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Gone to the Dogs


Episode 1.03
May 20, 1997
Written by Mac Gudgeon
Directed by Steve Jodrell

What do greyhound racing and the martial art Capoeira have in common? Nothing, until Elvis Maginnis comes onto the scene. All Elvis wants to do is learn the Capoeira, so he can win the heart of a beautiful Brazilian Capoeirista, but his aunt Maizie Mern has different ideas. She arrives on Elvis' doorstep and needs a place to stay till Saturday, the day of the big greyhound races. Her dog Slippery Min is a cert and Maizie is set to win big. But there's a problem — as there always is when members of Elvis' family ask for favours. Maizie needs protection.

Maizie hadn't told Elvis the full story when she arrived. She hadn't told him about the Romanians threatening her with knives and axes. They want to get their hands on Slippery Min. They don't want her to race, in fact, they'd paid Maizie a lot of money so Slippery Min wouldn't race, but Maizie and husband Jack were greedy and wanted to have their cake and eat it too. Now Maizie's problems become Elvis'.

In the guise of sister and brother; nasty Nadia (razor sharp and as dangerous), and soporific Zoran (vain and dim witted), the Romanians stop at nothing to teach Maizie a lesson — and to stop Min from running — at all costs. When Maizie is kidnapped, Elvis resorts to dog-napping.

When the Romanians call on their forces to stop the race, Elvis relies on the Capoeirista, a Mr. Whippy van, and some fast talking to get Min to the starting gate. And in the most surprising move of all, he borrows $20,000 from the head of the Romanian clan, and places it all — on Min — on the nose.

Will Min win? Will the Capoeirista — with the help of Stella and Reuben — outsmart the Romanians? If Elvis loses the bet will he lose his shop? Where is the elusive Uncle Jack who was supposed to come down on the day of the races? And will Elvis, once all the dust has settled and the race is run, win the heart of his Brazilian Amazon?

Guest Cast:

  • Anne Phelan as Maizie
  • Anita Cerdic as Nadia
  • Vince Colosimo as Zoran
  • Alberto Vila as Lazar
  • Danielle Baker as Meme
  • Andre Cerutti as Ernesto
  • Paulo Seares as Capoeira Dancer
  • Luiz Serafin as Capoeira Dancer
  • Norberto Silva as Capoeira Dancer
  • Peter Dunn as Sergeant Kearney
  • James Armstrong as Customer
  • Bill Bennott as Irate Dog Owner
  • Frank Sheeran as Uncle Jack


  • "The Whore Wagon" performed by Turkey Neck Lasso
  • "Malo" performed by Vika & Linda
  • "Dead Dog Boogie" performed by Tex, Don & Charlie
  • "Brasilerinho" performed by Tunari