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Episodes 883-884

Kylie Tomms, a little girl enamored with Harry is trampled by cattle after falling into the coral on her family's farm. Harry is distraught over the girl's sudden and tragic death. Lucy stakes out her chicken coop when her birds start disappearing—Rhett it is later learned, has lead them astray after Matt kicked him out of the house. Luke and Darcy "help" deliver a baby at the clinic. Darcy admits to Luke that she cannot drive.

An elderly woman leaves Lucy $50,000 in her will but when the woman's estranged daughter arrives, she accuses Lucy of conning the money out of her mother. The money is held in old company shares that eventually turn out to be worthless. Kate admits her feelings to Harry but he then accuses her of just feeling sorry for him in light of his emotional reaction to Kylie's death. Kate takes a leave of absence and goes home to Melbourne. Darcy nearly runs down Cookie as Luke teaches her to drive in the "Dream Machine."

Guest Cast: Carlton Lamb as Paul Tomms, Liz Newman as Joy Tomms, Julia Stone as Kylie Tomms, Meg Simpson as Mrs. Sweeney, Madeleine Gemmell as Baby Sweeney, Michael Beckley as Dr. Peter O'Sullivan, Peter J. Williams as Mr. Newton, Bernard Duff as Ambulanceman, Barbara Morton as Vera Martin, Troy Hardey as Nathan Mills

Feet of Clay

Episodes 885-886

Fergus Morton, an old college friend of Matt's, arrives in town bringing out the worst in Matt while at the same time steeling drugs from his surgery. While learning to drive, Darcy runs cyclist Hugo Strzelecki off the road. He is operated on by a famous surgeon visiting the area. A muscular disorder has the doctor thinking about retirement but Harry talks him out of it.

Matt discovers Fergus's involvement in a bird smuggling operation. Fergus asks Matt to keep quiet but when his partners show up, the seriousness of their situation escalates. Rosemary campaigns for orderlies for the hospital. While helping Luke renovate the lodge, Darcy learns about Steve.

Guest Cast: Gavin Harrison as Hugo Strzelecki, Christopher Morsley as Fergus Morton, Peter Carroll as Stewart Innes, Mervyn Drake as Greg Henning, Georgie Goldstein as Sister Sandra Williams.

Alfred The Great

Episodes 887-888

Rosemary lets Hugo move in with her but when he gets an offer from Darcy to move in with her and Perce, Luke quickly intercedes and offers him a room with himself and Kate. Esme returns to Wandin Valley after receiving the Order of Australia. Alf Muldoon becomes the new owner of the club and quickly closes it for renovations putting Cookie out of work. Lucy gets an Angora goat and Matt surprises her with a second unaware she had bought the first. A celebratory party for Esme at the club ends when a fire breaks out and Cookie, Esme and Harry become trapped in the cellar as the fire rages. They are eventually rescued, but not before Harry is electrocuted sending him into cardiac arrest. The town is divided over Alf Muldoon's proposed quarry on land that is a reported koala habitat.

Harry is recovering in the intensive care unit. Frank finds evidence of arson and suspects Muldoon's nephew of strating the fire, but based on Alf's reaction to the news, Frank turns his investigation towards Muldoon himself. Hugo's disappearance after the fire worries Darcy and Luke who start a search. They find him with young Gemma Andrews out and about town. The body of Muldoon's nephew's is found in the remains of the fire.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, Shana Reynolds as Gemma Andrews, Paul Kennedy as Neville Muldoon, Kerry Thompson as Paramedic 1, James Porter as Paramedic 2.

Alfred The Great (II)

Episodes 889-890

Cookie opens a temporary caf&eacute at the lodge. A man found lying in a ditch is brought to hospital—he turns out to be a doctor, Stewart Robinson, but he has no memory of how he ended up in ditch. A counsel meeting is proposed to settle the fate of Muldoon's proposed mine. A young boy slips into a coma after being in a motorbike accident. Darcy and Shirley lead the crusade to stop Muldoon from developing on what they claim is a koala habitat. Rosemary prepares for a speech she is to give to a group of students on the subject of career choices. Lucy discovers a boy's dyslexia. Muldoon is finally brought to justice after getting caught in his web of illegal activities.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, Robert Hughes as Colin Warner, Justin Rosniak as Chris Warne, Don Halbert as Stewart Robinson, Julie Herbert as Councillor Wilma Duffy, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Simon Gough as Peter Thomas, Alan Lock as Policeman.

Riding for a Fall

Episodes 891-892

Rosemary gets Hugo a job at the hospital as an orderly but his too-eager work ethic quickly alienate his coworkers into striking. Harry is looking for a horse to buy and finds one that is owned by Spence Anderson and Meredith Hendrix, a farm couple with a troubled marriage who are looking to sell their farm as well. Harry quickly takes a liking to the horse, the farm, and Meredith. After an accident, Spence reveals to Terence that he has Multiple Sclerosis and has been keeping his illness hidden from Meredith in an attempt to drive her away so that she won't have to cope him as his condition deteriorates. Cookie goes on the wagon to win a $50 bet with Bob.

Harry cools his desires after Terence tells him about Spence's illness. Spence over exerts himself on a crosscountry endurance race and afterwards, Spence tells Meredith about his illness and the couple decide not to sell their farm after all. Shirley tries to encourage Terence and Rosemary's relationship, a plan which they happily go along with. Lucy operates on Gertrude, one of her goats, when Matt is not available. Kate goes to the ball with Richard Wellbourne.

Guest Cast: Robert Willox as Spence Anderson, Jacqueline McKenzie as Meredith Hendrix, Jenny Kent as Penelope Rose, Daniel Luxton as Ken Clarke, Murray Bartlett as Richard Welbourne.

Armed And Dangerous

Episodes 893-894

The club reopens but the restaurant portion remains closed. Lizzy returns to the valley to have her baby. Wayne, Lizzy's ex, has escaped from custody, killing a police officer in the process, and is back in the district looking for her. Darcy stubbles onto Wayne and Lizzy at Camelot and offers herself up to him as a hostage so that he'll leave town. Perce is brought into hospital with a tooth lodged in his bronchial tube. The owner of a dog that died on Matt's operating table tries to sue him for $20,000—until Matt discovers that the man switched dogs in an attempt to commit fraud.

