All Saints: episode guide

Family Matters

Episode 10.01 (376)
Tue, February 13, 2007
1.081 million viewers (9th)
Screenplay by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Kevin Carlin

While Vincent and Jack fight for Bart's life in the Operating Theatre, Frank finds himself eaten up with worry and guilt over the situation. Being interviewed by the police and having to relive the horrifying moment when his protege hit the floor in a bleeding mess does nothing to settle his nerves. As Bart hovers near death, Frank's guilt overwhelms him and we're left wondering if he'll be able to rise above it.

Meanwhile, Dan is still stuck in his house with an escaped prisoner who also happens to be Erica's brother. He knows the man is carrying a more serious injury than even AJ himself realises. Even with his best efforts, and the knowledge that it's Ricky's brother he's dealing with, it looks as if Dan could very well fail in his quest to save a life.

Zoe must deal with an overwrought father who feels responsible for his daughter's illness while Cate, still recovering from her drug overdose, makes a life decision that sees her leave the Emergency Department forever.

Starring: John Howard, Alexandra Davies, Christopher Gabardi, Judith McGrath, Mark Priestley, Wil Traval, Chris Vance; Jolene Anderson, Allison Cratchley, Andrew Supanz, Virgina Gay

Guest Starring: Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Jacinta Stapleton as Jo Henderson, Jay Gallagher as AJ Temple, Steve Rodgers as Paul Taylor, Frank Gallacher as Bruce Campion, Stellios Yiakmis as Dectective Sgt De Santo, Ersun Aydin as Detective Mills, Vince Poletto as Nondas Poulos, Tanya Bulmer as Maria Poulos, Isabelle Nicolas as Alice May Poulos, Benjamin Prindable as Dr Lachlan Maroney, Karen Cobban as Therese McMasters, Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse, Moniue Prowse as Scrub Nurse #1, Louise Gillott as Scrub Nurse #2, Leo Domigan as Anaesthetic Nurse

The Hardest Word

Episode 10.02 (377)
February 20, 2007
1.389 million viewers
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Cate, out jogging as part of a concerted plan to turn her life around, is the first person on the scene of a horrific MVA. She's forced into radically treating one of the victims as she believes he might die if she doesn't intervene. As the day unfolds Cate gets some new insight as to what she might do with the rest of her working life.

Bart is still seriously ill in ICU recovering from gunshot wounds and the entire ED are on edge because of it. They are also trying to deal with another tragedy, the death of Erica's brother. There is some joy when Bart finally regains consciousness but not all the staff are eager to visit him. Vincent is forced into calling in outside help to stir one Staff member into assisting with Bart's recovery.

When Von brings in Ian, one of her transitional care patients, Zoe immediately blames his condition on his Carer's incompetence. Von, with personal experience as a carer, and visiting these kinds of patients on a daily basis, knows things are rarely as black and white as they seem and annoys Zoe by giving the Carer — Ian's son, Lance — the benefit of the doubt. When Zoe wants to have an Aged Care Assessment done on the family, Von argues hard against it.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Veronica Sywak as Lisa Solomon, Peter Walters as Brian Macpherson, Simon Chilvers as Ian Mayhew, Paul Gleeson as Lance Mayhew, Sam Reid as Marty Avent, Leon Stripp as Young Hoon

Note: Mike Smith's first episode as ambo Heath Velaga. Paul Gleeson's third guest role, appearing previously in episode 4.42 as Dean Piper and episodes 7.38, 7.39 and 8.07 as Graham Abbott


Episode 10.03 (378)
February 27, 2007
1.381 million viewers
Screenplay by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

Frank, raked by guilt, refuses to leave Bart's side as he continues his recovery from gun shot wounds. He and Vincent clash over which direction Bart's care needs to take, and it's only medical necessity that breaks the deadlock and sees Bart's life once again put on the line.

Jayden is a teenager who craves independence. He presents in the ED with rapidly deteriorating health from an unknown cause. He was born with a disease so rare that winning the lottery is more common. But it's not the disease which causes the ED staff grief, rather it's the problem that it hides that vexes the team and threatens the boy's life.

A bizarre accident in a motel car park sees a young woman badly injured when hit by a four wheel drive vehicle. Both the driver and the victim end up in the All Saints ED. While it's a struggle to save one of their lives, the fickle hand of fate still has a couple of surprise cards to play.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Jo Briant as Rita Dawson, Catherine Terracini as Ashley McKay, Josh Lucas as Jayden Hawke, Aaron Davidson as Hugo Joseph, Harry Constantian as Joe Patterson, David Hayden as Charles Patterson, Georgina Anderson as Police Officer, Tony Chu as Anaesthetist, Monique Prowse as Scrub Nurse, Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse, Sue Reginato as Anaesthetic Nurse

Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 10.04 (379)
March 06, 2007
1.247 million viewers
Screenplay by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Martin Sacks

Mike Vlasek returns after a six-month de-tox for morphine addiction. His return sparks gossip, speculation and questions about the nature and speed of his departure. This is especially true of Jack. Mike refuses to confide in Jack but, in Theatre, while operating on a patient, Jack freezes. The patient survives, but the incident ignites a confrontation between the two men. Jack finally admits that he froze because he recognises the man from when he was younger. And it's not a positive memory.

Meanwhile, Bart is out of ICU and starting Rehab. The gruelling nature of his rehab intensifies Frank's feelings of guilt and responsibility. A counter-productive dynamic ensues, where Frank will not trust anyone else to look after Bart, and Bart refuses to show weakness in front of Frank.

Zoe and Gabrielle struggle to cover for Frank's absence. At the same time, Zoe has her hands full dealing with Sharon, a young woman with a mystery illness. Erica realises Zoe is spread too thin, and is not giving Sharon her full attention. She asks Sean to take over. Sharon is close to death when Sean diagnoses Leptospirosis. Zoe realises her loyalty to Frank almost cost Sharon her life.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Lucy Bell as Sonia Moore, Emma Booth as Ruby Sparrow, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Amie McKenna as Bec Sherwood, Helen Thomson as Sharon Cox, Pip Miller as Patrick Wesley, Benjamin Prindable as Lachlan Maroney, Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse, Sue Reginato as Scrub Nurse, Carolyn Hayes as Anaesthetic Nurse

Note: the first of 5 appearances for Lucy Bell as Mike's drug counsellor, Dr Sonia Moore (see article).

