Stingers: episode guide

Salsa, Part One

Episode 2.01 (23)
Australia: Tuesday, June 08, 1999
Ratings: 1.149 million viewers
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by Steve Jodrell

While Stone and Angie are undercover investigating the murder of a young Asian woman involved in the x-rated movie business, Mackenzie receives a compromising photograph relating to her former relationship with Church. Interpreting this as a warning to back off by those under investigation, Mackenzie ignores the risk of exposure and redoubles her efforts to find the murderer and the means by which the photographs came into his possession.

Starring: Peter Phelps, Joe Petruzzi, Anita Hegh, Kate Kendall, Ian Stenlake

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Brian Lipson as George Papas, Lisa Bailey as Courtney La Reina, Christopher Gabardi as Rick Fairchild, Adam Broinowski as Joshua Hampton, Blair Venn as Lenny 'G-Long' Baxter, Doris Younane as Lizzie Harper, Strawberry Fields as Mandy Ling, Tom Bradley as Detective, Andrew Walker as Billy, Richard Guarnuccio as Surveillance Driver, Simone Mathieson and Lucy Kershaw as Porn Performers

Salsa, Part Two

Episode 2.02 (24)
Tuesday, June 15, 1999
Ratings: 1.245 million viewers
Written by Todd Martino
Directed by David Caesar

The compromising photographs of Mackenzie and Church now threaten the security of the entire Unit. Rocca details Church to pursue the source of the photos while Mackenzie pushes Angie and Stone for more information on the porn star murderer, who may well have struck again — another X-rated movie star has disappeared under suspicious circumstances and almost everyone being investigated seems to have a motive.

Guest starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Brian Lipson as George Papas, Lisa Bailey as Courtney La Reina, Christopher Gabardi as Rick Fairchild, Adam Broinowski as Joshua Hampton, Blair Venn as Lenny 'G-Long' Baxter, Doris Younane as Lizzie Harper, Strawberry Fields as Mandy Ling, Peter Montgomery as Uniformed Police Officer

Set For Life

Episode 2.03 (25)
Tuesday, June 22, 1999
Ratings: 1.179 million viewers
Written by Paul Davies
Directed by Paul Faint

Through an informant, Church is introduced to a gang planning a major robbery. While Church works undercover as a safecracker, Angie is dispatched to move in and pose as his girlfriend. When Church learns that the gang plan to rob a pharmaceutical plant, Rocca is determined to catch them and their drug contacts in action.

Guest starring: Doug Bowles as Gareth Williams, Jim Russell as Tony Burten, Suzi Dougherty as Glenda Burten, Teague Rook as Ben 'Freddo' Fredericks, Matthew Dyktynski as Rob Rosen, Marc Lawrence as Bodgie, Fraser Gray as Drug Detective, Lana Williams as Ambulance Officer, Chris Wilson as Store Attendant, Nicholas Lord as Kyle; Stunt Performers: Lance Anderson, Russell Allan

The Big Picture

Episode 2.04 (26)
Tuesday, June 29, 1999
Ratings: 1.191 million viewers
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Grant Brown

Rocca finds himself in unfamiliar territory when he goes undercover with Church on a case involving gold smuggling and political intrigue. When Rocca's daughter Olivia becomes seriously ill, Rocca is torn between his private and professional lives. Rocca reluctantly resolves to see the operation through, leaving Mackenzie to run the show. Angie and Stone investigate from a different angle and end up behind bars and in danger of having their covers blown.

Guest starring: Marcella Russo as Marita de Costa, Laura Lattuada as Lucy Rocca, Greg Saunders as Alex Upton, Juan Carlas Martinez as Carlos Herrera, Puven Pather as Hector Gueteres, James Patrick Reed as Gordon Butler, Paige Santuccione as Olivia Rocca, Nancy Wells as Federal Agent, Traci Hannigan as Secretary, Stephen Jenkins as Agent Stephens, Max Gacitua as Spanish Pilot; Stunt Performers: Mark Campbell, David Taylor, Rick Tonna

Rat Trap

Episode 2.05 (27)
Tuesday, July 06, 1999
Ratings: 1.100 million viewers
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Steve Jordell

The Unit pulls off a successful cocaine bust leaving drug lord Justin Forbes wanting revenge. Acting on information supplied by Forbes' lover, Heather, Stone is sent undercover to infiltrate Forbes's operation. When Church discovers that Stone is being tailed by someone linked to Forbes, the Unit realise the danger to Stone and wonder if he himself has been double-crossed.

