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Follow the Leader

Episodes 281-282
Produced by Forrest Redlich and Bruce Best
Written by Ted Roberts (281) and Agi Schreck (282)
Directed by Gary Conway

With Terence away on vacation, locum Ingrid Scanlon arrives to fill in, but Esme and the town don't seem quite ready for a female doctor. The doctors are kept busy giving hepatitis vaccinations after a hotel worker is found to have the disease. Tom Gunn's son, Jeremy, makes an unceremonious return home after being expelled from a private school in Sydney for possession of marijuana after his fleet-of-foot friends left him literally "holding the bag." Bob is upset to hear Maggie announce she's moving out of his house to, as he later finds out, move out to Terence's vineyard. Shirley is having premonitions and is concerned something may happen to Frank. Vicky confides in Shirley that she and Simon are making plans to start a family. Jeremy hopes to learn about farming from his dad who can't seem to find time for him. When Tom gives up on teaching him to drive, Jeremy asks Molly who volunteers Brendan to teach him — in the FG Holden! Jeremy's friends talk him into taking his dad's ute to go shooting. Unable to handle the vehicle, Jeremy bursts out onto the highway causing a violent collision with Jane Williams' car as she, her boyfriend Ian Sharman, and Shirley are on their way to Burrigan to give a sex-ed lecture at the highschool.

When all is said and done, only Jeremy, Tony and Shirley survive the accident with Tony later dying in hospital despite Simon and Ingrid's valiant but futile efforts in theatre. Brendan feels partly responsible since he taught Jeremy to drive. Tom is quick to deny Jeremy could have been driving but when he later confesses he was, Tom informs Frank who indicates Jeremy will be facing charges of culpable driving. Shirley moves in with Simon and Vicky while she recovers from her cracked ribs, fortunately, when Frank considers moving in too, Shirley is ready to go home. Molly considers going back home to see her mother who is not well. Judy gives Maggie her vaccination. Dr. Scanlon announces she will be leaving, a big disappointment for those who wanted to fix her up with Terence, and surprises everyone by revealing she's pregnant — and married. Jeremy and his father agree to make a fresh start. Frank and Shirley suggest Vicky and Simon go on a vacation.

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Matron Sloan, Wendy Strehlow as Sister Judy Loveday, Emily Nicol as Chloe Jones, Kit Taylor as Tom Gunn, Regina Gaigalas as Ingrid Scanlon, Jayson Duncan as Jeremy Gunn, Craig Morrison as Tony Bartlett, Julian Gillespie as Mark Stewart, Christine James as Jane Williams, John Doyle as Ian Sharman. Jon Darling as Mr. Pearson, Bernadetta Hayes as Sister Daley, David Christian as Roy.

Comes a Stranger

Episodes 283-284
Written by Ted Roberts (283) and Forrest Redlich (284)
Directed by Robert Meillon

While sitting down for a drink with Bob at the pub, Father McBride scolds him for being a lapsed catholic. With him and Molly just struggling to pay the bills, Brendan doesn't appreciate hearing Simon talk about his plans for a grandiose six week European vacation — or his suggestion that he and Molly come along. Ted Marshall, a man known to have a drink or two, blames his driving his car off the road on a nonexistent flash-flood. He later sees the event as a vision of a coming apocalypse and warns that the end of the world is nigh. Mr. Smith, a tinker and a hawker, arrives in town armed with a cart full of trinkets and a lifetime's worth of stories from his world travels. When he uses his goanna oil to "heal" Esme of a torn ligament and Bob of his bad back, Cookie sees a business opportunity. Bob gets them the goanna, but extracting the oil proves the hard part — and milking doesn't seem to be the answer. Arnie also sees profit in Mr. Smith and asks him to use his divining powers to find water on a parcel of land he wants to sell.

Simon tactlessly offers Brendan a loan so he and Molly to come on holiday to Italy. When Arnie refuses to cut Mr. Smith in on the sale of his now valuable land as previously agreed (offering him a mere $21 for the time he spend locating water), Mr. Smith vows to bring Arnie more water than he could ever imagine — and soon after, the rain begins. Before long the drought-weary valley is flooded and the rising waters are threatening to overwhelm the town. Upset by the disaster he believes he's brought on, Mr. Smith tries to conjure up an end to the rain. Molly, who has refused to abandon the farm, goes out into the storm to search for him. The rain soon ends but Mr. Smith is not seen again. Arnie's land meanwhile has turned into a worthless swamp after being flooded out by the underground stream Mr. Smith located. Brendan and Simon's strained friendship is mended in the process of rescuing Ted Marshall from a dam, and afterwards Brendan has a good laugh at a muddy Simon wearing his $100 "Gucci gumboots." Simon announces he and Vicky will be vacationing is Tasmania, and Maggie tells a surprised Brendan that he's also made a sizable contribution to the flood fund.

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Matron Sloan, Wendy Strehlow as Sister Judy Loveday, Emily Nicol as Chloe Jones, John Meillon as Mr. Smith, Reg Evans as Ted Marshall, Max Meldrum as Arnie Hodgekiss, Don Pascoe as Father McBride.

For the Sake of the Child

Episodes 285-286
Written by Ted Roberts (285) and Sheila Sibley (286)
Directed by Russell Webb

Molly leaves for Adelaide to help care for her ailing mother, but Donovan eats the instructions for feeding the animals she left Brendan. While illustrating a new standardised filing system he hopes Shirley will implement at the clinic, Simon fills out a form for Esme, jokingly writing down that she suffers from a terminal case of onomatopoeia. Esme partners with Maggie in a bowls tournament and despite Maggie's beginner effort, they win. The life of Parks and Wildlife officer Dave Burchfield is complicated by the arrival of John Tate. John left his family to work oversees five years ago and his wife and son have since built a new life with Dave. Esme gets a look at the unfortunate prognosis on her medical file and begins making final preparations, querying Maggie about possibly donating her organs. Fearing he is loosing Alison and Ben to John, Dave gives Alison an ultimatum before leaving town on work.