The Hearts of Men

Episode 10.05 (380)
March 13, 2007
1.357 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Peter Neale & Blake Ayshford
Directed by Peter Fisk

Jack treats a fourteen-year-old intellectually gifted boy who presents with what looks like appendicitis but it soon becomes apparent that there is more going on for the teenager than meets the eye. His plight is pushing buttons for Jack who is still struggling with the reminder of his own tortured teenage years. When a meth-amphetamine addict is admitted after a fight, Mike and Zoe clash over how best to treat him, or whether or not he even wants treatment at all. Bart is due to be discharged from the hospital, but it's obvious he's not keen to make the leap. Frank steps in to ensure nothing happens to Bart that he doesn't feel confident with, much to Von's chagrin. A woman is brought in with a serious degloving injury. Vincent, Sean and Gabrielle work with tenacity, kindness and skill to calm and then stabilise her for Theatre. But have they left things too late?

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Tim Major as Josh Kennard, Ben Wilson as Nick Hernandez, Tim McGarry as Tony Hernandez, Manuk Aret as Manny Silva, Anna Anderson as Ana Choy, Mary-Anne Halpin as Meredith Faure [Blackman], Leah Etkind as Harran Capote

A Fresh Start

Episode 10.06 (381)
March 20, 2007
1.510 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Bill Hughes

Cate's first day back as an ambo sees her dealing with a heavily pregnant woman trapped in a car following an MVA. Cate and her partner Heath are forced to deliver the baby beside the wreck. A nervous husband's presence complicates the situation but a terrible admission from his wife may have consequences for all involved.

Bart's first night out of hospital has been a long one and Frank hasn't left his side. By the time Von arrives to see how he's settling in, she finds Bart is working hard to keep up appearances for Frank's sake. Von's forced to give Frank some home truths while the ED team resolve to do their bit to aid Bart's recovery with a surprise visit. It gives Eve the chance to take Frank aside and give him the news she's been hiding for days. But Frank's reaction isn't quite what she expected.

While Jack and Dan find themselves trying to find equilibrium in their friendship, a marine biologist presents with a nasty and painful ulcer on his leg and has no idea what caused it. The answer will be cause for some shock.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Amie McKenna as Bec Sherwood, Paul Kelman as Marcus Ridley, Melanie De Ferranti as Kirra Johnson, David Hynes as Dean Johnson, Nick Bradley as Cyclist, Blake Adam hatch as Newborn Baby 1, Olivia Lisa Barclay as Newborn Baby 2, Naomi Lalor as Newborn Baby 3

Back on Track

Episode 10.07 (382)
March 27, 2007
1.576 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Pino Amenta

Cate and Heath arrive at a park where a group of mates have set up a makeshift horizontal bungee catapult. One young man has died. The other is critically injured. Their mate, Conrad, is beside himself with worry, not just for their medical situation but because he knows he's responsible. Saving the patient is one thing but Cate and Heath have bigger issues to deal with as Cate becomes obsessed with finding out the truth surrounding the accident.

Bart forces himself to be overly optimistic about his first day at rehab when Frank tells him he and Eve are expecting a baby. It doesn't help that an old adversary is in the ED. Bart pushes himself hard at Rehab but it all gets too much for him... until he meets a teenage patient of Zoe's who has much more at stake than he does.

Sean treats a drunken reveller with a head injury, who leaves the ED not knowing he has a cerebral bleed and finds himself in the firing line of Frank's bad mood.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Emma Booth as Ruby Sparrow, Ryan Johnson as Conrad Hagan, James Cohen as Spud Deacon, Scott Timmins as Keith Fielder, Angela Kennedy as Leone Ferres, Joey Atkins as Nat Ferres, Patrick Phillips as Roly Quinlan

What Lies Beneath

Episode 10.08 (383)
April 03, 2007
1.533 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Jeff Truman
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Mike feels hamstrung by the protocols that he must observe if he is to continue as a doctor. A teenager with cystic fibrosis almost kills himself trying to live a normal life. Frank begs Eve not to have an Amniocentesis, but Eve needs to know that their baby is healthy. Charlotte goes into labour.

Guest Starring: Peter Phelps as Doug 'Spence' Spencer, Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Israel Cannan as Oliver Saunders, Alice Livingstone as Ashley Cooper, Lucy Bell as Sonia Moore, Ned Manning as Angus Skinner, Lucinda Gleeson as Mrs Grayson, Benjamin Goldberg & Kyle Goldberg as Baby Zachery

Note: Tammy Macintosh returns, her last episode was 9.33

The Blink of an Eye

Episode 10.09 (384)
April 10, 2007
1.609 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Peter Gawler
Directed by Daina Reid

Teenage BMX rider Guy has a crush on teenage equestrian Tully. This particular morning he evidently got too close to her, spooking her horse and sending her flying — and getting a serious kick in the side for his trouble. Guy is in agony while Tully lays still, conscious but feeling nothing below her chest. Back at All Saints Jack and Gabrielle determine that the boy has suffered kidney damage and that what appears to be a stupid act comes from the heart of a true romantic. It's a painful and costly life lesson for Guy; but more costly by far for the girl of his dreams.

Tully's injury is as bad is it looks. Vincent and Sean diagnose a complete spinal chord injury. Unless a miracle occurs she's destined to spend the rest of her life as a quadriplegic. But it is Tully's mother Virginia who provides Frank with great insight into strength of character through adversity.

Zoe is shocked when she treats Clay, a young businessman brought into the ED by his boyfriend Adrian with a severe asthma attack, and discovers too late that he is a ticking time bomb.

Cate involves Von in a neglected child's plight. Taking the law into their own hands and risking criminal charges they wind up seizing her from under the nose of her boozing father and spiriting her back to the ED, risking all manner of legal ramifications.

Against Frank's wishes Eve has gone ahead and had the risky amniocentesis. The result devastates her — the baby will be born with Spina Bifida.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Ditch Davey as Clay English, Anthony Brandon Wong as Adrian Lee, Piper Sealey as Kiara Blackett, Andrew Doyle as Lyle Blackett, Stef Dawson as Tully McIntyre, Toni Scanlan as Virginia McIntyre, Luke Erceg as Guy Torey

Notes: injured teen Tully McIntyre is played by Stef Dawson who would go on to appear as Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games films. 21 actors had starring roles on Blue Heelers. Ditch Davey is among the eight who also appeared in All Saints (Grant Bowler, Ann Burbrook, Damian Walshe-Howling, Ditch Davey, Geoff Morrell, Danny Raco, Rachel Gordon, Matthew Holmes)

Life's Little Miracles

Episode 10.10 (385)
April 17, 2007
1.603 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

As Eve and Frank reach a heartbreaking decision, Frank is able to pull the team together and bring about the miraculous saving of Levi Joseph, brother to Constable Hugo Joseph, who suffers an internal decapitation when he is terribly injured in a traffic accident. Zoe is livid when Bart neglects his patients in favour of the extraordinary surgical case. Jack is surprised when he realises his dark past is still affecting his judgement. Von has to deal with the fall-out from their earlier intervention in the circumstances of a young girl.

