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Mere Anarchy

Episode 5.10 (56)
Tue, June 06, 2017
Written by Marcia Gardner
Directed by Catherine Millar

Having discovered Iman's social media connection to Mike Pennisi, Franky enlists Bridget's help to discover the true nature of their relationship — that Iman was Pennisi's girlfriend. But when Franky confronts her, Iman reveals Pennisi's obsession with Franky and admits she killed him in a jealous rage.

Now blaming Franky for destroying both their lives, Iman attacks her with a shiv. Ferguson comes to Franky's rescue but at the same time snatches away her only hope of exoneration, while pushing her own agenda to professionally crush Vera.

Meanwhile, Channing's investigation clears Jake of Will's drug supplier accusations but, in the wake of a murder, sidelines Vera and assumes the role of Acting Governor.

Liz gets drunk with Sonia and hears a graphic confession to Don's murder. But Vera is sceptical of Liz's claims and cautions her against making further accusations against Sonia.


  • Libby Tanner as Bridget Westfall
  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
  • Charli Tjoe as Tina Mercado
  • Ra Chapman as Kim Chang
  • Martin Sacks as Derek Channing
  • Zahra Newman as Iman Farah
  • Rachael Maza as Imogen Fessler
  • Felix Williamson as Mike Pennisi
  • Andy McPhee as Turk
  • Leah Vandenberg as Senior Detective Ansari
  • Paul Henri as Detective Harris
  • Sarah Hallam as Jen Hutchins
  • Brett Gregory as Officer H3