team mate's guilt and tells the police who cart him off for questioning. With the team mate already tried and convicted in the eyes of the media, Jack realises he might've made a terrible mistake when a second patient arrives suffering similar injuries.

On Bart's first day back in the ED following the death of Ann-Maree, a shoot-from-the-lip deserted wife who can't stop talking about her failed relationship is probably the last thing Bart needs, or is it in fact exactly what he needs?

Von is called in by Dan to offer home care options to devoted husband, Gavin, whose wife, Connie, is suffering chronic fatigue. But when Von recognises that this man is a part of her past that she's spent most of her life trying to forget, she has an opportunity to deal with the trauma once and for all.

Charlotte is torn between motherly concern and doctorly distance when part-time hospital creche carer Rhiannon brings a fevered Zac downstairs to be examined. As the two women wait for the results of Zac's bloodwork, Charlotte is left with some very tempting food for thought about a possible solution to the challenges she faces in caring for Zac as a single working mum.

Featuring: William Zappa as Gavin, Jane Harders as Connie, Ivan Hudson as Max Parnell, Nathan Page as Blair Williams, Trudi-Ann Tierney as Michelle Connelly, Petra Yared as Rhiannon

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Lochlan & Kane David as Baby Zachery, Alice Ansara as Detective Grant, Jordana Ashkenazi as Karen Kovacs, Phillip Partridge as Max Stunt Double, Mark Duncan as Stunt Driver, Rob Choi as Journalist, Karenza Stevens as Journalist, Robin Queree as Journalist, Hayley Buckley as Vietnam Von, Adam J Yeend as Vietnam Soldier, Bradley Thomlinson as Vietnam Gavin

The Hand You're Dealt

Episode 11.12 (428)
April 29, 2008
1.251 million viewers (9th)
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Ian Watson

Cody Frost is delivered to the ED on his birthday after being hit by a car. What appears to be a fairly straight forward case becomes a medical mystery with the patient declaring his long list of bad luck is the result of a curse. While trying to unearth the source of Cody's mysterious run of bad luck, Bart can't help but wonder if his life is touched by the same dark angel.

Charlotte's day has started off badly, Zac's still unwell and she's had to call in Rhiannon for the first time to look after him for the day. Charlotte can feel the weight of the world starting to lift off her shoulders but we're left wondering if all is as it seems.

Meanwhile in the ED, Ashleigh, a mother who is completely exhausted by caring for her young son who has recently been diagnosed with autism, is admitted after a collapse. When Ashleigh's husband, Theo, arrives in the ED, it's obvious to all that he's not the supportive partner she most needs. But Frank can see something else going on for the man, and once he's sure about his suspicions, struggles to know whether disclosure will make things better or worse.

Gabrielle finds herself stretched to the limit when an Agency Nurse fails to show and in her dealing with Sebastian, an optimistic corporate life coach with an appetite for dangerous sexual practices.

Featuring: Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Victoria Haralabidou as Ashleigh, Patrick Brammall as Theo, Eamon Farren as Cody Frost, Matt Dyktynski as Sebastian Powers

With: Renee Lim as Suzi Lau; Drivers: Andrew Beattie, Igor Smilevic, Zuzi Fort

Stepping Up

Episode 11.13 (429)
May 06, 2008
1.202 million viewers (10th)
Written by Robert Haywood
Directed by Martin Sacks

Frank has good reason to be angry with a private nursing home after Scott [ep 11.08], a comatose patient, is brought in after being found on the floor next to his bed. Scans and an examination shed no light on how this could have happened, however, as he's being wheeled out by the Paramedics, he has a seizure. Steve, Gabrielle and Rhiannon get the seizure under control, then the unimaginable happens… Scott comes out of his coma. But it's by no means a heartwarming reunion between Scott and his wife Donna, who has an amazing revelation waiting for him. As Steve and Gabrielle try and convince the couple to start afresh, they realise the same advice could apply to their own relationship.

Dan's younger brother Luke is brought into All Saints after an accident during a wheelchair basketball game. A paraplegic since the age of 16, Luke now faces further hindrances to his mobility and independence. And his recovery is thwarted by a secret he is keeping from Dan. Meanwhile, Dan is keeping a secret of his own — and Erica isn't happy.

Charlotte joins the Medical Rescue Unit for the first time, the final hurdle before she attains her Emergency Fellowship. She and Jack are called to a dramatic situation at a worksite where a builder has been impaled through the head by a hook attached to a steel girder. While the Rescue Team works to free the man with an angle grinder and Jack monitors the man's condition, Charlotte must keep him calm through a terrible ordeal, knowing the slightest movement of his head could be his last.

Featuring: Harold Hopkins as Abe, Danielle Carter as Donna Griffith, Stephen Hunter as Scott Griffith, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman, Petra Yared as Rhiannon

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Steve Cox as Tony Constable

The Circle of Life

Episode 11.14 (430)
May 13, 2008
1.219 million viewers (8th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Pregnant, schizophrenic and distressed, Becky is brought into the ED. Her waters have broken and she's in the early stages of labour. Jack tries to balance care for Becky without compromising the healthy delivery of her baby, no easy trick.

Finn is an uncooperative and abusive heroin addict who's been brought into the ED after being bashed. Steve is happy to ship him out of the ED so he's someone else's problem. However when tests come back it is clear that Finn is very unwell. When Steve confronts him about his HIV status he realises that Finn has no idea how sick he is and Steve gets to see the scared young man behind the emotional scar tissue.

Bart and Charlotte spend the day doing an Emergency Simulation Course. Frank helps set them up and they humourously crash and burn. Afterwards Frank tells Charlotte she's received her Fellowship.

Jack tells Gabrielle that he'd like to accept her offer of accommodation. Steve is less than thrilled.