Maggie puts her arm in plaster to avoid playing bowls with Esme, nonetheless, she and Esme are soon back on the green being cheered on by Bob and Cookie — "Howzat!" Esme is busy mending bridges and giving away her possessions. When she asks Shirley about making an equipment donation to the hospital, so that she'd be remembered whenever it was used, Shirley upsets Esme when she lightheartedly remarks that the hospital could use bedpans. Distraught, Esme admits that she knows about her "illness," forcing a sheepish Dr. Bowen to define onomatopoeia for her. Ben Tate intentionally puts his foot in a rabbit trap. His injury proves to be the catalyst in resolving his family's dilemma as Alison decides to stay in Wandin Valley with Dave, allowing John to see Ben on holidays at his home in Sydney. Armed with an affidavit purportedly written by Dr. Bowen stating she wasn't in "full possession of her faculties" when giving away her belongings, Esme goes about reclaiming her possessions. Simon tries to milk Molly's cow.

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Matron Sloan, Wendy Strehlow as Sister Judy Loveday, Emily Nicol as Chloe Jones, Rosalie Fletcher as Alison Tate, Vic Hawkins as John Tate, Harold Hopkins as Dave Burchfield. Dawn Benson as Club President, Mark Clark as Tom, Judy Glen as Debbie.

The poem Esme asks Shirley to have published anonymously for her in the Valley Voice:

No port for those who sink alone on misery's dark sea,
Just deep regret for everything that hadn't ought to be.
The friends betrayed, the debts unpaid, the lack of clarity,
O' Heaven, how can you accept the guilty likes of me.

On the Edge

Episodes 287-288
Written by Leon Saunders (287) and Forrest Redlich (288)
Directed by Robert Meillon

New nursing sister Marion Waring, who has come up from Sydney where she headed the casualty ward of a major hospital, proves to be a model of efficiency. Cookie loses Esme's mother's engagement ring. A young heroin addict is brought into the clinic having been found dumped on the roadside. Sister Waring sees Kylie through withdrawal but the girl bolts from hospital in the night. Spanish guitar player Luis Cordova is back in town looking for work. Cookie sends him out to Brendan who, despite not being able to pay him, accepts Luis' offer to work for free. Kylie follows Brendan home and talks him into letting her stay at the farm for a few days. Luis moves on to Vicky and Simon's, convincing Simon to give him a job painting.

Cookie locates Esme's lost ring on the finger of Dot McCambridge, his friend's fianée. Luis is still being followed by Donovan, Molly's goat. Cookie tells Dot about the ring and she takes it off, throwing it to the ground in disgust, and Donovan, who has followed Luis into the pub, eats it. Kylie visits Sister Waring at home and picks up on Marion's drug habit. She later breaks into Marion's house and steals her supply of Serepax. Luis returns to finish painting the Bowen's guttering, Donovan tagging along with a burlap sack wrapped about his hindquarters, but further complications arise when Donovan gets up onto the roof. When Luis falls off a ladder, Vicky tells him not to move while she calls Simon. Simon arrives and suspects Luis may be paralysed but Luis is quick to jump to his feet once Vicky tells him he can move again. Kylie asks "Sister Serepax" to get her a supply of morphine from the hospital, threatening to accuse Brendan of sexually assaulting her if she refuses. Marion is busted for stealing the morphine, her career as a nurse all but over, but she doesn't seem too concerned about what will become of Kylie who has since gone back to the streets. Marion explains she was only trying to protect Brendan and tells of her experience trying to help an eleven-year-old addict. Luis gives the reward he got from Cookie for recovering Esme's ring to Brendan so he can afford to pay him. Living in Sydney, Marion encounters Kylie while walking through King's Cross.

Guest Cast: Isabelle Anderson as Marion Waring, Yolande Bryant as Kylie Scott, Lance Curtis as Luis Cordova, Peter Boswell as Ken Smith, Sally-Anne McLoud as Emily. Graham Rouse as Les Peterson, Jill McKay as Dot McCambridge, Paul Johnstone as David Smart.

Notes: a new set of opening and closing credits appear with Joan Sydney, Wendy Strehlow, and Emily Nicol finally promoted to the starring cast. Isabelle Anderson appeared previously in episodes 195-196, and Jill McKay in 97-98 and 161-162. Graham Rouse has appeared in episodes 33-34 and 205-206 and has also directed a number of episodes, 279-280 most recently.

Swan Song

Episodes 289-290
Written by Judy Colquhoun (289) and Peter Kinloch (290)
Directed by Russell Webb

Simon is desperate to defeat John Hamilton, a new lawyer living in Burrigan, in an upcoming golf tournament and employs various aids to help his game. Fourteen-year-old tennis phenom Chris Bennett is in hospital recovering from knee surgery. Expected to be out of action for a year, Chris is not happy and takes her frustrations out on the staff. Frank is searching for a play suitable for the drama society's next production. As interim editor of the Valley Voice, Shirley is having trouble locating a lead story and decides to interview Evelyn and Theo Guthrie, she being a former actress and he a retired travel writer. Luis' cooking proves too much for Brendan but fortunately, after two weeks on the farm, he's ready to move on — straight into a job at the hospital entertaining the Muldoon Wing residents. Theo is discharged from hospital after his second heart attack only to have another shortly after. Theo is depressed coming home after his latest hospitalisation but soon presents Terence with a package and his plans for himself and his wife to go away together. Terence is suspicious of Theo's turnaround but can't reason why. Theo and Evie celebrate their fifty-second wedding anniversary, and prepare to end their lives as they've always lived — together.

Frank finds Theo and Evelyn in their home and phones for an ambulance. While Theo is dead at the scene, Evelyn is brought to hospital to recover from the overdose of sleeping pills. Terence helps Evelyn face living without her husband, although he's is not unsympathetic towards her and Theo's hope to die with dignity, telling Simon that if he found them, he might have been tempted to take a long walk. Simon is delayed for his golf match by a flat tire — and by his spare rolling down a hill before sinking in a pond, forcing him to hitch a ride in the back of a truck hauling pigs. Cookie asks Brendan to MC the gala opening of the new club, and he agrees — so long as Cookie gives Luis a job at the pub. Eleven shots back of John after just four holes, Simon benefits from an unfortunate incident when one of John's mighty drives hits a Burrigan magistrate on the head, resulting in John forfeiting the match. Luis manages to cheer up Christine before starting his new job at the pub, where Cookie tells him his singing will be good for business — at the club.

Guest Cast: Aileen Britton as Evelyn Guthrie, Alwynn Kurts as Theo Guthrie, Lance Curts as Lusi Cordova, Kathy-Anne Hopkins as Chris. Marcus Hale as John Hamilton, Bob Wood as Truck Driver.

