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Salt Lake

Episode 1.03
Thu, May 12, 2016
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Tony Tilse

The next cold case on Eve's list takes her to the salt lakes of South Australia. She is desperate for some trace of her killer, proof that he really exists, that he's out there somewhere… but the trail has well and truly gone cold.

Realising Eve is hunting him, Mick Taylor puts into play a murderous game of cat and mouse. When push comes to shove Eve isn't sure she can kill him in cold blood.

The Madonna Café is the only fuel within four hundred kilometres of anything out in the salt pans, and everyone passes through eventually, so Eve stops in to recharge and refuel while she plots her next move. Hot on her tail is the Territory cop, Sullivan, still intent on bringing her to safety, and not far behind him are the outlaw brothers, Kane and Ginger, out to teach her a lesson. And just behind them Mick Taylor…

Broken-down by the side of the road, Eve can't believe her luck when she sees the familiar blue truck driving by! Realising Mick hasn't seen her she knows it's her chance to catch him by surprise and kill him… but when the moment comes she can't go through with it.

Meanwhile, Kane has sniffed her out and jumps her at her bush campsite. He ties her up with a plan to cart her back to Kutyukutyu as his wife, but Eve fights back and shoots him dead in self-defence.

Mick happens on the crime scene after Eve has fled. Too late he discovers the identity of the broken down camper — and he doesn't plan to let her escape him twice. He sets a trap for her a day's drive south in Opalville…

Note: Geoffrey Hall ACS won the 2016 AACTA Award in the category "Best Cinematography In Television" for this episode. The series' writers, Peter Gawler and Felicity Packard, also had their work nominated at the 2016 AWGIE awards for "Television Mini-series (Original)".

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Kosta Keriac as Ian
  • Patrick Graham as Roberto
  • John Jarratt as Mick Taylor
  • Lucy Fry as Eve
  • Matt Levett as Kevin
  • Dustin Clare as Sullivan Hill
  • Damian De Montemas as Inspector Darwin
  • Jessica Tovey as Kirsty
  • Deborah Mailman as Bernadette
  • Chris Fitzgibbons as Prison Officer Driver
  • Scott Perry as Prison Officer Escort
  • Eddie Baroo as Ginger
  • Richard Cawthorne as Kane
  • Alex Shepherd as Highway Patrol Officer #1
  • Joshua McFarlane as Highway Patrol Officer #2
  • Brian Gannon as Truck Driver
  • Jake Ryan as Johnny
  • David McKenzie as Prison Van Convict
  • Sarah Nemet as Agatha
  • Antoine Jelk as Per
  • Alec Hall as Lawn Guy
  • Kim Liotta as Rhiannon
  • Andy McPhee as Beard
  • Greg Fleet as Gundog
  • Taylor Wiese as Damo
  • Andreas Sobik as Kyril
  • Sam as Yellow Dog
  • Possum & Golly Gawler as Small White Dogs
  • Stunt Actors: Inge Sildnik, Robbie Clissold, Zev Eleftheriou