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Nowhere Boys - series 4

2018, ABC ME

The gang return from a summer of magical training more powerful than ever — and with a new member. But the New Year brings new threats, when a series of elemental attacks hit Bremin. The gang fear their powers are the cause of the trouble as dark, chaotic forces descend, challenging the gang's unity as they battle to save the entire multiverse.

The Nowhere Boys must balance their personal lives with their magical obligations. Growing up is hard enough without having to rescue the multiverse as well, as the gang search for their place in the world. What will they sacrifice for each other?

Returning cast Kamil Ellis (Luke), Joe Klocek (Heath), William McKenna (Ben), Jordie Race-Coldrey (Jesse), and Luca Sardelis (Nicco) are joined this season by musician Joel Ma (aka Joelistics) in his TV debut as Zeb and Elaine Crombie (Top Of The Lake, Black Comedy) as Brianna. This season also sees a special return from one of the original Nowhere Boys. But, you'll just have to wait to see who might be back in Bremin… (13x26min)