Note: Aileen Britton appeared previously as Frank's aunt in episodes 113-114 and coincidentally in episodes 7-8, she played Emily Page, a woman who attempts to takes her own life in similar circumstances, an incident mentioned by Simon in part two.

Smooth Talking

Episodes 291-292
Written by Agi Schreck (291) and David Allen (292)
Directed by Graham Rouse

From the moment he arrives on her doorstep looking for the "man of the house" to help de-bog his Rolls Royce, Vicky does not think very highly of the pompous Jonathan Hawthorn, a vacationing playwright who is looking after Bernard Haines' farm. Matron Sloan ensures the hospital is in tip-top condition for the visit of Hilda Arrowsmith, Matron of the hospital in Burrigan, and Maggie's personal nemesis. Jonathan introduces Simon to tequila, and the worm at the bottom of the bottle — "it is the key." Frank finds his "new Australian play with a difference." Jonathan befriends Glen Kirby, the stuttering schoolboy who looks after Mr. Haines' chooks. After expressing an interest in the hospital's underutilised equipment, Hilda sets her sights on Brendan and offers him a job — a position Judy hoped to get. Glen is burned when Jonathan uses petrol to start a campfire. Luis Cordova has gone back to the Gold Coast, Judy has laryngitis.

Brendan ponders Matron Arrowsmith's job offer, consulting Simon and Vicky before phoning Molly who is adamant in her desire for him not to accept it. Frank asks Jonathan if he would direct his production of "Gone with Hardy" (a play by David Allen) but he gets his back up when Jonathan insults the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Jonathan criticises Glen's mother for not trying to improve Glen's speech and introduces Glen to acting to help him overcome his stutter. Esme is concerned about her wrist as she awaits her bowls match against Hilda Arrowsmith. Judy is furious at Brendan when she learns he's been offered the deputy matron's job in Burrigan. Maggie is similarly upset but decides to strike back at the "Burrigan Body-Snatcher" by beating her at her own game — bowls. Replacing the injured Esme, Maggie defeats Hilda but celebrations are short lived as Hilda successfully protests the match on the strength of Maggie's unpaid membership fee. Frank auditions Bob and Cookie for his play but their real life bickering proves more entertaining than their act. Jonathan decides to move out of the country and into Judy's spare room, although once recovered from her laryngitis, she's no longer the "quiet and contained" woman he thought she was.

Guest Cast: June Salter as Matron Hilda Arrowsmith, Michael Aitkens as Jonathan Hawthorn, Timothy Meldrum as Glen Kirby, Harry Lawrence as Hanrahan, Robert Bending as Boy, Elizabeth Dilger as Girl. Colleen Fitzpatrick as Mrs. Kirby, Jessica Noad as Female Official.

Note: although this episode marks June Salter's first appearance as Hilda Arrowsmith, she appeared previously in episodes 187-188 as a patient who tries to fix Terence up with her daughter.

Home Truths

Episodes 293-294
Written by David Boutland (293) and Hugh Stuckey (294)
Directed by Chris Adshead

A Miss Country Hospital beauty quest is in the works and not wanting to be upstaged by Matron Arrowsmith's entry, Burrigan's beautiful Nurse Marilyn Legge, Maggie commands Judy to enter on behalf of the Wandin Valley Hospital ("you will enter the quest, and you will be beautiful — that's an order.") Vicky oversees the birthing of Flo's piglets. An infection causes some concern but the little squealers are soon born and named by Vicky and Brendan after various townsfolk. Simon is asked to be on the judging panel for the quest. Judy figures her best chance is to excel in the fundraising category. To help her out, Jonathan agrees to direct Frank's play so long as one quarter of the proceeds go to the quest committee on her behalf. Shirley is taking a night class in literature. Also in the class is Joan Barlow, a woman with acedemic prowess who could go on to university, if not for her abusive husband's desire to keep her in her place. Shirley tries to encourage Joan and she finally stands up to her husband who bashes her as a result; their daughter comes home in the midst of the attack.

Molly and Chloe returns from Adelaide. Gordon rips up the book Joan was awarded by the Wandin Valley Literary Society. Despite promising her mother she wouldn't say anything about Gordon's abuse, when Diane sees him beating her again, she fetches Sgt. Gilroy who arrests Gordon and charges him with assault. Released on bail, Gordon finds no sympathy in the community, and is refused service by Cookie. Confronting Diane at the Gilroys, Gordon blames her for making him lose control, telling her she wants to get hit. Despite Jonathan not being overly impressed by Bob and Cookie's audition, and an attempt by Bob to fake laryngitis at the eleventh hour, the play is a tremendous success. Joan and Diane walk out on Gordon who is left and emotional mess, Terence suggests he seek psychiatric help. Maggie writes Judy a speech for the quest but Jonathan wants her to highlight her intellectual pursuits and writes her a speech denouncing beauty contests. Marilyn wins quest (using the speech Maggie gave to Judy, listing her interests as swimming, horseback riding, water skiing, and helping handicapped children), but Judy is awarded the trophy for Miss Charity Queen.

Guest Cast: Max Phipps as Gordon Barlow, Deborah Kennedy as Joan Barlow, Michael Aitkens as Jonathan Hawthorn, Melissa Kounnas as Diane Barlow.

Notes: Max Phipps was last spotted in episodes 179-180 in which his character stabbed Matron Sloan. The communities represented in the Miss Country Hospital beauty quest are Forbes, Mudgee, Orange, Bathurst, Burrigan, and Wandin Valley.

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Episodes 295-296 Writer: Sheila Sibley (295 & 296)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Terence's unflattering review of Gone with Hardy in the Valley Voice, published under the nom de plume Aesculapius (the Greek god of Medicine), upsets Frank. Simon "helps" Brendan and Bob fix up the interior of the barn in advance of a surprise barn dance Brendan is planning for Molly's birthday. Country-Western singer T.J. Riley and his precocious twelve-year-old daughter Stacy are in town thanks to their broken down van. Tired of chasing rainbows, Molly asks Shirley to continue on as editor of the Valley Voice so that she can concentrate on finishing the Farmland. Stacy stays at Judy's flat while her father is in hospital due to an ulcer. While he's there, Maggie and Terence express their concern for his daughter growing up on the road with him and his band. With Molly not feeling well, Bob suggests that she may be "in the family way." Simon is beside himself after reading the signs and coming to the conclusion that Vicky is pregnant — a belief soon confirmed by a visit to Terence.