Featuring: Kallista Kaval as Rebecca Stewart, Sean Barker as Joe Stewart, Jonathan Prescott as Finn Sullivan, Victoria Eagger as Pauline Da Souza

With: Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Michael Beattie as Michael Murray, Sean Morrison as Brad, Judd Wild as Ambulance Officer, Gary Woods as Citizen, Lucy Botskor as Newborn Baby [Jamie], Marie Peck as Lolly Patient

That Window in Time

Episode 11.15 (431)
May 20, 2008
1.268 million viewers (7th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Peter Fisk

Heath and Suzi are called out to attend an MVA in which a feuding husband and wife have been injured. Once the warring couple are in the Resus Bay — separated only by a curtain — the wife pleads to see her husband while the husband angrily refuses to have anything more to do with his wife. Steve, who is treating the wife, Corinne, becomes increasingly concerned that her distress is exacerbating her medical condition. He asks Jack to arrange a brief meeting but Jack refuses, citing both medical and ethical reasons. His patient, Richard, has issued strict instructions and Jack's hands are tied. Finally Corinne takes matters into her own hands and the resulting tragic outcome brings Steve and Jack to blows.

Angus, just twenty years old and with a burning ambition to become an international soccer player, is admitted with what appear to be mild, flu-like symptoms. Bart feels duty bound to make Angus well but despite treatment, Angus' condition deteriorates rapidly. It takes Frank's experience to finally recognise the disease for what it is with the final diagnosis stunning them all.

Dan's brother, Luke, normally an independant and energetic paraplegic, has been rendered helpless with a broken arm and is living in the share house. He's deeply appreciative of all that Dan's doing for him but he's also very conscious of the fact that he's intruding on Dan and Erica's life together. Von persuades him to think outside the box. If he's not happy, then it's up to him to come up with a solution to his problem.

Charlotte finds herself in an awkward predicament when she confronts Rhiannon about her growing attraction towards Bart.

Featuring: Angus McLaren as Angus Wilson, David James as Richard Davies, Mandy McElhinney as Corinne Davies, Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews

Never Tell

Episode 11.16 (432)
May 27, 2008
1.330 million viewers (6th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

A young woman comes in having collapsed in the middle of a uni exam. She appears to have the world at her feet but the news that she's pregnant throws all her plans into chaos. The team are faced with a moral and ethical dilemma when they discover who the father is. As tensions rise, and the true complexities of the couple's relationship unravel, Charlotte can see Rhiannon is struggling more and more with her own confusion over issues of sexuality.

A man is brought in having been badly beaten. He's distressed and confused and refusing to answer questions. But none of the team is prepared for the truth of his situation and the deeper emotional pain he is struggling through.

Meanwhile, Dan, Luke and Erica hit the open road. It's time for Erica to meet her future in-laws. It's not the reception Ricky was hoping for and things become even trickier when tragedy strikes and Erica finds herself left behind while the Goldmans race a family member to hospital.

Featuring: Paul English as Peter Webster, Penny Cook as Rhonda Goldman, Leslie Dayman as Kevin Goldman, Jaclyn Albergoni as Lisa Reynolds, Elan Zavelsky as Austin Reynolds, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman, Petra Yared as Rhiannon

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews

Risky Business

Episode 11.17 (433)
June 03, 2008
1.339 million viewers (6th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Andrew 'Killer' Bowden

A young woman, Lara, drags her semi conscious much older husband, Robert, out of a river. He has fallen into shallow water while showing off on a rope swing. He is brought into the ED with no feeling in his legs. As the reason for Robert's stunt comes to light, and it seems likely that Robert will become a paraplegic, it seems unlikely their marriage will survive…

Steve is arriving for work when a young man, Gary, drives up the back of his precious ute. Gary is slumped unconscious behind the wheel and is rushed into the ED where Gabrielle, Bart and Steve work to find out what has happened to him. His brother, Damo, arrives and when he tries to run off with Gary's bag, a snake is discovered inside. Steve realises it's a non-venomous snake and unlikely to have caused Gary's problems. So, it's a race against time to work out what it is that's causing this young man to deteriorate so quickly…

Alex is brought in after rescuing a woman from abduction. His act was an instinctive one of heroism, but Alex will have none of it, believing himself to be an irredeemably bad person. Charlotte and Zoe work together brilliantly and uncover why he is such a reluctant hero. Zoe and Charlotte's double act makes Frank's life even more difficult as he attempts to come to terms with the impossible dilemma handed down to him by Admin.

Dan attempts to keep his mind on the job as his father's life hangs in the balance in another hospital.

Featuring: David Franklin as Alex Riordan, Ari Mattes as Damian Hunter, Barry Langrishe as Robert Coburn, Rhiannon Owen as Lara Coburn

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Heath Velaga Mike Smith, Liam Smith as Constable Campbell, Justin Hooper as Gary Hunter

Under My Skin

Episode 11.18 (434)
June 10, 2008
1.296 million viewers (6th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Jessica Hobbs

An apparently psychotic man is brought in hearing 'Helicopters' in his head, convinced they're trying to kill him. When neither the team, nor his wife, can come up with any reason behind his seemingly spontaneous mental breakdown, Erica saves the day and Bart is forced to perform a delicate procedure to save the patient's sanity.

Charlotte is forced to contemplate her future at All Saints when she learns that there's no room for her there as a Fellow in the ED, as long as Zoe has that job.

Charlotte and Rhiannon care for a woman desperate to have a baby who is forced to undergo an operation that results in a hysterectomy due to the discovery of a mass in her abdomen. The reveal of what is inside the woman is truly ghastly.

Having bonded with Charlotte during the patient's care, Rhiannon misreads the situation and makes a move on Charlotte, which Charlotte politely pulls out of. Rhiannon takes it badly and her fears that the truth will be discovered leads her to a decision that could end Charlotte's career.

