Stingers: episode guide

Brilliant Lies

Episode 3.01 (45)
Wednesday, June 14, 2000
Ratigns: 0.863 million viewers
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Steve Jodrell

A sassy new operative arrives at the unit just as the group go undercover to entrap a gang of teenage thieves but a mistake leads to a kidnapping, placing everyone in jeopardy. Mac's excitement over her promotion is tempered by potential life-altering news.

Starring: Peter Phelps, Anita Hegh, Kate Kendall, Ian Stenlake

Guest Starring: [Roxane Wilson as Danni Mayo], Ray Barrett as Mr Rafferty, Brett Climo as Dr Gresham, Matt Doran as Muddy, Richard Cawthorne as Mick Prentice, Miranda Nation as Bec, Jeremy Kewley as Det Bryan Gray, Louise Talmadge as Shoplifter, Marty Copping as Troy, Adam Shand as Reporter, David Clarke as Policeman, Mark Wickham as Policeman, Zoran Babic as Shopper, Linda Keane as Shopper; Stunt Performers: Chris Kemp; Roy Edmunds, Mark Campbell

Note: first appearance of both Roxane Wilson and Jeremy Kewley

Forced Perspective

Episode 3.02 (46)
Wednesday, June 21, 2000
Written by Marcia Gardner
Directed by Grant Brown

Church goes undercover into the world of stolen art and must grapple with some of the conflicting emotions which have shaped his character and behaviour when he discovers that the target abuses his son.

Starring: Peter Phelps, Anita Hegh, Kate Kendall, Roxane Wilson, Ian Stenlake

Guest Starring: William Gluth as Clive Hauser, Daniel Daperis as Adam Hauser, Michael Carmen as Devere, Brett Climo as Dr. Gresham, Les Dayman as Ossie Fischer, Vince Colosimo as Paul Braun, John Orcsik as Hughie Papadakis, Monty Maizels as Old Alco, Rob Lowe as Richard Weller, Tom Bradley as CIB Detective, Liz Crockett-Zappa as Reception Clerk, Zane Lovitt as Waiter, Eddie McShortall as Flashback Father, Fiona O'Donnell as Flashback Mother, James Hanson as Young Church, Rick Tonna as CIB Driver; Stunt Performers: Mark Campbell, Graham Jahne

Note: Daniel Daperis was nominated for a 2000 AFI in the category Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, TV Drama Series for his work in this episode

Which Bank?

Episode 3.03 (47)
Wednesday, June 28, 2000
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Paul Moloney

A well-planned sting goes horribly wrong when Church infiltrates a criminal gang who are intent on robbing a very large bank. Following the operation, Mackenzie makes a decision to visit her parents.

Guest Starring: Frank Gallacher as Jack Conrad (John), Stewart Morritt as Bobby Orchard (George), Nadja Kostich as Ringo, Jeremy Kewley as Det. Gray, Alan Lovell as Det. Doug Allen, Grant Bowler as Sean Peck, Bagryana Popov as Cleaning Lady, Jill Wockner as Elaine, Stewart Armstrong as Brian; Stunt Performers: Phil Reiley, Roy Edmunds, Mark Campbell

Twisted Sister

Episode 3.04 (48)
Wednesday July 05, 2000
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by David Cameron

Angie's assignment is jeopardised with the unexpected arrival of her sister. Should the sting be called off in the light of unexpected family interference? Mac is faced with a crisis when she discovers that Danni is involved with an underworld associate.

Guest Starring: Elise McCredie as Rae Croft, Asher Keddie as Sam, Adrian Mulraney as Nick Marek, Jeff Kovski as Tony, Dominic McDonald as Mal, Roy Thompson as Governor Max Kaplan, Nathan King as Asst. Comm. Don Dalgleish, Vince Colosimo as Paul Braun, Paige Alcock as Phoebe; Stunt Performers: Roy Edmunds, Nicola Moro, Chris Wilson

Unplaced Favourite

Episode 3.05 (49)
Wednesday July 05, 2000
Written by Magda Pyke
Directed by Dan Burstall

Danni's future with the unit is on the line when her ex-boyfriend becomes the prime suspect in a horse-doping scam.

