The Heights: episode guide

Episode 2.16 (46)

Thu, June 25, 2020
Written by Romina Accurso
Directed by Karl Zwicky

A nasty turn in the campaign forces Kam to decide where he stands as Arcadia votes. Uncle Max and Hazel endeavour to get Reza over the line, and Iris sees Pav's café as a threat. Mich and Sabine restore their friendship.

With: Alex Williams as Dr Evan Clarke, Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Claire Gazzo as Erika, Heath Bergersen as Curtis, Siria Kickett as Kat, Rasta Karami as Laila, Nicholas Di Nardo as Dane, Alison Van Reeken as Juliana, Geoffrey Miethe as Ernie, Jasmine Sadati as Fatema, Mona Afshar as Maryam, Julian Cullen as Gibsy, Benj D'Addario as Dino, Siamen Saberi as Reza, Sankari Sivaramalingam as Daniella, Michael Ferguson as Dad, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch, James McHale as Newsreader

Episode 2.17 (47)

Thu, July 02, 2020
Written by Jane Allen
Directed by Renee Webster

Uncle Max's fight to protect the Towers is put at risk when a ghost from his past resurfaces. Ash's attempts to buoy Helena push them closer. Shannon is misguided in her attempt to get between Claudia and Pav.

With: Alex Williams as Dr Evan Clarke, Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Heath Bergersen as Curtis, Mary Soudi as Helena, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Rasta Karami as Laila, Siria Kickett as Kat, Lynette Narkle as Aunty Pam, Mona Afshar as Maryam, Isaac Diamond as Clarkie, Warren Lyons as Dr Sharma, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch, Logan Wheadon as Baby Patch

Episode 2.18 (48)

Thu, July 09, 2020
Written by Alexandra Cullen
Directed by Renee Webster

A fed-up Kat drives Mich and Pav to a showdown. Sully fears Laila is being groomed by an online predator and a close call for Ash drives him to double down in his deception of Helena.

With: Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Mary Soudi as Helena, Heath Bergersen as Curtis, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Lynette Narkle as Aunty Pam, Rasta Karami as Laila, Siria Kickett as Kat, Orlando Ransom as Herb, Kenneth Ransom as Morris, Adam Leewenhart as Tom, Kiana Pazoki as Shirin, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch

Episode 2.19 (49)

Thu, July 16, 2020
Written by
Directed by

Kam makes a decision that could jeopardise his future at Embleton; Uncle Max tries to reconcile with his brother; after quitting the play, Sabine is forced to confront her views on her disability.