Guest starring: Peter Feeney as Justin Forbes, Miles Paras as Heather Lee, Peter Finlay as John Burgess, Justin Lehmann as Simon Bundy, Tim Sullivan as Ritchie, Barry Main as Tom Chambers, Tony Nardella as Dennis Norton, Craig MacDonald as Stan Mullins, Les Toth as Alwin Thorpe, John Carmody as Drug Squad, Grant Southam as Drug Squad, Mark McDougall as Drug Squad, Gareth McLean as Party Girl, Caprice Lillie as Party Girl; Stunt Performers: Szumai Anderson, Rick Tonna, Reg Roordink, Lance Anderson

Finders Keepers

Episode 2.06 (28)
Tuesday, July 20, 1999
Ratings: 1.007 million viewers
Written by Sue Hore
Directed by David Caesar

MacKenzie goes undercover in a women's prison in order to investigate Nancy, a young women convicted of murdering her embezzler husband. The Unit's aim is to recover some missing money, but their investigation takes an unexpected turn when the possibility arises that Nancy could have been wrongly convicted. Church investigates the dead husband's friends and business associates and discovers more parties involved in the missing millions than first expected. One of them knows the location of the money. One of them killed for it.

Guest starring: Angela Twigg as Nancy Miller, Matt Robertson as Maurice Cabot, Elissa Elliott as Celeste Cabot, Helen Jones as Terri Lang, Madeleine Swain as Prison Officer, Cheryl Ballantine as Governor, Raymond Mow as Jack Miller; Stunt Performer: Stuart Fraser

Playing With The Celibate Dead

Episode 2.07 (29)
Tuesday, July 27, 1999
Ratings: 1.019 million viewers
Written by Jock Blair
Directed by Paul Faint

Stone and MacKenzie infiltrate a gang planning to rob and murder a coin dealer. Angie is assigned to protect the target. However, she soon discovers the target has had previous connections with the gang and that the robbery seems to be motivated by revenge. When Mac and Stone lose contact with the Unit, Rocca must anticipate their movements to prevent a murder. Church begins working with the Public Prosecutor in advance of the Dino Rossi trial.

Guest starring: John Gibson as Thaao Adjemis, Steve Jacobs as Kransky QC, Teo Gebert as Morrison, Simon Lyndon as Hickock, Eric Mueck as Rakovic, Phillippa Adgemis as Sofia Letvikis, John Ridley as Det Milano, Matt Trihey as Baxter, Jacqueline Flood as Sofia's Girlfriend, David McKenzie as Plainclothes Cop, Daniel Clarke as Plainclothes Cop, Chris Wilson as SOG, Russell Frost as SOG, Phil Edge as SOG, Mark Wickham as SOG, Michael Fitzpatrick as SOG, Peter Zoumberis as SOG, Teresa Blake as Bystander; Stunt Performers: Russell Allan, Rick Tonna, Mark Campbell

White Lies

Episode 2.08 (30)
Tuesday, August 03, 1999
Ratings: 1.076 million viewers
Written by Daniel Krige
Directed by Grant Brown

The Unit discovers there is a contract out on Church's life, as he is due to give evidence in court against major crime figure, Dino Rossi. Someone wants Church silenced before he can testify. With his life in danger, Church feels the emotional and psychological strain, as he takes the stand and is forced to relive, and defend, his undercover work. The Unit race to find the man who wants Church dead, but as the trial draws to a close, Church's hitman is forced to act. In an explosive moment, Church narrowly escapes death as the true force behind the Rossi crime family is revealed.

