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The Anzaclava

Episode 1.04
Tue, March 01, 2016
Ratings: 800,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Steve Walsh
Directed by Darren Ashton

Touffic is threatened by the local kebab mafia when he launches the Cababab, a combined taxi/kebab shop. Elias moves out of home to impress Madison, but his mother has other ideas and Jack and Mariam cook up a revolutionary new business idea.


  • Helen Dallimore as Olivia O'Neill
  • Darren Gilshenan as Jack O'Neill
  • Georgia Flood as Madison O'Neill
  • Michael Denkha as Fou Fou Habib
  • Camilla Ah Kin as Mariam Habib
  • Sam Alhaje as Toufic Habib
  • Tyler De Nawi as Elias Habib
  • Kat Hoyos as Layla Habib
  • Rob Shehadie as Janesh
  • Tahir Bilgic as Mustafa
  • Evan Burrell as Tyler
  • Diab Metry as Thug #1
  • Stephen Lopez as Thug #2
  • Charlie Garber as Doctor Doolan
  • Claire Lovering as Cheyenne