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Episode 1.04
Thu, May 12, 2016
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by Tony Tilse

It's not Eve that Mick catches in his trap but a pair of innocent Swedish tourists. Not used to making mistakes, Mick flees in fury.

Unaware of her close shave, Eve arrives unharmed in Opalville, a dusty sprawl of mines and the site of yet another suspicious disappearance. She follows her instincts down a mineshaft and into the dark past of a husband and wife whose daughter was abducted a few years back.

Eve presses, sure she is onto something important, but there is more under the ground than she bargained for. The daughter's death wasn't Mick's handiwork, but the poor girl's own father's, and to keep his secret safe he must silence the inquisitive American. She makes it out of the mine barely alive.

Under the care of "Uncle Paddy", a benevolent Indigenous opal miner, Eve slowly regains her fitness, refocuses on her goal, and learns to use an indigenous spear-thrower, or woomera. She is on her way out of town when she is intercepted by Territory cop Sullivan. He will not give up without bringing her to safety, so she must escape him if she's going to continue her quest. What she doesn't know is that Kane's brother Ginger is on a mission of his own to avenge his brother's death — an eye for an eye.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • John Jarratt as Mick Taylor
  • Sarah Nemet as Agatha
  • Antoine Jelk as Per
  • Dustin Clare as Sullivan Hill
  • Damian De Montemas as Inspector Darwin
  • Jessica Tovey as Kirsty
  • Lucy Fry as Eve
  • Brian Cowling as Mining Office Manager
  • Rhondda Findleton as Deborah
  • Gary Sweet as Jason
  • Jack Charles as Uncle Paddy
  • Deborah Mailman as Bernadette
  • Helen Geoffreys as Opalville Barwoman
  • Andy McPhee as Beard
  • Taylor Wiese as Damo
  • Liana Cornell as Ann-Marie
  • Felicity McKay as Deiree
  • Sam as Yellow Dog
  • Stunt Actor: Inge Sildnik