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Episode 1.01
Wed, August 21, 2013
948,000 viewers (5th)
Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Tori Garrett

Steve and Dani's big day is almost derailed when Tom's girlfriend, Kristen, proposes during the wedding speeches and takes his rejection badly. Tom's friends force an intervention — he must sign a treaty that forbids him from sleeping with any flatmates for one year or risk losing his most sacred possession... his vintage 1964 Ford Falcon. As Rob enjoys the festivities with wife Colette, there's an unease in her that suggests she might be hiding something from her husband. Sensible Grace celebrates her best friend Dani's wedding but when she meets hot young Brazilian guest, Carlos, she finds herself doing things she had never imagined. After Maggie's husband, Warwick, fails to show for the wedding, her decision to stay in the city for her mother seems like an excuse to take time out of her marriage.

Starring: Anna Bamford as Miranda Beaumont, Michael Dorman as Tom Wilcox, Emma Lung as Colette Riger, Tracy Mann as Maggie Wilcox, Glenn McMillan as Carlos Dos Santos, Ben Mingay as Rob Duffy, Tim Ross as Steve Beaumont, Brooke Satchwell as Grace Barnes, Jessica Tovey as Dani Varvaris

With: Christie Whelan Browne as Kristen, Roy Billing as Peter Varvaris, Renzo Bellato as Uncle Paul, Derani Scarr as Yaya, Letitia Sutherland as Celebrant, Anthony Ingersent as Angry Neighbour

Music: "(Come On) Come Inside" performed by Smith & Western (featuring Mike Paxton), "Hot Love" performed by T.Rex, "Stuck On You" performed by Meiko , "I Honestly Love You" performed by Christie Whelan Browne, "Love This" performed by Cosmo Jarvis, "Life's A Beach" performed by Django Django, "All About To Change" performed by Patrick James

Note: this guide is based on the production series as they were commissioned by Network 10 (2 series of 22 episodes each) while a lot of other guides are based on the chopped up broadcast seasons (13 eps, 15 eps, 16 eps)

The Obsession


Episode 1.02
Wed, August 28, 2013
769,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Tori Garrett

With the napkin treaty signed, Tom's resolve is put to a stronger test when Miranda asks if she can move in. Will his attraction to her lead to trouble? Home from their honeymoon, Steve is concerned by Dani's big spending but she manages to help him see the value in buying nice things. Grace fights her attraction to Carlos but when they meet again at FAT night, her plan to abstain goes awry... and so does their tryst, when a strange woman shows up. Rob is at a loss to help Colette when she experiences a hair-raising anxiety attack. What is making Colette so anxious? Maggie is a willing confidante for her son's worries about his relationships... as long as she's busy doing that, she doesn't have to think about her own.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Christie Whelan Browne as Kristen, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Nitasha Nadan as Flora, Alyson Walker as Waitress

Music: "I Spy" performed by Mikhael Paskalev, "Breathe In Breathe Out" performed by Thelma Plum, "The World Spins Madly On" performed by The Weepies

The Parking


Episode 1.03
Wed, September 04, 2013
688,000 viewers (15th)
Written by James Walker
Directed by Jonathan Brough

In the wake of some very bad dates, Tom and Miranda share a drunken moment that will change their relationship forever. When Dani's unpaid parking fines and reckless spending become an issue, the newlyweds face their first fight as a married couple. Grace tries to resist Carlo's attempts to explain the woman in his flat but inevitably finds herself back in his arms in another spontaneous sexual encounter. After being plagued by panic attacks, Colette admits to Rob that she had a one-night stand a revelation that promises to explode their marriage. Maggie has her difficult mother, Ruth, over for lunch and on her way to drop her home gets picked up by the police for drink driving.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Maggie Dence as Ruth MacPherson, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Isaro Kayitesi as Parking Chick, Andrew Steel as Joseph, Stuart Cox as Police Officer

Music: "Wor" performed by Django Django, "Pumpin Blood" performed by Nonono, "Give Up" performed by Half Moon Run, "So Good at Being in Trouble" performed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, "This Head I Hold" performed by Electric Guest, "This Fire" performed by Birds Of Tokyo



