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Series 2

With the holidays over the Laws are turning a new leaf — or, as Jenny calls it, a "new flap". Danny — having sold Happy Dragon — opens 'Asian Alley', an Asian grocery store and his first entrée into retail, while Jenny embarks on a quest of self-discovery. Resuming his role as family fixer, Benjamin helps his mother "find herself", his father prove himself, and tries to stop his family from going off the rails — all while juggling his star-making turn in Sacred Heart High's ground-breaking school production of a feel-good hit about infanticide, Medea.

This season, the Laws are starting anew while trying to stop old wounds from festering, and they're taking series favourites (nosey aunties Maisy and Daisy; deranged drama teacher Mallory Mallory; serial shyster Beryl Streep; the annoyingly perfect Thomson family) along for the ride.

The new season of The Family Law will be even more painful, hilarious and poignant than the first. With more gasp-inducing honesty and hair-raising Jenny-isms, welcome back to the post-nuclear family you know and love, where membership sometimes feels like a sentence. Just like your own, really.