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Episode 1.05

Sun, November 10, 2019
512,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by Rachel Perkins

Back in Canberra, Alex and the PM embark on a game of political cat and mouse. Alex knows the only person who can help her now is JC, but when they finally arrange to meet, JC gets spooked and runs.


  • Deborah Mailman as Alex Irving
  • Rachel Griffiths as Rachel Anderson
  • Harry Richardson as Jonathan Cosgrove
  • Rob Collins as Charlie Irving
  • Aaron Pedersen as Tom Campbell Jnr
  • Anthony Hayes as Damien Bauer
  • Celia Ireland as Tracey Helliar
  • Wesley Patten as Eddie Irving
  • Huw Higginson as Peter Solomon
  • William McInnes as Laurie Martin
  • David Roberts as Kevin Cartwright
  • Shantae Barnes-Cowan as Jess Clarke
  • Sacha Horler as Kelly Campbell
  • Adele Perovic as Jillian Morell
  • James Sweeny as Christopher Bingham
  • Val Weldon as Marcie Maclean
  • Bee Cruse as Jade
  • Hamish Michael as Kosta
  • Steve Anderton as Senior Sergeant
  • Aaron Tsindos as Policeman
  • Yalin Ozucelik as TV Interviewer
  • Andrea Bornstein as Reporter
  • Dylan Hare as Cory Gray
  • Richard Sydenham as Bauer Supporter
  • Humphrey James as Bauer Senator
  • Andrew Price as Chief Whip
  • Tom Pritchard as PM's Advisor
  • Milan Pulvermacher as Aide
  • Ilai Swindells as Michael
  • Maia Gold as Housemate
  • Bryan Peter Junt as Housemate
  • Geraldine Norris as Spare Change Woman
  • Marlee Barber as JC Stunt Double
  • Ben Toyer as Car Driver
  • Mel Eckert as Passing Driver
  • Liam Barnsley as Kyle Clarke
  • Frank Kelly as Journalist
  • Jamie Oxenbould as Journalist
  • Cheree Cassidy as Journalist
  • Michelle Doake as Journalist
  • Ian Stenlake as Journalist