Episode 1.04
Wed, September 11, 2013
607,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Tom's horror proposal comes back to haunt him as he struggles with Kristen's trauma. Will an enforced counselling session bring closure, or more doubts? When Rob learns the identity of Colette's lover, he uses his fists to even the score — but The Barista is not necessarily going to walk away graciously. Dani has a run-in with her demanding boss at a big event, leading to a major blow-up that will rock her professional world. After Grace finds accommodation in the Wonderland building, Carlos demands a public announcement of their relationship so he won't have to sneak around. Maggie does her best to keep her DUI case a secret from Warwick, but an unfortunate internet photo blows her cover.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Christie Whelan Browne as Kristen, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Tom Dalzell as Denham, Kelly Butler as Miriam, Meme Thorne as Counsellor, Sean O'Shea as Solicitor, Samantha Harris as Herself

Music: "Breaking Hearts" performed by James Vincent McMorrow, "Boy" performed by Emma Louise, "Above The Water" performed by Art of Sleeping, "Drums Of The South" performed by Shades of Gray, "Donovan Jackson" performed by Incognita, "Strange Place" performed by Incognita, "Tokyo Speed" performed by Neosoundlab, "Loving You" performed by Matt Costa



Episode 1.05
Wed, September 18, 2013
637,000 viewers (17th)
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy

A family crisis ensues when Tom's father, Warwick, pressures Tom into leasing the family's wine land to a mining company. Steve worries whether he's got what it takes as he races for a promotion against workplace nemesis Jason. Grace's fierce bid for independence seems petty when Carlos surprises her with a display of loyalty to his friend Rob. Sparks fly when Rob meets South Coast surfer Jade. Will he take the opportunity to even the score with Colette? Maggie tries to stay neutral in the battle between father and son but when it comes to her marriage, she's got some home truths for Warwick.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick, Beau Brady as Charlie, Mia Pistorius as Jade Montgommery, Guy Edmonds as Jason, Steve Hoskins as Steve's Boss

Music: "Man I Need" performed by Jagwar Ma , "Inna Sunshine" performed by Budspells, "Don't Ever Want To Be Found" performed by The Rubens, "High Hopes" performed by Kodaline, "Riptide" performed by Vance Joy

Personal Space


Episode 1.06
Wed, September 25, 2013
420,000 viewers
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Jo O'Saughnessy

Colette is horrified when she discovers the secret of her infidelity is out. How will Rob react to everyone knowing of her betrayal? When Dani breaks confidence and tells Steve about Colette's fling, the boys have to find a way to break through their mate's defences. While snapping photos, Miranda becomes ultra aware of her attraction to Tom and quickly withdraws herself from his close personal space in the flat. Grace, feeling crowded by Carlos and Harry, finally takes a stand to set the necessary boundaries for their relationships. Maggie recognises she is making Tom uneasy as she continues to settle into the building so she goes out of her way to show she can get along without him.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Taylor Thomson as Gen Y Girl, Luke Willing as Gen Y Guy, Mark Cuffe as Interloper Dad, Larkan Turner as Interloper Kid, Cassandra Daw as Interloper Mum

Music: "Jungle" performed by Emma Louise, "Global Concepts" performed by Robert Delong , "Walk By" performed by Meiko, "Someone Else's Fool" performed by Hungry Kids Of Hungary, "Clouds & Cream" performed by Sticky Fingers, "Brighter Lights" performed by Patrick James

Hooking Up


Episode 1.07
Wed, October 02, 2013
523,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Alicia Walsh
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Miranda decides to get back on the dating scene, with a little help from Dani's theme dating idea... and some unexpected help from Tom. When Carlos comes home at dawn, Grace gets suspicious about his booty calls; Maggie discovers it's complicated to make a new male friend; while Steve helps Carlos out of a pickle, Dani hooks herself up with a networking opportunity.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick, Joy Smithers as Felicity, Sam Atwell as Matt, Mark Duncan as Alex, Matt Abercromby as Ben

Music: "Piano Song" performed by Meiko, "Father Said" performed by Thelma Plum, "Love Come Save Me" performed by Mat McHugh



