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The Deeper Scar

Part 4
Mon, March 02, 2015
Ratings: 479,000 viewers (-)
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Glendyn Ivin

Tolly recovers from his injuries in Cairo, and reluctantly returns to the front line at Gallipoli. He carries the bullet that almost killed him, given to him by a nursing sister in Cairo. Tolly thinks it might be a good omen, despite Two Bob's warning it will bring nothing but bad luck. After one of his close mates is killed, Tolly volunteers for sniper duty alongside the legendary Chinese-Australian sniper Billy Sing.


  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Tolly Johnson
  • Harry Greenwood as Bevan Johnson
  • Sam Parsonson as Dave Kelin
  • Tom Budge as Cliff Sutton
  • James Callis as Ellis Asmead-Bartlett
  • John Bach as Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Nicholas Hope as Walter Braithwaite
  • Anthony Hayes as Anthony Chandler
  • Matt Nable as Harry Perceval
  • Leon Ford as Charles Bean
  • Ashleigh Cummings as Celia Houghton
  • Travis Jeffery as Stewie
  • Lincoln Lewis as Chook
  • Dion Williams as Two Bob
  • Anthony Phelan as Sir William Birdwood
  • Gracie Gilbert as Tessa Gordon
  • Grant Bowler as William Malone
  • Justine Clarke as Mrs Johnson
  • David Whiteley as Cyril Brundell White
  • Paul English as Cecil Aspinall
  • Hugh Parker as Harold (Hooky) Walker
  • Dan Wyllie as Major Stephen Midgley
  • James Stewart as Billy Sing
  • David Paterson as Marcus Ledwidge
  • Glenn Hancox as Malcolm Ross
  • Peter Houghton as Major Guy Dawnay
  • Jim Daly as Father O'Brien
  • Antony Okill as Ambulance Driver
  • James Schaw as Captain Harston
  • Kazim Kane as Turkish Tolly
  • Daniel Cruz as ANZAC Soldier
  • LUka Maizey as ANZAC Soldier
  • Sam Duncan as Blinde ANZAC
  • Andrew Pantelis as Turkish Officer
  • Ali Yesilyurt as Turkish Officer
  • Vas Anastasios as Turkish Officer
  • Bradd Buckley as Stunt Performer