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Peccata Patrisi

Episode 1.08
Fri, April 27, 2018 (8:30, ABC)
Written by
Directed by Catriona McKenzie

Following Stephanie's threatening voicemail to Quinn, Nichols carries out surveillance on her, while Harrow and Dass are kept in the dark. Harrow's attention is on a case at his old high school, where 17-year-old Rhys Weir, a much-loved member of the school's rowing team, has been found dead. After losing his event in the state championships, Rhys visited the school's rowing sheds late that night and appears to have slipped on the wet boat ramp, suffering a head wound and a fatal haemorrhage.

But Harrow suspects foul play after learning that Rhys, who was openly gay, had received a threatening note just before he died.

Meanwhile, police divers finally uncover the skull belonging to the river bones body and dental records confirm its identity — Robert Quinn. Then, a friendly conversation between Dass and Steph about Quinn turns sour when Dass discovers Quinn's wedding ring, pushing her to suspect Steph could be involved in Quinn's murder.

Harrow catches a break — Steph's alibi for the night of Quinn's disappearance checks out, and she's no longer a suspect. Harrow and Dass make amends and it looks like the River Bones case might go unsolved. But then, a new piece of evidence emerges.