Episode 1.08
Wed, October 09, 2013
563,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

A shocking event brings out the macho protective side of Carlos, putting him in conflict with the cool-headed lawyer Grace. After a business deal goes sour, Tom struggles with his principals and it looks like he might have to sell the car. Miranda is frustrated by the competitive edge between Steve and Tom. After a blow-up, Colette needs her husband to be strong for her.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Richard Sydenham as Police Officer, Ryan Gibson as Cycle Courier Jordy, Biman Wilmalaratne as Samaritan

Music: "I Wonder" performed by Numbskull Orchestra, "I Wonder" performed by Smith & Western ft Mike Paxton, "I am Woman" performed by Helen Reddy



Episode 1.09
Wed, October 16, 2013
507,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Darren Ashton

Theres no trouble like exes re-appearing in your life, as Tom finds when he comes face-to-face with the past... but it's Miranda's ex-fiancÚ who really haunts him. Dani and Steve are at odds when he wants to have lunch with an ex-colleague who flirts. Colette isn't feeling the love when Rob's ex is invited to his family lunch. Maggie and Warwick celebrate his birthday... but will it end in divorce?

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick, Christie Whelan Browne as Kristen, Tom O'Sullivan as Adam Evans, Denise Roberts as Sandra Duffy, John Sheerin as Vic Duffy, Damien Strouthos as Jay Duffy, Pip Edwards as Kylie Meyers, Kirby Burgess as Jenny, Tessa Lind as Shay, Heloisa McMillan as Ana Maria Dos Santos

Music: "Come Said The Boy" performed by Mondo Rock, "Go Don't Stop" performed by Mat Mchugh, "Australia Street" performed by Sticky Fingers, "Sugarplum" performed by Eugene McGuinness



Episode 1.10
Wed, October 23, 2013
499,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Sarah Smith
Directed by Darren Ashton

Baby-sitting twins triggers off a serious conflict in Steve and Dani, both facing unresolved issues in their own lives. Colette and Rob are buoyed by exciting news. Miranda is thrown into a spin when Adam announces he's ready for marriage and kids. His re-proposal to Miranda forces her to question her life in the city and her feelings for Tom. Maggie seeks advice from her mother about her marriage problems. Grace accidentally causes a drama over a breast-feeding mother.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox, Maggie Dence as Ruth MacPherson, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Tom O'Sullivan as Adam Evans, Charlotte Gregg as Nadine, Sarah Armanious as Proud Mother, Panda Likoudis as Michael Nardella, Louisa Mignone as Celina; Harrison & Oliver Blackwood, Harry & Ben Harris as Leo and Theo; Pia Miller as Attractive Woman

Music: "Desert Night" performed by Rufus, "Mr Polite" performed by The Jungle Giants, "Flowers In Your Hair" performed by The Lumineers, "Bumble Bee" performed by Johnsong, "Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)" performed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, "Burn Away" performed by Patrick James

Comfort Zone


Episode 1.11
Wed, October 30, 2013
516,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy

Tom, Miranda and Adam are all outside their comfort zones as they deal with the unspoken tensions. With Adam returning, Tom decides to get back on the dating scene but cannot shake his feelings for Miranda. Much to Tom's discomfort, Maggie sets him up on a date. Colette realises that her marriage troubles aren't over and is worried when Rob's anger over the Barista makes him forget their anniversary. Dani and Steve face a difficult situation when her father's health scare sends her running home. Grace suffers through a Brazilian to please Carlos.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Roy Billing as Peter Varvaris, Tom O'Sullivan as Adam Evans, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Alexandra Park as Jody Sutherland, Panda Likoudis as Michael Nardella, Derani Scarr as Yaya Varvaris, Roberto Meza Mont as Mateas, Guillermo Benjamin as Julia May Erlinger as Spa Attendant

Music: "Fred Astaire" Performed By San Cisco, "Stubborn Love" Performed By The Lumineers, "Drums" Performed By Oh Mercy, "You Won't Remember" performed by Bibio

Episodes 1.12 - 1.22