Produced by Northern Pictures

Producers: Joe Weatherstone
Executive Producer: Catherine Nebauer
Creators/Writers: Matt Zeremes, Guy Edmonds
Directors: Darren Ashton, Kacie Anning, Fadia Abboud

Aired: April 22, 2019... (ABC Me)

Hardball follows fish-out-of-water Mikey and his two misfit mates, Salwa and Jerry. Their goal - Make Mikey the sweetest-bestest-acest handball champ Western Sydney's ever seen. (13x24min)
Semisi CheekamMikey
Reannah HamdanSalwa
Logan RebergerJerry
Erin ChoyTiffany
Helen DallimoreMs. Crapper
Daya Sao-MafitiDaddy
Maria WalkerAuntie
Nicholas CradockLance
Tilly BulleLily
Holly SimonPrisha
Taylan GoganBao
Mahdi MouradMustafa

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