Guest Starring: Robert Mammone as Dino Rossi, Robert Taylor as Det Sgt Mick Foley, Steve Jacobs as Kransky QC, Terry Serio as Frampton, Mick Innes as Davis, Craig Adams as Jamie, Christopher Lee as Burke, Matt Norman as Norris, Sue Jones as Justice Balkin, Fred Barker as Jury Foreperson, John Forsyth as Court Officer, Robbie MacFarlane as Judges Associate, Phil Edge as Sniper, Rob Hiep as SOG Shooter, Mark Wickham as SOG, Davin Taylor as Uniformed Policeman

Mister Right

Episode 2.09 (31)
Tuesday, August 10, 1999
Ratings: 1.010 million viewers
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Steve Jodrell

MacKenzie works closely with Brian Maddern, a psychological profiler, to identify a killer who uses the internet to select his victims. Mac is put undercover as bait but gets frustrated when it appears she has been following false leads. The Unit runs out of time and is ordered to wind up the investigation, when Mac is unexpectedly confronted by the killer.

Guest Starring: Peter O'Brien as Brian Maddern, Jesse Griffin as Callan Hill, Matt Hetherington as Jack Dwyer, Justin Smith as Lawrence Fisher, Susan Popov as Nicole Moroney, Sarah Sutherland as Nicole's Flatmate, Sarah Carter as Police, Adam McKee as Police; Stunt Performer: Warwick Sadler

The Favour

Episode 2.10 (32)
Tuesday, August 17, 1999
Ratings: 1.051 million viewers
Written by Cliff Green
Directed by Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Working undercover as an ex-army officer now supplying illegal explosives, Stone encounters his first girlfriend, Kelly, entangled in an export scam involving contraband arms. Eager to protect Kelly from being implicated, Stone allows his heart to rule his judgement by keeping Undercover in the dark as he manipulates a dangerous sting. It is a risky move which puts Stone's life, and the success of a major operation, at the mercy of an old flame.

Guest Starring: Steven Vidler as Todd Tregear, Tyler Mitchel as Kelly, Kristof Kaczmarek as Novak, David Wicks as Bomber, Erik Donnison as Chiller, Chris Wilson as SOG, Mark Wickham as SOG, Russell Frost as SOG, David No as SOG; Stunt Performers: Neil Pollock, Mark Campbell

Judas Kiss

Episode 2.11 (33)
Tuesday, August 31, 1999
Ratings: 1.074 million viewers
Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Paul Faint

While working undercover on the investigation of large-scale thefts on the docks, Church accidentally shoots and old mate, Tony Tennant. Suspended from duty and under investigation from Internal Affairs, Church spends quality time with Tony's family. While Angie and Stone continue the sting at the docks, Church becomes more involved with Tony's family, and turns up evidence which allows Undercover to wrap up the docks operation. As the extent of the shipping robberies is realised, Tony is implicated. Unable to intervene, Church is devastated as he must stand by and watch Tony go down and his family destroyed.

Guest Starring: Grant Piro as Tony Tennant, Carolyn Bock as Claire Tennant, Louise Siversen as Snr Det Rawlins, Jared Daperis as Joshua Tennant, Christopher Elliott as Kevin Trainor, Fiona Walsh as Denise Streeton, Terry Gill as Barry, Tim Schwerdt as Stewart, Hong Man Ng as Sailor, Kirk Syrett as Chris Fuller, Tom Bradley as I.A. Detective, Peter Martignoels as Ship's Captain, Alan Morgan as Doctor, Victor Cowling as CIB Person, Lance Anderson as CIB Detective, Davin Taylor as CIB Detective

Counting The Beat

Episode 2.12 (34)
Tuesday, September 07,, 1999
Ratings: 1.047 million viewers
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by Grant Brown

Church and Angie go undercover to investigate suspected drug importation in the music industry. While Angie investigates charismatic rock star Jimi Mercer, Church works on small-time record company manager Terry Danzinger. As Angie spends time with Jimi, she experiences a life outside her usual existence and starts to question her future in Undercover. When her work begins to suffer, MacKenzie fears Angie may have crossed the line and pulls her off the case. As the pressure mounts, Angie must make a decision, is she still a cop or not?

