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Beyond the Veil

Episode 5
Wednesday, January 01, 2020 (Stan)
Writer: Victoria Madden
Director: Greg McLean

Molly hears of Jacinta Clunes’s untimely death and is convinced Gareth is behind the accident. Alex’s interest in the convict bible he found at Dorothy Moxley’s house deepens.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Matthew Testro as Freddie Hopkins
  • Rebecca Thomson as Police Officer
  • Markella Kavenagh as Daisy Hart
  • Jennifer Rani as Nurse Isabelle
  • Emma Booth as Molly McGee
  • Zenia Starr as Constable Freya Harris
  • Kris McQuade as Det. Snr Carrie Bennett
  • Katherine Pearson as Georgia
  • Ewen Leslie as Alex O'Connell
  • Martin Henderson as Gareth McAvaney
  • Ratidzo Mambo as Adrienne
  • Les Chantery as Travis
  • Dushan Philips as Eric Fox
  • Nell Feeney as Shelly Hopkins
  • Kerri Gay as Kerri
  • Rena Owen as Grace Cochran
  • Anni Finsterer as Eileen McGinty
  • Airlie Dodds as Stephanie McGinty
  • Aaron Pedersen as Inspector Lewis Grimshaw
  • Ivy Mak as Julia Clark
  • Coco Whelan as Valerie Gowdie
  • Max Brown as Snr Constable Oscar Wolfe
  • Ben Morton as Constable Francis
  • Travis Hennessy as Darryl
  • Suzi Dougherty as Mrs Bowen
  • Louise Siversen as Minister Leonie Patrick
  • Monroe Reimers as Mr Bowen
  • Aaliyah Walker as Miranda
  • Hazem Shammas as Padre Eli Kruger
  • Les Winspear as Doctor
  • Jack Bryce as Gloamer
  • Maya Lily Jean as Gloamer
  • Sam Elliott as Gloamer