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Episode 2.04
USA: Wed, July 19, 2017
Aus: Thu, July 20, 2017
Written by
Directed by

After escaping Waruu once again, Koen examines his neck; he should be fully healed by now and he's not. Something is not right.

When confronted by a furious Koen, Auntie Linda doesn't deny a thing about the death of Koen's parents — she's been waiting for this moment all of Koen's life. Fearing a diminution of his healing powers, Koen nevertheless takes Auntie Linda back to the place where she was hit by the blue blast. All he has to do is kill her, breathe her muya — 'essence' — back into her, and then revive her. Will it work?

Waruu takes the sap to Slade, to see if he can alter its composition and return it to liquid form. Slade is a wreck, the last sighting of Charlotte was with Jarli as they disappeared into bushland to the west. He orders McIntyre (Marcus Graham) to find her.

On Bindawu country, Jarli hides Charlotte away from the others, and brings Darana back to advise him. Darana is appalled at what he has done and orders Jarli to kill her.

On the run, Nerida, Alinta and Latani are caught by a CA unit, which includes Dolan & Hendricks. Dolan frees Nerida, but Hendricks arrests Alinta and puts her through the system. Latani escapes into the bush.

Ready to fight, Koen emerges from the abandoned warehouse, his face painted with ochre, a long jacket disguising his form, and the nulla nulla glowing a pale blue in his hand. A man who has brought someone back from the dead. A warrior, ready to bring an end to the division between peoples.