When Jack, Zoe, Mike and Gabrielle disagree on treatment for what might be the world's longest splinter, Zoe finds herself alienated by Frank for the second time that day when he sides against her. Zoe confronts him, leaving Frank wondering if he's alienated her irrevocably.

Featuring: Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Clarissa House as Theresa Nielson, Damion Hunter as Josh, Alan Dukes as Keith Morley, Li-Leng Au as Lin Morley

With: Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Kylee Ferguson as Theatre Nurse, Sue Bolding as Theatre Nurse

Note: the names of the reoccuring theatre nurses played by Kylee Ferguson and Sue Bolding are revealed on the white board in the OR : Kylee Ferguson and Sue Bolding. Consistent, if not creative [see image gallery].

Blind Faith

Episode 11.19 (435)
June 17, 2008
1.380 million viewers (5th)
Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Despite facing an accusation of sexual harassment, Charlotte throws herself into her work, looking after an elderly woman with Alzheimer's and advanced pneumonia. The woman's situation is grim and all they can do is wait for her passing. Dan in particular bonds with the husband, his own grief over his father still incredibly raw. But all are surprised when the woman makes a miraculous recovery; none more so than the husband who had fully expected his wife to die, in fact, had wanted her to die to release him from the burden of her care.

Von tries her best to convince the woman's husband into looking at nursing homes for his wife, but the man won't listen. She's his cross to bear, nobody else's. Von is later surprised to find that the man has already collected his wife and taken her home confirming that he's agreed to place her in institutionalised care. Von's concerned enough to pay the man a visit and what she finds there will both shock and devastate her.

A young bride-to-be comes into the ED with stomach pains initially attributed to a bout of gastro, but when she starts vomiting up faecal matter they realise they're dealing with something more serious. X-rays reveal not one but a number of needles embedded into the woman's bowels and other organs. When confronted the woman totally freaks, having no idea how or why the needles are there. Clearly this is not a usual case of self-harm but something far more sinister.

Jack and Bart try to help an old patient but it soon becomes apparent that their original treatment might be the cause of her current pain and nothing they can do now will take that pain away.

And at day's end, Frank pays Charlotte a visit, determined to motivate her to fight the accusation but instead finding her ready to give up and walk away.

Featuring: George Whaley as Bill, Moya O'Sullivan as Jean, Annie Stanford as Georgia O'Reilly, Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Karen Pang as Mai Lin Chang, Hilda Lee as Mrs Chin

Note: Ian Gilmour received a 2008 Australian Directors Guild Award nomination for this episode.

Torn Apart

Episode 11.20 (436)
June 24, 2008
1.300 million viewers (5th)
Written by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Martin Sacks

Von is approached for help in the Hospital car park but when she finds herself in an abandoned tram factory, she has reason to regret her decision. She finds a pregnant woman in labour, a husband who fears the repercussions of their discovery, and a Government worker willing to risk it all to do the right thing — and Von can't walk away. Frank and Bart try to save the life of a woman who believes her husband will never forgive her for involving their son in a car accident. Steve and Mike treat a man who has been gored by a wild animal and has survived 36 hours in the bush. Jack helps Charlotte decide how to fight the allegations made against her. Zoe has news for Frank about her career.

Featuring: Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Rodney Afif as Nadir Fahmi, Lana Nesnas as Adeena Fahmi, William Upjohn as Rex Summers, Matt Doran as Phil Mawson, Lauren Clair as Jennifer Foley, Steve Vidler as Marc Foley

With: Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Charlie Cross as Louis Foley, Philip McGrath as Orderly, Imaia Webster as Adeena & Nadir's Baby

Notes: Allison Cratchley's final episode.

Justice for None

Episode 11.21 (437)
July 01, 2008
1.148 million viewers (11th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Rhiannon convinces Charlotte to meet her away from All Saints in the hope of finding a way to reconcile their differences. Their showdown is interrupted by a brutal hit and run accident that will ultimately bring tragedy to the ED. Von finds an unlikely ally in her quest to help a family of illegal immigrants. With plans for a Registry Office wedding at the end of their shift, Dan and Erica spend the day anticipating their new lives together. But, as the moment draws closer, second thoughts start to creep in. Frank has to counsel Jack after treating a dying patient.

Featuring: Rodney Afif as Nadir Fahmi, Lana Nesnas as Adeena Fahmi, Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Matt Doran as Phil Mawson, Blazey Best as Debbie Meeks, Valentino Del Toro as Brad Kelberg

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Ray Anthony as Brad Stunt Double, Nigel Harbach as Stunt Driver

Notes: Ratings drop reflects the later start time of 9.45pm.

Fearless and Searching

Episode 11.22 (438)
July 08, 2008
1.274 million viewers (8th)
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Charlotte's day in court arrives, as her civil suit for defamation is heard in front of a magistrate. Her plan rests squarely on the strength of her character, but while her reputation as a doctor is impeccable, it is her personal life that is called into question once she takes the stand. Will Charlotte's plan backfire? Or will Rhiannon finally gather the courage to tell the truth?

Steve attends to a young woman who is suffering burns to her face and neck. It's obvious the pair know each other but neither are forthcoming about how which piques Gabrielle's curiosity and dormant feelings for Steve. And Steve's continued reluctance, despite being found out on a lie, does little to allay her feelings. But Gabrielle is nowhere near prepared for the truth of the situation nor the lengths Steve is willing to go to in order to save the woman's life.

Hayden, a painter, has fallen from a cherry picker while working on a house, and suffered severe injuries. His workmate, Justin, is also injured. But when Hayden's girlfriend arrives in the Department, we learn that this triangle is more complicated than first realised. When Justin has an adverse drug reaction, truths come to the surface that no one is prepared for.

