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Episode 1.04

Sun, November 03, 2019
558,000 viewers (5th)
Written by
Directed by

Alex is struck low by grief and the betrayal of her and the community. When she discovers the extent of the PM's deception, she resolves to return to Canberra. But this time she won't be playing by the rules.


  • Deborah Mailman as Alex Irving
  • Rachel Griffiths as Rachel Anderson
  • Harry Richardson as Jonathan Cosgrove
  • Rob Collins as Charlie Irving
  • Aaron Pedersen as Tom Campbell Jnr
  • Celia Ireland as Tracey Helliar
  • Wesley Patten as Eddie Irving
  • Huw Higginson as Peter Solomon
  • David Roberts as Kevin Cartwright
  • Shantae Barnes-Cowan as Jess Clarke
  • Trisha Morton-Thomas as Jan Irving
  • Lisa Flanagan as Fay
  • Luke Carroll as Rob
  • Sacha Horler as Kelly Campbell
  • Adele Perovic as Jillian Morell
  • James Sweeny as Christopher Bingham
  • Tony Barry as Phillip Anderson
  • Val Weldon as Marcie Maclean
  • Bee Cruse as Jade
  • Dylan Hare as Cory Gray
  • Lisa "Pinky: Johnson as Patsy
  • Damien Monk as Guard
  • Jessica Saras as Young Woman in Car
  • Yvonne Rae as Woman in Beanie
  • Bailey Purse as Delivery Man
  • David Nicholl as PM's Driver
  • Kyran Lynch as Stunt Skate Boarder
  • Ali Kadhim as Skater Double
  • Puven Pather as Tom Campbell Jnr Stunt Double
  • Fran Kelly as Journalist
  • Andrea Bornstein as Journalist