Guest starring: Rhys Muldoon as Jimi Mercer, Robert Coleby as Terry Danzinger, Harry Pavlidis as Con Polo, Simone Kessell as Despina Polo, Matthew Dyktynski as Rob Rosen, Shari Russell as Bishi, Piet Collins as Flatspin, Felicity Boyd as Belinda Cohen, Hugh Sexton as Sucky, Marcus Alexander as Singer, Davin Taylor as Hennessy; Stunt Performers: Lance Anderson, Tom Coltraine

Just Acting

Episode 2.13 (35)
Tuesday, September 14, 1999
Ratings: 1.007 million viewers
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Steve Jodrell

A bust, headed by Stone, allows the unit to nab the Robardis, a well known crime family. However, the sting doesn't go quite to plan, as the eldest son, Billy Robardi, escapes. With Billy out for revenge, Stone and Angie lay low at Stone's family farm. Removed from their undercover lives, Angie confides in Stone her doubts about Undercover. Back at the Unit, Mackenzie and Rocca make a horrific discovery — Billy has tracked Stone down. As Billy pays Stone's family a surprise visit, Church races to prevent the revenge attack. But it is Angie's cop-instinct that saves Stone and his family — and redeems her faith in Undercover.

Guest Starring: Steve Bastoni as Billy Robardi, Pam Western as Shirley Pearce, Ben Harkin as Brad Pearce, Tom Hutchings as Steve Robardi, Lesley Baker as Maggie Robardi, Adam Zwar as Grubby Kane, Jason Buckley as Mark Carroll, Greg Francis as Det Sgt Matheson, Geoffrey Baird as Officer Hardy, William Houten as Green, Greg Muller as Miller, Phil Edge as Detective, Mark McDougall as Detective, John Carmody as Detective, Grant Southam as Detective; Stunt Performers: Tom Coltraine, Brett Anderson, Roy Edmunds

Unnatural Justice

Episode 2.14 (36)
Tuesday, September 21, 1999
Ratings: 1.069 million viewers
Written by Simon McDonald
Directed by Ian Watson

When the daughter of a Family Court judge is abducted, Church teams up with Rory, a young Undercover recruit, to investigate Fathers Against Discrimination, a group of divorced men lobbying against the judge. The Unit are sent on a wild-goose chase which exposes a fraud while getting them closer to the little girl. As Undercover continue their search, they receive a cryptic clue. Church and Rory follow up separate leads which end up pointing in the same direction. In a frantic search, Rory must prove his worth to save the girl and apprehend her abductor.

Guest Starring: Nicholas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Rory Barnes, Peter Curtin as Judge Frost, Kayla Smythe as Simone Frost, Guy Leslie as Bruce Routh, Michael Fry as Stewart Carter, John Arnold as Max, Tasos Petousis as Demis Forakis, Isabella Dunwill as Louise, Kevin Hopkins as Kelly, Adair Stagg as Old Lady, Madeline Cenedese as Simone's Friend, Rebecca Williams as Simone's Friend, Marissa Williams as Redhead, Chris Fortuna as Sonic, Stephen Macklin as Police Technician, Albert Trihey as Operative Technician, Paul Hamilton as Homicide Detective; Rick Tonna, Stuart Brown, Rob Hiep, Mark McDougall, Richard Read and, Jeremy McLay as Drug Squad Detectives; Stunt Performers: Russell Allan, Szumai Anderson, Davin Taylor

Dance With The Dragon

Episode 2.15 (37)
Tuesday, September 28, 1999
Ratings: 1.128 million viewers
Written by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by Ken Cameron

While investigating a heroin racket, Church comes across a familiar face, a nephew, Matt, who is trapped in the cycle of addiction. Church spends time with Matt, experiencing the emotional, rather than criminal, side of addiction. Driven by revenge, Church uses unorthodox tactics to get to the top of the drug chain, leaving the Unit to wonder if his actions are part of the sting, or whether Church is following his own agenda.

