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Episode 3

Tuesday, September 08, 2020
505,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Stuart Page
Directed by Fiona Banks

The Task Force infiltrates a group of far-right extremists over the ongoing sniper attacks. Jane is suspicious of Mandy's growing involvement in Zoe's life.


  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Claudia Karvin as Mandy
  • Mavournee Hazel as Zoe Sailor
  • Rick Donald as Nick Tanner
  • Ming-Zhu Hii as Mila Bronski
  • Hannah Monson as Sian Kelly
  • Mark Coles Smith as Kip Lee
  • Ben O'Toole as Daniel
  • Anthony Lapaglia as Tom Saracen
  • Anna Samson as Smithy
  • Nathan Phillips as Jack McCarthy
  • Luke Ford as Neil
  • Ben O'Toole as Daniel [credited twice]
  • Jane Hall as Daily News Anchor
  • Brandon Burke as Commissioner Dalgetty
  • Peter Hitchener as Newsreader
  • Brian Vriends as Cameron Kelleher
  • Ella Watkins as Amy Kelleher
  • Marcia Wright as Mrs Gerry Kelleher
  • Cody Riley as Amy's Boyfriend
  • Thomas Richards as Fraser
  • Toby Derrick as Tommy
  • Dave Mondon as Neil Stunt Double
  • Adrian Pickering as Jack McCarthy Riding Double
  • Richard Anastasios as Motorbike Rider
  • Jarrah Cocks as Motorbike Rider
  • Marky Lee Campbell as Stunt Sogs
  • Siros Niaros as Stunt Sogs
  • Rick Tonna as Stunt Sogs
  • Siros Niaros as Stunt Task Force Police
  • Luke Ha as Stunt Task Force Police
  • Will Jones as Stunt Task Force Police