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Coup De Grace

Episode 5.11 (57)
Tue, June 13, 2017
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Kevin Carlin

When an increasingly guilt-ridden Jake defies Ferguson by encouraging Vera to leave Wentworth with him, Ferguson turns the tables by revealing the full extent of Jake's duplicity to Vera. Humiliated and distraught, Vera confronts Jake and demands his immediate resignation

Confronting Ferguson, Jake is trapped when she reveals that her lawyers have ensured that the drug money trail leads directing to him. Realising there's no way out of his pact, Jake attempts suicide but lacks the fortitude to go through with it. Ultimately, Jake plays the only card he can to protect himself: he uses his knowledge of Vera's complicity with Bea to blackmail Vera.

Meanwhile, Franky is released from the slot and plans her imminent escape with Allie only for Kaz to urge her to join forces and bring Ferguson down. Swayed by Allie to help her prison family before escaping, Franky finds herself front and centre in a kangaroo court that gets out of control. When the mob attempts to lynch Ferguson, it is only Vera's humanity — despite everything she's suffered at Ferguson's hands — that saves the Freak's life.


  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
  • Charli Tjoe as Tina Mercado
  • Ra Chapman as Kim Chang
  • Martin Sacks as Derek Channing
  • Madeleine Jevic as Nurse Lee Radcliffe
  • Sophia Katos as Mel Barrett
  • Rachael Maza as Imogen Fessler
  • Maria Mercedes as Detective Ayoub
  • Daniielle Alexis as Dana Malouf
  • Sarah Hallam as Jen Hutchins
  • Sarah Howett as Prisoner Latham Stuntie
  • Jacqueline Geelen as Prisoner #1 Stuntie
  • Philli Anderson as Prisoner #2 Stuntie
  • Leonie Bolton as Kaz's Crew #1
  • Carly Baker as Kaz's Crew #2
  • Aimee Benton as Strong Prisoner
  • Cindy Rella as Holding Prisoner
  • Nasir Malik as Doctor