A siege evolves at the Hudson farm when Wayne holes up there with Darcy as his hostage. Frank is shot in the leg when he arrives and the shootout eventually ends when Darcy pushes Wayne off the farm's second floor balcony. Wayne later dies in hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound he received in the fall. Lizzy gives birth to a daughter and names her Terri in honour of Terence. When Esme's cousin breezes through town, the two troublemakers wind up at the bottom of a public fountain in Burrigan.

Guest Cast: Joanne Hunt as Lizzy Walker, Mark Pegler as Wayne Hawkins, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Lola Nixon as Roma Dowsett, Roger Ward as Stan Plummer, Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter. Alan Lock as Policeman, Lucy Scott as Baby Terri, Kym Campbell as Radio Operator (voice), Janice Oxenbould as Ann (voice).

Reach For The Sky

Episodes 895-896

Luke and Darcy meet Doug Simons, a wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran. Harry tries to get Hugo take a more tactful approach in his attempt at getting a boy suffering from low self esteem back into shape.

Luke gets an interview with the Australian Air Force. When Luke finds Doug with Harry's stolen prescription pad, Doug admits that he never fought in the war but rolled his car the night before he was to ship out. Bob adopts a dog he nearly ran over, but must give him up when a young girl comes by to claim her pet. Lucy gives Kate a sewing lesson. Luke tells Darcy of his plans to join the air force. Erin leaves the Tyler residence.

Guest Cast: Richard Moir as Doug Simons, Sancia Robinson as Emma Harvey, Steve Pate as Kid No 1, Shaun Clowes as Kid No 2. Clayton Williamson as Nicholas Kyle, Caroline Olds as Jilly Tate, Cameron Stewart as Wardie, Jamie Walter as Dead Mate No 1, Kevin Golsby as Dead Mate No 2.


Episodes 897-898 Written by: Graeme Koetsveld
Directed by: Robert Meillon

Harry takes up the case of a young retarded girl whose mother and doctor both see psychosurgery as the best and only treatment for the girl. Harry adamantly opposes such a radical treatment but has a difficult time convincing her mother likewise. Luke turns down his acceptance into air force training as a navigator as it his been his dream to become a pilot. Matt discovers that a chemical supplier has been diluting his products and as a result several animals have died. Hugo enters a bike race and wins after an early setback

Bob celebrates his 60th birthday but after being disappointed to learn that his pension amounts to just $2500, he gives it to Cookie to bet on a horse that a computer programme of Tiger Kelly's has predicted to win. When Esme tells Bob the wrong horse was accidentally bet on, Bob is furious. He lashes out at a despondent Cookie and ends their friendship. When the programme is found to have been in error, and Bob's horse (Glorious Decade) gallops to victory at 50:1 odds, Bob basks in his newly acquired fortune before patch things up with his longtime friend. Luke decides on a new life plan, he decides to become an auto mechanic. While he's making plans, Luke asks Darcy to marry him. Darcy informs Luke he can still enter the air force and transfer to pilot training later on. Bob and Cookie decide to do some travelling and pack their things before hitting the road. Luke leaves for Melbourne to join the Air Force.

Guest Cast: Lisa Armytage as Jane Lindsay, Emily Dawe as Michelle Lindsay, Paul Williams as Dr. Mason, Margot Lloyd as Mrs. Hancock, Ronald Falk as Dr. John Holden.

A Different Drum

Episodes 899-900

Constable Tom Newman and his pregnant wife Allison arrive in the valley. Two cattlemen stop off at the Hudson farm to rest their animals. After the death of one of their cattle, a suspicious Hugo calls Matt out to the farm to inspect the animals—Hugo suspects the animals are stolen. Esme comes to the conclusion that her nemesis, Ivy Clements, has absconded with the proceeds from their lamington sale. An old man dies in hospital leaving behind a deaf, mute boy as the only clue to the his identity. Hugo becomes Matt's new veterinary assistant.

Lucy takes a fall in the hospital and goes into premature labour. Allison Newman looses her baby and tells her husband she doesn't want children but would like to return to the city to concentrate on her career instead.

Guest Cast: Jon Concannon as Tom Newman, Karen Davitt as Allison Newman, Terry Brady as Shane Hewitt, David Slingsby as Colin Pierce, Howard Vernon as Aub Miller, Darren Beath as Jack Miller, Brendon Walker as Barry, Ron Brown as Sam.

High Hopes

Episodes 901-902

The father of a girl with Down's Syndrome is concerned about the nature of Hugo's relationship with her. Hugo is simply helping her in her swim training but Ruth misinterprets his intentions and thinks he's interested in her romantically. Allison tells Tom she's leaving him to return to her life in Sydney. While spending their day off on the golf course, Harry and Kate came to the aid of a fellow golfer after she collapses.

Ruth's father continues to hassle Hugo and refuses listen to this daughter's ambitions of making it to the Special Olympics. Darcy tries to get Simone to metamorphose into a salamander. Esme informs Rosemary of the risks associated with such an endeavour and she puts a halt to Darcy's experiment. Rosemary slams the door on Terence's nose after an argument. Lucy leaves her job at the hospital. Kate and Harry help Terence and Rosemary end their fighting ways. Hugo reveals to Darcy the truth about his father.

Guest Cast: Karen Davitt as Allison Newman, Michele Fawdon as Diane Klein, Peter Browne as Rob Klein, Ruth Cromer as Ruth Klein, Marilyn Allen as Myfannwy Gates, Julie Costello as Holly Johns, Saxon Graham as himself, Richard Assange as Larry Sykes

Note: Ruth Cromer and Saxon Graham would go on to star in the comedy series House Gang (1996, 1998)

Turning Point

Episodes 903-904

Frank decides it may be time to retire but later changes his mind. Tom attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife but soon learns that she has already moved on. Angela Foster attacks her husband and his train set with a cricket bat after learning that he's considering having a vasectomy. Under the circumstances, Harry refuses Greg Foster's request to perform the vasectomy so Greg has the procedure performed in Burrigan. When Greg later learns his wife is pregnant, the couple reconcile their differences. Lucy is concerned about her baby and the possibility of a breach, and takes Kate up on her suggestion of using acupuncture to turn the baby.

Rupert Bright, an eccentric man who has had twelve of his cats die in the past four years, catches Frank in a leg trap and concludes that he is responsible for their deaths. Not having heard from Luke since his departure, Darcy is depressed so Hugo takes her swimming in an attempt to cheer her up. Unfortunately, Darcy is bitten by a stone fish while swimming and ends up in hospital where she receives a letter from Luke that says he wants to break up with her.