Guest Starring: Vince Colosimo as Paul Braun, Richard Morgan as Det Snr Sgt Reg Masters, Tony Barry as Artie Collins, John Orcsik as Hughie Papadakis, Brett Climo as Dr Gresham, Paul Bongiovanni as Jimmy Trotter, Clive Hearne as Bookie Al, Drew Tingwell as Inky Miles, John Evans as Stable Hand Andy, Gerlinda Campbell as Hat Lady, Tim Chambers as Thug

No Way Out

Episode 3.06 (50)
Tuesday, August 15, 2000
Written by Vicki Madden-Custo
Directed by Grant Brown

Hollister asks Mac for help to capture master bank robber, Marty Stockwell. He fatally shot one of Hollister's men and now he wants revenge, so Church and Danni go undercover at a wedding to try and out-wit Stockwell and bring him to justice. Meanwhile, Mac is about to learn whether or not she is HIV positive.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Brett Climo as Dr Gresham, Ian Bliss as Marty Stockwell, Ross Thompson as Les Wallace, Katrina Milosevic as Darlene Stockwell-Wallace, Matt Norman as Darren, Patsy Martin as Mrs Stockwell, Luke Elliot as Cocky Fleming, Justin Anderson as Billy Stockwell, Paul Collins as SOG Jack, Miranda Nation as Bec Prentice, Janet Westbury as Gotcha Woman, Donna McRae as Nurse; Stunt Performers: Davin Taylor, Dean Caufield, Nicole Moro

Note: Katrina Milosevic will return as Sophie Novak in series 7-8

Necessary Force

Episode 3.07 (51)
Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Lewis Fitz-Gerald

In court, things go horribly wrong when the prosecutor is forced to withdraw the charges against Tony Howarth for the shooting of Bernie Rocca. Once again, Church is under fire from Internal Affairs as his past comes back to haunt him when he is accused of using excessive force to obtain a confession. Mac puts Dani and Angie undercover in a pub under the guise of investigating the trade of stolen computers.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Stig Wemyss as Anthony Howarth, Tim Hughes as Gab Marrotti, John McTernan as Jim Duncan, Joe Petruzzi as Bernie Rocca, Natalie Bate as Andrea Fuller, Nick Carrafa as Dave Delamonte, Russell Kiefel as Andrew Bligh, Steve Jenkins as Driver, Nick Mulcahey as Driver, Mark Campbell as Driver, Roy Edmunds as Driver, Mark Wickham as Driver

No Pain, No Gain

Episode 3.08 (52)
Tuesday, August 29, 2000
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Church becomes involved in a young boy's life after he catches him trying to steal his car and uses him to expose a car stealing racket. Meanwhile, Angie reluctantly agrees to go undercover to expose a dentist accused of assaulting his female patients.

Guest Starring: Paul Pantano as Carlo, Robert Price as Marco, Elizabeth Welch as Detective Breen, Maeliosa Stafford as Dr. O'Shea, Josephine Eberhard as Mrs. O'Shea, Elizabeth Rule as Jane Barrie, Paul Teiwes as Family Man, Pauline Coutts as Human Services Officer, Graham Jahne as Human Services Officer, Tony Farrell as Police Officer, Angelo Bisognano as Patient


Episode 3.09 (53)
Tuesday, September 05, 2000
Written by Magda Pyke
Directed by Scott Patterson

After three backpackers are murdered, Stone is sent into a hostel to investigate Evelyn Leigh, where his emotions nearly cost him his life. The death of Church's father gives him the opportunity to reflect on their relationship.

