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Eleventh Hour

Episode 4.11 (45)
Tue, July 19, 2016
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Kevin Carlin

With Bea and Allie finally out as a couple, Kaz forms an alliance with Tina’s Asian crew to help take Bea down. But when Jake smuggles a new batch of drugs into the prison for Tina, Bea gets wind of the stash and orders Tina to flush the gear. Tina refuses, citing Bea’s weakening power-base, and her alliance with the Red Right Hand.

Realising her support is weakening, Bea has no choice but to lag to Vera about the drugs. A toss of Tina’s cell finds the stash and Tina is slotted. For his part, Jake is now under pressure from his dealer to pay, but Tina refuses given that the drugs were confiscated. As the pressure on Jake mounts, he finally breaks down in front of Ferguson, who offers to cover the debt for him exchange for certain favours.

When Kaz openly challenges Bea in front of the women, Bea admits to lagging in order to rid the prison of drugs. Bea uses this as an opportunity to abdicate her position. Finally able to commit herself wholly to Allie, they make out for the first time. But Ferguson hot-shotting Allie in the shower puts a sudden end to Bea’s chance for happiness.


  • Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens
  • Ra Chapman as Kim Chang
  • Sally-Anne Upton as Lucy Gambaro
  • Charli Tjoe as Tina Mercado
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Shayne Butler
  • Bessie Holland as Stella Radic
  • Sophia Katos as Mel Barrett
  • Andy McPhee as Turk
  • Axle Gunn as Billy
  • Barton Welch as Frosty
  • Damon Hunter as Cop
  • Garry Bennett as Corrections Officer
  • Marc Mulcahey as Nightclub Patron
  • Sam Greco as Turk's Thug
  • Nicholas De Lisle as Shayne's Mate #1
  • Shannon Glowacki as Shayne's Mate #2
  • Gracie Emily Buntine as Pole Dancer #1
  • Bryce Hardy as Stunt Driver
  • Carly Baker as Kaz's Crew #1
  • Leonie Bolton as Kaz's Crew #2