Guest Cast: Helen Matkins as Angela Foster, Craig Elliott as Greg Foster, Hanni Witt as Sonia DeVries, Frank Lloyd as Cliff Sutton. Geoff Kelso as Rupert Bright.

Blood On The Vine

Episodes 905-906

Terence and Rosemary's plan to get away for a quiet weekend at the Wandin Valley Estates vineyard is disrupted when they meet up with Esme and learn that a murder mystery weekend is being hosted at the winery by mystery author Madeleine Wells.

Frank becomes the new manager of the club and despite Hugo's concerns, Frank assures him that his job is not in jeopardy. The murder mystery weekend takes on an ominous tone when the hostess is found unconscious. When Esme learns that Madeleine's niece Jillian Carter, suffering from a mental disorder giving her multiple personalities, is responsible for the attack on Madeleine, Jillian's alter ego of Geraldine throws Esme in the trunk of her car and drives off. She is ultimately pulled over by Tom who discovers Esme and takes Jillian/Geraldine into custody.

Guest Cast: Angie Milliken as Jillian Carter, Chris Hallam as Howard Lee, Leone Martin-Smith as Madeleine Wells, Lucy Bell as Louise Callaghan, Ron Gaist as Gerard, Christopher Glendenning as Tim Callaghan, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson.

Father to Son

Episodes 907-908

Gil Tyler, Matt's father, arrives in the valley and offers his son a job in Vietnam. Young David Kelly and his pet rabbits are at the centre of a feud between the boy's father, Bruce Kelly, and their neighbour Ray Hall over Ray's dogs' aggressiveness towards David's rabbits. Hugo spikes a handful of eggs with cayenne pepper as part of a trap to catch the person responsible for stealing eggs from Lucy's hens, but unfortunately one of Ray Hall's dogs takes the bait resulting in Hugo receiving a stern lecture from Matt. David's favourite rabbit is mauled by one of Ray's dogs.

When three more of David's rabbits are killed, David takes matters into his own hands and shoots Ray's dog. Ray sees David with the gun and a struggle ensues between the two during which the gun discharges, shooting and killing David's older brother Shane. Matt accepts his father's job offer after discussing Gil's proposal with Lucy. They plan to leave for Vietnam after their child is born.

Guest Cast: George Whaley as Gil Tyler, Tom Richards as Brian Kelly, Rob Steele as Ray Hall, James Millar as David Kelly, Marc Gray as Shane Kelly, Tim Valka as kid at soccer game

Little Boy Blue

Episodes 909-910
Written by: Graeme Koetsveld (910)
Directed by: Peter R. Dodds

One week overdue, Lucy is getting anxious to give birth. Matt is called away to attend to Bruce and Karen Dyson's birthing cows. Hugo and Brett Cooper, another cyclist, are both attacked and savagely beaten in the park by a gang of teens. Shirley returns home and hounds Frank about redecorating the club and tells him she wants to have a part in it's day-to-day operation.

Lucy gives birth after 24 hours of labour to a son she and Matt name James. With palm trees in tow, Darcy's globe-trotting mother returns to the valley after a prolonged absence. Darcy is excited to finally see her mother again but a dispassionate Perce just wants his daughter to leave. Tom charges Steve Dyson in connection with the violent attack on Hugo and Brett.

Guest Cast: Simon Stokes as Brett Cooper, Troyt Coburn as Steve Dyson, Rona McLeod as Karen Dyson, Neil Melville as Bruce Dyson, Troy Carlson as John Hill, Brian Harrison as James Sancarlo, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Curtis Greening as Baby Tyler, Judith McGrath as Bernice Hudson, Sarah Sheridan as Lucy's Double.

Travelling South

Episodes 911-912

Bob and Cookie return to the valley for a visit. Bob has started a great new life for himself in Darwin but Cookie, who has come down with pneumonia, has not been having a good time and has been missing home. Kate clashes with the hospital's new nurse, Malcolm Fairfax, but he is quickly fired after he approaches Rosemary trying to have Kate dismissed. Kate applies for Lucy's vacated position. Bernice decides to transform Perce's farm into a Bed and Breakfast.

Cookie is slowly recovering in hospital but a conflict between him and Bob is making things difficult. Bernice considers leaving again but ultimately decides to stay in the valley. Harry borrows Esme's car to do his rounds but the car gets away from him and ends up in a dam. The drowned car is towed out, but when Hugo decides to attempt to push start the vehicle from the top of a hill, the car takes off again and takes the plunge for a second and final time. Harry wins a new vehicle in the hospital raffle but discretely slips the winning ticket into Esme's vast jumble of stubs so that she can claim the prize. Bob purchases the Magnolia Vale pub for himself and Cookie to run together.

Guest Cast: Gordon Piper as Bob Hatfield, Syd Heylen as Cookie Locke, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Darren Gilshenan as Malcolm Fairfax, Trent Lee as Kevin Thieu.


Episodes 913-914

Wandin Valley's new veterinarian arrives in town with her young nephew and takes up residence in Matt and Lucy's old home. Anna Lacey became the guardian of her sister's son Billy when both of his parents were killed in an automobile accident (Billy survived the crash) in the United States one week prior. Anna's first day in town sees her operating on Kate's horse Lightning and eventually being forced to put the horse down. Darcy dates a drug rep just to spite Hugo who had told her not to. Bob and Cookie's Magnolia Vale Arms pub is cutting into Frank's business at the club. Billy stones Tom on their first encounter.

Billy runs away from home, he plans on going back to Phoenix where he still thinks his parents are still living. Hugo develops a crush on Bernice but she lets him down easy.

Guest Cast: Anne Looby as Anna Lacey, Jamie Croft as Billy Moss, Peter McAllum as Les Perkins, Paul Jones as Truckie. Peter Collingwood as Teddy Turner.


Episodes 915-916

While filling in for Darcy at the clinic, Bernice becomes an impromptu interpreter for a sick Japanese patient who then proposes to her. Cameron West, the son of Karen West, a new nurse at the hospital, keeps Tom busy. Fatso suffers from a flatulence problem. Darcy beats out Hugo for the position Anna's veterinary assistant. Hugo then tries to talk Anna into giving him severance pay despite never having worked for her. Darcy's new job with Anna allows Bernice to take over her daughter's position as the clinic receptionist on a full time basis.

