Nowhere Boys: episode guide

The Trouble With Ben

Episode 3.07
Fri, December 16, 2016
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Sian Davies

The gang perform the real Dimensional Return spell and they arrive back in the Real World. At first they see only an empty school, but then the bell sounds and school kids pour out of the front doors and onto the oval. The spell that sent them to the Empty World has been broken and the fabric of reality has been restored. Ben (Real World), who had become a cool kid, now finds himself back at the bottom of totem pole, Sonia is no longer Principal, and the SRC election poster changes from Sarah back to Brooklyn.

As the gang head off at top speed to check if they really are back in their world. Ben (Empty World) goes home and reunites with his mother (who thinks he is Ben (RW)). This has been what Ben (EW) has been wishing for those long 12 months alone, but Ben (RW) interrupts his homecoming. Ben (EW) runs.

Ben (RW) finds Ben (EW) hiding in the garage and has many questions. When Ben (RW) comes to terms with the fact that Ben (EW) is from another reality, he offers him a proposition — they combine forces — double the magic, double the fun! But Ben (EW) wants nothing to do with this and as a result he is locked in a cupboard.

Meanwhile the gang find they have strange elemental powers: Nicco has the power of controlling particles of earth — moving sand; Heath can transfer heat through solids — supercharging them; Luke is air and he can levitate; but Jesse's annoyed that he can't do anything — yet.

With Ben (EW) out of the way, Ben (RW) impersonates him in order to gather information from the gang — their reappearance jeopardises his newfound popularity and he plans to send them back to the Empty World as soon as he can. Ben (EW) finally breaks out of the cupboard and discovers he has his own power — he can see Ben (RW)'s plan through touch.

Ben (EW) finds Heath and Nicco, but before he can give them the whole story, Heath attacks him — having been told by Luke that Ben (EW) is a shape-shifter. Nicco however wants to hear Ben (EW) out and, for the first time, Ben (EW) tells them the whole story — he's not the Ben from their world, but from the empty world. He discovered the lair and magic a year ago, but needed Luke to come to the school, as he was the fourth element. Then full of petty grievances, he started disappearing people who had slighted him, but it got out of control and very soon the magic disappeared everyone and he was all alone.

Things culminate in a showdown between Ben (RW) and Ben (EW) and the gang. But when the duelling talisman's powers cross, both Bens disappear — the gang don't know where they have gone but know that they must get them back.

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Renai Caruso as Rachel, Tegan Higginbotham as Quinn, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Liam Mollica as Warren, Youssef Sabet as Ali, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

Back To The Empty World

Episode 3.08
Fri, December 23, 2016
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Sian Davies

The gang are in an uproar immediately after the Bens have disappeared, trying to work out what the hell happened to them and the Talisman. Meanwhile, in the Empty World, Ben (RW) is totally freaked out and Ben (EW) is furious, wanting nothing to do with Ben (RW). Ben (RW) doesn't understand what has happened or where all the people of Bremin have gone. As night falls, Ben (EW) hurries to the school — he wants Ben (RW) to keep the hell away from him. To make matters worse, the Empty World is deteriorating with regular earth tremors.

Next morning in the Real World, Quinn notices Jesse has an odd looking pattern on his back. Quinn takes it for a particularly nasty rash, not realising it's a parasite from the Empty World.

The Empty World continues to deteriorate and Ben (EW) still wants nothing to do with Ben (RW). When a tremor knocks a shelf on top of Ben (EW), trapping him, Ben (RW) offers his help. Feeling indebted, Ben (EW) softens and agrees they should work as a team. The Bens separate in order to gather supplies, but when the gang opens a portal linking the two worlds, only Ben (RW) sees it — and without a second thought, escapes through it back into the Real World. When the gang ask after Ben (EW), Ben (RW) claims he was eaten by a monster. Ben (EW) is once again the last person in the Empty World.

A little suss about Ben's (RW) story and still concerned about Ben (EW), the gang plan to jump into the Empty World and make one final sweep. Ben (EW) however does his upmost to thwart them by stealing the talisman and the gang give chase to retrieve it. When they finally make the jump to the Empty World, the tremors have gotten worse. The gang can't locate Ben (EW) anywhere, but then finally find evidence of him — he's at the hideout. The gang discover Ben (EW) hanging for his life on the edge of a cliff — the tremors having knocked him over. Jesse jumps to it and, with the help of the others, rescues Ben (EW).

