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Episode 2 (41min)

Tuesday, September 01, 2020 (8:30 - 9:30)
479,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Jane Allen
Directed by Fiona Banks

As the shooter claims two more victims, Jane Halifax suspects a killer from her past is responsible for her husband's murder.

Note: Jacqueline McKenzie reprises her role of Sharon Sinclair from the 1995 Halifax fp telemovie Lies of the Mind (see montage in last image above).


  • Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax
  • Claudia Karvin as Mandy
  • Mavournee Hazel as Zoe Sailor
  • Rick Donald as Nick Tanner
  • Ming-Zhu Hii as Mila Bronski
  • Hannah Monson as Sian Kelly
  • Mark Coles Smith as Kip Lee
  • Anthony Lapaglia as Tom Saracen
  • Jacqueline Mckenzie as Sharon Sinclair
  • Mark Leonard Winter as Duncan
  • Sahil Saluja as Rohit
  • Graham Jahne as Zika Latal
  • Lucy Barrett as Kylie
  • Anthony Defazio as Psychiatrist
  • Cassandra Belle as Nurse
  • Georgia Loutas as Zoe's Protection Cop
  • Fabricio Amansi as Zoe's Protection Cop
  • Paul David Goddard as Newsreader
  • Kate Turner as Newsreader
  • Marcia Wright as Newsreader
  • Nathan James as Shot Businessman
  • Gregory Costaras as Samaritan
  • Carolyn Prosser as Screaming Lady
  • Denis Young as Asian Kitchen Hand
  • James Sutherland as Sniper
  • Jayden Irving as Duncan Stunt Double
  • Brianna Pannekoek as Cinema Stunt
  • Sharelle Starr as Stunt Policewoman
  • Paul Rochford as Stunt Policeman
  • Marky Lee Campbell as Police Stunt Driver
  • Nathan James as Police Stunt Driver