Vicky breaks the good news to a jubilant Simon and Shirley. Molly also visits Terence at the clinic thinking she may be pregnant but Terence takes a blood sample to rule out a viral infection. While Simon is busy passing out cigars at the hospital, Maggie is given the task of informing Beverly she won't be playing the piano at the barn dance — or the guitar, or the drums. Stacy runs out of the hospital when her father tells her he's made arrangements for her to stay with a female friend. Terence is stunned when Molly's tests results come back. He discusses matters with Maggie before taking on the difficult task of stopping by the farm to inform Molly. While talking to Simon about parenthood, Frank tells him about the challenges and pitfalls involved in raising a child. Still in a daze after delivering such hard news, Terence has no desire to go to the dance when Shirley asks if he's going, but he rethinks his decision after a moment's reflection — it s Molly's big night after all. The dance is a big success, with entertainment provided by T.J. Riley and his band (with Bev on the piano), and Molly is presented with a bright new sign for her Farmland. The next morning, Molly tells Brendan she has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Guest Cast: Terence Donovan as T.J. Riley, Melinda-Jane Bean as Stacy Lee Riley, Michael Aitkens as Jonathan Hawthorn, Robert Carlton as Gerry Barnes. Liz Harris as Dee Dee Macrae

Notes: The songs "Gotta get Moving" and "That's What Friends are For" are from the film Queen of the Road, with music by Mike Perjanik and lyrics by John Flanagan. In 1993 Robert Carlton will play the characater of Budgie Markham, who buys Hugo's land when he leaves Wandin Valley. Terence Donovan is the father of Jason Donovan (Neighbours, MDA)

I'll Cry If I Want To

Episodes 297-298
Written by Ray Harding (297) and Leon Saunders (298)
Directed by Bruce Best

Terence makes a morning house call to the Jones' farm to talk with Molly and Brendan and to answer some of their questions, referring them to an oncologist in Sydney. Chloe is dropped of with Simon and Vicky and Molly and Brendan leave for Sydney under the guise of a second honeymoon, forgoing their usual motel for the upscale trappings of the Regent Hotel. Shirley is adamant in her rejection of Frank's suggestion that she take up activities more becoming of a grandmother — knitting for one. Needing a last minute replacement speaker for the Literary Society's luncheon, Maggie suggests to Shirley that Jonathan is their only alternative. Jonathan wants to do a reading of his new play, "Footpaths," but no one is terribly impressed after reading it. Instead, Jonathan gives a drunken speech in which he insults the literary tastes of the community and talks about his own failures as a playwright before collapsing on stage. Terence admits Jonathan to hospital for what he describes as his "chronic self abuse." Dr. Halifax confirms Molly's diagnosis and outlines her treatment options, but Brendan is taken aback when Molly refuses to undergo chemotherapy. Molly appears very accepting of her condition and explains her choice to Brendan by stating some things are just meant to be and that she'd like to maintain a quality of life in what time she has remaining, which by all accounts, may only be a few weeks. After an argument with Brendan, Molly goes on a walk to think things through, stopping in a park where she encounters a little girl much like Chloe. Returning to the hotel, Molly tells Brendan she'll do whatever is necessary to give her more time with him and Chloe.

Shirley is upset by Frank calling her "Gran" and another comment about male superiority leads to an all out battle of the sexes. Molly begins her chemotherapy in Sydney, her doctor speculates it could give her another twelve months, or a little as three. Shirley wipes the tennis court with Frank (6-1, 6-0) but loses out in the jogging event. Brendan raises the idea of selling the farm and travelling the world. Molly is initially for the idea but later changes her mind saying she'd prefer to stay on the farm. Simon is the only one bothered by Vicky's decision to go to a Burrigan obstetrician instead of Terence. Molly and Brendan return to Wandin Valley. At Judy's suggestion, Jonathan makes a repentant speech to the Literary Society, and after receiving word that his play has been sold, leaves Wandin Valley with his confidence restored. Terence dodges Simon's questions about what he's treating Molly for. Having heard about Shirley being her high school swim champ, they called her "The Shark," Frank backs out of the swimming contest when Bob and Cookie start laying odds in her favour.

Guest Cast: Michael Aitkens as Jonathan Hawthorn, Bevan Wilson as Dr. Halifax, John Farndale as Waiter, Julie Godfrey as Receptionist. Jillian Murray as Nurse Figgins, Charlotte Storrier as Doreen Millard.

My Way

Episodes 299-300
Written by Judith Colquhoun (299) and Margaret Mitchell (300)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Alf Muldoon returns to Wandin Valley from his travels abroad in America. Simon and Vicky are visited by Simon's well-to-do brother Nicholas, his American wife Melanie, and their overly-precocious ten-year-old daughter Fern who finds fault with everything Simon and Vicky have or do. Hospitalised with back troubles incurred while on a date with Daphne Dalrymple (changing her flat tire coming back from the drive-in), Cookie is concerned Roger McLean will hear of his injury and return to town to find his upscale "Burke and Wills" hotel reverted back to a common pub and will fire him. Molly takes Chloe to the fauna reserve but is upset to see Muldoon is busy making plans to build a water park on the site. Brendan asks her not to take up the fight and questions her priorities when she wants to stand against him in the upcoming council election. Simon learns about Molly's leukemia when he intercepts a phone call from the Sydney Hospital at the clinic. While angry at Terence for not being told, Simon agrees to abide by Molly's wish not to tell Vicky. At the Bowen's barbecue, Nicholas tells Simon about his emotional breakdown.

Melanie is upset by Nicholas' decision to quit his high paying job to take on a humble university teaching position. Her primary concern is obviously for her extravagant lifestyle which earns her an impassioned lecture from Simon about her selfish behaviour when he sees she is prepared to walk out on her family. Bev routes Roger McLean's phone call to Cookie in hospital where Bob, Esme, and Judy provide the ambient background noise befitting the upscale clientele Roger wants for his bistro. Fern looks after a sick koala she finds in the fauna reserve. Brendan is not happy about Molly's decision to run in the council election but changes his mind when Muldoon questions her ability to do the job and suggests she step aside. With the new club due to be opened, Muldoon ties Cookie's rehiring to his public support of Muldoon in the election. Told to put Muldoon's campaign poster up in some "reasonabley prominent spot", Cookie puts it over top the dart board.

