Top of the Lake - China Girl: episode guide


Episode 2.03
UK: Thu, August 10, 2017
USA: tba
Aus: tba
Written by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee
Directed by Ariel Kleiman

Galvanised by her theory that 'China Girl' is a surrogate, Robin's investigation takes a revealing new turn.

Horrified that he plans to marry their daughter, Julia and Pyke make their own investigations into Puss, leading to a public confrontation.

When Puss storms out, Mary follows, and fearing for their daughter, Pyke and Julia are forced to turn to Robin for help. Robin, relishing her new relationship with Mary, begins to discover the deep complexities of what it means to be a mother.

But when Al Parker arrives from New Zealand, Robin must face the demons of her past — in order to protect her precious new life in Sydney.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Elisabeth Moss as Robin Griffin
  • Carole Sharkey-Waters as Shop Assistant
  • Mary Rachel Brown as Shop Assistant
  • Christiaan Van Vuuren as Stally
  • Adam Zwar as Carson
  • Damon Herriman as Toni Bolloto
  • Clayton Jacobson as Adrian Butler
  • Elaine Crombie as Bev
  • Gwendoline Christie as Miranda Hilmarson
  • Susie Linedeman as Pixie
  • Christopher Stollery as Brian Vincent
  • Kevin MacIsaac as Dr Campbell
  • Ewen Leslie as Pyke
  • Nicole Kidman as Julia
  • Marg Downey as Isadore
  • David Dencik as Alexander 'Puss'
  • Alice Englert as Mary
  • Linda Ngo as Sinn
  • Angjee Douangphoumy as Joy
  • Kim Chuvitsakullert as Kimmie
  • Merlynn Tong as Caramel
  • Kirin Callinan as Liam
  • Helen Thomson as Felicity
  • Jason Perini as Officer Ted
  • Bali Padda as Paul Chen
  • Ben Wood as Officer Badger
  • James O'Connell as Officer Sizzla
  • Julian Garner as Mike
  • David Wenham as Al Parker
  • Kamonwan Namwongsa as Mrs Parker
  • Trey Jacob as Al Parker's Child
  • Flynn Heine as Al Parker's Child
  • Diane Rowley as Lawyer
  • Oliver Wenn as Lawyer
  • John Chapman as Police Commissioner
  • James Shipton as Security Officer
  • Rob Flanagan as Security Officer