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The Casting of the Bones

Episode 3
Wednesday, January 01, 2020 (Stan)
Writer: Victoria Madden
Director: Greg McLean

Molly’s daughter Lily partakes in some risqué online activity, which Freddie manipulates in an act of revenge against Molly. Meanwhile, Molly’s suspicions about Freddie’s involvement in Dorothy Moxley’s murder deepen.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Rena Owen as Grace Cochran
  • Emma Booth as Molly McGee
  • Virginie Laverdure as Maggie
  • Ewen Leslie as Alex O'Connell
  • Ryan Dao as Morgue Assistant
  • Martin Henderson as Gareth McAvaney
  • Aaron Pedersen as Inspector Lewis Grimshaw
  • Zenia Starr as Constable Freya Harris
  • Max Brown as Snr Constable Oscar Wolfe
  • Ron Smyck as Security Guard
  • Josephine Blazier as Lily Broomhall
  • Harry Prior as Blake
  • Dushan Philips as Eric Fox
  • Matthew Testro as Freddie Hopkins
  • Nell Feeney as Shelly Hopkins
  • Ben Morton as Constable Francis
  • Katherine Pearson as Georgia
  • Travis Hennessy as Darryl
  • Harry Radbone as Kyle
  • Amara Gantz as Kyle's Mate
  • Bryce Tollard as Kyle's Mate
  • Kin Ming Kung as Kyle's Mate
  • Will Zeeman as Kyle's Mate
  • Anni Finsterer as Eileen McGinty
  • Milly Alcock as Jenny McGinty
  • Daniel Priest as Sea Dog [Jeremy Coleman]
  • Jack Bryce as Gloamer
  • Erica Knight as Gloamer
  • Lola Caplice as Gloamer
  • Maya Lily Jean as Gloamer
  • Sam Elliott as Gloamer
  • Philli Anderson as Molly Stunt Double/Rescue Officer #1
  • Nicholas Young as Alex Driving Double
  • Adrian Pickering as Rescue Driver Stunt