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Till Death Do Us Part

Bells are set to ring for Goldie and Knocker… but will it be for a wedding or a funeral?

WATER RATS' Goldie and Knocker are in a race to the church, but it's not quite the trip down the alter they had planned.

Rachel "Goldie" Goldstein's dreams of happiness are shot to pieces when justice finally catches up with her fiance, John "Knocker" Harrison.

Internal Affairs is on to Knocker (Peter Mochrie), the cop suspected of having been involved in the death of Frank Holloway's (Colin Friels) brother, Kevin (Jeremy Callaghan).

Four women out on a hens' night witnessed the murder, and Knocker is killing them one by one.

Goldie (Catherine McClements) is standing by her man—the only one believing his protestations of innocence.

"You're going to start hearing stories about me, and I want you to know they're not true," Knocker tells her.

She is torn between her lover's declarations and the convictions of her police partner, Holloway. He hammers away at her resolve, until she starts to see the truth about her future husband.

it leads to a confrontation.

"Did you kill that girl?" she asks.

"Which girl?" he says, feigning ignorance.

"Why? Have you killed so many you've lost count?" she counters.

Goldie is castigated by Internal affairs for not arresting Knocker, who has eluded a police surveillance unit.

He resurfaces to kill another witness. And then it's three down, one to go.

The last remaining witness is a bridesmaid, and the race to the church is on between Holloway, Goldie and Knocker.

It's a good cops, bad cop showdown as Goldie draws her gun and bullets fly across the cemetery.

Water Rats returns to the Nine Network in February.

By Di Stanley
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