Guest Starring: Alexandra Fowler as Eve Ballantyne; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Peta Sergeant as Bianca Frost, Jessica Napier as Pam Elton, Pip Miller as Patrick Wesley, Aaron Davidson as Hugo Joseph, Cori Hopper as Levi Joseph, Maggie Dence as Maggie Cooper, Martika Sullivan as Lauren Cooper, Mark Fairall as David Blake, Sam Caillard as Boy, Monique Prowse as Scout Nurse, Benjamin & Kyle Goldberg as Baby Zachery

Life Interrupted

Episode 10.11 (386)
April 24, 2007
1.496 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Sam Meikle
Directed by Jean Pierre Mignon

In his grief, Frank is determined to throw himself into his work and everyone else's. This brings him into conflict with everyone who comes in contact with him: Mike as they argue over the best course of treatment for a trauma patient; Sean as he struggles to diagnose a young mother's mystery illness; and Gabrielle as the battlelines are drawn over the ED's administration. Jack attempts to confront his demons when his childhood abuser, Patrick Wesley, returns to the hospital.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Manuk Aret as Manny Silva, Pip Miller as Patrick Wesley, Lucia Mastrantone as Natalie Diamond, David Terry as Victor Diamond, Andrew Tighe as Richard Aldridge, Graham Harvey as Adam Jarvis, Zoe Houghton as Chloe Friar, Brad Clarke as Jordan Friar

Choices of the Heart

Episode 10.12 (387)
May 08, 2007
1.236 million viewers (7th)
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Peter Fisk

Bart and Erica try to help a woman who presents with Delusional Parasitosis. A young athlete's future hangs in the balance when he is brought into the ED after having both feet nearly severed by a train. Bart and Erica make a surprising discovery about Von's personal life. Charlotte has her first day back in the ED after maternity leave but by the end of the day — after an announcement that catches the whole Emergency Department by surprise — she's left wondering if it was worth coming back at all! Cate's world is thrown into a tail spin when she receives a devastating phone call regarding her mother.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Anni Finsterer as Stefanie Garrett, Steve Bastoni as Morgan Garrett, Kelly Butler as Carol Redman, Andrew Hazzard as Drew Redman, Shane Briant as Jim Shackwell, Christopher Truswell as Phil Masterton

Note: Christopher Truswell and Shane Briant first appeared in episode 9.27

Balancing Act

Episode 10.13 (388)
May 15, 2007
1.367 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Sally Webb
Directed by Bill Hughes

Bart is starting to buckle under the pressure of catching up the weeks of his internship he missed after the shooting and he's under the pump from the Head of Cardiology. Thirty six hours without sleep has Bart wired, examining every possible angle, as he tries to work out what could be wrong with a young woman who has been admitted with abdominal pain. Sean helps to keep him on track but Frank has to step in when Erica finds Bart asleep on the patient's bed.

An excavator operator has rolled his machine on himself and has suffered severe abdominal crush injuries. When delicate surgery is required, Mike decides it's time for Jack to fly solo, and sidelines Vincent in the process. Vincent decides it's time to confront Mike on the way he is treating him.

Charlotte and Zoe work together, and find that the married man they are treating for an injured penis, has a secret, a big one. And now Frank, Von and Gabrielle, in the interest of peace on the ward, are forced to do whatever they can, to ensure that it's kept a secret.

Drew Redman, the young man whose badly mangled legs Mike repaired last week, has suffered a set back. His legs are swelling up inside the plaster casts, and it appears that Mike may have made the wrong decision in not opting to amputate in the first place.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Kelly Butler as Carol Redman, Andrew Hazzard as Drew Redman, Simon Burke as Brad Douglas, Andrew Tighe as Richard Aldridge, Amy Pedersen as Fiona Stanton, Angie Diaz as Rachel Douglas, Dannielle Jackson as Helene Kovich, Stephen Peacocke as Zeb Hall, Monique Prowse as Scrub Nurse


Episode 10.14 (389)
May 22, 2007
1.278 million viewers (5th)
Screenplay by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Peter Phelps

Dan and Erica rescue Benny, a terrified man with a mental age of 10, whom they witness being beaten by a gang on their way to work. In the ED, Benny confides that he's been on the streets for three days hiding from "Mr. Terry" who's trying to kill him. Erica and Bart discover injuries that seem to support this but Von, her gut instincts working overtime, thinks there may be more to the story.

When a young flight attendant, Alex, is brought into the ED convinced he's going to die, the nursing staff take his fears seriously despite the fact his injuries are relatively minor. Mike takes the time to sit with Alex and discuss his fear. Is it just paranoia playing out? Or does Alex know something the rest of the team don't?

A darkly disturbing young man arrives to see Jack and announces he is a fellow victim of the man who abused Jack in his youth. He wants Jack to join him in testifying against their abuser but Jack is having second thoughts about the whole idea. Travis isn't about to let the matter rest and pressures Jack with two horrifying secrets about their shared history.

Mike struggles to deal with the demons that drove him to drugs; and a romance is revealed.

Guest Starring: Lucy Bell as Dr Sonia Moore, Andrew Hazzard as Drew Redman, Manuk Aret as Manny Silva, Anthony Gee as Travis Knight, Katrina Foster as Leila White, Christopher Rickerby as Benny Connor, Ben Gerrard as Alex Wilson, Clint Facey as Gang Leader, Jak Wyld as Constable Blackburn, Igor Smiljevic as Gang Member, Leroy Page as Gang Member

Note: Peter Phelps' directorial debut.

Some Kinds of Love

Episode 10.15 (390)
May 29, 2007
1.333 million viewers (7th)
Screenplay by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

Kenya Hutton, a young woman, is brought to the Hospital with bruising and abrasions. It appears that Kenya has been sexually assaulted. The problem is, she has no memory of it. In fact, she has no memory of leaving her house. Her last memory is of putting herself to bed and going to sleep.

Matters are further complicated when her husband arrives and alleges she has been cheating on him. He works night shift and has arrived home twice to find his wife showing all the signs of having been out on a night on the town. Kenya has no memory of these events either and firmly denies her husband's accusations. Soon after, Zoe stumbles across Kenya having sex in the stairwell. Again, Kenya has no memory of what happened and insists she had fallen asleep and was dreaming. Zoe realises she has SBS, a REM sleep disorder where people go out and have sex in their sleep. But is it too late to save their marriage?

