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Sophie Heathcote

Sophie Jumps Ship

Water Rats star quits for new ABC series

WATER Rats star Sophie Heathcote will jump ship just three episodes into the second series of the hit Nine Network action-drama, which screens later this month.

Sophie, who plays Sen-Constable Fiona Cassidy, has relocated to Melbourne and will next be seen in the new ABC drama series 99.9 RAW FM.

Sophie's role in the ABC youth-orientated drama was originally billed as a guest part, but it expanded to a major role in the 13-part series.

After the success of the first season of Water Rats, Sophie became hot property in the television industry and was courted late last year for several other high-profile television projects before finally settling on the highly anticipated 99.9 RAW FM.

Sophie, who will play a Madonna-like singer and dancer in the series, is one of the few recognisable faces in the cast headed by Nadine Garner as a maverick DJ at a hip community radio station.

Sophie's departure from the Water Rats ensemble cast has been one of the Nine Network's best-kept secrets in the lead-up to the show's return.

After the high-profile departure of Peter Mochrie's character (crooked cop John "Knocker" Harrison) in the last season's powerful season finale and the subsequent pruning of the lesser cast members, it was assumed all others would return in 1997.

Sen-Constable Cassidy's departure is an emotion-charged storyline, which opens the way for the arrival of another female police officer in the action-drama's predominately male cast.

Played by former Neighbours regular Raelee Hill, Constable Tayler Johnson is a young and ambitious officer who is determined to earn the respect of her more experienced peers, but makes a few mistakes along the way.

Other regulars Colin Friels, Catherine McClements, Jay Laga'aia, Aaron Jeffery and Toni Scanlan will all be returning.

Story: Shane Sutton
Picture: Brett Stevens
February 1997
TV Week