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Actor Lynes turns to auctioneering

Aussie actor Martin Lynes says his new qualification as a real estate agent is a perfect combination of acting and performing, and it may just lead to a new career.

After spending more than six years as "charmless" brain surgeon Luke Forlano in Australian hospital series All Saints and the past two as kombi driving, pro-surfer trainer, Craig "Simmo" Simmonds in teen drama Blue Water High, Lynes says it may be time to look for a career that's a little more stable.

Lynes obtained his real estate licence recently and has already begun slamming the hammer on auctions around Sydney.

"I have been calling auctions as an auctioneer and it's a great blend of acting and performing," the 38-year-old said from the set of Blue Water High on Sydney's northern beaches.

"I suit up, get the hair sleek and start going. Typically, if I am going to do something I want to do my best, maybe I can be the best auctioneer in Sydney!"

Lynes says the uncertainty of the acting industry is a battle and one he can't afford to take while supporting a family.

He is married to film writer Marie Patane and they have one child, three-year-old Ned.

"Actors get rejected constantly," Lynes said.

"It's strange that insecure, but seemingly confident people are drawn to the industry.

"I tell people before they get into the industry that they are going to be unemployed, and for me I am nearly 40 with a young family and a mortgage and I don't know what is happening in the future.

"But it's not a choice, this industry chooses you."

Logie award winning series Blue Water High stars Australian Film Industry award winner Sophie Luck as Fiona "Fly" Watson and a swag of unknown teenage actors.

Being the only senior cast member on the program, Lynes says he is continually badgering the aspiring young actors about life decisions.

"It's nice to feel that I have influenced them in some way and I am always onto them about getting out there and experiencing stuff," he said.

"It's not teaching them, it's not mentoring them and I am not a role model, but obviously I have an influence on them as young actors and maybe as young people."

After graduating from NIDA in 1994 Lynes scored minor roles in unsuccessful television series including Pacific Drive, The Devil Game and Big Sky before being cast in the then new series, All Saints in 1997.

He says working alongside multi-Logie winner and highly acclaimed actor Georgie Parker kept him grounded.

"When I started at All Saints I was just a kid fresh out of acting school," he said.

"There was Georgie Parker and she was never a prima donna, never said give me this or that."

Lynes admits the most frustrating thing about acting is having no control over your work.

"Your creative output is dependent on opportunities created by other people, and that's frustrating," he said.

"It always comes down to being too tall, short, fat, skinny, freckly or having brown eyes when they want blue. It's out of your control."

A German-Australian co-production [in its first season], Blue Water High has been sold to France, Belgium, New Zealand and South Africa.

Lynes says he isn't amazed at its success.

"I wasn't surprised it rated, that it went overseas or that Sophie won an AFI for it," he said.

"It's kids in bikinis, surfing mad waves with cool music, kids dig it."

Asked about executive producer Noel Price's recent comments that a third series might be to[o] expensive to produce, Lynes just shrugs.

"Oh well, that is not my problem," he said.

Now that filming for Blue Water High has wrapped, Lynes says that, apart from his real estate ventures, he will be playing "Mr Mum" while his wife writes her next script.

More acting work is also on the horizon.

"I have a couple of projects coming up, they are both series, which is great because its ongoing work and you get a good chunk of money," he said.

He says Home and Away's Ray Meagher's role in 1980 Australia war flick, Breaker Morant is what he aspires to.

"I saw Ray at the Logies a few months ago and he was sort of apologising for being on Home and Away for 12 years.

"But he has an amazing point in his career, I don't have one. In 100 years when they look back in Australian cinema, Breaker Morant is one they will pull out as a turning point. That's what I strive for."

  • Series two of Blue Water High will premiere on June 28 at 5.25pm (AEST) on ABC.

June 22, 2006