Bart rethinks his friendship with Erica and Dan when Erica's tries to involve him in decisions relating to her wedding.

Featuring: Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Eva Di Cesare as Marissa Blanchot, Jennifer Hagen as Magistrate, Peter Flett as Tom McCarthy, Nicholas Cooper as Hayden Dellilo, Veronica Sywak as Rebecca Atwood, Simon Maiden as Justin Auster, Tamsin Carroll as Tanya Foster Wallace

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews

Blood Lines

Episode 11.23 (439)
July 15, 2008
1.356 million viewers (4th)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

A traumatised Charlotte brings Rhiannon into the ED after Rhiannon has attempted to end her life. As Frank, Jack and Gabrielle battle to save Rhiannon's life, Charlotte finds it difficult to wipe out the memory of her horrific discovery. This, added to her own feelings of guilt cause her to confront the one person she thinks caused it all — Rhiannon's father.

Erica and Steve are kept in the dark when Von and Mike take over the illegal refugee, Nadir's case. Faced with the prospect of their actions being discovered, Von and Mike take unprecedented action to keep all those who come in contact with Nadir, in the dark.

Dan and Bart deal with a patient who has to make a life and death choice. The mother of the patient finally has to accept that her son is the only one who can make this choice and once she does, Dan learns what Bart has already learnt — that sometimes love equals letting go.

With renewed commitment, Dan finally confronts his mother who has been battling out wedding plans with Erica's mother and only adding to the tension of getting married.

Featuring: Petra Yared as Rhiannon, Tiriel Mora as David Wilson, Rodney Afif as Nadir Fahmi, Lana Nesnas as Adeena Farmi, Penny Cook as Rhonda Goldman, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman, Helen O'Connor as Janet Warner, Brett Hicks-Maitland as Leon Warner, Anna Hruby as Nicole Templeton

With: Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Judd Wild as Ambulance Partner, Sandi Murphy as Rhiannon Body Double

Sons and Lovers

Episode 11.24 (440)
July 22, 2008
1.407 million viewers (3rd)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Erica's hens night takes a turn for the worse when a pole-dancing class goes wrong and the instructor comes off the pole and injures her wrist after what appears to be a minor dizzy spell. But with Charlotte struggling to find her balance between her new 2-IC duties and doctoring the woman, will she miss a far more sinister diagnosis?

A teenage boy is brought in with horrendous injuries resulting from the collision between a shopping trolley he was riding in and a car. When his father arrives he is devastated to see his son barely clinging on to life. Erica is witness to the depth of love the father has for his son when the man discovers the accident is now on the internet for all the world to see and takes drastic measures to have it removed.

Dan is assigned a patient who has chronic prostatitis. The man's clumsy attempts to fix his problem have resulted in him complicating the situation. When the reasons for the patient's actions are discovered, Dan is given food for thought about his own troubles at home.

Featuring: Lara Taylor as Caitlin Kelly, Paul Blackwell as Dale Andrews, Guy Leslie as John Collins, Penny Cook as Rhonda Goldman, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Jack Michel as Mitch Collins, Andrew Babicci as Alexi, Keiyan Lonsdale as Corey, Michael Camilleri as Paul, Karl Van Moorsel as Mitch Stunt Double, Danny Woodrow as Stunt Driver

Music: "Flaunt it" performed by TV Rock

Horses for Courses

Episode 11.25 (441)
July 29, 2008
1.313 million viewers (7th)
Written by Trent Roberts
Directed by Marcus Cole

When a homecare patient is brought in after taking a lethal drug combination, it's up to Von, Bart and Frank to work out whether or not it was an accident. As more information about the incident is revealed, it becomes an ethical quagmire through which Von and Bart, in particular, must wade carefully.

Dan reassesses his impending buck's night after two very drunk mates come in after an early morning, very drunken, round of golf ends prematurely when one man accidentally hits his mate square in the head with his driver.

Erica and Charlotte tend to Sally, who has received an electric shock during an unusual accident involving lighting and a saucepan. When her ECG brings to light a serious underlying cardiac condition, Sally's brave attempts to think positively fall by the wayside.

Meanwhile, Charlotte does her best not to falter as Frank continues to inundate her with paperwork.

Featuring: Tina Bursill as Robyn, Georgia Adamson as Sally, Andrew McDonell as Sam, Jai Courtney as Harry, Aaron Cottrell as Pete

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Chapin Ayres as Dr Annie Kent, Nathan Griffin as "Shorts" Sheedy

Wish List

Episode 11.26 (442)
August 05, 2008
1.290 million viewers (8th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Erica and Dan are both at work in an effort to quell pre wedding nerves. Erica's mother has been driving her mental with her wedding superstitions, but although Erica thinks they're silly, in the course of the day she starts to believe there may be something to them. Erica's patient Stella, a young English woman about her age, has come in dying from cystic fibrosis. Erica, Von and Bart try desperately to keep Stella alive long enough for her to be able to give her parents a final goodbye.

Brendan, a farmer, is brought into the ED after a tractor accident resulting in multiple injuries. While treating him, Steve and Mike both go down with a mystery illness forcing Frank to take over the operation on Brendan's heart. Frank has to work under Mike's guidance, both well outside their comfort zone.

Frank's niece, Amy Fielding, starts work in the ED and asks Frank to keep their relationship quiet as she doesn't want any favours. Jack takes an instant liking to her and under his guidance she looks after a patient, Hannah, who has presented with only mild symptoms. But despite the apparent simplicity of the case, Amy gets behind in her work and as a result the patient suffers catastrophic consequences. Will Amy admit her mistake? Or let Jack continue to believe he has made an error in judgement?

Dan is visited by his brother Luke, in a vain attempt to get Dan to agree to a Bucks party. Dan, however, is firm in his resolve. Will Luke respect his brother's wishes or does the evening hold more than one surprise for the Groom?

