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Mens Rea

Episode 1.10
Fri, May 11, 2018 (8:30, ABC)
Written by
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Tom Pinfold, a mourning widower, murders a haematologist and tries to commit suicide. After being incorrectly pronounced dead by paramedics, he wakes up on Harrow's autopsy table. Harrow tries to assist the badly injured man, but Pinfold turns on Harrow and threatens him with a knife, holding him captive in the exam room. It's a public holiday and they're alone in the morgue, so Harrow can't call for help and must use his wits to take control of the situation.

While Harrow is trapped in the morgue, Dass pieces together clues in Quinn's case. Simon has also been piecing together the mystery and he and Dass end up on the deck of the Bettie both thinking the unthinkable — did Harrow kill Quinn?

Meanwhile, Harrow faces off with Pinfold, who eventually collapses. Harrow is forced to choose between saving Pinfold and rushing to the Bettie to cover his crime.

Dass discovers that Harrow destroyed evidence related to Quinn's murder investigation — proof that he was covering his tracks. She shows Nichols, who has Harrow arrested. The Bettie is searched and Dass zeroes in on the antique medical kit she believes was used to sever Quinn's finger.

But when this turns into a dead-end, Harrow appears to be off the hook for good. Best of all, he is reunited with Fern. But just as Harrow thinks he may be returning to a "normal" life, a final twist threatens everything.