Guest Starring: Leslie Dayman as Ossie Fischer, Olivia Pigeot as Evelyn Leigh, Zoe Bertram as Debbie Wilmot, Joe Manning as Svenn, Damien Richardson as Christian Reagan, Jennifer Castles as Margaret Kellerman, Amy Lapin as Nurse Newman, David Verrall as Detective, Kent Clifton-Blight as Water Cop, Wayne Cartwright as Water Cop; Stunt Performer: Amanda Buchanan

Mob Rules

Episode 3.10 (54)
Tuesday, September 12, 2000
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Mac and Church must infiltrate a neighbourhood residents' group who are protesting the overturned conviction and return to the community of a local teacher recently convicted of the murder of a young student. Opinions among the crew are divided over the merits of defending a killer released on a technicality but there is little choice after an attempt is made on his life.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Terence Crawford as Laurie Galloway, Marion Heathfield as Mrs. Galloway, Heather Bolton as Trish Bass, Robert Grubb as Damian Jordan, Mike Bishop as Simon Hall, Talia Krape as Alyce Hall, Sue Yardley as Davina Davenport, Kerrie-Anne Baker as Debbie Ridge, Serge De Nardo as Resident, Aurora Cotsbeck as Resident, Rick Tonna as Driver, Russell Frost as Driver; Stunt Performers: Wayne Cartwright, Phil Reilley, Stuart Fraser

A Marriage To Die For

Episode 3.11 (55)
Tuesday, September 12, 2000
Written by Jock Blair
Directed by Steve Mann

When Church conducts a sting on a bikie gang, a simple gun deal becomes complicated when Church is hired to do a hit.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Rachael Beck as Tracy Mason, Alex Papps as Derek Mason, Jan Friedl as Jessie Smith, Scott Lowe as Turk, Phil Moye as Lewis, Matt Trihey as Sam, Katherine Muir as Kylie, Mark Wickham as Detective; Stunt Performers: Deidre Naughton, Teresa Blake

In Too Deep

Episode 3.12 (56)
Tuesday, September 19, 2000
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Arnie Custo

The Unit face a psychological challenge when an operative loses his identity after an abnormally long undercover assignment and has difficulty re-adjusting to life as cop.

Guest Starring: John Brumpton as Steve Devlin, Greg Stone as Eric O'Neill, Jacqueline Brennan as Hannah Hausman, Marcus Eyre as Archie Hausman, Paul Moder as Caesario Mattiachi, Craig Madden as Eric Kate, William Houten as Detective Campbell, Rod Catterall as Detective Stellios, Jordana Lewis as Briody, Allistair Laval as Jake, Darryl Spencer as Bikie, Phil Lennie as Bikie, Greg Hoskins as Bikie, Peter Clark as Bikie; Mark Wickham, Campbell Burnet, James Judge, Nathan Mullins as SOG, Trevor Pinner as SOG, Michael Trainor as SOG; Stunt Performers: Russell Allan, Terry Carter, Amanda Buchanan, Nicole Moro, Russell Frost, Mark Campbell, Mark Wickham

The Last Hit

Episode 3.13 (57)
Tuesday, October 10, 2000 Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

When Church strikes up an unlikely friendship with a hitman after preventing him from killing himself, he is drawn into the middle of a heated triangle with no simple solution. Danni encourages Angie to stop watching and actually talk to her Mr Right.