Guest Cast: Vince Martin as Nicholas Bowen, Nataly Mosco as Melanie Bowen, Beth Buchanan as Fern Bowen, Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, David Christian as Roy. Eric Stone as Mr. Williams.

Save the Last Dance for Me

Episodes 301-302
Written by Suzanne Hawley & Hugh Stuckey (301) and Ted Roberts (302)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

The town, and especially the local ballet school, are anticipating the homecoming of dancer Sir Adrian Dormin. Sir Adrian is hospitalised shortly after his arrival, in perfect health, dramatically pronouncing he has returned home to die. Dance teacher Ellie Fielding, a once promising dancer herself, hopes to have Sir Adrian come see her pupils and perhaps garner a donation for the ballet school. Bob, Cookie, Esme, and Maggie reform their syndicate to bet on a horse. The horse, a long shot, comes in but Shorty Price, who is back in business in the pub's bathroom, can't cover the bet and talks Bob and Cookie into accepting a horse in lieu of payment, but no one is impressed with the one-eyed nag the syndicate is left with. Hoping to turn around their fortunes, Bob and Cookie sneak the horse over to the Galloway Park stud farm for a late night rendezvous with Sybil Dormin's prize thoroughbred. A young boy's pet spider escapes into the hospital, keeping the staff on their toes — and the chairs, and the tables.

Sybil Dormin hires Cookie to cater a party for her brother Sir Adrian. Sir Adrian begins teaching Ellie after seeing her dance, but in his drive to have her achieve perfection, he causes her to ignore her health problems and push herself to perform at his party. Ellie collapses during her performance and is carried off on a stretcher to rousing applause, now requiring the operation she put off. Bob and Cookie get into trouble when Sybil Dormin's stallion, Thursday's Child, turns up at Bob's house after escaping. Bob tries to hide the horse in his garage but it breaks out along with the nag. Frank finds Thursday's Child and returns him to Galloway Park where Esme, Bob and Cookie are preparing to work the party. Bob and Cookie rush out to the stables when they hear their horse, Adriata, has shown up. After being caught by Sybil and her stable manager, Sybil offers to buy their mare to keep control of any offspring. The hospital's new bulk-buying initiative results in a shortage of space and a surplus of soap and tongue depressors.

Guest Cast: Sir Robert Helpmann as Sir Adrian Dormin, Sheila Helpmann as Sybil Dormin, Kathleen Brinson as Ellie Fielding, Don Crosby as Jock, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley, Hayley McGlinchy as Beth, Lester Morris as Shorty Price, Troy Williams as James, Jim Glenn as Jenkins, David Phaff as Chauffeur

Castles in the Air

Episodes 303-304
Written by Agi Schreck (303) and Peter Kinloch (304)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Karen Robson, an old friend of Shirley's from her nursing days, comes for a visit after having her husband walk out on her after twenty years of marriage. Karen takes a shine to Terence after he invites her out to his vineyard, but when he turns down her offer of dinner, already having promised Judy to accompany her to another school reunion, Karen's behaviour takes a malevolent turn. Cookie gets Bob to finally clean the house when he gives him the idea that Maggie is coming over for tea. Cookie wins a canary, Caruso, in Muldoon's raffle but Bob can't stand it's incessant whistling and accidentally sucks it up with the vacuum. Frank receives a number of reports about a prowler who has a penchant for stealing women's unmentionables off their clotheslines. Esme is so upset by the prowler that she goes away to Mudgee. Frank eventually captures the prowler who was a drifter passing through town. Muldoon steps up his campaigning against Molly, making more promises and giving louder speeches. Vicky asks Molly to be her child's Godmother.

Molly does battle with Muldoon while out camping. Simon helps Vicky nurse a sick horse. Molly gets a helping hand from Vicky and Simon to prove a point at the council meeting.

Guest Cast: Cecily Polson as Karen Robson, Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Barry McMahon as Reg Cooke, Scott Lowe as Reporter, Bob Wood as Joe; Ken Snodgrass as Malcolm Robson, Gordon Lishman as Fred Shields, Malcolm Yeatman as Interjector

Note: Episode 303 was the last episode to air in Canada before Showcase removed the series from its lineup on August 25, 2000.

One last limerick courtesy Cookie:

There was a young man from Madrid
sat on a hot dunny lid
the pain in his bum
made the poor fellow run
and into the water he slid.

Lost and Found

Episodes 305-306
Written by Michael Aitkens (305) and Leon Saunders (306)
Directed by Bruce Best

Vicky reacts angrily to the attention Simon is paying to one of his pregnant patents. Cookie invests in some garden gnomes and is disturbed when he discovers some are missing. Vicky puts her self in a dangerous position when she helps a young boy trapped down a mine shaft.

Simon worries when Vicky fails to come home and suggests to Frank that they organise a search party. Simon is called away from the search and must return to the hospital where an unlikely figure helps lead him back to Vicky.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Mark Spain as Robbie Quinn, Danny Simmonds as Sam Walsh, Elizabeth Chance as Meg Walsh; Barbara Guberina as Mrs Quinn, Noela Steel as Aunt Brenda

Coming to Terms

Episodes 307-308
Written by Michael Aitkens (307) and Ray Harding (308)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Brendan and Molly get an attractive offer for the farm from Muldoon. Vicky does some tests on some goats and suspects an outbreak of Anthrax. Vicky is shocked by some news from Molly's mum who has come to visit. Simon is worried about Vicky when she refuses to accept Molly's condition.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Margo Lee as Caroline Smithers, Grigor Taylor as Don Daniels, Christopher Tomkinson as Nathan Daniels, Tony Harvey as Local Man No. 1, Fred Welsh as Local Man No. 2

Do the Right Thing

Episodes 309-310
Written by Ray Harding (309) and Forrest Redlich (310)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

When the Burrigan Examiner refers to Wandin Valley as a boring place to live, Shirl responds with an article about all the good things about Wandin Valley has to offer and before long war is declared between the two towns. Bob is concerned about the disinterest Molly is showing in the fight against the proposed council amalgamation with Burrigan. The theft of the statue of John Burrigan from the local park prompts Bob and Cookie to spring into action. Vicky chases after a rogue echidna.