Mike, Charlotte and Vincent work to save Sally, a young pregnant woman involved in an MVA. Vincent embarks successfully on a high-risk procedure to save both mum and baby, after which Mike challenges Vincent about why his career has stalled at Registrar.

Jack finds that Travis does not have HIV, but Wilson's Disease. Unfortunately, he's left it too late for effective treatment, and will probably die anyway. However, Jack agrees to help him by testifying against Patrick Wesley in Court.

Guest Starring: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Manuk Aret as Manny Silva, Anthony Gee as Travis Knight, Eloise Oxer as Kenya Hutton, Jo Turner as Jeremy Hutton, Diane Bimont as Sally Dwyer, Ian Lind as Jeff Johnson

End Game

Episode 10.16 (391)
June 05, 2007
1.430 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Chris McCourt
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

An unidentified patient is brought in by ambulance, having been hit by a bus after celebrating a win by the Cougars Rugby League team. Frank, Mike, Zoe and Dan fight to stabilise him, but the task is proving almost impossible. Mike is all for taking him up to surgery straight away, but Zoe has other ideas. During all this, the others observe that Mike seems to be flirting with Zoe, something that causes Dan to indulge in a little work place gossip.

Von visits a favourite homecare patient, a dying nun and ex matron at All Saints. Maureen has deteriorated significantly since Von's last visit and needs extra morphine relief, but refuses to go to hospital. Von calls an off duty Bart, who comes out to give Maureen the increased morphine that she needs. Meanwhile, at All Saints, Gabrielle has discovered that Von, with Bart's help, has ordered morphine. How will the decision to break the rules effect Von and Bart? Can they survive the wrath of Campion?

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Erica are looking after a young ballet dancer, Declan, who has come in with, according to his GP, Guillain-Barre syndrome. But after Charlotte performs a lumbar puncture, it becomes clear that they're looking for something else altogether.

The gossip about Mike and Zoe continues to spread, leaving Charlotte feeling that Zoe has unfair advantages, and Sean feeling unsure of where he stands.

Guest Starring: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Paul Cotter as Adian Stevenson, Maggie Blinco as Maureen O'Dowd, Tye Harper as Declan Connelly, Erica Lovell as Sister Anita, Lance Rice as Faceless Man

The Trust Game

Episode 10.17 (392)
June 12, 2007
1.447 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Michael Miller
Directed by Peter Fisk

Barry Mitchell is rushed into the ED having been involved in an MVA. He is suffering from shock, and is presenting with breathing difficulties and a possible ruptured spleen. Intruiging for the ED team, is that Barry is dressed only in jeans. They surmise that Barry has been involved in adulterous tryst prior to his car accident. But the true story is revealed when Carl Woodman sneaks his way into the ED and attacks Barry. Sean pulls Carl off but not before Barry's condition turns into medical crisis. While Mike and Zoe fight to save Barry's life, Sean learns of Carl's motivation for the attack.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is struggling to maintain her spirits after being passed over for promotion. Adding to her woes is her recent discovery that Zoe, the very woman who seems to be usurping her, is sleeping with her good friend Sean. Adding to her sense of inadequacy, Charlotte is unable to prevent her cardiac patient, a high powered business woman, from walking out of the ED without proper treatment.

If it wasn't busy enough for the ED team, things become even more hectic when a quantity of drugs goes missing from the drugs cabinet.

Today is the day Jack will come face-to-face with his abuser in court — a chance to put the past behind him — but Jack's day in court does not go as planned.

Sean and Zoe manage to survive their first tiff when Sean buys Zoe a drink and declares his love of sorts. Zoe does likewise… and then tragedy strikes.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Rhondda Findleton as Christine Inglis, John Atkinson as Barry Mitchell, Marc Carra as Carl Woodman, Kellie Clarke as Erin Woodman, Anthony Gee as Travis Knight, Pip Miller as Patrick Wesley, Helen Tonkin as DPP Solicitor, Michael Duncan as Sean Stunt Double, Phillip Partridge as Hoon Stunt Driver, Goran Jakovski as Hoon Stunt Passenger, Rocky McDonald as Carl Stunt Double, Sasha Skarland as Hoon Driver, John Townsend as Hoon Passenger, Sean Kennedy as Ian Farris, Dale Sinden as Orderley

Precious Moments

Episode 10.18 (393)
June 19, 2007
1.503 million viewers (3rd)
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Shock waves spread through the ED when Sean is wheeled in on a stretcher after being hit by a car. The team is put under extra pressure when Sean tells them he doesn't want Zoe to know the extent of his injuries, maintaining a brave front for her.

Elsewhere, a young family is determined to spend every last minute together. Alicia is suffering from congestive heart failure and only has a short time to live. Her husband and young baby remain at her side — her husband making a video diary of her last days, so the child will have something to remember her mother by. Initially thrown by what they're doing, Bart soon becomes involved in the family's plight. Determined to live a life without regrets, Bart finally gets the courage to tell Erica how he feels about her.

While the trauma in Resus unfolds Charlotte busies herself with the running of the department trying not to think about the anger she felt last time she and Sean spoke. Without even trying Charlotte proves she's capable of the 2IC position she'd been so worried no one thought she could do, but at the end of the day it no longer matters.

Guest Starring: Amelia Cormack as Alicia Clarke, Gyton Grantley as Jared Clarke, Mike Smith as Heath Velaga; Isobelle Kyrikos & Sophia Kyrikos & Isabel Kirby as Baby Yasmin

Notes: final episode for Chris Vance who moves on to a starring role in the third season of the US drama Prison Break. Tony Krawitz won "Best Direction in a Television Series (On Going)" at the 2007 Australian Directors Guild Awards for this episode

The Pain of It All

Episode 10.19 (394)
June 26, 2007
1.435 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Peter Phelps

What if you've seen every leading doctor around and none can even put a name to your condition. Worse, that condition sees you in constant pain during your every waking moment and simple tasks like eating and drinking are almost guaranteed to produce a bout of excruciatingly acute pain. Welcome to Mia's world. She's a young woman at her wit's end. Her latest acute attack, lasting 20 hours, has driven her into the ED where she hopes Bart and Frank will finally be able to name her disease and offer the promise of an eventual cure.

If you don't know what you're doing, trying to take a plaster cast off with a circular saw is like using a jack hammer to shell a peanut. It's ridiculous and dangerous. Nathan tried it, and that's landed him in the ED. He did it to impress his girlfriend. It's a stunt that will cost the 20-year-old much more than he bargained for.

A young archaeologist's life has recently been turned upside down and life just keeps throwing him curve balls. He's recently returned from Africa and now fears that he has brought home more than memories. Tim appears in the Waiting Room convinced that he has a disease that could kill him and throw much of the general public into a state of panic.

