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Road to Nowhere

Episode 1.04
Wed, February 28, 2018
Head writer: Adam Zwar
Writers: Lally Katz, Sarah Scheller, Adele Vuko, Leon Ford, Ben Crisp
Directors: Trent O'Donnell, Amanda Brotchie, Van Vuuren Bros., Kate McCartney, Cate Stewart

Paul enlightens a hungover Romi on details of the previous evening, providing a witches hat as evidence he drove her home. And that they kissed. Romi counters with news she'll have to stop getting a lift when her shifts change and Paul suspects the kiss. His mood is lifted when she invites him in for coffee.

Barney is awakened by his experience with Daisey and he's chewing everything in the house, forcing Lukas to consider giving him the snip. Miles refuses to represent Lukas in the civil suit and Audrey threatens to cut him out of the will. Audrey finds a cheaper way to dispose of her body when she dies, asking instead to be thrown into a glacier by Tibetan monks.

Macca finally lands an open relationship score. But the tryst only makes him realise how much he misses his wife and so he asks her to recommit. Ned enquires about the best man gig but he's way down on Macca's list, until everyone else says no and he gets it. Macca rescinds the offer after Ned insults his intelligence.

Mia and Bridget compile a list of Gary's pros and cons to help decide if he should stay... and it heavily favours cons. Mia nails a rehearsal of her school talent quest performance, much to Bridget's surprise, then finds out she read her diary.

Talia struggles with her administrative workload and the girls promise their yoga bar will be a better place to work. Someone at work steals the virgin hair stock worth $24,000 and workmate Miranda shares a ride home. Simoni road rages and Talia bonds with her new driving comrades.


  • Tim Minchin as Paul
  • Andrea Demetreades as Romi
  • Sam Simmons as Lukas
  • Jacki Weaver as Audrey
  • Mandy McElhinney as Bridget
  • Justin Rosniak as Macca
  • Steen Raskopoulos as Ned
  • Susie Youssef as Simoni
  • Rose Matafeo as Talia
  • Jenna Owen as Mia
  • Nyasha Hatendi as Davis
  • Safiya El Hallak as Chloe
  • Yasmin El Hallak as Chloe
  • Adam Zwar as Traffic Reporter