The gang arrive back in the Real World only to find Ben (RW) lying in wait for them. He hurriedly recites a spell to turn them all into statues. Ben (EW) is furious — he leaps at Ben (RW) who freaks out — the two Bens must never touch! In the mayhem, Ben (EW) grabs the book and turns the spell back on Ben (RW). Ben (RW) is frozen like a statue and hidden from the world in the hideout. Later, Ben (EW) and the gang are leaving the hideout when we see the parasites that attached themselves to the gang while in their dream state fall from their backs and land in the long grass, twitching...

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Renai Caruso as Rachel, Tegan Higginbotham as Quinn, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Liam Mollica as Warren, Youssef Sabet as Ali, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

The Truth Spell

Episode 3.09
Fri, December 30, 2016
Written by Jessica Brookman
Directed by Nicholas Verso

It's a new day and the gang are playing with their elemental powers at school, but when Luke returns from checking on frozen Ben (RW), he freaks — they need to keep magic a secret. The gang worry about what will happen if Ben (RW) wakes up, fearing they wont be able to tell the two Bens apart. But Ben (EW) has a solution, they perform a truth spell on him, and they'll always be able to tell. Heath tries to read the spell but he mixes up the words. The others don't notice and believe the spell was a fail. Later in class, Heath is questioned by Bates and finds himself uncontrollably blurting out all of his bad behaviour.

The next day the gang regroup on the bus heading for camp. It's been the same for Luke, Jesse and Nicco — they have to tell the truth whenever someone asks them a direct question. They realise the truth spell backfired and are desperate to fix it, but Bates not only stops Heath from getting the Book of Shadows, but he makes Heath his slave as punishment for all his pranks. The gang's stuck — they need privacy to be able to work out how to undo the spell.

Meanwhile back at the Hideout, the parasites that fell from the gang's backs turn into Mini Demons and wake up Ben (RW). The gang are unaware of the potential danger and remain focused on fixing the spell. Nicco offends Heath when he asks her a direct question. He retaliates with his own honesty and the group begins to fracture.

While orienteering the talisman starts glowing and the gang are freaked. They don't realise it, but it's Ben (RW) and the Mini Demons. Luckily Ellen's nearby and frightens off Ben (RW). The gang try to undo the spell, but Ellen interrupts — they're doing it all wrong. The gang's shocked to learn she knows about magic and Ellen uses the truth spell to get some answers on their magic exploits before she shows them how to undo it.

Later that night, when everyone is asleep, the Mini Demons — drawn to the talisman — attack Nicco. The gang rush to her aid, but only Heath has the protection spell. As the gang try to fight the Mini Demons off, Heath is forced to admit he can't read.

On the trip home, Heath is ashamed by his revelation, believing he's stupid, but Luke thinks he has dyslexia. The gang rally around him and their understanding buoys Heath. However the reunited gang have a problem — the Mini Demons are still out there.

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen, Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Louise Crawford as Katrina, Damian Hill as Stuart, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Youssef Sabet as Ali, Liam Mollica as Warren, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

Unwanted Visitors

Episode 3.10
Fri, January 06, 2017
Written by Rhys Graham
Directed by Nicholas Verso

On the way to school Jesse gets a call from the Bremin Amateur Musical Theatre Society — he has an audition and he's sure this is going to be his big break. Fresh from their fight with the Mini Demons, the gang try to work out what they are. When Jesse arrives they ask if he checked on Ben (RW), but Jesse forgot — he's got to get busy preparing for his audition.

Strange things start to happen around school — Nicco and Heath are in Home Economics class when Heath's eggs start exploding and Nicco accidentally covers Brooklyn in bacon. In the hall, the wind catches Luke's locker door, flinging it open and straight into Peta's face.

The Mini Demons are creating mayhem and feeding off the negative energy this creates. Heath catches one of the Mini Demons and takes it to Ellen. She identifies it as an Atridax, a malevolent entity that brings trouble. The gang hatches a plan to catch the rest of the Atridax before they destroy the school and seal them in their bags with magical charms supplied by Ellen. Ascertaining it's best to keep the Atridax apart, the gang each takes one, unaware the Atridax are turning them negative and feeding off it.