Cameron's father comes to the valley after Karen is hospitalised for high blood pressure. Harry becomes the object of affection of an elderly patient. Wandin Valley's senior population takes over the disco Hugo has organised at the lodge. Peter and Karen West help Cameron comes to terms with his brother's suicide. Billy adopts a stray dog Darcy brings to Anna's surgery, he names him George Gershwin. Condom machines are installed at the lodge and club but it's not the kids who are purchasing them.

Guest Cast: Lynette Curran as Karen West, Ben Fahy as Cameron West, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Michael Kozuki as Yoshiyuki Matsushima, Janice Oxenbould as Mrs. Jones, Piers Gordon as Justin West, David Nettheim as Peter West, Jone Winchester as Mrs. Peabody.

Where the Wild Things Are

Episodes 917-918

Tom Newman and Trevor Jackson lead a group of kids on a camping trip into the national park. Billy isn't happy about the trip and makes an effort to ensure his dissatisfaction is known. Billy and Gemma Andrews go off by themselves and return to the cave they had been to previously with the group. While there, Gemma is bitten by a spider. Hugo fobs a dog off on Esme that then goes into labour. Bernice has a cancer scare. A girl is admitted to hospital after taking bad drugs.

Trevor finds the lost kids but breaks his leg after falling off a cliff requiring Billy to go for help on his own. Kate takes an interest in a patient at the hospital when she learns he's a captain—in the salvation army as she is later surprised to learn. A direct dial phone system in finally being implemented in Wandin Valley meaning Bev is on her last days as operator—and casual eavesdropper. Upset over her job loss, Bev barricades herself in the phone building before switching to the bathroom at the club, with her bagpipes. Anxious to remove her, and more importantly, her bagpipes, Frank gets Bev a new job as a taxi driver.

Guest Cast: Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Shana Reynolds as Gemma Andrews, Emma Garven as teenage addict, Joseph Younan as Telecom Technician, Stephen Ostrow as voice on radio, Peter Cousens as Captain Alex Neil, Norma Keshishian as Mrs. Andrews

Sleeping Beauty

Episodes 919-920

Amber Thomas, Darcy's sister, stops in Wandin Valley with her boyfriend Howie on their way to Sydney. Leaving town, they are involved in a car accident that kills Howie and leaves Amber brain dead. Esme insults Hugo's croissants instigating a bake-off between the two. Darcy's father arrives and is told about Amber's accident. Looking for a horse, Kate passes on what could very well be the perfect horse in favour of an old broken down horse that used to work in the circus.

Darcy comes to terms with her sister's death and agrees to the donation of Amber's organs. Esme finds a baby on the doorstep at Camelot, but the mother later returns and is coaxed into revealing herself. Anna diagnoses a farmer's dog as being deaf and discovers it is the result of the food it's been given.

Guest Cast: Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Peter Fisher as Sean Thomas, Emma Skinner as Amber Thomas, Andrew Perrott as Howie Gray, Peter Carmody as Clarrie Rossiter, Keith Holloway as Ian Catllin, Jillian O'Dowd as Kylie Phillips, Melissa Nicholls as Megan Phillips


Episodes 921-922

Leanne Hewson, a new nurse at the hospital who is also a recovering drug addict, has a difficult time dealing with the reactions of her coworkers and patients, one of whom tries to use her to feed her own addiction. Billy has his friend James Hutton stay over for the weekend, at which time it is revealed that James has been molested. Bernice's uniquely shaped pots prove to be quite a hit with the community, but when she discovers one of the "herbs" she's planted in them is in fact marijuana, a quick, covert, and widespread transplant operation is secretly carried out. Anna has Tom secretly get a replacement bird when James' pet budgie dies while in Anna's care. Tom arrests James' father when James identifies him as his abuser.

Guest Cast: Graham Harvey as Geoff Hutton, Gary Down as Chris Graham, Ari Mattes as James Hutton, Anna North as Leanne Hewson, Margo McLennan as Mrs. Barker, Paul Sommer as Nick Masters, Rhondda Findleton as Nancy Hutton.

A Kiss Before Dying

Episodes 923-924

Max Blair, a journalist from Sydney who has AIDS, has come home to Wandin Valley to die. His sister Trish is supportive but her husband Ray is adamantly opposed to Max's homosexuality and has no qualms about stating that he thinks Max has gotten what he deserves. Tom catches up to a car thief when the man runs off the road but must then look after the man's injured dog. The Lodge hosts a "Back To The 40s" ball.

Frank wants to "de-rubbish" the house but Shirley shows him the sentimental value of their belongings. Anna plans a birthday party for Billy but is called out on a job leaving Hugo and Darcy in charge of the festivities. Max plans to kill himself but is unable to go through with it. Ray eventually agrees to let Max stay at his and Trish's home. En route to a conference in Brisbane, the airplane carrying Shirley crashes. Initial news reports are not promising and before long Tom arrives on Frank's doorstep to inform him of Shirley's death.

Guest Cast: Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Peter Sumner as Ray Lennox, Linden Wilkinson as Trish Lennox, Felix Williamson as Max Blair, Ron Blanchard as Lenny Swayer, Gerry Skilton as Eddie Mansell, Les Foxcroft as Neville Brown, Elizabeth Chance as Glynnis Humphries, Claudia Ventimiglia as Jenny Smith, Jamie Walter as Radio Announcer.

Note: Lorrae Desmond's final appearance. She comments in TV Week (June 7-13), "for me to leave the series, Shirl had to die. I didn’t want to do a Molly (Anne Tenney) — the long, lingering leukaemia bit, because I hate to upset children. I like children. The last thing I wanted them to see was Shirley laughing.”


Episodes 925-926

Two weeks after Shirley's death. A ceremony in held to officially rename the hospital's Muldoon Wing the Shirley Gilroy Wing in her honour. Hugo's father makes a visit and asks Hugo to return home to take over the family business. Anna discovers that Billy has been shoplifting but she clearly isn't prepared to hear his explanation of why he has being doing it.