As everyone slowly comes to terms with Sean's death, Bart has to face up to another painful fact. The person who he has his heart set on, only sees him as a younger brother. How Bart handles this potentially devastating situation will surprise many of his colleagues.

Guest Starring: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Daniel Henshall as Tim Downly, Kate Box as Mia Scholfield, Rory Pie as Nathan Whaley


Episode 10.20 (395)
July 03, 2007
1.541 million viewers (3rd)
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Jack is forced to confront his history of abuse when his abuser, Patrick Wesley, is brought into the ED with multiple stab wounds. Jack is the only available surgeon and is determined to keep him alive to save his friend Travis being charged with murder.

Charlotte and Zoe clash when Megan Archer is brought into the ED after collapsing in the street. It is clear she has just given birth, but with an emotional age of seven she is unable or unwilling to acknowledge the birth or say where the baby was abandoned.

Vincent, his life in free-fall over his feelings about Charlotte, finally tells Mike he's had enough and what exactly he can do with his job.

Guest Starring: Lucy Bell as Dr Sonia Moore, Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Pip Miller as Patrick Wesley, Anthony Gee as Travis Knight, Aaron Davidson as Hugo Joseph, Gezelle Byrnes as Megan Archer, Samuel Archer as Baby Archer, Chris Mitchell as Hugo's Police Partner, Monique Prowse as Srub Nurse, Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse

Note: Gezelle Byrnes appeared previously in episodes 7.36 and 8.18. Her sisters Brittany and Keeara Byrnes have also appeared in multiple episodes. The trio appear collectively in 9 episodes across 8 of 12 series.

Bodies in Motion

Episode 10.21 (396)
July 10, 2007
1.464 million viewers (3rd)
Screenplay by Sam Meikle
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

When a father and son are brought in after a horror MVA, Frank and Von make a terrible discovery. Bart and Erica are challenged by a post-operative patient who refuses to comply with her recovery requirements. Having tested himself last week, Mike is ready to embrace the ups and downs of life which makes Jack nervous. Charlotte has difficulty coming to terms with a major change of direction in Vincent's life.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Monique Prowse as Scrub Nurse, Lucy Bell as Dr Sonia Moore, Paul Caesar as Joe Summers, Amanda Crompton as Kelly Summers, Julie Godfrey as Cathy Seabold, Max Silk as Hamish Summers

One Moment In Time

Episode 10.22 (397)
July 17, 2007
1.419 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Peter Fisk

When a Hep C patient, Adriana, walks into All Saints declaring herself to be at end-stage liver failure, Dan and Charlotte are distressed to realize she's embracing her death rather than trying to fight it. As Dan listens to Adriana's heartbreaking story he accidentally gives himself a needlestick injury contaminating himself with Adriana's blood. In that one second, his whole life changes.

Bart wonders if his medical career is over when he performs a procedure he's not authorized to do. Mike and Frank lead the ED in miraculously saving the lives of a mother and son who have fallen through the floor of a disused silo. But who is the mystery man found at the same locale?

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Ian Bliss as Buzz Beasley, Maureen Green as Adriana Ryan, Tani Edgecombe as Caleb Harrison, Richard Gyoerffy as Ronnie Blair, Christine Dee as Lindy Harrison, Inge Sildnik as Cate Stunt Double, Brett Sheerin as Ronnie Stunt Double

Bad Blood

Episode 10.23 (398)
July 24, 2007
1.362 million viewers (5th)
Screenplay by Sally Webb
Directed by Tony Krawitz

A man's relatively minor injuries, sustained when he and his camera got too close to the action at a game of Australian Rules, are seriously compounded by a rare blood disease. Bart deals with a patient admitted with what appears to be a textbook case of appendicitis, but she would rather risk death than allow Jack, or any surgeon, anywhere near her. Dan returns to work after his needlestick injury and possible infection with the Hepatitis C virus. Anxiously awaiting his test results, Dan is starting to worry that his ability to be a good nurse has been compromised. Charlotte and Zoe are at loggerheads over a young student who has been badly burned as a result of a campus prank. Frank is doing his best to ignore the situation, but Gabrielle insists that it's set to explode forcing Frank to intervene.

Guest Starring: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Salvatore Coco as Tony Zammit, Annie Stanford as Georgia O'Reilly, Andrew Ryan as Rusty Taylor, Andrea Berchtold as Rusty's Friend

Push Me, Pull You

Episode 10.24 (399)
July 24, 2007
1.362 million viewers (5th)
Screenplay by Lily Taylor
Directed by Peter Phelps

A twenty-year feud between two brothers lands them in the ED impacting on Zoe who has her own feud with Charlotte to deal with. At the same time, Charlotte learns how difficult choices can be when she deals with a transsexual whose life threatening blood clot becomes a no-win situation for either her or her wife.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velga, Aaron Davidson as Hugo Joseph, Andrea Berchtold as Sam Leg Double, Roger Oakley as Sam Curtis, Tom Richards as Dave Curtis, Martin Broome as Genevieve Cook, Dina Gillespie as Sarah Cook

Pressure Point

Episode 10.25 (400)
July 31, 2007
1.453 million viewers (3rd)
Screenplay by Jeff Truman
Directed by Martin Sacks

Mike arrives at the scene of a multiple-victim MVA —a pre-dawn drag race gone terribly wrong. Of the two cars racing one car has flipped on its side. The other, after cutting a swathe of death and injury through a bunch of spectators, has crashed into a car watching the race trapping a brother and sister. Cate promises the dying sister, Claire, that she will ensure Claire's little brother makes it out of the accident alive. Mike overhears this promise, and takes it on upon himself to deliver it. As victims continue to arrive at the ED the team is put under increasing pressure.

Bart learns a hard lesson when he prematurely reassures the parents of an unborn baby that their baby will be fine. But as Bart and the couple discover just finding a heartbeat doesn't guarantee a happy ending. Tensions hit critical point between Cate and Mike.

