Produced by Jonathan M Shiff Productions Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Jonathan M Shiff, Kay Ben M'Rad
Producers: Daniel Scharf, Jonathan M Shiff
Directors: Richard Jasek, Grant Brown, Colin Budds
Writers: Philip Dalkin, John Armstrong, Chris Anastassiades, Max Dann, Ray Boseley, Sam Carroll, Annette Moore, Simon Butters, Kris Mrksa, Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson, Kevin Nemeth, Annie Fox

Aired: 2005 (Ten)

When Scooter, a clumsy pizza delivery boy, stumbles upon a secret super-computer he dives headlong into a world of master criminals, highly prized artefacts, smuggling, hijacking and international intrigue. He starts to believe that fate is taking a hand and that he really is destined for greater things and as long as the good-guys don't know — and the bad guys don't catch on — Scooter will continue to be Secret Agent X-19 delivering truth, justice and Capricciosas. (26 x 30min)
Martin SharpeScooter Carpenter
Talia ZuckerMelanie Pescari
Charlene TjoeKatrina Wong
John McTernanGordon Mackenna
Kenneth RansomNorman "Fridge" Tully
Rodney AfifDonald Ratborough
Tony NikolakopoulosAttilio Pescari
Jamie MezzasalmaMario Pescari
Kate FitzpatrickAmbrosia "Tiapan" Devine
Stephen LopezDanny Carter
Alfred NicdaoMr Wong
Steven GrivesWilson
cast photo

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