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Episode 1.05

Australia: Thu, January 13, 2022 (Stan)
Writer: Abe Forsythe
Director: Abe Forsythe

Gary and Mary are finally together and playing happy families, but they know they will soon have to tell Emma about Mary’s secret so they take off on a camping trip to break the news; Mary discovers she is pregnant and has some fairly legitimate fears about what may be growing inside her.


  • Isla Fisher as Mary
  • Josh Gad as Gary
  • Ariel Donoghue as Emma
  • Emma Lung as Sarah
  • Anthony Taufa as Ray
  • Alan Dukes as Trevor Psychiatrist
  • Honour Latukefu as Olivia
  • Paisley Elizabeth Sullivan as Baby Lisa
  • Magnus Beaton as Baby Lisa
  • Memphixx Blu Williams as Baby Lisa
  • Violet de Oliviera as Baby Lisa
  • Francesca Stormon as Baby Lisa
  • Niamh Isla Cluer as Baby Lisa
  • Kobi Whyte as Baby Lisa
  • Zoey Allum as Baby Lisa


  • "If I Had a Tail" performed by Queens of the Stone Age
  • "Fortress" performed by Queens of the Stone Age
  • "She's Your Baby" performed by Ween
  • "Anthem" written by Leonard Cohen, performed by Father John Misty