Simon comes up with an idea of a car rally between the two towns to prove who is the best. Matron Sloan discovers some interesting gossip about Hilda Arrowsmith and uses it to help a troubled patient. Molly is admitted to hospital when she takes a turn for the worse.

Special Guest Appearance: June Salter as Matron Hilda Arrowsmith

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Peter Cummins as Killer Bourke, Rona Coleman as Anna Lawson, Jessie Faen as Matthew, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley, Peter Cameron as Lennie Taylor, Garry Keane as Peter Harrison, Audrey Harpur as Nurse; Chris King as Roger (TV Announcer), Robert Giltinan as Dynamite Dan Smith, Jan Clay as Myrtle Schwartz



Episodes 311-312
Written by Shiela Sibley (311) and Judith Colquhoun (312)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Molly is frustrated and frightened when she is put into isolation and is not able to see her family and friends. Molly's friends gather together to make her dream of Molly's Farmland a reality. Vicky is finding it difficult to cope with the fact that Molly has leukemia and delays her visit to the hospital.

Brendan is excited at the prospect of having Molly home. Molly spends her last days with her friends reminiscing and enjoying their time together.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Alan McQueen as Farmer, Jade Tustin as Small Girl, Troy Williams as Small Boy; Harold Newstead as Mr Wiley, Ken Burnett as Mr Mr. Puls

"Mad", we said. "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we didn't know,
The kindness that was hers to spare.
The joy that she took everywhere.
We simply didn't know.

"Mad, Mad", we said. "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we hadn't heard,
How she could fight to save a flower.
And give each man and dog his hour.
We simply hadn't heard.

"Mad", we said. "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we hadn't seen,
That she could make a dull day bright.
That she was colour, warmth, and light.
We simply hadn't seen.

Molly Jones, it's over.
Yet we cannot say goodbye
For all the loveliness we knew.
And love of life and friendship true,
And laughter brave that once dwelt in you.

And how can such things die?

New Beginnings

Episodes 313-314
Written by ??? (313) and Peter Kinloch (314)
Directed by Bruce Best and Colin Tregenza

A French student vet arrives to assist Vicky in her practice. Judy Loveday tries her hand at playing Cupid. Matron Sloan helps Bob cope with his grief over Molly's death in more ways than one. Vicky is put out by all the attention the student vet receives from Simon.

Guest Cast: Alan Wilson as Larry Hyde, Linda Newton as Julie Farmer, Saskia Post as Michelle Longet, Jamie Gleeson as Graham Sparks, Leigh Martin as Mark Farmer, Rees Wegenaar as Peter Blake, Jon Darling as Mr Pearson, Brian Davis as Laughing Clowns Stall Owner, Peter Hardy as Rifle Range Stall Owner, Barry McMahon as Man

All It Takes

Episodes 315-316
Written by David Boutland (315) and Leon Saunders (316)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Simon suggests to Vicky that she should employ some help around the house. An overweight schoolboy is picked on. Bob believes that Matron Sloan needs protecting, so he gets her a guard dog. Judy gets a shock whilst treating one of the patients at the hospital.

Guest Cast: Bunney Brooke as Alice McKenna, Tom Oliver as Ray Gardiner, Christopher Berkley as Gavin Gardiner, Andre Eikmeier as Wayne Cooper, Kay Eklund as Mrs Crichton, David Christian as Father, David Hauserman as Schoolboy; Michael Barnacoat as Max, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley

Lest We Forget

Episodes 317-318
Written by Terry Larsen (317) and Ray Harding (318)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Matron Sloan takes a special interest in a stranger who applies for a job at the hospital. Fatso is missing and Simon and Vicky are terrified when they hear that a wombat has been shot. Simon gets some unexpected training for the sleepless nights he can expect with the baby. Matron Sloan tries to help a Vietnam veteran who is suffering a breakdown.

Guest Cast: Dennis Grosvenor as Mike Flint, Edward Howell as Bert Griffiths, Simon McArthur as Dean Tasker; Peter Carver as Sir Arthur Ward, Basil Clarke as Wal Pratt


Episodes 319-320
Written by Hugh Stuckey (319) and Sheila Sibley (320)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Brendan arrives home from Adelaide with some news that shocks his friends. Simon is concerned that Vicky is working herself too hard. Shirley gets involved with the setting up of a half-way house for three psychiatric patients. Cookie experiments with Chinese cooking. Brendan over-reacts when he can't find Chloe and believes that one of the psychiatric patients has taken her.

Guest Cast: Robert Coleby as Paul Alexander, Julianne White as Robyn Blair, David Webb as Teddy Lane, Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon; Jon Darling as Mr Pearson, David Christian as Roy, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. Keith Smith, Ellie Cole as Mrs Ken Smith, Neil Power as Brian, Joshua Benedek as Ray, John Barratt as Drunk, David Thomas as Drunk

Waste Not Want Not

Episodes 321-322
Written by Leon Saunders (321) and Peter Kinloch (322)
Directed by Greg Shears

Matron Sloan hears some pleasing news from Brendan. Vicky tries very hard to save a sick donkey for Chloe's sake. Old Bert Griffiths finds someone else living in his caravan. Brendan gets some help around the house but has no idea who the mystery cleaner is. Chloe's gentle manner has a strong effect on a sick animal.

Guest Cast: Edward Howell as Bert Griffiths, Willie Fennell as Rigby Russell, Kate Smith as Katie Morgan, Daniel Jmunns as Baby, David Algie as Wally, David Christian as Roy; Alan Russell as Minister

Note: Edward Howell's final appearance as Bert Griffiths, he would pass away on August 20, 1986 at age 84

What About Me?

Episodes 323-324
Written by Helen Steel (323) and Carol Williams (324)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Chloe has her first day at kindergarten where she makes a new friend. Frank and Shirley buy Simon and Shirley a present for the baby. Terence suspects that a little girl with bad bruises is a victim of child abuse. Frank stumbles across illegal gambling on the hospital grounds.