Under the influence of the Atridax the gang become increasingly negative — parents are rotten, homework is a waste of time and school a dead bore... Jesse is the only one who holds out, but when the gang give him a tough time just before his audition, he gives in to it too. The negative version of Jesse arrives at the audition — not taking direction, not looking like he cares.

At the end of the audition, the gang are waiting for him — they are a gang of four — the evil emperors of Bremin High. Ben (EW) realises the gang are being influenced by the Atridax and fears they really might go too far. He runs to Ellen for help.

The gang is out to cause major damage and set fire to the school. Ellen uses her cloud power to distract them and Ben (EW) steals Jesse's Atridax from him. Jesse gives chase, but now separated from the Atridax, Ellen reaches out to Jesse, bringing him back to his normal self. Teaming with Ellen, Jesse (muttering his affirmations under his breath) wrestles the backpacks from Nicco and Heath. But the police arrive just as Jesse gets Luke's Atridax from him and he comes to his senses too late.

Caught fleeing the scene, Sergeant Roberts arrests Luke for vandalizing the school. Jesse stashes the bags in the bushes and the gang comes together to watch Luke being put into the back of the police car and taken away.

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Simon Mallory as Sergeant Roberts, Susie Dee as Ms Block, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Frederique Fouche as Director, Paul McCarthy as Judge, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

The Search For Atridax

Episode 3.11
Fri, January 13, 2017
Written by David Hannam
Directed by Nicholas Verso

While Luke is held at the Police Station, Heath, Jesse and Nicco discover the bags holding the mini demons have disappeared. They need the Scrying Pool to find them, but can't use the magic without Luke. With the clock ticking, and fears growing about what havoc the Atridax might cause while AWOL, the gang sneak Luke out. There is a hiccup with the Scrying Pool, but the teens unscramble a valuable lead and realise that the Atridax are at the Police Station.

With night falling, they head home, where Jesse discovers the "ringworm scar" left on his back, is the same pattern as the symbol the Mega Demon left in the Empty World. The next day, with Ellen's help, the teens come to the awful realisation they brought the Atridax with them from the Empty World. Fearing what will happen if the mini demons get loose in town, the team must find a way of getting them back. But there is a serious impediment to their plans — having been caught sneaking out, Luke is now being sent door-knocking for charity, as punishment. When Luke's father insists on driving him out of Bremin, the teens take action, flagging down the car. Luke convinces Brett to let him go with his friends, making a "trust" deal that takes their father-son relationship to a new level of maturity. Perhaps he can count on his dad after all.

The mission to liberate the Atridax from the Police Station is successful, but ultimately all of the teens are forced to confess to starting the fire at the school — one trying to save another in a cascade of bad planning. Fed up to the eyeballs, Sergeant Roberts handballs the problem to Mr. Bates, who promises a lifetime of community service for the woe begotten teens. As they hurry away they make a stunning discovery: the bags are empty. Someone has stolen the Atridax.

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Tony Briggs as Brett, Tegan Higginbotham as Quinn, Simon Mallory as Sergeant Roberts, Renai Caruso as Rachel, Louise Crawford as Katrina, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

Birth Of The Mega Demon

Episode 3.12
Fri, January 20, 2017
Written by Kris Mrksa
Directed by Rowan Woods

The gang race to the hideout to confirm their worst fears — that Ben (RW) is awake and has stolen the four Atridax. Things only get worse when Nicco discovers she's lost the talisman. Desperate to find it, the gang decides to use the scrying pool, the only spell they can do without the talisman, in a hope to find it. But the images are incomprehensible — the only thing clear is the colour red.

Heath takes charge and the gang tries searching for the talisman the old fashioned way — the places Nicco's been. Luke, Jesse and Ben (EW) retrace her steps and search the school. While Nicco and Heath search her house but neither groups have any luck.

However, at the same time — Jesse reviews footage of the scrying pool recognising an obscure word that gives him a location, Nicco sees a selfie of Kayla — in her clothes. Nicco realises her sister's borrowed her jacket, and probably has borrowed the talisman as well. She's right, Kayla's wearing the talisman as she hangs out with her friend, Tilly. But Ben (RW) has spotted Kayla's new jewelry and gives her a fake message from Heath to meet him at the Hideout. Nicco and the gang regroup at the location Jesse identified from the scrying pool and they come across Tilly. Tilly reveals Kayla's off meeting Heath, but as Heath is with them, the gang realise Kayla's in danger.