Hugo's father is hospitalised with a heart condition after a night of heavy boozing. After Bernice accidentally shoots Dog, plans are made for her (Dog) to become a hospital pet. Harry decides to "help" Kate paint her flat but his clumsy actions result in her being evicted. Esme tries to help Frank deal with Shirley's death, her methods are aggressive but affective. After Hugo makes the decision to move back home his father tells him that he doesn't want him to give up on his dream of riding in the Tour de France. Needing a place to stay, an evicted Kate, with flatmates Hugo and Dog in tow, moves in with Frank.

Guest Cast: Danny Adcock as Antec Strzelecki, Jasbir Ahluwalia as Mr. Singh, Peter Damien-Hayes as AA Chairman.

A Little Knowledge

Episodes 927-928

After hurting his back in a fall, Terence makes the decision to retire. While he's making hasty decisions, Terence ends his relationship with Rosemary as well. Anna is horrified when Billy brings home a note from school informing her that Billy, and herself at this point, has lice. When Billy gives one of Anna's client's dogs a trim, the two must convince the dog's owner of the radical new look his guard dog is now sporting. Dog is trained for hospital duty.

Perce asks Esme to dinner after some encouragement from Darcy. Terence helps a young bed ridden patient deal with the frustration of his condition. To earn the respect of a retired police officer, Tom learns to ride a horse. After resisting assistance from his friends, Terence asks Harry for help. Terence sees a specialist in Burrigan who confirms Terence's own self diagnosis of Post Polio Syndrome.

Guest Cast: Peter Stonham as Joshua Talbot, David Brown as Mr. Peel, Jill Brown as Mrs. Talbot, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Fred Walsh as Eric McKeever, Stephen Leeder as Michael Robinson.

The Contender

Episodes 929-930

Glenn Garrison, a young boxer in town for an exhibition fight at the lodge, is nearly run down by Darcy while on Hugo's bicycle. When Glenn's opponent pulls out of their bout, Hugo steps up to replace him. Bernice attempts to get Esme's Historical Society to recognise Rainbow Farm as a legitimate historical site in order to help her promote the farm as a bed and breakfast. Tom and Harry argue over the merits of boxing and when Harry refuses to attend the fight as a ringside doctor, Hugo and Glenn's fight is officially called off. Despite the cancellation, Hugo and Glenn decide to go ahead with the fight anyway. Hugo is knocked around the ring rather easily by his well-trained opponent but he does manage to land one cheap shot that unfortunately inflicts permanent damage on Glenn that could end his hopes of a boxing career. Despite warnings from the doctors, Glenn says he plans to continue fighting. Anna lectures Billy about how to handle bullies at school but is surprised to learn that Billy has been the aggressor. Dog befriends an elderly patient at the hospital who later dies.

Guest Cast: Paul Williams as Glenn Garrison, Robert Hensley as Tommo Tickson, Charito Ortez as Mrs. Chan, Salvatore Coco as Howie Scott, Gwen Plumb as Morna Peacock.

The Odds Against

Episodes 931-932

Tom, Kate, and Anna track a "ghost horse" through Hanging Tree Hollow. Kate falls down a gully and is struck on the head by a rock. Frank receives a note from Shirley (she left it with Terence with the condition that it be delivered to Frank if she died) on their anniversary that directs him to do four tasks. They are: to have dinner with friends, to dance with a beautiful woman, to tell off Killer Burke, and, as he must build up the courage to do, to stand naked and declare to the world "I AM A FREE SPIRIT!" Hugo devises a betting scheme he believes will lead him on the the path to riches. Bernice initiates Billy in the ways of I Ching.

Kate is brought back to hospital and Terence is called upon to operate in an attempt to save her leg. Hugo takes a betting tip from Esme to back Glorious Decade (the horse Bob won his fortune on) but loses big time and finds himself in trouble with Shorty Price. Darcy gets Bernice to talk to her about her younger brother who died soon after being born.

Guest Cast: Paul Ambrosoli as Race Caller, Bill Ledingham as Radio DJ, Ron Blanchard as Lennie Sawyer, Pauline Devereaux as Sister Temple.

Old Flames

Episodes 933-934

Terence and Harry are away for a medical conference but their sunny resort is inundated by the full effects of Cyclone Wally. Tom takes over the building of Billy's playhouse from Anna who is clearly put off by being ousted from the bonding experience. The locum filling in while Terence and Harry are away brushes off Esme's health concerns as the ravings of a hypochondriac, but her appendicitis soon proves to be very real. The doctor, Paul Beardsley, is an old friend of Bernice's but it is Darcy who catches his eye and it's not long before he asks her out on a date. Kate returns from spending a week in Brisbane.

Darcy learns about her mother's previous relationship with Paul. Terence returns from the conference and must operate on Esme after Dr. Beardsley's first operation on her was botched. Hugo helps the club's cook by giving him some relationship advice, but to Hugo's surprise, he proposes to the barmaid, not his girlfriend as Hugo was expecting. Perce takes over as the club's cook. Dr. Beardsley decides to get out of medicine.

Guest Cast: Mark Lee as Dr. Paul Beardsley, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, David Wood as Dr. John Smythe, Veronica Akhurst as Female Announcer, Terry Bader as Clifford, Donna Chidgey as Wendy Swift.

Me and My Girl

Episodes 935-936

Dee Dee Mann, the young daughter of the club's new cook, has an accident while she's swimming with Hugo and Darcy and nearly drowns. Despite the seriousness of the accident, her father Ivan won't take her to the hospital as a precaution afterwards. Unfortunately, Dee Dee later has difficulty breathing and must then be rushed to hospital. A snake terrorises Bernice, and soon enough Bernice, Anna, and Tom find themselves perched atop Bernice's kitchen table trying to stay out of the snake's range. Terence reluctantly agrees to put the two tickets to Barcelona he received from a drug company up for raffle. Harry tries to treat an elderly patient who has a tendency to lean, but it's a picture of the famous Pisa tower that leads Harry to a diagnosis.

Harry and Kate decide to go camping but get stuck in the mud while taking a "short cut" and must pay a farmer's exorbitantly high, and escalating, price to get their vehicle pulled out. Anna makes her first appearance on 2BR's "Valley Vet" radio programme, but as Bernice hits it off with radio personality Barry Baxter, Anna acquires a stalker. Ivan Mann is found to be the thief responsible for an unsolved jewel theft twelve years earlier but before he can be charged, he breaks out of jail and once again hits the road with his daughter. Bernice is stood up by Barry Baxter. Hugo and Rosemary win the raffle.