Guest Cast: Lorna Leslie as Lousie Blair, Stacy Lee King as Tiffany Blair, Christopher Skelton as Jason Blair, Caroline Johansson as Diane Jackson, Ken Snodgrass as Mr Dobson, Zennon McNeil as John Bartlett, Matthew Christie as Young Boy; Cedrick McLoughlin as Tom Brennan, Marcus Schulz as Delivery Man, Frank Lipovic as Harry, Thomas Zenati as Spiros


Episodes 325-326
Written by Patricia Johnson (325) and Helen Steel and Terry Larsen (326)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

An old university friend of Simon's arrives in the Valley with his young son. Muldoon tries to convince Terence that his aging aunt is incapable of looking after herself. Esme and Cookie believe that they have found a dead body when they go fishing in the dam. Pressure on Brendan continues to increase when he tries to look after Chloe and work at the same time.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Melissa Jaffer as Agatha Muldoon, Richard Hill as Paul Masters, Eli Faen as Julian Masters, Janine O'Brien as Mary Simpson; Lynn Porteous as Rhonda Simpson

Crossed Wires

Episodes 327-328
Written by ??? (327) and Leon Saunders (328)
Directed by Greg Shears

Judy gets a surprise when her cousin Jo arrives in the Valley. Simon causes a stir when he tells Terence he will not be partnering him in the tennis tournament as he has found a different partner. Communication in Wandin Valley breaks down when Esme takes control of the telephone switchboard. Simon and Terence become rivals on the tennis court.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Russell Newman as Dennis Cousins, Louise Howitt as Sally Cousins, Kristin Veriga as David Cousins, Donald Opie as Social Security Officer, Paul Barbary as Heavy, Rebecca Dickey as Daisy Brown; Ray Jasch as Ambulance Man

Note: Josephine Mitchell's first episode as Jo Loveday

Walk Tall

Episodes 329-330
Written by Suzanne Hawley (329) and David Allen (330)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Terence is surprised to find out he has been chosen to appear on a television quiz show. Vicky tries to talk to Brendan about his moody behaviour which only makes matters worse. Matron Sloan advises Brendan to take a holiday — for his own protection. Bob and Cookie challenge each other in the Burrigan walk-a-thon.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, Louise Cogan as Fiona McKenzie, Claire McArthur as Henry Penny, Samantha Wall as Purple Brown, Tony Blackett as Mr Penny, Carol Tonkin as Mrs McKenzie, Anne Ryan as Kathleen; Gordon Nilsson as Driver, Jack Nichols as Contestant, Denise Roberts as Patient

The Family Way

Episodes 331-332
Written by Peter Kinloch (331) and Dave Worthington (332)
Directed by Mark Callan

Brendan surprises his friends on his return to the Valley when he tells them he is quitting nursing and selling the farm. Jo finds herself in Judy's bad books again when she acquires another house pet. Pressure from the local media forces Terence into a rematch on the local quiz show. Brendan gets himself a new job without having to apply for the position. Vicky finally gives birth — to twins!

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Don Crosby as George Prentice, Pat Bishop as Pauline Kitchener, Fredric Abbott as Noel Kitchener, George Leppard as Jack Mitchell, Burt Zara as Truckie No. 1, Paul Langley as Truckie No. 2, Margot Lloyd as Mrs Platt; Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, Norman Phillips as Professor Goodwin, Bob Barrett as Mr Fenton

All Things Must Change

Episodes 333-334
Written by Tony Morphett (333) and Hugh Stuckey (334)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Brendan rents a beach house in Adelaide but soon discovers that he isn't the only one there. Cookie and Bob get offered some cheap mutton but don't know what to do with it. Simon brings Vicky and the twins home to an enthusiastic Frank and Shirley. Judy becomes a patient in the hospital when she discovers a lump that she fears may be cancerous. Brendan talks openly to a stranger about the loss of Molly and his difficulties coping without her.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Christopher Fellas as Darius Matthews, Jone Wichester as Ellen Matthews, Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, Ron Blanchard as Kevin Crooke, Arthur Trotter as Patient

In a Good Cause

Episodes 335-336
Written by Bill Searle (335) and Serge Lazareff (336)
Directed by Bob Meillon and Nick Tate

Brendan returns to Wandin Valley and has some news for his friends. Frank starts to make plans for his retirement. Simon and Shirley try to persuade Terence to try again on the quiz sow. Brenda tries to help a stroke victim regain some independence once again.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Steven Jacobs as Russell Griffin, Dorothy Alison as Myra Wishart, Carol Skinner as Norma Hammond, Roger Ward as Bill Hammond, Georgie Sterling as Lola Brown, May Howlett as Mrs Austin; Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, Norman Phillips as Professor Goodwin, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley

Another Time, Another Place

Episodes 337-338
Written by Terry Larsen and Carol Williams (337) and Patricia Johnson (338)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Terence gets conned into answering medical questions on the quiz show and becomes concerned when he thinks one of the callers has symptoms of typhoid. Brendan strikes up a rapport with a visiting snake doctor. Judy is worried about Jo when she is admitted to hospital with suspected typhoid. Brendan believes he knows who the typhoid carrier is.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Steven Jacobs as Russell Griffin, Jane Menelaus as Stephanie Hughes, Les Foxcroft as Reg Barnes, Faye Donaldson as Fay Barnes, Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, Ron Blanchard as Kevin Crooke, Robert Carlton as Pete; Tina Bursill as Cecily Day, David Christian as Roy, Margaret Malone as Mrs THomas, Stewart Geddes as George, Allan Chappell as Mr Evers, Dennis Ramsbottom as Mr WIlliams

Breaking Point

Episodes 339-340
Written by Michael Aitkins (339) and David Allen (340)
Directed by Mark Callan

Esme shocks the Valley when she returns from holiday looking like a new woman. Judy makes an extra effort with her nursing duties in the hope that she will get promoted to deputy matron. Frank investigates the selling of drugs at Burrigan High after one of the school's pupils has an overdose. Cookie arranges a romantic candle-lit dinner for Esme. Matron Sloan is thrilled when she buys a new house.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Steven Jacobs as Russell Griffin, Alyssa-Jane Cook as Debbie Lucas, Kelly Dingwall as Wayne Bailey, Tony Harvey as Ted Bailey, Heather Leo as Mrs Lucas, Helen Yeatman as Amanda WIlliams; Robert Cooper as Mr Lucas, Nicole Plaskota as Girl No. 1, Amber Cameron as Girl No. 2