Guest Starring: Sullivan Stapleton as Matt Wilmott, Zoe Bertram as Debbie Wilmott, Tim Robertson as Abraham Danek, Michael Denkha as Monday, Clarence Biyan as Spoiler, Ian Scott as Det Sgt Alan Conrad, Garry Allen as Thug, Stuart Ritchie as Thug, John Carmody as Drug Squad Detective, Grant Southam as Drug Squad Detective, Phil Edge as Drug Squad Detective, Reg Roordink as Truck Driver

The Long Haul

Episode 2.16 (38)
Tuesday, October 25, 1999
Ratings: 1.070 million viewers
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by David Cameron

Angie, Stone and Church investigate a series of strategic truck hijackings that have led to murder. As Church ingratiates himself with the truckies, it becomes apparent the murder was an accident. Church is able to identify who is involved in the robberies and the full extent of the scam. Meanwhile, Rocca's life falls apart around him when he learns that his wife is in love with the headmaster at the school where his children attend.

Guest Starring: Nicolas Bell as Det. Insp. Bill Hollister, Peter Sardi as Joe Milligan, Brendan O'Connor as Kel Greenway, Jennifer Jarman as Shirley South, Sheryl Munks as Leanne Kanter, Richard Moss as Riordan, Laura Lattuada as Lucy Rocca, Nicholas Bufalo as Michael, Nick Mitchell as Charlie, Paige Santuccione as Olivia Rocca, Jeremy Santuccione as Marco Rocca, David Le Page as Det. Pearson, Mark Keirl as Det. Mulray, Melissa Doyle as Policewoman, Chris Wilson as Police Driver, Wayne Cartwright as Police Driver


Episode 2.17 (39)
Tuesday, October 12, 1999
Ratings: 0.980 million viewers
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Richard Jasek

When the husband of a leading Aboriginal activist is car-bombed, Stone and Angie go undercover to investigate SWARM, a radical right-wing group suspected of involvement. Meanwhile, Peter who is also undercover, is taken hostage by the group. The Unit have to find him, following a crypic clue in order to prevent more from dying

Guest Starring: Anthony Simcoe as Phillip Baker, John Batchelor as Greg Crowley, Rachael Maza as Meagan Quinn, Justin Lehmann as Simon Bundy, Matthew Green as Keith Strang, Peter Hardy as Ron Leighton, Gareth Yuen as Leon, Charmaine Clements as Helen Sommers, Paul Upchurch as Eddie Quinn, Katie Collins as Mrs Baker, Harry Witts as Jacob Baker, Christine Saunders as Desley Quinn, Scott Shaw as Gaz, Jim Alexander as Security Guard, Gerard Cogley as Doctor, Daniel Smith as Constable, Craig Harwood as SOG, Graham Athmer as SOG, Mark Wickham as SOG, Rob Hiep as SOG, Daniel Clarke as SOG, Chris Kemp as DOG, Scott Dower as DOG, Jeremy Mclay as DOG, Wayne Cartwright as DOG, Mark McDougall as DOG, Grant Starritt as Paintball Player; Paintball Players: Marc Preston, Jim Judge, Bill Nikolopoulos, David McKenzie, Nathan Mullins; Jo Hall as Newsreader

Men in the Dark

Episode 2.18 (40)
Tuesday, October 19, 1999
Ratings: 0.913 million viewers
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Ian Watson

When Church and Mackenzie team up to investigate an illegal adoption racket, Mackenzie's informant, A.J. Blackburn, decides to take justice into his own hands. Mac and Church are left minding A.J.'s adopted daughter while A.J. searches for those responsible for the slaugher of her people. The only problem is, will they be able to track down those responsible before A.J. can?

Guest Starring: Chris Haywood as A.J. Blackburn, Kim Phung as Tam Blackburn, Amanda Ma as Adele Hancock, Peter Farago as Brian Hancock, Kurt Geyer as David Evans, Adam Leembruggen as Geoff Spencer, Ferdinand Hoang as Restaurant Owner, Thanh Vu Ngyuen as Waiter, Chris Wilson, Mark Wickham as SOG, Russell Frost as SOG

Note: Chris Haywood won the 2000 AFI Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, TV Drama Series for his role in the episode and Anita Hegh was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, TV Drama Series

Full Term

Episode 2.19 (41)
Tuesday, October 26, 1999
Ratings: 0.938 million viewers
Written by Sally Webb & Adam Todd
Directed by Ken Cameron

A routine drug bust takes a sudden turn forcing Rocca to take the place of the target. Meanwhile, Church faces the challenge of a lifetime as he deals with a pregnant informant.

