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Bisley quits Rats

WATER Rats star Steve Bisley will not return to the series next year.

In a move to quell industry speculation about his future with the Channel 9 show, his manager Robyn Gardiner yesterday confirmed Bisley's departure.

"He thinks he's taken (his character) Jack Christey about as far as he can and it's time to embrace something different," she said.

"Whether it's film, theatre or a mini-series remains to be seen."

Ms Gardiner said Bisley's decision to quit the popular police drama was not because of contractual problems or any on-set acrimony.

She said that he was keen to work on films and was looking at scripts and had a desire to return to theatre.

It is not yet known how Bisley's character will be written out of the series

By Greta McMahon
May 05, 2001
Herald Sun