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Episode 2.05
USA: Wed, July 26, 2017
Aus: Thu, July 27, 2017
Written by
Directed by

At the lab, Waruu learns that Slade has successfully liquefied the lump of sap. They watch as the sap cuts clean through the nulla nulla. Waruu now has what can kill the Cleverman, and just as well — he is confronted by Koen, who demands he close down the Inclusion Clinic. Waruu is unintimidated — he has the weapon.

Knowing that Boondee and Charlotte's captor are from the same tribe, McIntyre demands Boondee lead him to Jarli and Bindawu country. Charlotte warns the Bindawu that Slade will not stop as long as she remains with them. They are reluctant to let Charlotte go, but know they have little choice.

Having discovered the equipment from the city that Jarli has been amassing, Darana forbids Jarli to use Bindawu language again, strips him of his clan clothing and exiles him forever. Undeterred, Jarli asks Latani to come with him — they will free her mother and all the others trapped in Bennelong House, and bring them back to Bindawu land.

Charlotte appears in Slade's lab. But his relief quickly turns to confusion when it becomes clear that she is taking the side of her kidnappers. Slade realises he has no choice but to remove the baby from her immediately. But at what cost?