The pressure and events of the day keep preventing Erica from having a proper conversation with Dan about their kiss. Bart is sure he senses some tension between them and takes it on himself to make sure Dan has the support of all his friends, including Erica. At the end of the day he brings them together with a speach about love and friendship that unintentionally sends them to Dan's bed.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, Hunter McMahon as Damien Newton, Thomas Campbell as Chris Torr, Johann Walraven as Kieran Young, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Sophie Ross as Claire Barr, Joshua Leithhead as Lucas Barr

Note: read the article In the beginning was the word which chronicles the making of All Saints' 400th episode. The first appearances for Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston and Rebecca Ritters as nurse Rachel Simms

Under The Skin

Episode 10.26 (401)
August 07, 2007
1.426 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Sarah Lambert
Directed by Daina Reid

The victim of a brutal beating hides a devastating secret that puts the ED team in danger. Gabrielle is forced to face her past when Frank conducts interviews for a new ED doctor. An OCD patient is so desperate to get his hands clean that he uses a toxin that may kill him.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, Jamie Oxenbould as Luke Costello, Glenn Hazeldine as Robert Lee, Alexander Fung as Interviewee 1, Ana-Marie Dumitrescu as Interviewee 2

Note: Jack Campbell joins the series as Dr Steve Taylor, Gabrielle's ex. In a 1992 episode of Police Rescue, Jack (then with long blonde hair) played the brother of Tammy Macintosh's character. Also appearing in that episode was long-time All Saints cast member Celia Ireland.

Mixed Blessings

Episode 10.27 (402)
August 14, 2007
1.370 million viewers (6th)
Screenplay by Julie Edwards
Directed by Peter Fisk

After winning the lottery, a couple fall victims to a brutal home invasion. It's Steve Taylor's first shift on the job as the new ED doctor and thoughts of an easy day soon disappear when he encounters his first patient. Dan gets his latest round of Hep C results. Bart finds out there's no room in the ED for him anymore.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, Tahnee Stroet as Rosie Kennedy, Brady Kitchingham as Brandon Kennedy, Sarah Woods as Vicki Roberts, Greg Bull as Craig Roberts, Richard Cotter as Clem Silver

Nowhere to Hide

Episode 10.28 (403)
Aus: August 21, 2007
UK: April 30, 2008
1.341 million viewers (6th)
Screenplay by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Travis Knight fails to appear for a court appearance and Jack sets about finding out why. A Vietnam veteran presents with health problems that stem back to his war service but no one in the ED anticipates the real legacy the war has left him with. A mechanic's effort to provide some financial security for his family backfires. Bart deals with Dan and Erica's blossoming relationship.

Guest Starring: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Anthony Gee as Travis Knight, Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, Cecily Polson as Moncia Dowd, Andy Anderson as Lewis Dowd, Mark Brady as Jimmy McKay, Donna Martin as Liz McKay

Persona Non Grata

Episode 10.29 (404)
August 28, 2007
1.364 million viewers (6th)
Screenplay by Michael Miller
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Frank and Zoe take drastic measures to try and obtain funding to keep Bart at All Saints. Meanwhile, Mike makes an offer the Intern would be mad to refuse. Both Jack and Steve are forced to take responsibility for their actions. Charlotte appears to be having troubles in her home life as she tries to determine the cause of a woman's recurring headaches.

Guest Starring: Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, David Roberts as Owen Fergusson, Mark Simpson as Matthew Holgrem, Robin Goldsworthy as Ari Simon, Di Adams as Felicity O'Connor, Kylle Fergusson as Scrub Nurse, Leo Domigan as Anaesthetist

Running On Impulse

Episode 10.30 (405)
September 04, 2007
1.388 million viewers (6th)
Screenplay by Sam Meikle
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

When a battered and bleeding bodybuilder refuses treatment, Mike enlists Cate's help resulting in both painful and romantic consequences. A recalcitrant diabetic prompts a hungover Steve to dish out some tough love and Gabrielle to wonder if Steve will practice what he preaches. Jack's private life comes spilling out when a young woman is brought in, the victim of domestic violence. Bart is forced to make alternative employment arrangements.

Guest Starring: Rebecca Ritters as Rachel Simms, Damian Walshe-Howling as Jacob Shipper, Drew Forsythe as Dale Caulder, Daisy Tester as Meredes Ponti, Chris Mitchell as Policeman

Reality Check

Episode 10.31 (406)
September 11, 2007
1.390 million viewers (6th)
Written by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Cate and Heath have their drug bag stolen at an accident site. Zoe and Charlotte are forced to work as a team together to save a young patient's life. Gabrielle is forced to make the most painful decision of her life. When Von discovers a patient is violently abusing his wife, she and Frank must work together to help his wife. Mike catches up with Jack after he's resigned and tries to map out a future for him.

Starring: John Howard, Alexandra Davies, Tammy Macintosh, Judith McGrath, Mark Priestley, Wil Traval, Jolene Anderson, Allison Cratchley, Andrew Supanz, Virginia Gay, Jack Campbell and John Waters

Guest Starring: Andy Anderson as Lewis Dowd, Cecily Polson as Moncia Dowd; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Ivy Mak as Sandy Quinn, Adam Ireland as Aaron Gehler, Liam Bradbery as Todd Seymore, Margaret De Bie as Grace Seymore

If Only

Episode 10.32 (407)
September 18, 2007
1.412 million viewers (3rd)
Screenplay by Sean Nash
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

A bystander traumatized by assisting at the site of a horrific car crash develops an obsession with the victim he saved. When Jack's ex-landlady is brought into the Emergency Department; she helps Jack make some decisions about his future. Gabrielle blames herself for the pressure the ED is under.

Guest Starring: Sheila Kennelly as Mary Moore, Ed Wightman as Harry, Camilla Ah Kin as Mrs Tanner; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Eve Morey as Gina Quinn, Michael Howlett as John McCloud, David Calleja as Malcom Tanner, Phillip McGrath as Orderely

Notes: Lynn-Maree Danzey received a 2008 Australian Directors Guild Award nomination for this episode. Camilla Ah Kin appeared in the reoccuring role of Dr Hana Lawson in 2002 & 2003 and then as Mrs Hayek in episode 7.23

Lost and Found

Episode 10.33 (408)
September 25, 2007
0.962 million viewers (12th)
Screenplay by Peter Dick
Directed by Pino Amenta

Jack is thrown a curve ball on his first day back in E.D, forcing him to put himself on the line. Bart is helpless in the face of a difficult patient who refuses treatment for a life threatening infection and comes to a cross road in his career. Dan refuses to accept the onset of flu-like symptoms may be the onset of full blown Hep C.

Guest Starring: Francis Greenslade as Eddie Comfort, Danielle Antaki as Julia, Chum Ehelepola as Chris; Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Samantha Noble as Madeline Comfort, Andrew Tighe as Richard Aldridge

Note: guest actor Samantha Noble (this is her 3rd All Saints role) is the daughter of John Noble who appeared in the reoccurring role of John Madsen from 1998 - 2004

No Stranger

Episode 10.34 (409)
October 02, 2007
1.253 million viewers (5th)
Screenplay by Sally Webb
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Mike takes over the case of Simon McDermott, a young officer in the Australian Army, who is admitted to Resus having suffered a couple of seizures. When a CT scan reveals he has a large, unoperable aneurysm on his brain, Jack makes the decision to attempt a controversial and risky intervention to save the man's life. He sends the ED into turmoil by insisting Jack be allowed to assist him, offering Bart up as replacement Doctor for the ED shift.

