Halifax f.p: episode guide

Executive Producers: Mikael Borglund and Kris Noble
Producers: Roger Simpson, Roger Le Mesurier

The Scorpion's Kiss (#19)

Written by Paul Moloney
Directed by Peter Gawler
Australia: Sunday, October 21, 2001
Canada: Sunday, August 04, 2002
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • William McInnes as Jeremy Buckle
  • Richard Cawthorne as Gary Groom
  • Jeremy Callaghan as Alex
  • Rhondda Findleton as Grace Lord
  • Matthew Dyktynski as Richard Petty
  • Caroline Gillmer as Roseanne
  • Suzi Dougherty as Jillian Buckle
  • Fred Whitlock as Potter
  • Marijke Mann as Bridget
  • Christie Sistrunk as Stephanie
  • Peter Farago as Senior Doctor
  • Kirsty Child as Female Doctor
  • Lew Luton as Male Doctor
  • Randall Berger as Mr. Napier
  • Joan Murray as Magistrate
  • Mark Vincente as Simon
  • Perry Van Der Slink as Max
  • Paul Gray as Woof
  • Tim Sullivan as Detective Harvey
  • Stephen Hutchison as Process Server
  • Grey Francis as Prison Officer
  • Nathan King as Judge (Supreme Court)
  • Stanley McGeagh as Judge's Associate
  • Anne Browning as Defense Councel
  • Adriana Marco as Sales Assistant
  • Joanne Hall as TV Newsreader
  • Andy Walker as News Reporter
  • Amanda Buchanan as Police Officer (Hospital)

A chilling thriller centering on Jane Halifax's testimony that a man accused of stalking is little more than a pest. As a result, the judge brings down a non-custodial sentence. When the stalked woman is later shot, the stalker is quickly arrested and charged with her shooting — he even confesses. Jane however isn't convinced the police have got the right man. With the evidence stacked against her, her professional reputation at risk, and the woman's berieved husband determined to punish Jane for her testimony that kept him out of prison, Jane Halifax follows a trail of lies and betrayal before uncovering the horrifying truth.

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Playing God (#20)

Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Lynn Hegarty
Australia: Sunday, November 25, 2001
Canada: Sunday, August 11, 2002
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Emily Browning as Christie O'Conner
  • Catherine Wilkin as Erica Chatwin
  • Nell Feeney as Maureen O'Connor
  • Stephen Whittaker as Jack Conway
  • Alan Cassell as Doctor Wallace
  • David Wicks as Sergeant McCarthy
  • Matt Quartermaine as Detective Blair
  • Daniela Farinacci as Detective Kosinski
  • Pip Mushin as Steve Sullivan
  • Helen Noonan as Janine Turnbull
  • Alan Hopgood as Joshua Lippmann
  • Neil Melville as Phillip Parker
  • Heli Simpson as Sophie Keenan
  • Samantha Campbell as Melanie Cooper
  • Justin Lehmann as Russ
  • Steven Smith as Paul
  • Richard Bligh as Publican
  • Sergio Martiniello as Waiter
  • Helen Kent as Waitress
  • Eboni Rutherford as Girl at Cemetery
  • Theresa Holt as Girl's Mother
  • Benjamin McLeay as Local #1
  • Rowan Francis as Local #2
  • Cherly Dobbie as Angry Parent
  • Lawrence Bruce as TV Newsreader
  • Onouk Arnall as TV Reporter
  • Robyn Revin as Jane's Mother [voice]
  • Stewart Merrittt as Sean O'Connor
  • Richael Tanner as Young Christie

Jane Halifax gets a tough case when she comes across a thirteen-year-old girl who has committed a brutal and seemingly unprovoked murder that has traumatised her school and stuned the wider community. Christie O'Connor is a highly intelligent girl with seemingly little remorse for what she's done, but when Jane digs into her past she uncovers a tragic family secret.

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Takes Two (#21)

Written by Katherine Thomson
Directed by Ken Cameron
Australia: July 07, 2002 (finale)
Canada: Sunday, August 18, 2002
  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Sacha Horler as Karen Oldfield
  • Mary Docker as Ellie Potson
  • David Roberts as Det Brett Murray
  • Michael Robinson as Det Klias
  • Danielle Carter as Stevie
  • Wayne Hope as Brooke Gibson
  • Shane Lee as Stephen Westin
  • Emily Lumbers as Tania Westin
  • Stephen Jenkins as Jerry Echler
  • Monica Maughan as Miss Morris
  • Ross Thompson as Echler Senior
  • Margaret Cameron as Church Secretary
  • Ian Robertson as Mr Elliot
  • Adrian Mulraney as Citroen Owner
  • Lyn Semler as Anna Murray
  • Katherine Thomson as Bookshop Patron
  • Lawrence Bruce as TV Newsreader
  • Sam Eliopoulos as Pedestrian
  • Jonothan Roland as CAT Team Officer
  • Sandra Mitchell as CAT Team Officer

Jane Halifax comes across a chilling case when she suspects a client she is assessing might be caught up in a murder investigation. Frail, timid, and suffering a mental illness, Ellie Potson presents to Jane as a woman dominated by her partner, Karen. When Jane tries to separate the two, believing them to be in a dangerous co-dependent relationship, she quickly finds herself drawn into their macabre world.

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Note: Look for a cameo appearance by writer Katherine Thomson during the scene at the book signing. She asks Jane to dedicate a copy of her book to "Roger", presumably a reference to the series' producers Roger Simpson and Roger Le Mesurier.

Note: Jane's new true-crime novel is titled "Lies of the Mind", which is the title of a previous Halifax fp movie.