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Episodes 341-342
Written by Margaret Mitchell (341) and Peter Kinloch (342)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

The good news for Cookie is that he is going to inherit some money, the bad news is his wife is arriving in town. When baby-sitting the twins, Jo gets trapped in the house with a snake. Cookie is nowhere to be seen when his wife collapses and needs a life-saving operation. Matron Sloan receives a marriage proposal from someone she admires and cares for. Judy applies for the Deputy Matron's job in a peculiar fashion.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Steven Jacobs as Russell Griffin, Robina Beard as Dulcie Locke, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley, Joe James as Charlie Poulson, Christine Hill as Laura Street; Georgine Sterling as Lola Brown

Work Experience

Episodes 343-344
Written by Leon Saunders (343) and Ray Harding (344)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Esme pushes Cookie into buying a taxi with the money he inherited. Brendan brings a young girl with polio to hospital after her mother deserts her. Chloe reacts to the twins getting a lot of attention. Vicky gets a once-in-a-lifetime offer to work in the USA, but is unsure how Simon will react to the news. A fifty-year-old woman gets attached to a girl who reminds her of her daughter.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Dinah Shearing as Monika Schnell, Alison Taylor as Lisa Cox, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Daley, Brian Adams as Elroy Hamilton, Jon Fabian as Slick Hoyle, Alan McQueen as Wally Pope; Denise Roberts as Christine Cox, John Allen as Martin Hughes

Cops and Robbers

Episodes 345-346
Written by Dave Worthington (345) and Judith Colquhoun (346)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Frank gets some help at the station and is surprised when he finds out that it's a woman. Vicky and Simon get a mixed reaction from family and friends on the decision to move to the United States. Suspicious circumstances surround the robbing of the Valley's bank when some of the money is not found. Cookie takes his life into his own hands when he agrees to give Esme some taxi-driving lessons. Frank's off-sider has her suspicions on who has the missing money from the bank.

Guest Cast: Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, John Farndale as Norman Krupp, Anne Grigg as Lelsey MacPherson, Paul Rogers as Pete Selby, Shelley Blanks as Sharon, Robin Dene as Picket

A Little Knowledge

Episodes 347-348
Written by Hugh Stuckey (347) and Margaret Mitchell (348)
Directed by Greg Shears

Esme practices her driving of the taxi but gets lost in the process. Terence meets a school friend of his son CK and is surprised to hear of his son's antics. Vicky hears that she must leave for the United States in just one week's time. Esme goes for her taxi license with Frank.

Guest Cast: [not available]; Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Jeff St. John as Himself, Marie Llyod as Ruby Baker, Kati Edwards as Pearl Baker, Ben Mendelsohn as Luke Dawson, Barry Langrishe as Ted Pritchard, Samual Lawrence as Gavin Pritchard

New Pastures

Episodes 349-350
Written by Serge Lazareff (349) and Patricia Johnson (350)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Vicky gets a shock when new vet Ben Green arrives and is not at all what she expected. Jo gets into trouble with Frank when she disobeys him. Frank gives Shirley the biggest surprise of her life. Vicky finds an unusual way of saying goodbye to her family and friends in Wandin Valley.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Josephine Mitchell as Jo Loveday, Brett & Lara Whalan as Tom and Charlotte Bowen, Nick Bufalo as Ben Green, Martin Vaughan as Max Appleby, Les Dayman as Alan Driscoll, Louise Cogan as Fiona McKenzie, Robert Carlton as Pete, Harold Newstead as Patient, Eddie Ash as Cab Client; Eddie Williams as Perc Raltson

Notes: Penny Cook departs, Nicholas Bufalo's first appearance

Time Out

Episodes 351-352
Written by David Allen (351) and Anne Brooksbank (352)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Esme is not impressed when she meets the new girl in town, city slicker Kelly Shanahan, though the feeling is quite mutual. Ben moves into his new home — Camelot, but soon discovers he's not going to be the only one living there. Esme takes karate lessons when she feels she needs protection whilst driving the taxi. Frank is sent on a wild goose chase by a man who is set on avenging his father's death. Kelly gets the wrong idea about Simon and Brendan's living arrangements.

Guest Cast: Kevin Lesley as Ralph Pickering, Ralph Cotterill as Harry Clark, Bruce Kilpatrick as John Peterson, Bernadette Hayes as Sister Sue Daley; David Ives as Justin Bovary

Notes: Annie Davies' first appearance. She and Nicholas Bufalo are added to the opening credits.

Give a Dog a Bad Name

Episodes 353-354
Written by Helen Boyd (353) and Sheila Sibley (354)
Directed by Graham Rouse

Kelly and Ben have a few arguments over the prospect of house-sharing. Matron Sloan arrives home to find her sister and her sister's boyfriend have come to stay. Simon is pleased when he thinks he's found a locum to take over his half of the practice. Matron Sloan is not impresses with her sister's boyfriend when he continues to disrupt her household and them embarrasses her in front of her friends. Terence meets the new locum and is surprised to discover that he used to train him.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Councillor Muldoon, Maggie King as Angie Pringle, Doug Scroope as Roy Rogers, Kevin Leslie as Ralph Pickering; Bob Barrett as Farmer Fenton, Alton Harvey as Alexander Henderson, June Diehls as Sister, Robert Norford as Taxi Client

No Love Lost

Episodes 355-356
Written by Dave Worthington (355) and Howard Griffiths (356)
Directed by Greg Shears

Kelly and Cookie double-book the club which leads to chaos for everyone. A fifteen-year-old girl who was forced to take over her mother's duties decides it's time for a change. Brendan is furious when he's accused of taking advantage of a lonely old lady. Esme has trouble finding the right guard dog, much to Ben's amusement. Kelly and Cooke are asked to write a report to Muldoon on the subject of who is to blame for the disaster at the club. Will they decide to come clean or just write what Muldoon wants to hear?

Guest Cast: Michele Fawdon as Colleen Farrell, Belinda Dally as Rhonda Farrell, Jamie Jackson as Greg Darcy, Rees Wegenaar as Damien Farrell, Peter Dilger as Shane Farrell, Kay Taylor as Elsie Kenwood, Julie Herbert as Eileen Pendle, Garry Who as Spanner Dooley, Milo Panic as Davo Dawson, Jan Clay as Mary Ann, Gerry Skilton as Bridegroom; Tim Page as John Kenwood