Bart is more than happy to be bumped back into the ED for his last shift as an Intern. But Jack isn't so pleased to find himself back in scrubs at an operating table, particularly in view of the fact that he's being given no explanation as to why he's been seconded, and that Mike is uncharacteristically shaky during the procedure.

When two women living seemingly completely different lifestyles are admitted to the ED suffering from identical symptoms, Charlotte enlists Bart's help to find some factor which the two women may have in common. When they are both found in the same cubicle, it's clear that there's something they aren't telling the doctors.

Meanwhile, Zoe has been left in charge of the ED while Frank answers a call for help from Gabrielle who is fearful that Steve's attempts to give up alcohol are taking a turn for the worse.

Guest Starring: Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Jillian O'Dowd as Lynette, Teresa Jakovich as Maya; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Monique Prowse as Scrub Nurse, Kylee Ferguson as Scout Nurse, Wayne Bassett as Guy Shearer

Note: for any fans of The Lost World stumbling across this guide, it's not that Will Snow. You can see that William Snow in episode 7.19 of Blue Heelers

Throw Your Arms Around Me

Episode 10.35 (410)
October 09, 2007
1.306 million viewers (5th)
Screenplay by Jeff Truman
Directed by Peter Fisk

Frank welcomes Bart — no longer an intern — back to the ED. His first patient is Ann-Maree, a former patient [10.25] with suspected chickenpox but whose symptoms point to a far more serious diagnosis. As the two put the issues of their last meeting behind them and begin to grow closer, Bart struggles to tell Ann-Maree that she has cancer, which is noted by Frank and quite a few others. Needless to say, Ann-Maree struggles with the news herself.

Cate and Heath have to work hard to get a BASE jumper, Nick, from a crash site to their ambulance. With his life hanging in the balance, his jumping partner, Sophie, worries that she may have missed her chance to ever play a meaningful role in his life.

In Resus, Zoe, Jack and Erica work on the nightmare list of Nick's injuries. Sophie turns to Cate with her fears and frustrations. She is not next of kin, and has no status in Nick's life, so Sophie has a fight on her hands to be able to see Nick to say the things she needs to say. Her regret inspires Cate to make some tough decisions about her life. She goes to see Mike to make some radical changes in her own life.

In ICU, soldier Simon McDermott's recovery makes fragile progress. His mother, Laura, returns and is not happy to find Mike as their son's surgeon. She makes it clear that Mike has no role in their life other than as a surgeon. Mike tows the line — to a point. It's a relationship with no easy solutions. Mike's contact with Laura primes him to accept a bombshell from Cate.

Guest Starring: Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Alice Parkinson as Sophie; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Brett Sheerin as Nick Bloomfield, Ingrid Kleinig as Sophie Double, Spike Cherrie as Harbour Worker

Open Hearts

Episode 10.36 (411)
October 16, 2007
1.374 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Chris McCourt
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Charlotte attends a young woman who turns out to be pregnant thanks to a failed termination that she had carried out without the knowledge of her husband. Charlotte and Jack are polarised in how they deal with a couple. Can our team put this fractured marriage back together again?

Meanwhile, Mike and Frank are dealing with the problem of Ken, who has been brought in by his best mate Elvis. Elvis, having seen the procedure done on television, has given Ken an amateur tracheostomy after he started choking on the pea from a bird whistle. Mike is unimpressed, and the struggle to save Ken is a big one. Mike's personal life impacts on his professional one when he blasts the hapless Elvis for being an incompetent fool but Von has a dose of reality to serve to Mike, too.

On realising the destructiveness of secrets, Dan (with some prompting from Jack) confesses to Erica that he has decided against the Interferon treatment for his Hep C. Bart is growing closer to Anne-Maree, something that worries Von. When Bart brings Ann-Maree in to see Frank, feeling that he can give her good advice about her condition, Frank is also given cause for concern. Bart hotly denies that there is a problem but Frank gives him food for thought when he asks if Bart could walk away now and never see Annie again.

Guest Starring: Megan O'Connell as Alisa, Don Hany as Carlo, Duncan Fellows as Elvis; Wendy Strehlow as Lorraine Tanner, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Shane Davidson as Ken, Goran Jokovski as Carlo Stunt Double

True Confessions

Episode 10.37 (412)
October 23, 2007
1.354 million viewers (4th)
Screenplay by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Aarne Neeme

Tegan Willis is traumatised and looking for her boyfriend who fell off their balcony last night. Bart finds her wandering the streets and leads her into the ED where Charlotte and Frank take over. But when Tegan sees Dan at the base, and is convinced that he's the man in question, Frank realises they've got a bigger challenge on their hands.

Colin Corrigan seems to be suffering from an almost perfect, textbook case of appendicitis. At least that's how it seems to Mike and Bart; but when Gabrielle tracks down his files only to discover that he's already had his appendix removed as a child, the race is on to find the mystery illness.

Meanwhile, Jack and Zoe are placed under the hammer when Brett Thomas is rushed into the ED, in arrest after a being electrocuted train surfing. He's on the knife's edge, but Jack and Zoe are equal to the challenge, finding a working rhythm that seems to surprise them both.

At Annie's first chemo session, Von gets confirmation that Annie's feelings for Bart run a lot deeper than former doctor and former patient. Later, Bart arrives, and it's clear the feelings are reciprocated. And now that Bart has made his intentions clear over Ann-Maree, what will be the consequences, both as a doctor and a man?

Dan tells Erica that he loves her for the first time. And Mike confronts his own secret — finding Simon in the grounds, he tells him that the man who saved his life is also the man who ruined it. Will Mike's revelation to Simon get the result he desires? Or, in trying to do the right thing will he make everything much worse?

Guest Starring: Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Saskia Smith as Tegan Willis, Kim Fleming as Colin Corrigan; Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Mojean Aria as Brett Thomas, Fay Ogunbadejo as Chemo Nurse

Precious Time

Episode 10.38 (413)
October 30, 2007
1.483 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Shelley Birse
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Frank's frustration with hospital bureaucracy reaches boiling point. Mike is plagued by guilt after Simon falls down the hospital stairs in the middle of their argument. Dan locks horns with new Psychiatric Consultant, Elizabeth Foy. Von confronts Bart about his involvement with Ann-Maree. Steve causes a stir when he returns to the ED and asks for his job back.