Featuring: Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding, Fiona MacLeod as Hannah, Lotte St Clair as Stella, Penny Cook as Rhonda Goldman, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman

With: Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Tamyn Henderson as Macca MacKinley, Paul W He as Jeff Overton, Clayton Moss as Eddie MacKinley, Kit McDee as Brendan Holloway, Leon Stripp as Macca Stunt Double, Phillip Patridge as Doug Stunt Double, Neal Horton as Dan Stunt Double

Note: Alix Bidstrup's first episode as nurse Amy Fielding. Series goes on a two-week hiatus for the Beijing Olympics.

Best Laid Plans

Episode 11.27 (443)
August 26, 2008
1.282 million viewers (7th)
Written by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Tragedy puts Erica and Dan's wedding at risk, with multiple traumas hitting the ED and Dan feeling responsible for the accident that brought them in.

Dan feels helpless when a pre-wedding gag organised by his brother goes wrong and Dan finds himself tied to a tree while a horrific accident occurs right in front of him. Extricating himself from his bonds, Dan does his best to keep the casualties alive and calm while he waits for help.

A woman has been badly injured and her husband's panic complicates Dan's attempts to assess and administer first aid to her. The van carrying the goons who "kidnapped" him is a mess and Dan has to rally the less injured drunks to help him.

Featuring: Arky Michael as Doug Silverman, Mary-Anne Halpin as Renne Silverman, Penny Cook as Rhonda Goldman, Robert Jago as Luke Goldman, Anna Hruby as Nicole Templeton, William Heeley as Mr. Templeton, Tamyn Henderson as Macca MacKinley, Paul W He as Jeff Overton, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Clayton Moss as Eddie MacKinley, Sarah Tolmie as Wedding Celebrant, Monique Prowse as Scout Nurse

Music: "Something's Gonna Start (To Look Beautiful in Your Eyes)" written and performed by The Hipstones

Note: the day after this episode aired, 32-year-old actor Mark Priestley (Dan Goldman) took his own life. It was reported that he had been suffering from depression. Mark appears in eleven more episodes. "To absent family and friends..."


Episode 11.28 (444)
September 02, 2008
1.319 million viewers (7th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Kate Woods

When Laszlo arrives at All Saints after a skydiving accident, the team are expecting the worst. It soon transpires that Mike has a very dim view of skydivers, and the deliberate dangers they submit themselves to. But when Mike discovers Laszlo, like himself, was born to European, post WWII immigrants, is also unmarried, and is as single-mindedly focused on his profession, he begins to feel a bond with the man. Laszlo believes that he has almost complete control over his destiny, but when things take an alarming turn for the worse, he is forced to put his trust in Mike.

Dan and Erica return from their honeymoon to find things tense and awkward between Gabrielle and Jack while Bart seeks to mend fences with Amy, seeing her in a new light as she deals with a difficult patient.

Von acts as intermediary for a young man whose only hope of life lies with the family he's never met; and Jack tries to get through to a woman who refuses to face reality.

Featuring: Esben Storm as Laszio, Fiona Mahl as Tina, Cameron Stewart as Barry Glass, Ann Burbrook as Linda Glass, Burgess Abernathy as Tom Bishop, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet

With: Ireland Cracknell as Kelly Glass, Emerson Cracknell as Lara Glass, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Neill Duncan as Blues Saxophonist, John Stuart as Blues Guitarist

Notes: the final acting role for acclaimed actor/writer/director/producer Esben Storm before his death in 2011 at age 61. Episode 8.13 was also called "Echoes" while the previous episode, Best Laid Plans, shares its name with episodes 1.30 and 3.37.

Solitary Confinement

Episode 11.29 (445)
September 09, 2008
1.293 million viewers (8th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Frank and Mike come face-to-face with a cold-blooded killer in solitary confinement at a high-security prison who forces them both to reconsider where their lives are going. While watching Steve and Amy very closely as they deal with what looks like a desperate suicide attempt, Gabrielle begins to question where Steve's motives lie. Bart's frustrated by hospital delays as his young female patient suffers unbearable pain. With Frank away, Charlotte is left to run the ED and, in the process, learns that All Saints' new doctor isn't all he appears to be.

Featuring: John Orcisk as Warden, Kieran Darcy Smith as Mathew King, Leon Ford as Patrick Foster, Lucy Suze Taylor as Samantha Foster, Suzannah Bayes-Morton as Meagan Knight, Andrew Bibby as Tony Clark, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Sheila Kumar as Mrs Wilson, Dan Forrester as Mr Phillips, Judy Knight as Mrs Mattos, Kieran Revell as Prison Warden, Andrew Leigh Sipos as Prison Warden, Paul Doyle as Patrick Driving Double, Marcello Maio as Blues Keyboardist, Stanley Valacos as Blues Bass Player, Anthony Howe as Blues Drummer

Note: playing a doctor here, guest actor Andrew Bibby, best known for his time on Neighbours, will go on to become a paramedic

Better Safe Than Sorry

Episode 11.30 (446)
September 16, 2008
1.212 million viewers (11th)
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Marcus Cole

Charlotte and Mike clash over the best way to deal with a patient, who has sustained a head injury in a road accident. As the woman is a single mother Charlotte wants to take no chances and she pushes for surgery. But Mike believes surgery is unwarranted and adopts a wait-and-see approach. The situation is complicated by a daughter who seems to have no other family to turn to. Mike's uncharacterstic decision to postpone surgery leaves him, and everyone else, wondering if his mind is truly on the job.