Special Guest: Gary Sweet as Bobby Tait

Guest Starring: Nicholas Crawford-Smith as Max Purdy, Esme Melville as Old Lady, James McGaan as Liam, Kelly Follett as Duty Nurse, Sue Broberg as Nurse, William Houten as Sergeant, Roger O'Connor as Purdy's Solicitor; Stunt Performers: Rainey Carah, Mark Campbell

Note: Gary Sweet will return as Luke Harris in series 6-8

Fine Details

Episode 3.14 (58)
Tuesday, September 26, 2000
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Steve Mann

Danni learns the meaning of betrayal when she is forced to use an innocent person to solve a murder.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Christopher Brown as Roberto Sistini, Peter Stefanou as Mario Sistini, Wayne Hope as Neil Day, Nicholas Stribakos as Antonio Sistini, Enrico Mammarella as Enzo, Christopher Daniel Lee as John Graves, Stan Tsitas as Mike Lavelle, Anthony De Fazio as Barman Paul, Antonia Francoli as Mama Sistini, Andrew Brown as Young Dealer, Gareth Blaha as Mike's Mate, Claude Stevens as Mike's Mate; Stunt Performers: Mark Wickham, Warwick Sadler

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Episode 3.15 (59)
Tuesday, October 03, 2000
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Scott Patterson

Mackenzie faces a dilemma when Detective Inspector Bill Hollister is revealed as a regular client at an illegal brothel which is the subject of a sting.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Richard Morgan as Snr. Det. Reg Masters, Jodie Dry as Rebecca Gibson, Judi Farr as Aunty Jan, Victoria Eagger as Candy, Nathan King as Asst. Comm. Don Dalgleish, Sarah Godden as Amber, Christine Earle as Lawyer, David Le Page as Det. Pearson, Marc Lawrence as Eugene

The Good Life

Episode 3.16 (60)
Tuesday, October 17, 2000
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Steve Jodrell

Danni and the rest of the UCs are called in when a well-known career criminal turns Crown witness under unusual circumstances.

Special Guest: Henry Szeps as Norman Sagar

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Bill Hollister, Jeremy Kewley as Det. Bryan Gray, Steve Millichamp as Syd Green, Shaun Dumbrell as Derek Cartwright, Alfred Nicdao as Dr. Chan, David Serafin as Ian Lyall, Jonathon Brooke-Densem as Chef Claude, Rod Catterall as Detective, Geoff Everett as Detective

Second Chance

Episode 3.17 (61)
Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Written by Shane Brennan
Directed by Julian McSwiney

Mackenzie's past comes back to haunt her when her adopted brother is released from prison.

Guest Starring: Aaron Blabey as Michael Callum, Liz Chance as Det. Insp. Margot Davies, Lucy Taylor as Alison Moran, Aidan Fennessy as Bill Moran, Anthony Sharpe as Addict, Jim Sakellaridis as Prison Guard, Jon Sculley as Prison Guard, Marco De Vincentis as Detective, Mark McDougall as Detective, Mark Wickham as SOG, David Clarke as SOG, Rick Campbell as SOG, Mason Scott as SOG, Jason Turner as SOG, Alistair Cooke as SOG, Nichole Moro as Hostage; Stunt Performers: Roy Edmunds, Russell Frost

Note: Aaron Blabey was nominated for a 2000 AFI in the category Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, TV Drama Series for his work in this episode

Every Move You Make

Episode 3.18 (62)
Tuesday, October 31, 2000
Written by Abe Pogos
Directed by Paul Faint

Angie is stalked by an obsessed admirer as she works undercover to expose an armed robbery ring.

Guest Starring: Jason Clarke as Oliver Jensen, Jasper Bagg as Ali Derbas, Robert Rabiah as Gilen Bevi, Sam Acarito as Farad Tariq, Peter Stanbrook as Police Officer, Mark Keomany as Husband, Lynette Keomany as Wife, Melanie Keomany as Child, Michelle Keomany as Child; Stunt Performers: Graham Jahne, Roy Edmunds

A Matter of Trust

Episode 3.19 (63)
Tuesday, November 07, 2000
Written by Guy Wilding
Directed by Chris Langman

Church must put his career on the line when an old Academy buddy is implicated in a homicide.