Guest Cast: Joe Bugner as Ivan Mann, Brooke "Mikey" Anderson as Dee Dee Mann, Faye Fogarty as Valmai Winters, Jon Darling as Farmer Trantor, Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter, Noel Hodda as Mystery Caller.

A Virtuous Woman

Episode 937-938
Written by Ray Harding (937) and Susan Bower (938)
Directed by Geoffrey Bennett

Hugo has returned from his trip to Barcelona but Rosemary is nowhere to be found, she has apparently decided to stay another week. Telling everyone about the great French girl he met on vacation, Hugo is shocked when she walks through the doors at the club. Unfortunately for Hugo, he had left her with the idea that he was from a wealthy family and lived at Camelot, a lie that requires him to elicit the help of Terence and Harry (acting as his father and brother) to keep up the charade. Meanwhile, Rosemary's replacement, Liz "Mitch" Mitchell, who is an idol to Kate, quickly gets on the wrong side of the doctors with her go-it-alone methods. Matters are further complicated when Kate finds her drinking on the job late at night. Tom is called out by Bernice to catch a cat that has been seen in her yard, but catching it proves to be difficult. After Cheri suffers a fall at Camelot and is a little groggy from the prescribed Valium, her faux-French accent disappears revealing her to be a native Aussie.

Cheri reveals to Bernice her motivations. Anna catches the man believed to be her stalker but he claims to have been just looking for help after having car troubles. After she tells Tom about the incident she realises he was in fact her stalker. Kate confronts Mitch about her drinking, eventually telling Terence as well. Concerned for Mitch, the two go to her hotel where they find her semiconscious, she is hospitalised as a result of mixing alcohol and pills. Cheri finally comes clean with Hugo but won't accept him as he is, citing her poor background as the reason why she prefers wealthy men. Anna and Darcy catch the stalker in Anna's house.

Guest Cast: Ann Byron as Liz Mitchell, Lexy Murphy as Cheryl Duncan, Huw Ellis as Hedley Johnson, Jacquie Brennan as Ms. Bamford, Pauline Devereaux as Sister Temple, Noel Hodda as Gareth Spencer, Damon Sanders as Colin Hardy

Heaven's Gate

Episodes 939-940
Written by Judith Colquhoun (939) and David Phillips (940)
Directed by Richard Sarell

Rosemary has finally returned from her vacation in Barcelona. She has come home with her brother Michael Perry, a priest, who is waiting to appear in court on an assault charge. Tom's cat is wreaking havoc on the local bird population and Anna suggests that Max be neutered, Tom reluctantly agrees. Harry breaks one of Frank's vases (Shirl's favourite) while practising his new putting stroke. To make matters worse, the bath overflows while he and Kate are cleaning up the broken vase and when Frank returns, Harry hits him with the putter. Billy suffers a fall and loses his memory, he later regains it after a hospital room visit by George. Darcy's drinking intensifies. With the apparent aid of her new magnetic-handled shopping bag, Esme cleans up at the club's slot machines. But when the machines are proven to be faulty, Frank must apologise to Esme for suggesting she cheated. Bernice slams her car door on Tom's hand.

Guest Cast: John Brumpton as Michael Perry, Kira Osborne as Lottie Bates.

It's My Party

Episodes 941-942

Hugo befriends auto mechanic David Cornish, who he discovers requires regular dialysis, but David's continued disregard for his treatments lands him in hospital. Anna testifies against her stalker in court but due to an error on Tom's part, he gets off on a technicality. Darcy's drinking has increased and, much to Bernice's dismay, she has even managed to find a drinking partner in worse shape than she is in.

When a drinking binge with her new friend turns violent, Darcy seeks help for her addiction. Hugo's double booking of the club has unexpected consequences as it provides the venue for the reunion of a couple who parted due to a misunderstanding decades earlier. Harry and the other hospital staff reluctantly agree to allow David to cease his life-preserving treatments and spend his last days in their care.

Guest Cast: David Wenham as David Cornish, Fred Welsh as Eric McKeever, Mitch Mathews as Pearl White, Paul Coolahan as Des Felton, Leone Carey as Shelley Winston, Andre Eikmeier as Aiden Walker, Paul Williams as Dr. Mason, Julie Breen as Wendy

Every Move You Make

Episodes 943-944

Gareth Spencer, Anna's stalker, has returned and is taunting her and Tom who are unable to do anything to stop him since he is acting as a real estate agent for Anna's neighbour. Bernice is suffering from a headache which she believes is an after effect of a certain mushroom omelette she had at the club, but Esme is convinced it is a brain tumour. When she's feeling better, her headache diagnosed by Terence as just a migraine, Bernice gets a little revenge on Esme by bringing up Esme's own experience with mushrooms. Anna's stalker is arrested after a final confrontation with her in her home. Bernice, Esme and Rosemary compete for the right to throw Terence's birthday party, but Frank gets the honour and holds it at the club. After failing to find someone to perform a strip-o-gram for Terence, Bernice takes on the task herself. Darcy is introduced to dance as part of her rehab.

Guest Cast: Noel Hodda as Gareth Spencer, Ariane Vrisakis as Debbie Theopoulous, Manny Katts as Nick Theopoulous, Philip De Carle as Colin McKenzie, Troy O'Hearn as Patrick Smithers, Terence Porter as Mr. Bates, Talen Johnson as Bob, Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter, Troy Rowley as Danny Mitchell, Ingrid Menge as Karen Hastings.

Out of Wedlock

Episodes 945-946

Anna meets Brett and Niki Hill while doing some work on their farm. Brett's physical abuse of his wife grows more and more obvious as Anna spends more time at the couple's farm. After hearing Niki's numerous excuses for her many injuries, Anna steps in and takes Niki to the hospital where she finally asks for help. Tom takes out an Apprehended Violence Order against Brett Hill to keep him away from his wife but after Niki is released from hospital, Brett tracks her down at the Hudson farm and convinces her to come home with him. Soon after arriving back at the farm, another argument breaks out, but this time the outcome is fatal. Harry and Kate announce their intentions to move in together, much to the dismay of Esme who was expecting a wedding first. Harry and Kate move in at the property across from Anna. Faith Finlay arrives at the clinic overjoyed at the prospect of giving birth to her first child but complications arise requiring an emergency cesarean delivery to be performed. Rosemary consents to let Terence remove a wart on her foot. Hugo and Darcy's plans for entering a dance contest go awry when Darcy is kicked by a cow.