Frank is making an effort to throw Amy and Bart together, not knowing just how little professional respect Bart has for his niece. Their patient, Craig suffers from frequent fainting spells, but when Amy takes matters into her own hands, deliberately bringing on another attack in order to prove her point, Bart is forced to confront Frank about her attitude and her shortcomings as a nurse, and Amy is forced to finally realise and regret her limitations as a nurse.

Gabrielle and Steve tend to a patient, Terry, who is so afraid of dying of skin cancer like his father, that he's become a recluse. Steve offers some words of wisdom to Terry — that a life lived in fear is a life wasted — and Gabrielle takes heed, suggesting that she and Steve try again. But Steve's reaction is not the one she was hoping for.

Featuring: Briony Williams as Phillipa, Katie Nazer-Hennings as Holly, Mark Bower as Craig, Lloyd Allison-Young as Terry, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Renee Lim as Suzi Lau

Not What You'd Expect

Episode 11.31 (447)
September 23, 2008
1.220 million viewers (9th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Steve and Amy are treating an attractive young woman suffering from a rare and disfiguring condition. Amy's fascination with the disease causes her to be unintentionally insensitive and Steve gives her a quick lecture in people skills. However, when Frank asks how things are going, Steve defends Amy to Frank who's watching his niece like a hawk after Bart's complaint. As Amy slowly bonds with the young woman, she starts to display good nursing instincts. But her good mood is shattered when she puts her foot in it with Uncle Frank.

Dan and Jack are saddled with a charming eccentric, Timothy, who's gambled with his life by self-medicating with a highly toxic compound after tragically losing a son. Jack's treatment options are narrowed significantly by the hospital computer system crashing and him being unable to access the pathology that will confirm the complex treatment he needs to administer.

Adding to Jack's challenge of making a life or death call on Timothy's treatment without test results is the emotional pressure of a failing Timothy starting to mistake Jack for his son. The son whom Timothy is convinced he killed.

Mike has bitten the bullet and phoned Juliet — whom he barely knows — for a date. A big gesture, considering she's now in Melbourne. Their initial nerves at what's almost a blind date soon vanish but just as they're about to move to a quieter venue to get to know each other even better, a drug-fuelled glassing incident between two socialite brats claims Mike's talents as a doctor. The incident effectively ends Mike's date with Juliet. Or does it…?

Featuring: Brian Lipson as Timothy Carey, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet, Megan Drury as Paula Griffin, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding, Hayley McCarthy as Crystal, Emma Bottomley as Abba

With: Woody Naismith as Garth Armstrong, Daniel Sassen as Melbourne Paramedic; Blues Club Band: Laura Stitt, Shannon Stitt, Danny Stitt, Paul Derricott

Additional Music: Uncle Jed

Training Wheels

Episode 11.32 (448)
September 30, 2008
1.285 million viewers (7th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

A fatal MVA near his home brings Jack onto the front lines on his day off. A young mother, Chris Parsons, is trapped in her car, her legs pinned. Kieran Foster is the other survivor — his mate dead in the front seat of the car responsible for the accident. Kieran's condition looks more dire than Chris' at first assessment and he is sent to to ED, where Mike and Frank disagree about the severity of his injuries; Mike is going off his feelings — Frank off the lack of evidence in the tests.

Jack, meanwhile, calls for back up when he's forced to make a medical decision that will have life-long consequences for the young mother. Bart is sent to assist, with the added missive to report back to Frank if he thinks Quade's assessment or actions hasty. To add to the complexity of the situation, the woman's husband arrives in the ED with a head of steam and calling for the blood of whoever did this to his wife.

And this gives rise to a complication for the other MVA patient, who is forced to admit the truth of his relationship with his dead mate. And when the dust finally settles, Jack is hit with devastating news from the Coroner.

Von drops Paula at home to begin her home treatment. But Von quickly gets the feeling that Paula is only giving lip-service to Von's warnings over the seriousness of her condition. Knowing that Amy was the only nurse able to get through to Paula, Von cannily engineers a situation where Amy drops over. It's clear a friendship is developing between Amy and Paula, but one that is tragically cut short.

Dan and Erica are forced to part ways as she heads off for a six-week emergency nursing course.

Featuring: Roslyn Oades as Chris Parsons, Paul Barry as Jeremy Parsons, Megan Drury as Paula Griffin, Daniel Webber as Kieran Foster, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Michael Barnacoat as Neighbour, Martin Jones as Rescue Leader, Harry Dennison as Shane

When the Party's Over

Episode 11.33 (449)
October 07, 2008
1.377 million viewers (5th)
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Kay Pavlou

Charlotte, Frank and Gabrielle deal with Joel Quinliven. He has epilepsy and has suffered a seizure at an all-night party. Tests reveal Joel has drugs in his system. Joel's sister, Emma, also has drugs in her system. However, she adamantly denies taking anything. Charlotte fights to keep Joel stable, but he deteriorates into a series of drug-fuelled rolling seizures. Before long, he faces the real possibility of brain damage or even death. Meanwhile, Emma is comforted by Joel's best mate, Toby. As the day wears on, Emma leans more and more on Toby for support. It seems that love might have sprouted from the wreckage of the party. Until it comes to light that Emma has been drugged…

Dan helps Mike remove a nail from a man's hand. Nailman tells Dan all about his infertility and marriage problems. It's the last thing Dan needs, as he's still trying desperately to cling to the illusion that there's a perfectly normal reason behind Erica's disappearance. After listening to a day's worth of Trev's stupid ranting, Dan loses it and gives him a huge serve. However, when the dust settles, both men realise they have important decisions to make.

When the rest of the team learns of Erica's disappearance they search for ways they can help Dan through this difficult time.