The gang set a blistering pace on the way to the hideout but they're too late — they arrive to see Kayla in a trance, holding the talisman. The Atridax form a swirling mass, combining into a vortex, sucking Kayla inside. But it suddenly stops, becoming an egg-like chrysalis. Kayla is gone — swept into the egg that will one day be the Mega Demon. In the aftermath, Ben (RW) gets away.

Meeting up with Ellen, the gang examines the egg. Ellen believes the demon will hatch soon and this is the time to get rid of it — transport it to negative space while it's inert. Nicco's appalled — her sister is in there. Nicco pleads and the gang decides to make the decision tomorrow, but during the night Nicco has a visit from Ben (RW) who tells her there is a way to save her sister if she will only trust him.

In the morning, the gang realise Nicco's gone, but they hand Ben (EW) an object of Nicco's — and getting him to use his power, he sees Nicco's plan — she is at the Hideout, giving Ben (RW) the egg. But as the gang arrive at the hideout the egg cracks open, and with a huge flash of light and sound, it shatters, releasing the Mega Demon, which consumes Ben (RW). Having been expelled from the egg, Kayla, stunned, looks to be the Mega Demon's next victim. The gang use the protection spell against it and it disappears.

But as they leave they see two moons in the sky. This is exactly what happened in Ben's (EW) world before the disappearances started.

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen, Elle Mandelis as Anna, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Francesca Waters as Yia Yia, Monique Heath as Tilly, Max Dossetto as Ben Double

The Battle For Bremin

Episode 3.13
Fri, January 27, 2017
Written by Giula Sandler
Directed by Rowan Woods

As the gang, having recovered Kayla from the egg, begins to take her home, Sonia arrives and Luke has no choice but to go with her. Sonia asks Luke to tell her what is going on with him. Luke can't, and as Sonia expresses her disappointment, she disappears. Luke, panicked, races for his Dad, but he too suddenly disappears. The Mega Demon appears and enraged Luke tries to attack him but his powers are gone.

At Nicco's house, Nicco fusses over Kayla. But Kayla speaks strangely: Give. Me. Earth. Ben (EW) suggests using his power, and when he touches her he sees the Mega Demon's thoughts — it wants Kayla, at the altar. Kayla tries to escape and as the gang chase after her, they see people disappearing. It's started. The Demon's devouring the world. As Nicco leads Kayla back to the house, Kayla begs her sister to tie her up, to prevent her from going to the demon.

Called by the Demon, Kayla fights against the rope tying her up, and dirt pours from her. They realise Kayla has the earth element Atridax inside her. When Anna returns home the gang can no longer stay there. Outside Nicco's house, they reunite with Luke who's with Ellen, and as he tells them what has happened he accidentally sucks all the air out of the bus. Ellen believes he hasn't lost his power; he's just lost control of it.

At the hideout the gang are about to try a reversal spell on Kayla, but Heath has a realisation. If the demon's not fully formed — it's weak, they can fight it. Taking the form of Grandpa, the Demon calls Ben (EW) away. Ben (EW) refuses to help "Grandpa" and he retaliates. The gang run inside the Hideout and hold off the Demon attack with the protection spell.

Jesse calls on Claudia to baby-sit Kayla as the gang form a new plan — they will go to the forest and they will try to destroy the Mega Demon by forcing it through a portal. Ellen suggests they need enchanted earth to trap it. Nicco knows exactly where to find it and as they return home to get the dirt that spilled from Kayla, Nicco witnesses her mother disappear.

Arriving at the forest, Ellen disappears too, but the gang soldier on regardless. Ben (EW) lures the Mega Demon to him and the gang manages to trap it, but just as they are opening a portal — Kayla appears. The Demon pulls the Atridax from Kayla and becomes whole, breaking their magic barrier. Luke sucks the Demon inside himself and battles to stay in control. With his friends support he keeps it together long enough to blast the Demon into the portal. It is destroyed, leaving Ben (RW) dazed on the ground, but unhurt. The gang has won.

The next day they say goodbye to Ben (EW), opening a portal back to his now re-populated world, then return to their punishment for damaging the school. As they pick up rubbish, they joke about being super heroes who saved the world, even if no one else can ever know.

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Tony Briggs as Brett, Dennis Coard as Grandpa, Elle Mandelis as Anna, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Max Dossetto as Ben Double, John Baird as Ellen Driving Double