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New star joins the Rats

[Brooke Satchwell,] the Logie award-winning actress, has just landed a five-month contract on Water Rats as Det. Sgt Jack Christey's daughter, Sophie Ferguson.

"I've been very lucky," explains Brooke. "After 'Neighbours', I moved from Melbourne to Sydney for a theatre role in 'The Tempest' and a week before that finished I landed the part on 'Water Rats'. It's freaky, I've not had a week out of work in years."

Discovered by a talent scout aged 15, Brooke moved directly from a couple of teen modelling jobs to a role on 'Neighbours', a working environment Brooke admits is very different from the challenges of Water Rats.

"'Neighbours' is escapism, a fantasy world for people to relax in," says Brooke. "'Water Rats is very different. It deals with real people in real situations and attempts to make its audience think. On 'Neighbours', you can ham it up and fudge your lines a little."

However, while her new role is proving demanding, there is no shortage of encouragement and advice from her experienced co-stars Steve Bisley, Dee Smart and Aaron Pedersen.

"It was daunting at first but the whole cast and crew have been very supportive. Steve Bisley has been great in getting me to trying new things as an actor. And if it doesn't work he tells me, which is great."

Appearing in only small cameos last season, this year Brooke's character Sophie has some major story lines as a rookie cop eager to follow in her father's footsteps. This week's episode deals with Sophie's first taste of the harsh realities of the job when the victim of a jetski hit-and-run dies in her arms.

"Sophie's a tough little cookie," says Brooke. "She thinks she's worldly and is trying to prove herself. She's too quick to jump in feet first and must learn to step back and think about things a bit more. But it's just great to get a chance to tackle all the dramatic stuff. I'm having a ball."

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