Featuring: Nicholas Papademetriou as Trev, Brittany Byrnes as Emma Quinliven, Paul Pantano as Toby Ellis, Michael Lewis as Joel Quinliven, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Greg Bull as Sergeant Williams

Out on a Limb

Episode 11.34 (450)
October 14, 2008
1.202 million viewers (9th)
Written by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Cherlie Nowlan

Steve and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a plastics factory worker who has suffered long-term exposure to chemicals but they won't know how to treat him until they discover what chemicals he's been exposed to. Von and Charlotte treat the worker's boss who is suffering similar but lesser symptoms. He helps the team by providing them with a list of the chemicals used in the factory. He also tells them that the worker has money problems and has sneaked into the factory to work unauthorised overtime. But does he know more than he's telling?

Jack faces an internal investigation about a patient who died as a result of treatment he gave. The internal investigation panel has been asked by the Coroner to decide if Jack was negligent. Jack's career is on the line. Frank makes every effort to support him, but it looks like Jack is determined to thrown his career away. When Jack returns to the ED he has to face his dead patient's widow.

Meanwhile, Dan is in denial about Erica's disappearance. Mike's relationship with Juliet is going well, but she issues him a subtle challenge — time to step outside his comfort zone.

Featuring: Roy Billing as Darryl Hornby, May Lloyd as Janice Carey, Damien Garvey as Duncan Campbell, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Heather Christie as Mrs Garner, Haven Tso as Tommy Cheung, Paul Berton as Lead Guitarist, Christian Marsh as Harmonica Player, Clayton Doley as Keyboardist, Victor Round as Bass Guitarist, Greg Hensen as Drummer

Music: "Coloured by The Blues" written by John Waters and Stewart D'Arrietta

Running for Cover

Episode 11.35 (451)
October 21, 2008
1.205 million viewers (8th)
Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzy

When two victims of an armed robbery are brought in, the All Saints team are pushed to the limit. Already two nurses down, it's all hands on deck. Mike, Charlotte and Gabrielle deal with Rohan, a store owner who has been shot twice during the hold-up. When his condition spirals out of control, Charlotte and Mike debate how to best keep him alive.

Meanwhile, the other hold-up victim is medically fine but his mind keeps replaying the hold-up. Steve and Dan assume he's just suffering from shock. But when the real story comes out it catches both of them by surprise and makes Dan reassess how he's dealing with Erica's disappearance.

A woman brings in her twenty-five year old son. He's suffering from cellulitis. He also has a mental age of four, caused by a motor vehicle accident twenty years ago. Due to the lack of nurses, Von offers to help Bart for the day. Von quickly takes in the situation — while the cellulitis isn't serious it's clear the mother isn't coping. But can Von provide the extra support the mother needs before she chooses a more drastic solution?

Jack, feeling gun-shy after the internal investigation last week, opts to take Triage. Frank is on to him immediately. Jack's lost his nerve.

Amy comes in to finalise her resignation, giving Frank the opportunity to restore his relationship with his niece.

Featuring: Lisa Peers as Gail Henderson, Zachary Garred as Rhys Henderson, Ryan Gibson as Sean Bishop, Bruno Xavier as Rohan, aaa Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Alix Bidstrup as Amy Fielding

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Richard Green as Gunman

Reality Check

Episode 11.36 (452)
October 28, 2008
1.304 million viewers (5th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Kate Woods

Bart goes with Dan on a fruitless search for Erica, following every possible route that Dan can think of. They drive through the night and early morning, with Bart increasingly aware of Dan's fragile emotional state. When Dan finally gives up the search, he'll find himself faced with even tougher news.

Meanwhile, Graeme, a doctor, has been brought into the ED after falling and hitting his head. Frank, wanting to push Jack back into making effective decisions, puts him in charge of the case. Jack is uncertain about making a diagnosis, and when Graeme suggests it could be a rare and fatal disease, Jack latches on to this diagnosis and to Frank's horror, informs Graeme's wife, of it.

With Von assisting, Steve treats Audrey, a woman who has already been treated at another hospital for a cut on her arm. The arm appears to be infected, and Steve is convinced there's medical negligence afoot. But he gets more than he bargained for when he contacts the other doctor and tells him what he thinks of him. And Von finds herself face to face with a blast from the past — what is her connection to the visitor who arrives in the ED?

Away from the hospital, Mike has surprised Juliet with what was planned to be a romantic weekend in Melbourne. But his plans go awry when he comes to the conclusion she is hiding something from him. Will his desire to find out the truth blow up in his face?

Featuring: David Roberts as Graeme Collins, Clodagh Crowe as Rosie Collins, Sheridan Harbridge as Audrey, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Adam J. Yeend as Service Station Attendant

Notes: Kip Gamblin joins the cast as Dr Adam Rossi. Episode 10.31 was also titled "Reality Check".

Secrets and Lies

Episode 11.37 (453)
November 04, 2008
1.295 million viewers (8th)
Written by Trent Roberts
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Dan and Bart deal with a pregnant woman who, despite experiencing bleeding, is desperate to get out of the hospital as soon as she can. Suspicion is raised when her blood type doesn't match her medical records. The arrival of her best friend, who seems to be exerting a powerful influence over the baby's future, further complicates matters. Eventually, it becomes clear that neither woman is who they say they are. And as the health of mother and child become compromised the truth of all parties bubbles to the surface.

Meanwhile, Steve, Mike and Claire, the new Agency Nurse, are dealing with a badly beaten man who was attacked and left for dead in his car. Claire hits the ground running and is immediately empathic regarding the man's predicament. She concludes that he's hiding a painful secret and Steve watches with interest as she slowly gains his trust to reveal the identity of his attacker.

Adam's first day at All Saints sees him dealing with a young man who appears to be suffering from alcohol poisoning after his best mate's 21st. But when blood test results reveal that there is no alcohol or drugs in his system, Adam finds himself without a diagnoses and in a race against time. Frank is desperate to know how Adam and Von know each other.

