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Party Habibs Style

Episode 1.05
Tue, March 08, 2016
Ratings: 662,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Darren Ashton

Layla and Touffic hijack their neighbour's 21st birthday party. Elias's romance with Madison appears doomed when her rich ex-boyfriend arrives from London and Jack's plans for the future of Bonza Biscuits are left in crumbs.


  • Helen Dallimore as Olivia O'Neill
  • Darren Gilshenan as Jack O'Neill
  • Georgia Flood as Madison O'Neill
  • Michael Denkha as Fou Fou Habib
  • Camilla Ah Kin as Mariam Habib
  • Sam Alhaje as Toufic Habib
  • Tyler De Nawi as Elias Habib
  • Kat Hoyos as Layla Habib
  • Rob Shehadie as Janesh
  • Tahir Bilgic as Mustafa
  • Pippa Grandison as Anthea
  • Brandon McClelland as Blair
  • Nathan Lovejoy as Bobby
  • Simon McLachlan as Cop #1 (Stripper)