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The Breakout

Part 5
Mon, March 02, 2015
Ratings: 373,000 viewers (-)
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Glendyn Ivin

In August, to break the stalemate at Gallipoli, General Hamilton coordinates a complicated series of feints and attacks against the Turks. As rumours of an attack circulate, Tolly quits his post as a sniper to fight side-by-side with his brother Bevan in the Battle of Lone Pine.


  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Tolly Johnson
  • Harry Greenwood as Bevan Johnson
  • Sam Parsonson as Dave Kelin
  • Tom Budge as Cliff Sutton
  • James Callis as Ellis Asmead-Bartlett
  • John Bach as Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Nicholas Hope as Walter Braithwaite
  • Anthony Hayes as Anthony Chandler
  • Matt Nable as Harry Perceval
  • Leon Ford as Charles Bean
  • Ashleigh Cummings as Celia Houghton
  • Travis Jeffery as Stewie
  • Lincoln Lewis as Chook
  • Dion Williams as Two Bob
  • Anthony Phelan as Sir William Birdwood
  • Gracie Gilbert as Tessa Gordon
  • Grant Bowler as William Malone
  • Shane Briant as Sir Frederick Stopford
  • David Whiteley as Cyril Brundell White
  • Paul English as Cecil Aspinall
  • Andy McPhee as Lieutenant-Colonel John Antill
  • Hugh Parker as Harold (Hooky) Walker
  • Peter Houghton as Major Guy Dawnay
  • Stephen Ballantyne as Major Compton Mackenzie
  • James Wardlaw as Hamilton Reed
  • Ian Bliss as Colonel Brazier
  • James O'Connell as Lt Sanderson
  • Brendan McCallum as Lt Colonel White
  • Tim Clarke as Major Todd
  • Dan Wyllie as Major Stephen Midgley
  • John Brumpton as Sergeant Major
  • Nicholas Hammond as Henry Nevinson
  • David Paterson as Marcus Ledwidge
  • Glenn Hancox as Malcolm Ross
  • Jim Daly as Father O'Brien
  • Yalin Ozucelik as Mustafa Kemal
  • Ezel Doruk as Adnan Cevik
  • Anthony Natoli as Medical Orderly
  • Glenn Boyd as Medical Orderly
  • Nicholas Kato as Turkish Sergeant
  • Cam Meghaizel as Wounded Soldier
  • Tas Dimitrakakis as Turkish Camptain
  • Greg Pandelidis as Turkish Captain at The Nek
  • Joe Pampanella as Machine Gunner
  • Marco Sinigaglia as Machine Gunner
  • Jake Collins Levy as Young ANZAC

Stunt Performers: Davin Taylor, Bradd Buckley, Graham Jahne, Alex Yakimov, Paul Rochford, Chris Weir, Beau Hurren, Craig Brookshaw, Mike Snow, Rian Goodge, Jarrah Cocks, Marky Lee Campbell, Matthew Campbell, Brendan Guerin, Richard Anastasios, Bryce Hardy, Michael Foster, Will Jones, Daniel Solis, Adam Davis, Harley Durst, Gulliver Page, Warwick Sadler, Brent Lister, Adrian Pickering, Rick Tonna, Jade Amantea, Marco Sinigaglia, Chris Mitchell, Morgan Evans, Robbie Clissold