Guest Starring: Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Saskia Smith as Tegan Willis, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Lyn Pierse as Mrs Nichols; Graham Gall as Douglas Nichols, Andrea Berchtold as Simon Stunt Double

Notes: Sonia Todd appeared in the reoccurring role of Nursing Unit Manager Kate Larsen in 2001.

Cutting Free

Episode 10.39 (414)
November 06, 2007
1.316 million viewers (6th)
Screenplay by Michael Miller
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Director of Medicine, Oliver Maroney is on the warpath. He wants to know who leaked critical information to a deceased patient's wife that resulted in a damages suit being launched against the hospital. He wants to know whether Frank had anything to do with the leak and if he did; he wants Frank's head on a platter.

A closed ICU means that amputee patient Ben Quilty is brought back to the ED and Frank is not happy about the situation. Frank and Dan's attitudes to Ben change when they learn that Ben deliberately caused the accident that led to his amputation. Frank's ready to have the man scheduled but Elizabeth has a different perspective.

Its Dan's first day on the job since he began Interferon therapy and he's beginning to exhibit symptoms of irritability, vagueness and fever. When pushed Dan reveals the truth to Gabrielle but asks her not to tell anyone else, especially Erica. As hard as it is for Dan to understand Ben's motivations for wanting to become an amputee, his main beef with Ben is that Ben continues to lie to his girlfriend. Feeling guilty about his own lies to Erica, and fuelled by the symptoms of Interferon, Dan gives Ben a hard time. Gabrielle hauls Dan out of Resus and sends him home.

Mike and Laura's relationship continues to improve while they wait for Simon to undergo dialysis. But Simon's condition worsens. He's in end stage renal failure now. The only way forward is if he has a transplant and Laura expects Mike to give up one of his kidneys. Mike reluctantly considers it, but he and Frank wonder how he can possibly undergo the post-op recovery period without the aid of pain relief.

A Mr. Fixit, James Byrne, arrives in the ED. While he is repairing equipment James will make a play for Erica.

Guest Starring: Sonia Todd as Elizabeth Foy, Nicholas Bell as Oliver Maroney, Tracy Mann as Laura McDermott, Kris McQuade as Dorothea Louden, Stephen Anderton as Ben Quilty, Nathaniel Dean as James Byrne; Will Snow as Simon McDermott, Rebecca Hamilton as Angela White

Thin Ice

Episode 10.40 (415)
November 13, 2007
1.311 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Sam Meikle & Louise Crane-Bowles
Directed by Marcus Cole

An afternoon at the ice hockey turns ugly for Jack, Erica, Gabrielle and Heath when a fight breaks out between a player and a spectator with devastating consequences for those around them. Swinging into action, they help to get all of the casualties to the hospital, including one of the players, Stuey Cameron, whose throat has been slashed in the melee. However, it is only once they're in the ED that they come to realise the tensions driving the fight run much deeper than a hockey match.

While administering another round of chemo to Ann-Maree, Von tries her best to convince the frightened woman that she needs to be honest about her condition for both her sake and Bart's. But is Bart already close to the truth and will he know how to handle the situation once it can no longer be ignored?

Charlotte and Dan are confronted with a medical mystery as a woman is brought in suffering from a bout of uncontrollable coughing of blood. When her condition deteriorates, Charlotte and Dan are surprised as tests reveal the true nature of her condition... and even more shocked by her boyfriend's reaction to the news.

Steve's first shift back in the ED is fraught with tension as he finds himself scrutinised by Frank, cold-shouldered by Gabrielle and annoyed by a patient. More importantly, is there a rival for Gabrielle's affections on the horizon?

Guest Starring: Alexandra Davies as Cate McMasters, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Alan David Lee as Christian, Dale March as Stuey Cameron, Toby Levins as Aaron, Nathaniel Dean as James Byrne, Anna Houston as Melissa; Libby Richmond as Julia Previn, Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, William Piperitis as Ambulance Officer, Christian Barratt-Hill as Andrew Milner

Note: Alexandra Davies is now listed in the opening credits in the "featuring" category along with the other guest actors

Against the Wall - Part 1

Episode 10.41 (416)
November 20, 2007
1.326 million viewers (2nd)
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Frank and Dan treat a 13-year-old girl , Georgina, suffering end stage heart failure. Her only chance of survival is a heart transplant. Her father confesses to Frank that each day he prays for someone else to die so that she can live. When a donor heart suddenly becomes available the ED team has two hours to check for a match and prepare her for transfer to the hospital where her new heart is waiting. The clock starts ticking…

Mike and Erica fight to save the life of a patient badly injured in a construction site accident. When they are ready to take him up to Theatre they discover that the Lift isn't working. They have to return to Resus. The clock is ticking for their patient…

Bart has persuaded Ann-Maree to come in to All Saints for a checkup. He believes they need to know what they are facing. Ann-Maree is scared of knowing and refuses to see her Oncologist. Jack examines her and finds a swollen lymph node in her armpit. Ann-Maree insists he tell her what he thinks is going on and Jack is forced to admit that her cancer may have spread.

Mike receives news that he is able to donate his kidney to his son. He is a match. But what will Mike do?

James, the new Maintenance man, brings in Melissa, who last came in to the ED as the result of a panic attack. He says he found her in the Ambo Bay suffering chest pains, but Zoe suspects she's only there to see Heath again. James starts to work on fixing the Lift.

Mike can't wait any longer. He decides he needs to take his patient to Theatre via an outside route. At the same time Frank learns that Georgina is a match for the donor heart and the team rush to transfer her. But they find that the Ambo Bay door won't open. What's going on?

James, Melissa and an accomplice hold up the ED at gunpoint. They want to clear out the drug room. When James reveals that they will all be held here until he has gone to rob the hospital pharmacy as well, Frank confronts him. How does he think he'll get away with that? It is then that James reveals he has something planned that is certain to keep everyone distracted.

Jack waits in the Pathology Lab for Ann-Maree's results. The clocks ticks...

Guest Starring: Alexandra Davies as Cate McMasters, Yael Stone as Ann-Maree Preston, Nathaniel Dean as James Byrne, Anna Houston as Melissa, Andrew S Gilbert as Ethan Feeney, Lauren Elton as Georgina Feeney; Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Elizabeth Friels as Caroline, Myles Conti as Smokey, Richie Cotton as Brian Hilton, Andrea Berchtold as Stunt Performer, Raelene Chapman as Stunt Performer, Mark Duncan as Stunt Performer, Inge Sildnik as Stunt Performer

Note: guest star Elizabeth Friels, who appears briefly as the lab tech with Jack in the final moments of the episode, is the niece of actor Colin Friels.

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