Guest Cast: Jeannette Cronin as Niki Hill, Scott McGregor as Brett Hill, Liddy Clark as Faith Finlay, Meg Rodgers as Dr. Rachel Nash, Peter Braunstein as Mr. Pickering, Raquel Maartel as Monica Moran

Trouble in Eden

Episodes 947-948

Harry and Kate are in the midst of moving into their new home when Harry's old college girlfriend arrives unexpectedly on their doorstep. Hugo gets into perfume sales but the product is not quite up to snuff. Frank eventually finds it useful as a dog repellent. Anna looks into a series of wallaby deaths in the national park.

After she wanders off into the national park, Christine is diagnosed as a manic depressive. Tom cooks dinner for Anna as they write up his divorce papers, and share their first kiss. Hugo schemes to sell junk food in the hospital and Bernice takes a splinter getting him out after he is discovered.

Guest Cast: Andrea Moor as Christine Warner, Heidie Bellamy as Wendy Martin. Richard Lindsell as Neil Davidson, Pauline Devereaux as Sister Temple, Jamie Walter as Announcer/Male Caller

Drawing the Line

Episodes 949-950

Truckers rerouting through the valley are causing mayhem on the roads. Tom tries to intervene but winds up being beaten up and left at the side of the road. Kate and Harry try to delegate their domestic duties. After Anna diagnoses a farmer's cattle as being infertile, Darcy informs Bernice to stop her from buying them.

Tom's conflict with the truckers comes to a head with a face-to-face confrontation at the club. Darcy and Bernice convince a waitress a the club to seek medical advice about her incontinence. Billy has the mumps.

Guest Starring: Christopher Bancroft as Laurie O'Shea, Ross Williams as Jack McCabe, Barry Shepherd as John Leigh, Robert Price as Mack Cull, Ron Blanchard as Lenny Swayer. Boris Brkic as Ben Fulton, Lisa Hensley as Michelle Carson

The Fundamental Things

Episodes 951-952

Harry's parents make a surprise visit and while they are in the valley, his mother is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. An accident while training puts Hugo in hospital with torsion of the testes. Max is hit by a car just as Anna is deluged with patients. Tom's divorce is finalised.

Feeling bad about not being unable to drive Hugo to the hospital, Darcy sets out to get her drivers license. While out driving, Darcy and Bernice are pulled over by Tom, who is not pleased to learn that neither of them have a driver's permit. While in hospital, Hugo befriends a young girl with injuries to her eyes. Harry and Kate decide to go back to Texas with his parent to help the family begin to cope with his mothers illness.

Guest Cast: Ron Graham as Bill Morrison, Jacqueline Kott as Jean Morrison, Nicole Urban as Maudie Leeds, Vonnie Hellmers as Mrs. Leeds, Carol Adams as Mrs. Action, Katy MacDonald as Joanna Jones, Roger Connor as Barry Carter, Pauline Devereaux as Sister Temple

Nothing But the Truth

Episodes 953-954

Grant Williams, Anna's ex boyfriend, arrives in town. He is acting as Brett Hill's defence lawyer in his domestic abuse trial for which Tom is the arresting officer and Anna a crown witness. Power is cut off to Rainbow Farm when Bernice fails to pay the electricity bill. Hugo makes a pet out of a mouse he finds in Frank's house. Perce has a heart attack.

The animosity between Tom and Anna's ex comes to a head when Grant tells Tom that he and Anna are getting married. Bernice finds a stash of money that Perce had hidden in the chimney at the farm. When she tells him of her find, Perce gives her the money but then reneges and asks for it back. Terence gets a depressed Rosemary to see an eye doctor about her obvious vision problems. Tom comes to the rescue to save Anna when she is left dangling off a cliff while they are out hiking with Grant.

Guest Cast: Jerome Ehlers as Grant Williams, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Scott McGregor as Brett Hill, Roy Billing as James Deeko, Rowena Wallace as Justice Patricia Lincoln, John Kelly as Ted Delaney, John Davies as Ben Hedges

Falling Free

Episodes 955-956

Kate takes her acupuncture exam. Harry approaches Terence about becoming a full partner at the clinic. Darcy becomes involved with a skydiver who drops into Rainbow Farm. During his stay, Darcy comes to believe that he was the donor recipient of her sister's heart. The hospital staff arrange for a boy to compete in his piano recital from his hospital bed.

After &quotone last jump&quot puts him in hospital, Terence does some checking and is able to tell Darcy that the skydiver was not the recipient of Amber's heart. To combat the perception that he is boring, Tom decides to try skydiving himself, Darcy joins him. Esme suspects that Hugo's mouse in the cause of Frank's illness but ironically, bad cheese is found to be the cause. With Anna and Tom's relationship progressing smoothly, Billy takes a stand against Tom, but a food fight breaks the tensions.

Guest Cast: Bruce Hughes as Michael DiAngelo, Trent Yee as Kevin Thieu, Yvonne Sum as Mrs. Thieu, Roger Cox as Henry Johnson, Heather Chrisite as Ms. Mandel, Bill Johnson as Instructor

Like a Lamb

Episodes 957-958

Julia Lamb, Tom's mother, makes a surprise visit to Wandin Valley but as he soon discovers, her only reason for coming is to try to keep her relationship with Tom out of the press. While Perce and Esme are compiling a recorded history of Wandin Valley, some of Bernice's unflattering comments about Esme are unknowingly caught on tape. When they hear what Bernice has said, Perce and Esme decide to get their revenge by announcing to Bernice their intention to move in together—at the farm.

Julia Lamb is hospitalised suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Julia tells a reporter all the details of her and Tom's past. Tom is mad about what she's done but Anna goes ballistic and tells Julia off. Rosemary losses a contact lens during an operation and thinks it may have ended up inside the patient. Involved in a music programme at his school, Billy trades up to a timpani, much to his delight, if not Anna's.

Guest Cast: Anne Greig as Julia Lamb, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Marilyn Harvey as Mrs. Chapman, Ron Challinor as Jeremy Bush, Adam Lloyd as Mark Lucas.

