The Heights: episode guide

Episode 2.01 (31)

Thu, March 12, 2020 (ABC, 8:00)
Written by Warren Clarke
Directed by Karl Zwicky

This slice-of-life drama returns to explore the relationships, work lives, and everyday challenges faced by families living in the Arcadia social housing tower and the gentrifying inner-city district that surrounds it.

The revelation that Pav is Patch’s father reverberates across Arcadia. It drives Mich to make a mistake he’ll regret, Shannon towards old habits, and Claudia to question her relationship with Pav.

Starring: Rupert Reid as Pav, Shari Sebbens as Leonie, Calen Tassone as Mich, Roz Hammond as Claudia, Bridie McKim as Sabine, Fiona Press as Hazel, Mitchell Bourke as Ryan, Dan Paris as Mark, Saskia Hampele as Renee, Phoenix Raei as Ash, Yazeed Daher as Kam, Carina Hoang as Iris, Koa Kuen as Sully, Cara McCarthy as Ana, Briallen Clarke as Shannon, Kelton Pell as Uncle Max

With: Alex Williams as Dr Evan Clarke, Alex Malone as Jamie, Siria Kickett as Kat, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Eddie Stowers as Fetu, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch, Viera Vernon as Baby Patch, Milly Ann Hamilton as Baby Patch, Angela Mahlatjie as Lottie, Jesse Phillips as Nathan, Rachel McCann as Nurse Nikki, John Harvie Morris as Police Officer, Bruce Denny as Fisherman

Notes: for its second season, The Height shifts away from airing two episodes every Friday night to one episode every Thursday night. Rupert Reid replaces Marcus Graham and Kelton Pell is bumped up into the main cast

Episode 2.02 (32)

Thu, March 19, 2020
Written by Hannah Carroll Chapman
Directed by Karl Zwicky

The Murphys fight for Patch after he's removed by Child Services. Ash strives to become his own boss, and Amira's birthday forces Mich and Sabine to paste over their post-kiss awkwardness.

With: Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Asher Yasbincek as Rose, Melody Rom as Amira, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Rasta Karami as Laila, Amelia Kelly as Frankie, Orlando Borg as Noah, Megan Hollier as Jill, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch, Jonathan Maddocks as Driiver Mascot, Grant Carter as Troy

Episode 2.03 (33)

Thu, March 26, 2020
Written by Romina Accurso
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Pav and Claudia are forced to face some hard truths about their relationship, while Evan puts his foot in it with Ana. Ash meets a fiery Driive customer, and Uncle Max gets some troubling news.

With: Alex Williams as Dr Evan Clarke, Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Mary Soudi as Helena, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Rasta Karami as Laila, Warren Lyons as Dr Sharma, Claire Munday as Nurse Bree, Averi Tyler as Baby Patch, Claudia Cirillo as Drunk Woman, Mercy Cornwall as Girl, Ellin Sears as Kisser #1, Stephen Platt as Kisser #2, Jay Jay Jegathesan as Passenger, Amri Mrisho as Young Bloke

Episode 2.04 (34)

Thu, April 02, 2020
Written by
Directed by

Hazel lets Shannon watch Patch, with frightening consequences. Uncle Max gets Leonie involved in a legal matter as he confronts his mortality. Kam navigates his first day at Embleton, while Sully helps Ana at uni.


Episode 2.05 (35)

Thu, April 09, 2020
Written by
Directed by

Shannon searches for a job that will impress Child Services, while Leonie struggles to connect with her new client. Mark's battle to hide his homelessness from Renee becomes harder as she contemplates her pregnancy.