Starring: John Howard, Tammy Macintosh, Judith McGrath, Mark Priestley, Andrew Supanz, Virginia Gay, Jack Campbell, Kip Gamblin, Ella Scott Lynch, John Waters

Featuring: Don Halbert as Jeffrey Robards, Tahli Corin as Lizzy, Suzannah McDonald as Kate Gilcrest, Tyrone Lindqvist as Nat, Raphael Dickson as Marty

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Rachel Deane as Dark Haired Nurse, Kai Gee & Emily Powell as Baby Alice

Notes: Ella Scott Lynch joins the cast as Agency Nurse Claire Anderson. Episode 4.08 was also called "Secrets and Lies"

A Safe Place

Episode 11.38 (454)
November 11, 2008
1.309 million viewers (5th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Ian Watson

New nurse Claire is tested on her first day, full time, in the ED. Gabrielle puts Claire to work with a desperately ill, and very difficult patient. Dan prickles against Claire, seeing her as Erica's replacement. With grief from her patient, and from a colleague, it's a tough start.

Dan obsesses over discovering the identity of an anonymous trauma patient. Dealing with a critical patient that has no identity stirs up Dan's anxieties, but also offers him some hope.

Bart is annoyed when his patient, Roz, admits that she is faking symptoms. But Roz does have a real problem — her husband. She is deeply concerned about her husband, Ken, and his recent very odd behaviour. Ken refuses to admit to a problem. Roz felt this was the only way to get a Doctor to examine him. Bart and Gabrielle soon realise that Ken's behaviour is erratic and that his wife's concerns are well founded. Bart takes his concerns to Frank, who puts the pieces together, and comes up with an appalling and tragic diagnosis.

Juliet turns up in the ED looking for Mike, who has not been returning her calls. Mike is busy with the unidentified trauma patient. When it becomes apparent that Juliet is suffering from mild low blood sugar symptoms, Frank takes her under his wing. Although Juliet reveals very little, Frank can see that all is not well with the relationship. He acts on Mike's behalf, sensing that Mike would have to be mad to let this woman escape.

Adam has finished his stint as a locum, and is crashing on Von's couch, not knowing — or caring — where he will go from here, content for the winds to guide him. Von's patience with his attitude has worn paper thin.

Jack has returned to the safety of the ED after time off to recover his confidence. When he overhears Claire counselling Gemma about the need to take control in order to live a full life, he realises that it may also be time for him to spread his wings, take a few risks, and find out what life outside the security of people and places he knows might hold.

Featuring: Christopher Stollery as Ken Bracey, Kathryn Hartman as Roz Bracey, Anni Finsterer as Gemma Lee, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Emily Judd as Marley Bracey, Lachlan Judd as Dion Bracey, Amy Beckwith as Meredith Good

Spinning Out

Episode 11.39 (455)
November 18, 2008
1.404 million viewers (5th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Kay Pavlou

A high-speed crash at a raceway leaves a young man struggling to cope with the consequences of his actions and Mike questioning the decision he makes to honour a dying patient's wish.

Dan's life is gradually returning to a type of normal — until the police arrive wanting to talk to him about Erica. Dan initially buries himself in work afraid they have bad news but eventually relents and disappears with the police. Later, Frank calls Bart into his office with some tragic news that will change the ED forever.

It's Jack's last day, but it's not smooth sailing. When a patient loses faith in him, Jack takes a leaf from his replacement's book and gets tough in order to convince the patient to accept life saving treatment.

Featuring: Linal Haft as Ted, Sam Lyndon as Stewart, Sam Smith as Haddo, Nicole Winkler as Constable Patterson

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Hugh Boddam-Whetham as Mickey Callahan, Steven Coppin as Constable Miller, Philip Patridge as Stew Stunt Double

Note: this is the last episode Mark Priestley filmed before his death (his last scene is pictured above). The ending was re-written and new scenes filmed to explain his character's departure (see article). Jolene Anderson's final appearance was episode 11.32. Wil Traval departs. "He's where he needs to be..."

Time Bomb

Episode 11.40 (456)
November 25, 2008
1.307 million viewers (6th)
Written by Alexa Wyatt
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

A worker from a car parts factory, brought into the ED after an explosion at her workplace, is discovered to have a bizarre but deadly injury that could spell disaster for her as well as the entire Emergency Department. The scenario takes all of Frank and Mike's ingenuity and courage to come up with a solution. And that solution will see Mike putting his life on the line, giving him reason to make a radical decision about his future.

A young woman, Morgan, is suffering from severe hypothermia after a camping trip went wrong and the ED team wrestle with balancing the risk of cardiac failure over the risk of brain damage. Bart, however, has his own agenda in play and Charlotte fears he isn't doing himself or the patient any good as a result.

It is Adam's first official day in the ED and despite advice to the contrary, he bonds with a "Frequent Flyer" patient, running a battery of tests despite Frank and Gabrielle insisting she is a time-waster. Von feels obliged to step in and tell Adam that he is repeating the pattern of every new job he starts, getting the boss offside, and will end up being sacked on his first day. Will Adam accept that advice? Or will he continue to march to his own beat? Either way, Von feels obliged to reveal to Frank the real truth to her and Adam's history.

Frank is surprised by a visit from Amy, his niece, who wants a job back in the ED.

Featuring: Oliver Torr as Patrick Kerr, Gael Ballantyne as Nolla, Ainslie McGlynn as Angie Clayton, Rob Flanagan as Sgt Shapiro, Genevieve Hegney as Juliet

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Lucinda Booth as Morgan Kerr, Inge Sildnik as Angie Stunt Double, Michael Leslie as Juliet's Client, Tim Hartwig as Blues Saxophonist, Lindsay Page as Blues Accordian Player, Ryan Van Gennip as Blues Double Bassist

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