Guest Starring: Jeff Truman as Det. Sgt. Paul Smith, David Paterson as Judge Vincent Scarpa, Russell Kiefel as Det. Insp. Andrew Bligh, Christopher Davis as Joel Adley, Amanda Levy as Vicki Cousins, Tom Considine as Defence Counsel, John McTernan as Prosecutor, Anthony Horton as Kevin McKay, Tom Bradley as Ian Hewitt, Felicity Anderson as Vicki's Girlfriend, Ka-Wah Wong as Waiter, Stuart Brown as I.A. Detective, Paul Torok as Barman; Stunt Performers: Russell Allan, Phil Reilley

Spare Parts

Episode 3.20 (64)
Tuesday, November 14, 2000
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Steve Jodrell

A personal favour from Church becomes a case for Undercover when an illegal organ-trading scam is exposed.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det Bill Hollister, Paul Pantano as Carlo Giuseppe, Susan Godfrey as Collette Ryan, Alex Pinder as Dr Henry De Kretsa, Lana Jodi Schwarcz as Roz O'Connor, Jenny Seedsman as Dr. Janine Spencer, David Mackennal as Andrew Carter, Chris Gaffney as Mr Hawkins, Eve Newton-Keogh as Jesse Ryan, Fabio Versace as Romeo, Cherry Dee as Streetwalker, Joseph Ahmar as Thug; Stunt Performers: Mark Campbell, Russell Frost, Amanda Buchanan, Chris Kemp

Organised Crime

Episode 3.21 (65)
Tuesday, November 21, 2000
Written by David Hannam
Directed by Paul Moloney

The undercover unit are assigned to investigate a five-year-old unsolved bank robbery with only one most unlikely suspect. Danni and Oscar go undercover but when the situation changes there are tragic consequences with one of the team being shot and left in critical condition.

Guest Starring: Jeremy Kewley as Det Sgt Bryan Gray, Bruce Myles as Ben Jones, Maggic Dence as Celia Jones, Susan Godfrey as Collette Ryan, Jenny Coy as Dr. Rodda, Scott Gooding as Aldo, Eve Newton-Keogh as Jesse Ryan, Tibor Gyapjas as Nathan, Peter Stanbrook as Constable Hardy, Sharon Kershaw as Nurse Cooper, Laura Soall as Babysitter, Anthony Horton as Const. Kevin McKay, Michael O'Malley as Paramedic, Jason Demajo as Crim, Russell Frost as Crim, Trish Francese-Hunt as Nurse, Kelly Davis as Nurse, Peter Zoumberis as Detective, Trevor Pinner as Detective; Stunt Performers: Chris Wilson, Roy Edmunds, Chris Kemp, Warwick Sadler, Graham Jahne

Something Old, Something New

Episode 3.22 (66)
Tuesday, November 21, 2000
Ratings: 0.869 million viewers
Written by Phillip Dalkin
Directed by Grant Brown

Mackenzie and Angie face an Internal Affairs investigation when an informant suicides after being pushed to the brink. However as Angie investigates further there are suspicious curcumstances surrounding the 'suicide.' At the same time the undercover unit are still trying to come to terms with the consequences of the shooting of one of their team

Guest Starring: Nicolas Bell as Det Bill Hollister, Jeremy Kewley as Det Sgt Bryan Gray, Susan Godfrey as Collette Ryan, Russell Kiefel as Det Insp Andrew Bligh, Eve Newton-keogh as Jesse Ryan, Peter Hosking as Charlie Pearce, Pam Western as Shirley Pearce, Ben Harkin as Brad Pearce, Stephanie Millar as Amanda Webster, Scott Brennan as Wayne Morgan, Kenneth Moreleda as Tran, Anthony Wong as Lee, Tony Le Nguyen as Jim, Sharon Kershaw as Vanessa, James Judge as Detective, Mark Wickham as Detective, Stuart Brown as Detective, Angie Hilton as Barmaid, David No as Bodyguard, Adrian Chow as Bodyguard; Stunt Performers: Chris Kemp; Szumai Anderson, Stuart Fraser