Hardball: episode guide

Across the Ditch

Episode 1

When Mikey’s daddy scores a Rugby League contract, he upends their lives in New Zealand, plonking them in Western Sydney. Mikey starts at his new school mid-term and at lunchtime on day one, discovers handball.

Sorry Salwa

Episode 2

Tiff loses a handball battle to Salwa, so she uploads an embarrassing video of Ms Crapper dancing — and frames Salwa. Salwa is banned from handball at school: Mikey isn't sure about going back-up for Salwa in the tournament.

Howie the Handball Hero

Episode 3

Bullfrogs footy stars visit school and Daddy is their new recruit. A badly aimed handball from Salwa gets her banned from SASI-WESTS-HAT when Ms Crapper gets sauced, literally. Jerry's Maori legend lie gets Mikey on board.

Impossible Mission

Episode 4

Handball training reveals Mikey's epic power, but his aim needs serious work. Jerry and Salwa join forces to coach him. The trio try to pin the video recording to Tiffany by finding her phone in lost property.

Too Many Cooks

Episode 5

Jerry and Salwa lock horns training Mikey. Daddy has his footy debut. Ms Crapper is in full Bullfrog regalia, Tiff’s there with her dads. Daddy misses an important tackle and Mikey cheers him up with some wise words.

Battle of Block Street

Episode 6

It's handball tournament day and Mikey, Salwa and Jerry perform an awesome rap in team outfits Jerry has made. The Battle of Block Street is epic and three players are chosen to represent the school at SASI-WESTS-HAT.

Rush Hour

Episode 7

Auntie gets stuck in traffic at a suburban Lebanese wedding — just when Mikey needs her help so he can register for SASI-WESTS-HAT in person. An epic mission to find her is like being lost in the desert.

The Girl with the Handball Hoody

Episode 8

Mikey, Jerry and Salwa head to the beach on the weekend in search of the elusive handball oracle, Z-Pop. They embark on a journey that sees Mikey forced to play the leader of a secret handball society.

The Odd Couple

Episode 9

A failed trial of digital locks on the doors at school results in the longest 29 minutes ever. Everyone is locked in their rooms, Ms Crapper included. Mikey and Tiffany realise they are not so different after all.

Gary Garrison

Episode 10

Mikey, Tiff and Salwa are invited to a workshop by world handball champion Gary Garrison. It's at Tiffany's posh old school and when Mikey tries to save her from a missile-like handball, Gary's trophy is in the firing line and so is the reputation of his school.

A Few Good Bros

Episode 11

Ms Crapper wants to ban Mikey from SASI-WESTS-HAT, but the kids create a makeshift court to decide if that should happen.


Episode 12

Mikey feels betrayed by Jerry and Salwa, so tries to stay out of their way. Salwa confronts him and says Howie was a good lie, because it made him believe in himself. He's ready to quit SASI-WESTS-HAT.


Episode 13

It's the day of SASI-WESTS-HAT. Everyone's there. Mikey feels a little overawed, so Jerry encourages him by drawing a question mark on his arm: it's Mikey's "Why". Who will take out the trophy and be crowned Best in the West?