Guest Starring: Tammy Macintosh as Karen Jones, Marin Mimica as Salvatore Pasquale, Steve Vella as Mario Manotti, Mario Di Ienno as Gino Bianchi, David Sheehan as Tommy Tyson, Felix Will as Baby Eugene, Con Dermanakis as Limo Driver

House Rules

Episode 2.20 (42)
Tuesday, November 02, 1999
Ratings: 1.060 million viewers
Written by Jock Blair
Directed by Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Church and Mac go undercover to infiltrate a group of high-rollering gamblers who conduct illegal gaming sessions using "black" money. The sting takes a bizarre turn when the gaming session is hit by armed robbers. When the gaming squad finally arrive, all the incriminating evidence has been stolen, and the gamblers walk free. As the Unit race to find the money, the robbery turns to double murder and an unexpected suspect comes to light. In a tense confrontation, Angie successfully extracts a murder confession and tracks down the missing money. In the guise of returning the money to the gamblers, Church and Mac are at last able to bring down the high rollers.

Guest Starring: Jerome Ehlers as Frank Manscuro, Richard Morgan as Snr. Det. Masters, Annie Wilson as Lara Brannigan, Tony Nikolopoulos as Stipanic, Tony Farrell as Rick Bruzzi, Cormac Mac Art as Bacia, Li Yang as Chan, Randall Berger as Thoreaux, Janusz Rogowski as Karl, Michael Dyson as Real Estate Agent, Melissa Doyle as Police Woman, Kate O'Neill as Maid, Barry Govan as Card Sharp, Lawrence Price as Porter; Stunt Performers: Chris Kemp, Roy Edmunds, Wayne Cartwright, Davin Taylor

Signal One

Episode 2.21 (43)
Tuesday, November 09, 1999
Ratings: 1.062 million viewers
Written by Tom Hegarty
Directed by Richard Jasek

When Bernie is shot down outside his own house and left in hospital in critical condition, Church breaks all the rules when he goes after the gunman. Mac is shocked to find Rocca's replacement is a cop with no undercover experience. Angie and Stone try to stay focussed on a sting involving a dope dealer.

Guest Starring: Angie Milliken as Det. Sgt. Susan Abbott, Laura Lattuada as Lucy Rocca, Lachy Hulme as Graeme Wilkes, Don Bridges as Joey McLaren, Matthew Dyktynski as Rob Rosen, Stig Wemyss as Anthony Trent Howarth, Nathan King as Asst. Comm. Dalgliesh, Scott Shaw as Gaz, Catherine Ryan as Tessa, Ron Stickland as Doctor, Clare Howell as Nurse, Tessa Jetson as Operative, Rick Tonna as Detective; Stunt Performers: Mark Campbell, Terry Carter, Roy Edunds, Russell Allan

The Dingo

Episode 2.22 (44)
Tuesday, November 16, 1999
Ratings: 0.992 million viewers
Written by Philip Dalkin
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

Church begins working with Terry Hanks, a new informant who promises he can deliver big-time drug dealers. Church is skeptical, but when Terry repeatedly comes through with the goods, Church can't help but relax his concerns. When Terry then offers to land them "The Dingo" — the biggest and baddest dealer of all, Church and Mac have their doubts. When the man Terry claims is the "Dingo" turns out to be just another drug dealer, Church realises all is not kosher and begins to question Terry's motives. As Church moves in to sting his own informant, all is revealed — Terry has been using Undercover to eliminate his competition.

Guest Starring: Angie Milliken as Det. Sgt. Susan Abbott, Robert Morgan as Terry Hanks, Gary Day as Edgar Voss, Grant Bowler as Sean Peck, Laura Lattuada as Lucy Rocca, Paul Moder as Merv Sadler, Philip Reilley as Feebs, Andrew Murrell as Pavel Janovic, Graham Jahne as Michael, Stefan Abeydeera as Drug Dealer, John Carmody as Policeman, Roy Edmunds as Policeman, Russell Allan as Policeman, Chris Kemp as Policeman; Stunt Performers: David No, Mark Campbell, Wayne Cartwright, Eddie McShortall

Note: Joe Petruzzi's final appearance