Things We Do For Love

Episodes 959-960

Kate opens her new acupuncture clinic to slow business. After Kate treats Hugo for what he believes to be the flu, his condition rapidly worsens until Darcy finds him collapsed at the Hudson farm. Billy breaks his arm after falling off a ladder but doesn't tell anyone he's hurt. Anna gets the neighbours of a farmer who is reluctant to ask for help himself to lend him a hand. A talkative parrot is accidentally let loose in the hospital by Terence.

Hugo's condition, which has left him paralysed, is diagnosed as Guillain-Barr&eacute syndrome. Darcy stays at his bedside but has a hard time coping with his condition. Tom and Anna both have the day off work but Tom is unable to go through with his planned marriage proposal and they are both eventually called back to work. Bernice's attempts to get involved with a wealthy estate owner go awry when she arrives at his home for a party only to discover she's there as hired help. On a barren road outside of town, Tom proposes to Anna.

Guest Cast: Keith Holloway as Ian Catlin, Jon Sidney as Reginald Wellbourne, Kenneth Goodlet as Cec Dunbar, Tonie Moon as Constable Green, Kyrstwyn Hannaford as Girlfriend

A Matter of Time

Episodes 961-962

Anna and Rosemary go for a joy ride in Terence's new $70,000 sports car but soon find themselves locked out and stranded in the middle of nowhere. The news of Tom and Anna's engagement makes it's way through the town but everyone keeps asking the same question—where's the ring? While Harry is assisting 72-year-old Dr. Wren, he comes to the conclusion that Dr. Wren is no longer fit to practice and has been relying on his secretary to keep his practice running. Hugo continues to deal with the frustration of his debilitating condition.

Tom buys Anna a ring which turns out to be stolen. After gathering up the courage to ask for the ring back, Tom must tell her the truth before he eventually gets her a proper replacement. Norman Wren proposes to his longtime secretary Lillian Parker. Bernice and Terence get Hugo out of the hospital for a dip in the hot tub that Bernice has installed at Rainbow Farm. Kate and Harry host a surprise party for Tom and Anna.

Guest Cast: Denzil Howson as Dr. Norman Wren, Wendy Playfair as Mrs. Lillian Parker, Hec MacMillan as Walter Potts, Kenneth Goodlet as Cec Dunbar, Angela Gauci as Debbie Hunter

A Fair Cop

Episodes 963-964

Kate's accident prone young cousin Claire is getting work experience at the hospital. She becomes friends with Hugo who decides to tell Harry about a suspicious mole that Claire is having trouble with. Harry removes the mole and tests conform that it is benign. Trevor Jackson has repeated trouble keeping Bernice from stealing plants from the national park. Getting the feeling that she is being watched by someone, Bernice comes across a young boy (Ryan Kwanten) who has run away from home and is now living in the park.

Hugo is out of hospital and rehabing at Rainbow Farm where he quickly comes up with an idea to sell fertiliser but his ambitious plans are side tracked by the inability of the chickens to keep up with demand. Bernice brings Ben back to the farm, his mother it turns out is engaged to the police officer who is currently working with Tom, and he and the boy do not get along. After accidentally hitting George with her car, Darcy frantically tries to keep him alive while Anna is away on calls.

Guest Cast: Belinda Jarrett as Claire Bryant, Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Benjamin Franklin as Jeff Burns, Jane Bayly as Kerrie Lloyd, Ryan Kwanten as Ben Lloyd, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson.

Face The Past

Episodes 965-966

News of an archaeological dig in the national park soon has Bernice and Hugo assembling would-be specimens of their own from various old bones found around the farm. A young man recently out of prison comes to the valley looking for Harry, but his exact business is unknown and Harry begins to worry about the boy's intentions. Harry's fears are confirmed when he is called out to a farmhouse to see an patient only to find the boy waiting for him with a gun.

Harry is able to flee the farmhouse only to be chased down and run off the road. Harry isn't hurt too bad but his young passenger (a 16-year-old aspiring doctor) is seriously injured and the two are taken back to the farmhouse by their captor who finally tells Harry why he's come back to seek revenge against him. Harry is able to convince the boy to get them help, and as the boy is driving out of town, he stops to call an ambulance for them. After Tom picks up the boy, and Harry and his friend are retrieved from the farmhouse, Harry's refusal to provide evidence allows the boy to go free. A school project has Billy on a recycling kick but Anna isn't pleased when he recycles her long awaited check from Ted Campbell, however, she in turn accidentally shreds Billy's school project. Bernice seeks out references and puts herself on the road to becoming a marriage celebrant, unfortunately Tom and Anna have already made plans with someone else.

Guest Cast: Daniel Wyllie as Danny Coote, Adam Lloyd as Mark Lucas, Kris Bedenko as Louise Fleming, Steve Rodgers as Micky Rogers, Glen Hoare as Rick Montague, Elizabeth Malone as Ambulance Officer. Noel Trevarthen as Doug Briggs, Andrea Yassallo as Sara Phillips

Double Happiness

Episodes 967-968

Christmas 1992. Anna's mother arrives in town for her daughter's wedding and is promptly pulled over for a random breath test by Tom who has yet to be introduced to her. Anna's mother is not happy about the impending nuptials and, after Billy is taken to the hospital with a spider bite, she informs Anna why—Anna is a carrier of a genetic disorder that she could pass on to any children that she and Tom were to have. Bernice marries Pearl White and Pudge McKeever but Pudge and Perce later come to blows when Pudge learns of an affair Pearl once had with Perce.

While Billy remains in hospital, Anna and Tom are married—on a rather unstable barge in the middle of a dam. Tom and Anna's wedding night grinds to a halt when they are both called away on jobs. Hugo and Darcy take in the children of a woman who will be in hospital over Christmas. After performing her first two weddings, Bernice learns that she is not yet licensed so the two marriages she has performed are not legal. Once Bernice breaks the news to Tom and Anna (Pudge and Pearl have left town and are long gone), the couple arrange for a small ceremony, with Billy present this time, to be performed in church before the Christmas service.

Guest Cast: Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Fred Welsh as Pudge McKeever, Mitch Mathews as Pearl White, Lauren Hewett as Bates Mullens, Saturday Rosenberg as Dorothy Mullens, Diean Cousins as Tim Mullens, Luke Harrioson as Ollie Mullens, Samuel Bright as Ralph Mullens, Olivia Hamnett as Barbara Sajinovic. Daniel Harrison as Bob Mullens, Ron Hill as Reverend Alan Denny.